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					                                                   Participate in the review of the
                                                    association’s mission and
                                                    objectives and the
Sample                                              development of a strategic
Board Member’s                                  
                                                    Monitor the performance of
Job Description                                     the organization in relation to
                                                    objectives and core values
                                                   Approve the budget and
Position: Board Member (volunteer)                  monitor financial performance
                                                    in relation to it
Time commitment: Ten hours/month                   Abide by the by-laws, code of
(meetings, preparation, consultation)               conduct and other polices that
                                                    apply to the board
Term: 18-24 months initially                       Establish, review and monitor
                                                    polices that guide core
                                                    operational practices (eg.
                                                    financial management, human
Accountability                                      resource management)
                                                   Participate in hiring and
The Board of Directors is collectively              releasing the Facility Manager
accountable for the performance of the             Participate in the evaluation of
GRSCC in relation to its mission and                the Facility Manager
strategic objectives, and for the effective        Participate in the recruitment
stewardship of financial and human                  of new board members
resources.                                         Participate in the evaluation of
                                                    the board itself (Annual Board
Authority                                           Self-Evaluation)
                                                   Participate in committee work
Individual board members have no                   Attend and participate in the
authority to approve actions by the                 Annual General Meeting
association, to direct staff, or to speak on       Keep informed about
behalf for the association, unless given such       community issues relevant to
authority by the board.                             the mission and objectives of
                                                    the association

Board members are responsible for acting
in the best long-term interests of the
GRSCC and its community, and will bring
to the task of informed decision-making, a
broad knowledge and an inclusive

General Duties

Every member of the Board of Directors,
including the Board’s officers, is expected
to do the following:

      Prepare for, attend, and participate
       in board meetings
      Work as a team member and
       support board decisions