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									                   April 2007

                                     Kingston: Where CASC began

   Tony Polivka at Mosport in his Sports Car Special..
   More pictures on Pages 16, 17, 18.

         Competition Schedules

Club and Provincial Competition Events on Pages 6-9

                                                             Page 1
            President’s Message
            and Other Comments

                   Eric Brunner

Welcome to the Spring ’07 issue of the TACH. With
the weather becoming milder now, no doubt a lot of
us are spending more time in our garages preparing
the competition cars for the upcoming season.

In terms of St. LAC getting our series of club events
ready for you, a lot of time has been spent sorting out   A list of our events as well as the Solo I Series and
schedules for slaloms at the Picton Air Field (PAF)       Road Race Schedule is elsewhere in the TACH.
and Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP). Conflicts
with the Provincial Series and the need to avoid          Paul Myers is planning to hold his lapping sessions at
weekends already with Solo I events, forced us to         SMP again this year and I assume a lot of us will
move some dates around. One was the combined Su-          want to support his events.
baru and St. LAC Provincial Double Header. No
way could we find a date in early May that was free.      STEAM LOCOMOTIVES:
Therefore, it was moved to September. Originally,         There have been some concerns in the Kingston
the Series was to have 6 events finishing in July, with   Whig Standard lately about what to do with the steam
the best 4 events counting for championship stand-        locomotive at the park across from City Hall. Fix it
ings. The new schedule is given in the Competition        up or scrap it. I find this a bit of deja vu as the same
report. I think the Picton venue will still be a suffi-   dilemma happened at my hometown of Kamloops BC
cient draw that we will have a large entry. The           many years ago. They had an engine that was in the
Scooby Doo guys are great to work with and we             city park and needed somebody to do something with
should therefore have a great weekend.                    it. However, Kamloops was in the enviable position
                                                          of being an old railroad town with major junction
The Region has a new Solo II Director in Peter Mills      points for both the CN and CP, and now with many
who has taken over from Wes Tanney and he was             retired railroad men with all the restoration skills
very helpful and supportive in our date change. The       imaginable. In 1961, being the last steam locomo-
opening round of the Provincial Series will be mid-       tive retired in BC, the City of Kamloops bought her
May (13th) at Milton and hosted by the Region.            for $2000. For 34 years she was a passenger and
Hence, we had to move our Test & Tune to the next         freight locomotive for the CN in the Prairie Prov-
weekend to avoid any conflict with club members           inces, and in 1948 was converted from coal to oil and
who want to compete in the series. One unfortunate        transferred to service on Vancouver Island for the
cancellation was the Provincial Slalom that was to        next 10 years. Her range was 50 miles between water
occur on the lower Mosport parking lot on a race          fills with 125- mile fuel intervals! Many years later,
weekend due to concerns about adequate parking.           the KHR (Kamloops Heritage Railway) enthusiasts
Pity as that would have been a great coming- together     were formed and transferred # 2141 and her oil car to
of the race & solo competitors.                           a City workshop in 1995, and began their labour of
                                                          love with the engine running again blowing its great
With the large and enthusiastic participation in our      whistle and ringing its brass bell in 2001! Multi-
club events last year, and at the recommendation of       thousands of man-hours and over $500,000 were
some of the club members, we’ve lengthened our            spent in materials and labour. An organization was
club series to 11 events, with the last in mid-October    established and with the backing of the city, as well
at Picton.                                                as both the CN and CP, the engine was brought back
                                                          to full service and now operates vintage runs
                                                                                                           Page 2
                                                                           Well, it seems that since these tests
                                                                           (both in Canada and the US) are done
                                                                           statically on a treadmill with the A/C
                                                                           turned off, using conservative speeds
                                                                           and without any fast starts, the Public
                                                                           began asking the same question. In
                                                                           the US, it apparently came to a head
                                                                           as Prius owners complained that they
                                                                           were only getting consumption in the
                                                                           40’s miles/US gallon range rather
                                                                           than the claimed 60/51 mpg city/
                                                                           highway ratings.

                                                                            For 2008, new US standards will fac-
                                                                            tor in higher speeds, stop-and-go
to nearby towns. It has its own storage building and       driving, more aggressive acceleration, use of A/C and
an expanding number of refurbished passenger               driving in colder weather. City values will probably
coaches (including open types) and a caboose. The          be decreased by 12% and Highway rates by 8%. In-
train is quite a tourist draw. As the last train robbery   terestingly, hybrids could see mpg ratings lowered
in Canada was near Kamloops by Bill Miner in 1906,         even more by 30% for city and 20% for highway use.
at the end of each run on return to the restored Kam-      Not sure what will happen to Canadian testing and
loops train station, actors portraying Miner and his       whether automatic and manual transmission vehicles
gang with horses and in cowboy regalia, stop the train     will continue to rate differently.
and recreate the robbery. Good fun.
                                                           TIRE VALVE STEMS:
If you can imagine the problems restoring vintage          As Rob and I get our tire/wheel combinations set up
cars, you can expand that by a factor of at least 100      for the coming slalom season, one question was what
getting a steam-powered engine going with all the          to use for valve stems on a new set of wheels. The
boiler and other approvals required. Every time, I         normal rubber arrangement could be used but we
visited my Mother & Sister in Kamloops, we would           thought metal stems would be more robust. How-
go and see how the work was progressing. There is a        ever, tire specialists say that those stems could be
neat connection to Kingston here as # 2141 is the          subject to internal corrosion. Also, as they rely on a
only survivor of 25 units built in Kingston at the Ca-     double nut arrangement to keep the stem in place
nadian Locomotive Works in 1912. Pity that King-           (could a nut come undone?) we had a quandary. The
ston doesn’t have the same resources to restore its        local Firestone dealer (Fielding) suggested the solid
steam locomotive.                                          brass stem configuration with a rubber sleeve as used
                                                           in trucks. (Refer to photo). They look like the best
As I think most of us have some sort of railroad con-      and will be used to see how they work out. Surprise,
nection in our families, I thought this Kamloops-          surprise, the brass stems are actually made in Ger-
Kingston connection would be interesting. For more         many so the combination will be Australian wheels,
information, the Kamloops Railway web site is                                                       Japanese tires
< >                                                                  and German
                                                                                                    valve stems ---a
                                                                                                    real interna-
NEW VEHICLE FUEL ECONMY CALCULA-                                                                    tional mixture.
I’ve always wondered why the fuel consumption val-
ues quoted for new cars show very little difference
between automatic and manual transmission cars and
how relative these values are to actual driving results.
                                                                                                             Page 3
BEWARE of LED BULBS:                                          CASC-OR PRESIDENT’S SPRING MEETING:
I thought I would be real smart and substitute con-           John Kinnear and I attended the meeting in Toronto
ventional bulbs with some of those neat new LED               on Thursday 22 March.
bulbs that you can now get at Princess Auto. They             The region is expected to make a small profit this
should exhibit a brighter light, use less power and last      year, and will continue the policy of buying the gate
longer due to their multi- lens design even thought           at Mosport and Shannonville so that complimentary
                                      they are expensive      tickets are available to anyone who wants to spectate.
                                      at approx. $10          This also allows competitors to have an unrestricted
                                      each. Well, I tried     crew number (entry fee used to allow only two crew
                                      an amber one to         members). Spectator attendance was increased last
                                      replace the 1156        year and CASC-OR expects that to continue this
                                      type in one of the      year. Tickets can be down loaded from the CASC-
                                      front signal lights     OR web site. Good PR for the sport.
                                      for the Lotus
                                      Cortina. The ex-        Much discussion was on the new anti-street racing
                                      isting bulb sits in     Bill C19 that had been unexpectedly quickly passed
                                      a reflective ar-        thorough Parliament and the Senate at the beginning
                                      rangement so that       of the year. Our region as well as representatives
                                      its clear light fully   from Targa Newfoundland, Toronto Indy, and Rally
                                      illuminates an am-      Canada gave briefs to make them aware of our con-
ber lens, quite nicely yielding a fairly bright light         trolled conditions for racing. The fear is that over
over a 2” x 2” area. However, the LED bulb directs            zealous Police Officers might lay charges at races,
its light forward and there is no sideways dispersion         slaloms or rallies! The contents of the Bill were un-
of the light to bounce off the reflector. Consequently,       fortunately not changed, but the Senate insisted that
all you see is a beam of light through the centre por-        the Department of Justice monitor police actions to
tion of the amber lens. Not good enough for oncom-            ensure that legitimate motor racing activities are not
ing drivers.                                                  targeted.
                                                              The executive expressed some concern as to whether
So, if you are thinking of trying one of these bulbs be       or not club events (in our case, our club Solo II se-
careful what the existing arrangement is in your car.         ries) follow the rules of the region series so if any
                                                              insurance issues arise, we are not in jeopardy. There
RACING IMPROVES the BREED:                                    was some discussion as to whether Stewards should
Watching SPEED’s excellent program “Autoline De-              be appointed, but so far no further action was taken.
troit” recently, I was intrigued by a guest who was           Therefore for our events we have to ensure confor-
promoting a Hydrogen-Electric Racing Federation               mance. That hasn’t been a problem for us in the past
(HERF) with a 500 mile race at Indy in May 2009,              but we will have to be vigilant to keep within the re-
and another oval track race later in the year. He has         gion rules.
GM, Honda, Nissan, Bridgestone and Michelin on
board at present.                                             Interestingly, St. LAC’s proposed Pro-Solo event in
                                                              mid-July with the MR2 club at Picton has caused a
As racing improves the breed, he expects advances in          problem! ASN Canada FIA from who we obtain our
hydrogen fuel cells and whatever other similar power          competition insurance, does not know anything about
plants are developed, to happen quickly in a racing           Pro-Solo and rather than investigate, simply threw it
environment. Racecars would weigh 900 kg mini-                back at our region! I have volunteered that St. LAC
mum and have enclosed bodies.                                 will be involved in any special rules that have to be
                                                              developed. Frankly, I am surprised that this topic has
What a great way for racing to demonstrate its useful-        not come up sooner. Probably the best will be to dis-
ness to the public. More information available at <           cuss this with SCCA in order to benefit from their >             experience.

                                                                                                              Page 4
CLUB RACERS:                                            will have fellow club members to cheer for. Visit
Although St. LAC’s main activity is auto slaloms, we    them in the pits and see if they need any help crew-
shouldn’t forget that we have a solid core of members   ing.
who race. As mentioned above, entry to the races at
Mosport & SMP is free, courtesy the Region, so you      Our racing members, in no particular order, are:

Members Road Racing:                                       Members Vintage Racing:
    Paul Myers                Porsche 968                  Ron Wanless       Lotus Elan
    Roger Bowes               Nissan Sentra                John Kinnear      MGB
    Mark Durant               Porsche 924 Turbo            Frank Harnden     Mini Cooper S
    Claude Legget             Formula Vee                  Dave Shannon      TVR Vixen
    Barry Mitchell            Chev Cavalier (RWD)          Dick Odgers       Morgan (US Vintage)
    Steve Pickering           Formula Ford
    Mark Baun                 Porsche 944-Chev
    Dan Corcoran              Corvette

Members with race cars currently inactive
but with intention:                                       Steve Muller’s
                                                          Formula 4
       Mike McLaughlin    Dutton-Ford
       Serge Bidinost     Fiat X1/9
       Steve Muller       Formula 4 X/pit
       Tom Konvolina      Porsche

                                                                                                       Page 5
    As the Cone Tumbles
    Rob Brunner – Competition Director

So who is getting eager to get the cars back on the
road or switching over to the summer tires? Are you
spending more and more time in the garage just look-
ing at your car dreaming of swerving around cones
and hitting apexes? The season is almost here!

This season looks like it can be as good as last year,
even better. There will be more club events (11), a
new Provincial series (previously known as the Re-
gional series), and the possibility of more lapping        with stations to test your setup and cycle your tires.
nights at SMP. Add in the new Calabogie track and          Unlike previous years though, there will not be an
there can be some serious miles had by all.                official event in the afternoon. With all the new
St LAC Championship Series                                 members that have joined the club we will concen-
Count them… 11 events. That’s a lot.                       trate on instruction. Like last year, there will be an
We will be starting with our usual Test & Tune event.      area for the racers in the club to test as well. More
The format is approximately what we have had before        details will follow on this event.

St LAC Schedule

20 May (Sun) - Test & Tune @ Picton
25 May (Fri) - Z-Car Club Lapping @ SMP
27 May (Sun) - Club event #1 @ Picton
14 June (Thu) - Club event #2 @ SMP
12 July (Thu) - Club event #3 @ SMP
20 July (Fri) - MR2 Clubs Lapping @ SMP (evening) (need St. LAC Instructors)
21 July (Sat) - Club event #4 @ Picton (with MR2 Clubs + MR2 Car Show)
22 July (Sun) - Pro-Solo (Kinky Drags) @ Picton (with MR2 Clubs) (Not a point scoring event)
31 July (Tue) - Club event #5 @ SMP (note Tuesday evening, not usual Thursday evening)
16 Aug (Thur) - Club event #6 @ SMP
9 Sept (Sun) - Club event #7 @ SMP
15 Sept (Sat) - Provincial Event #5 by SPDA @ Picton (St. LAC Club event # 8)
16 Sept (Sun) - Provincial Event #6 by St. LAC @ Picton (St. LAC Club event #9)
30 Sept (Sun) - Club event # 10 @ Picton
14 Oct (Sun) - Club event #11 @ Picton

Pro Solo                                                   though their course first wins that round. At Picton
We are going to try a Pro Solo type event on the Sun-      we would have courses that start at one end of a strip
day of the July weekend. I’ve always thought that          and work their ways to the other end, with a combi-
Picton Airfield would be a great place for this style of   nation of drag and solo2. The test is to make the
event. For those of you who don’t know, a Pro Solo         course fair and safe. At the Test & Tune we may try
event is where two parallel solo2 courses are set up.      a course. More details on that to follow.
Two cars start at the same time, and who navigates
                                                                                                           Page 6
CASC-OR 2007 Mobil 1 Ontario Provincial Autoslalom Championship Series Schedule

April 1 - Solo Ontario Open House - CSC Racing, Newmarket
April 28-29 - CASC-OR Autoslalom School – SPDA – BCS&E, Brampton
May 12 – Reserved for a non championship community awareness event – Details to follow
May 13 – Event #1 - CASC-OR - Mohawk Race Track, Milton
June 16 - Event #2 - HADA – Bronte GO Station, Oakville
June 17 - Event #3 - COMP – Bronte GO Station, Oakville
July 22 - Event #4 - WOSCA – Hiawatha Horse Park, Sarnia
September 15 - Event #5 - SPDA – Picton Airport, Picton
September 16 - Event #6 - St. LAC. – Picton Airport, Picton

CASC-OR - Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs - Ontario Region
COMP – Competition Corvette Club
HADA – HADA Motorsport Club
SPDA - Subaru Performance Driving Association
St. LAC. - St Lawrence Auto Club
WOSCA - Western Ontario Sports Cars Association

So you want to drive the Provincial Series?
This year the championship has a different name and      I know Bill, Dad and I will campaign this year and I
different director.                                      hope others will join in. A good strong St LAC con-
                                                         tingent would be a great thing to have.
The series is now called the Ontario Provincial
Autoslalom Championship Series instead of a Re-          Autoslalom School run by SPDA
gional Series. Also, Wes Tanny has decided to step       If you can’t wait for our informal Autoslalom school,
aside after three years serving as the Solo2/            then SPDA will be running a school over the 29-29
Autoslalom Director. Stepping up to the plate is Pe-     April weekend. This is a well run school with lots of
ter Mills. Peter worked with Wes last year.              experienced instructors. It will be at the Powerade
                                                         Center in Brampton Ontario. Cost is $60.00 for the
Another big change is the move of our event to the       first day and $40.00 on the second.
end of the season from the traditional first event.      More info can be found at the SPDA web site
There were several reasons for this such as conflicts in the news section.
with dates, and availability of the Picton Airfield.
Making it a double header with the Subaru Perform-       Victoria BC Autoslalom
ance Driving Association (SPDA) will be great part-      Some of you may know that I spent the winter out on
nership.                                                 the left coast again with the Navy driving ships
                                                         around. I didn’t bring my WRX with me to save
There is only six events set for this season with four   some money and because I wasn’t going to be along-
counting to your points. Since two of the weekends       side Victoria much. Last time I was out here I
are double headers, you could compete in the series      brought the car out and was able to compete in the
over only two weekends. For us in StLAC that             first event of the season in March. When I checked
means we only have to go away for a minimum of           out their website, what did I see? They have 17
one weekend. Nice for us.                                events divided into three different series (Winter,
                                                         Spring, Summer) with a trophy for each. Total points
Hopefully, less events with several grouped together     go towards the overall championship. And you think
in a weekend will increase the turn out. Last year       11 event is a lot. I really regret not bring the WRX
there was 10 events and it took the full summer to       out now.
compete. With local club events there were conflicts
and some decided to skip the provincial series.                                                       Page 7
                            Annual New Marshall’s School
The Canadian Race Communication Assoc. will be holding their new marshall’s school at Shannon-
ville Motorsports Park on Saturday April 21. Marshalling is a great way to get involved with racing.
Upon completing the course and gaining experience you qualify for a CASC licence and can work
race events at Mosport including ALMS or NASCAR. It can also put you trackside for the G.P of
Toronto or even the F.1 G.P. in Montreal. It is even recommended for people who are planning to go
racing as it gives you insights into how the races are handled. After doing some marshalling and
then seeing the flags waving, one has a much better idea of what may be happening around the track
and thus be better prepared to react.
If interested you should call CRCA President Marty Cooper at 613-372-1892 for more details.

                            Motorsports Events of Interest
                                  Compiled by John Kinnear

Mar. 17 – Sebring 12 Hrs. Sebring Florida
April 28/29 – Race School - MCO – SMP
May 12/13 – Regional Races – BEMC – Spring Trophy - Mosport
May 19/20 – Victoria Day Wkend Speedfest, Mosport Int.
        - American GT Challenge
        - Sundown GP
        - USERA Porsche GT3
        - Cooper Tire FF 2000
June 2/3 – Regional Races - Shootout at Shannonville – CRCA - SMP
June 08/10 – Canadian GP – Montreal
June 15/17 – Fathers Day Wkend , Mosport Int.
        - NASCAR Canada
        - Grand Am
        - Ontario Form. Ford
June 22/24 – Vintage Festival – VARAC – Formula 1 Re- union – Mosport
June 30/July01 – Regional Races – BARC - Mosport
July 01 – Champcar at Mt. Tremblant/St. Jovite
July 08 – Toronto GP. Champcar
July 14/15 – Regional Races – Trillium Trophy Races – DAC – SMP
July 22 – Champcar at Edmonton
July 28/29 – Regional Races – Ted Powell Memorial Trophy – Calabogie - MCO
Aug. 11/12 – Regional Races – BARC - Mosport
Aug 24/26 – GP of Mosport
        - ALMS
        - SPEED World Challenge GT & Touring
Sept. 01/02 – Regional Races – CRCA – Mosport
Sept. 15/16 – Regional Races – BEMC – Indian Summer Trophy - Mosport
Sept. 29/30 – Regional Races – CASC – Mosport
                                                                                               Page 8
         COMPETITION CALENDAR :                       Rev #3 (21st Mar'07)---changes shown in ital-
                                    (V) indicates vintage grids at road races

         SOLO II                    SOLO I                                                            ROAD RACES
Sat 12                                                                                                BEMC @ Mosport(V)
        CASC-OR Provincial #1 @ Mil-
Sun 13 ton                             OMSC School @ MDDT                                             BEMC @ Mosport(V)
Sat 19
Sun 20 St. LAC Club Test & Tune
Fri 25                                 TIZCC Lapping Day @ SMP
Sat 26                                 OMSC Regional #1 @ MDDT
Sun 27 St. LAC Club #1 @ Picton        OMSC Regional #2 @ MDDT
Sat 2                                                                                                 CRDA @ SMP (V)
Sun 3                                                                                                 CRDA @ SMP (V)
Sat 9                                  Regional #3 @ SMP -Fabi
Sun 10                                 Regional #4 @ SMP -Fabi
Thu 14 St. LAC Club #2 @ SMP
        HADA Prov. #2 @ Bronte Go
Sat 16 Stn
        COMP Prov. #3 @ Bronte Go
Sun 17 Stn
Sat 23                                 MCO Solo School @ Calabogie                                    VARAC @ Mosport(V)
Sun 24                                 Regional #5 @ Calabogie                                        VARAC @ Mosport(V)
Sat 30                                                                                                BARC @ Mosport
Sun 1                                                                                                 BARC @Mosport
Sun 8                                                                                                 Molson Indy Toronto
Thu 12 St. LAC Club #3 @ SMP
Sat 14                                                                                                DAC @ SMP
Sun 15                                                                                                DAC @ SMP
Fri 20                                 MR2 Club Lapping @ SMP -F (> 6PM)
        MR2 & St. LAC Club #4 @
Sat 21 Picton
Sun 22 WOSCA Prov. #4 @ Sarnia         MR2 & St. LAC "Kinky Drags" @ Picton
Sat 28                                                                                                MCO @ Calabogie(V)
Sun 29                                                                                                MCO @ Calabogie(V)
Tue 31 St. LAC Club #5 @ SMP
Sat 11                                                                                                BARC @ Mosport (V)
Sun 12                                                                                                BARC @ Mosport (V)
Thur 16 St. LAC Club #6 @ SMP
Sat 18                                 Regional #6 @ TMP
Sun 19                                 Regional #7 @ TMP
Sun 26                                                                                                ALMS @ Mosport
Sat 1                                                                                                 CRDA @ Mosport
Sun 2                                                                                                 CRDA @ Mosport
Sun 9 St. LAC Club #7 @ Picton
        SPDA Prov. #5 @ Picton (St.
Sat 15 LAC Club #8)                                                                                   BEMC @ Mosport
        St. LAC Prov. #6 @ Picton (St.
Sun 16 LAC Club #9)                                                                                   BEMC @ Mosport
Sat 22                                 Regional #8 @ SMP -Pro
Sun 23                                 Regional #9 @ SMP -Pro
Sat 29                                                                                                CASC @ Mosport (V)

Sun 30 St. LAC Club #10 @ Picton                                                                      CASC @ Mosport (V)
Sat 6                               Nationals @ Mosport
Sun 7                               Nationals @ Mosport
Sun 14 St. LAC Club #11 @ Picton

                                                                                                                            Page 9
                                                          ship with competition privileges is $35.00, the asso-
                                                          ciate is $25.00 and the student is $15.00.
            Membership Report
                     John Kinnear                                 Please take note of the business cards dis-
                                                          played by some of our members in the Tach and keep
        As of this date (16 April) we have 32 renewed     them in mind when you are looking for the goods and
members in the fold. Two of these being corporate         services that they may be able to provide.
members. As the season is now just around the cor-
ner, I would suggest that renewing members get in          Full details of all member classifications are given in
touch with me sooner rather then later. The rates re-     our website <>, and are also listed on
main the same as in recent years. The full member-        the back cover of this newsletter.

                                                          tery in the driver’s compartment without a marine
             Scrutineers Corner                           container or to move any battery to any other location
                    John Kinnear                          and not use the container. In the past, the regs called
                                                          for the use of a container if the battery was moved
        It has been brought to my attention that there    from its original location.
have been several changes made in the CASC rules                   Further on in App. P, we note that sect. 20.0.4
for 2007 that our members should be aware of.             states that if a dry sump tank is located in the driver’s
        In Appendix. N, sect. 1.0, in regards to safety   compartment, then it must have a metal bulkhead be-
harnesses, they state that the acceptable belts are       tween it and the driver.
FIA/ISO Standard No. 8853 as well as SFI 16.1 &                    Another change is seen in sect. 10.15.2 con-
16.5. There is no mention of a required minimum           cerning replacement windshields. Alternate wind-
width. This would seem to open the door to the use        shields must be of 6.0 mm thickness and have 3 inner
of 2 inch. belts. There is also a listing of harnesses    supports to prevent inward collapse. These are to
that the FIA has removed from their approved list.        be .75" x .125" of alum., with minimum spacing be-
        In App. P, sect. 17.0.1 & 17.0.2, there is a      tween them of 8.0".
change in battery installation requirements. If a                  As most of you already know, Snell 95 SA
‘flooded lead acid type’ is mounted in the drivers/       helmets are not to be accepted after Jan. 01/07.
passenger compartment then it must be in a non-                       This is of course, just a brief review and I
conductive marine container. Battery location is free        would suggest that you visit the CASC website to
within the bodywork. As before, all batteries must be      read these sections and any others that may be of in-
mounted securely to the frame or chassis of the car.         terest, in their entirety, in the section called ‘Race
This would allow us to use a modern ‘jell cell’ bat-                              Regulations’.

                                                                             Talbot Lago,
                                                                             from the days when men were men,
                                                                             and regulations were few.

                                                                                                          Page 10
Building a Trailer for Transportation of Solo 2 Equipment

                                   Your three loyal and hard working servants
                                   (Eric Brunner, Paul Jeffrey and John Kin-
                                   near) built this trailer box over 4 afternoons
                                   this winter.

                                     The trailer will carry the Solo 2 equipment
                                     to events. It is sized to take a table, py-
                                     lons, timer, fire extinguishers, and portable

                                     Box is 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, 2 feet high,
                                     constructed of plywood, painted white, and
                                     fitted with top and rear hatches capable of
                                     being locked.

                                         Trailer is light weight and can be
                                         pulled with any car with a Class 1
                                         hitch (2000 lbs maximum for load +
                                         trailer) or stronger (classes 2, 3, 4).

                                         The low profile increases stability
                                         while also minimizing air drag.

                                         The ball location on Rob’s Subaru,
                                         shown here, is a little high which
                                         caused the nose- up attitude to the

                                         Ball diameter is 1 7/8 inch.
                                                                            Page 11
                            Changing the Miata’s Timing Belt
      How a retired metallurgist can be ham-fisted and break two aluminum castings.
                                                   Paul Jeffrey

When I bought the ’99 Miata there were no records of       gency brake set. Careful examination of all the tim-
past maintenance, so I just assumed that the timing        ing marks with No 1 cylinder at TDC, and compari-
belt had not been changed, although the car had            son with the literature, make it clear how the timing
passed the 100 K Km advisory limit and was now 7           is achieved. No problem was encountered removing
years old. I drove the car last summer and bounced         or installing the belt. I also replaced the idler and
the engine off the 7200 RPM limiter many times dur-        tensioner pulleys. The old belt appeared to still be in
ing Solo 2 events, all without any fear of impending       fine shape with no evidence of cracking, and the
doom because the engine was a non- interference de-        bearings in the old idler and tensioner were still
                                                           smooth. Work slowly, be sure that you understand
                                                           what you are doing, and all will go well, or so I

                                                           The basic job did in fact go well, but I was caught out
                                                           in some of the details. My first ham- fisted move was
                                                           when removing the upper radiator hose from the ther-
                                                           mostat cover. The hose was well and truly stuck, and
                                                           not appreciating the fragility of the thermostat hous-
                                                           ing I managed to break it off. Now, the location
                                                           where it broke was hidden and for a short time I was
                                                           concerned that the housing was an integral part of the
                                                           head, if so I was in deep trouble. However, once I
                                                           removed the camshaft sprockets and the inside covers
                                                           for the belt, I could see, much to my relief, that the
                                                           housing was a separate piece. Off I went to the local
sign. What I mean is that even if the belt breaks, and     Mazda dealer who were able to supply a new part in
the synchronization of the camshafts and crankshaft        3 days. So, now I was able to install the belt and
is lost, the valves will have sufficient clearance that    reasemble all the covers, and with many checks I was
they will not contact the top of the pistons. Conse-       satisfied that all was well.
quently, breakage of the timing belt just results in       But there was another hazard lurking. One of the fi-
stoppage of the engine, and a tow home. Engines            nal operations was to install the new thermostat
with interference design, which are the majority, will
suffer bent valves and possibly holed pistons, and a
much thinner pocket book.

After study of the procedure of changing the belt on
Miata internet sites, and reading of the pages in a CD
Workshop Manual I bought over web, I felt confident
to proceed. The job is straight forward and the dis-
mantling is logical and access to all fittings is possi-
ble without removing the radiator or fan. The hardest
task is removing the large bolt which holds the crank-
shaft pulley in place, accomplished with a 3 foot
breaker bar with the car in 5th gear and the emer-          Two pieces that
                                                            became four!
                                                                                                           Page 12
which is simple, but s_ _ _ happens. The thermostat      next moment of tension was to start the engine, but
stands on edge in its housing, when I installed the      miraculously it fired immediately and ran well. The
gasket and cover the thermostat slipped from position    belt change was a success!
such that its flange lay between the housing and the
cover, resulting in a massive leak upon replacing the    I am still puzzled that I could have broken the two
antifreeze. Moving quickly while the antifreeze was      castings. I have overhauled many engines, including
pouring out onto the garage floor, and thinking that     two Porsche and a VW beetle engine, which are full
perhaps I had inadequately tightened the cover bolts,    of aluminum castings and never broke a thing, and
I gave each another twist which caused one of the        my career as an aluminum metallurgist made me well
bolt lugs on the cover to crack. Damn. Back to the       aware of the fragility of the metal if abused. Maybe I
Mazda dealer again, and this time it only took two       am just becoming stronger as I age, or I am losing my
days for a replacement part. With infinite care I in-    patience, or perhaps it is simply a case of being more
stalled the new cover and all was well, no leaks. The    ham- fisted!


Miscellaneous Comments                                   design of Windstar, but which still looked and be-
Paul Jeffrey                                             haved the same as before), and would buy another
                                                         Ford if they came out with something interesting.
                                                         Well actually, the current Mustang does looks good
(1) Sure, we are guilty of “Ford Bashing”,
                                                         and goes well, maybe I do need to take a closer look.
    but they deserve it.
The Taurus is dead announced Ford. But no,
                                                         (2) Warmups
three months later they changed their mind.
                                                         It seems that whenever I go to see a sporting event, I
                                                         find that the contestants show more skill during war-
In the last issue of The Tach, both Eric and I took a
                                                         mup than they do during the event itself. Maybe it is
swipe at Ford for their mismanagement of the Taurus
                                                         that I can watch the athletes individually, and there is
line of cars which became best sellers, but were still
                                                         less distraction with what else is going on. At pro-
allowed to wither. This issue Alex Kilpatrick has
                                                         level baseball games I am astonished at the power
picked up the cudgel to bash Ford, and has added his
                                                         and ease at which the ball is thrown and caught with
opinions on the neglect of the Lincoln Mark series.
                                                         seemingly little effort. At NHL hockey games it is
                                                         the grace with which the players skate and strength of
I thought that I would be able to take a breather this
                                                         their shots, which the goalie effortlessly kicks aside.
issue, but no such luck, the list of flip- flops keeps
                                                         At a motorcycle race warmup (not race day) I was in
coming from Ford in a flood. After announcing late
                                                         struck by the fun and skill the riders showed, doing
last year that the Taurus was dead, they have had sec-
                                                         wheelies and stoppies at ease, and instantly transi-
ond thoughts and have decided to rename the Ford
                                                         tioning to a knee-down full power surge through the
500, which has been totally anonymous to date, as the
                                                         first corner after the pit. At a formula Atlantic team
Taurus! At the same time they will also rename the
                                                         practice I watched 3 drivers with their team, pitting
Ford Freestyle (no, I don’t mean Freestar), another
                                                         and returning to the track in a continuous fashion,
vehicle which no one has ever seen, as the Taurus
                                                         trying the latest chassis adjustment. The engines
Wagon. For the several dozen people in North Amer-
                                                         sounded crisp and powerful. Their driving was ag-
ica that have already bought 500s and Freestyles, this
                                                         gressive, skilled and without a mis-step. My thought
will just cause confusion, and cause their vehicles to
                                                         at the time was that no other cars, even F1, could pos-
depreciate even faster. The other 99% of the popula-
                                                         sibly match their pace.
tion will be totally unaware of any of these changes
and will continue to gravitate to Toyota and Honda
where there is constancy of model line. But hey, lets
wish Ford well. I presently own a Ford Windstar
(renamed Freestar when they did a so-called total re-                                                   Page 13
             Of Possible Interest                          Iskendarian profile and it is on its way for the same
                  by John Kinnear
                                                             After an initial break- in with basic CTC regular oil,
                                                           I then switched to AmsOil 20W50 synthetic racing
         Sometimes it is fun to look back and see what
                                                           oil and used their filters. I didn’t change the oil at all
people in motorsports have been quoted as saying in
                                                           and only needed a couple of top- ups while changing
the distant past. Here’s one that really goes back and
                                                           the filter twice. Unfortunately, it looks like a small
is hard to reconcile with todays scene. No less au-
                                                           foreign particle got into the engine and scored the
thority than Barney Oldfield, boss of the dare-devils,
                                                           bearing and left a small mark on the journal of #1
is authority for the statement that the track race car
                                                           rod. I’ll replace the bearings and the small mark,
will buried in oblivion. “Hereafter racing will be con-
                                                           smaller then the head of a pin, was easily buffed out.
fined to stock cars, capable of being used after they
                                                           Got to take more care during assembly!
are through racing” says Oldfield. “We let the for-
eigners come over here and show us that stockcars,
                                                                    Just turned off the TV after watching the
properly built, could accomplish more than our racing
                                                           grand finale of the Daytona 500. NASCAR really
cars built especially for one event. We learned the
                                                           outdid themselves on this one. In addition to a mar-
lesson at last. I am through with the circular tracks
                                                           gin of victory of about 3 feet (1 metre for you young
and hereafter will confine myself to the road races
                                                           guys), the 07 car crossed the finish line spinning, up-
and cars that will not have to go to the junk pile after
                                                           side down and on fire! What in hell do you do for an
each event”. San Diego newspaper clipping, 1908.
                                                           encore? And then to add to the ‘cheating contro-
                                                           versy’ was the lack of the yellow flag (light) at the
         A year or so ago, Ron Rogers and I decided
                                                           end of the race. Under the same conditions at a race
that it would be interesting to find out firsthand, how
                                                           last year, the flag came out. This time it didn’t.
useful the modern low-friction coatings that are ap-
plied to engine parts might be. I had disassembled
                                                                    And now, on to the great motor oil contro-
my MG engine after the season and found some wear
                                                           versy! It appears that this started with a demand by
on both the cam and rocker shafts. Worse yet, some
                                                           the automakers that the oil industry reduce some of
stray material had made its way to the crankshaft
                                                           the additives that they use in their motor oils. It
bearings, causing us to send the crank for a re- grind
                                                           seems that in some of them, zinc dialkyl dithiophos-
and then fitting oversize bearings. The design of the
                                                           phate (ZDDP) in particular, cause problems with
MG’s valve train also seemed to us to be a source of
                                                           catalytic converters. Also problematic are manga-
concern. I sent the camshaft to Canada Chrome &
                                                           nese and phosphates. As you may have heard, the
Crank in Toronto for repair as they had re-ground the
                                                           governments have demanded that the cats have a
stock MG cam to a more agressive profile a couple of
                                                           longer life in the interest of reducing emissions. Just
years earlier and their work was first rate. The worn
                                                           one little problem. These are the additives that re-
rocker shaft was replaced with a new item sourced
                                                           duce friction in your engine. Now, it is my under-
from Christian Hollum in Montreal. We then shipped
                                                           standing that this is not too big a problem with en-
them along with several items belonging to Ron to
                                                           gines built after about 1990 and in particular over-
Oerlikon Balzers in Amherst N.Y. for the application
                                                           head cam engines. Where the problem seems to be-
of the coating. The procedure involves ionization in
                                                           come really noticeable is with the older engines and
a vacuum chamber and does not have any effect on
                                                           in particular, engines with flat tappets (cam follow-
dimensions. Ron was informed that most of their
                                                           ers). Some of the engines mentioned in articles that I
automotive work was for NASCAR teams. They also
                                                           have read are BMC, British Leyland, early Volvo,
do a lot of industrial work with machine tools. This
                                                           and American Hi-Performance pushrod engines. The
winter I finally got around to tearing down the engine
                                                           owners of vintage motorcycles are also concerned.
and removed the cam and rocker shafts for inspec-
                                                           The oils being complained about are API (American
tion. I was suitably impressed! It was hard to see
                                                           Petroleum Institue) SJ and SM rating. The American
any signs that they had even been in an engine, let
                                                           Engine Rebuilders Assoc. (AERA) has a bulletin
alone done a season of 5 race weekends plus a couple
                                                           #2333, out on this.
of lapping days and a couple of Solo II events. I have
since had a second MG cam re- ground to a full- race                                                        Page 14
        You hear of ‘unintended acceleration’ inci-      issues and now with criminal laws. Any of them that
dents from time to time. Usually, it is someone eld-     are caught and prosecuted under this law will not de-
erly who does something strange with their car with      serve our sympathy.
serious consequences. Recently, while I was work-                 ————————————————-
ing out in the local gym, there was this almighty                 Ford Motor Co. has just sold Aston Martin.
crash behind me. When I got my feet back on the          Over the last few years this niche company has be-
floor and turned around, the wall beneath and on ei-     come something of a success story. Back in 1992
ther side of one window was bashed inward and the        they built only 46 cars. Last year they were up to
large window was laying shattered on the floor. It       over 7000! And they were making a profit. Some
had been struck by a car! A guy on a treadmill just in   wags suggest that Ford just don’t know what to do
front of the window wearing a headphone continued        with profits!? The new owners are a consortium led
blithely on his way as we all rushed over. Out in the    by David Richards of Prodrive, a British racing and
parking lot a young lady was getting sheepishly out      technology company. He is joined by David Sinders
of a 6 series BMW. She had mounted the curb,             of Houston and Dubai, who is described as an Aston
crossed the sidewalk and punched in the side of the      Martin collector and racing backer. Also on board is
building. Someone mentioned that they thought that       the Dar & Adeem Investment Co. of Kuwait. The
she had been talking on her cell phone, of which I       deal is said to involve over $900 million. Richards is
had no knowledge, but I couldn’t help but notice her     quoted as saying that the iconic British firm will re-
high spike heels. Now, I like high heels on women as     main true to its background as a luxery sports car. I
much as any guy around, but not when driving a car.      was at Mosport last year the weekend before the
They typically have thin leather soles that have about   ALMS race and witnessed the arrival of the Aston
as much grip as a cows hoof on ice. So, I’d suggest      Martin team. Two big Man transporters, painted pale
that you try and influence the ladies in your lives to   green pulled in and the team poured out, all dressed
drive in flat shoes with decent soles and then change    in green rugby shirts with white numbers on the
into those sexy high heels when they get to their des-   backs. How to make an entrance a week before the
tination.                                                actual event. Got my attention!
        ————————————————                                          ————————————————
        Last fall at CASC’s 42nd Annual Awards                    And this late note. This year the G.P of To-
Gala, a St.LAC member, Ralph Frisken of Napanee,         ronto will have Steelback Brewery as their title spon-
along with 8 others, received the Region’s ‘rock’        sor. Therefore, the race will be known as ‘The Steel-
award for volunteers. Ralph has been involved in         back Grand Prix of Toronto’.
motorsport since the 1960's as a mechanic, marshall,              ————————————————
scrutineer and organizer. He is one of the people that            Last year at SMP several of us had the pleas-
has helped make motorsport here in Ontario happen.       ure of a close-up look at the Multimatic designed and
I’m just sorry that I wasn’t there to join in the ap-    built FR500GT Mustang, aka ‘The Man Racer’.
plause.                                                  Shortly thereafter a mechanic took the car out for a
        ————————————————                                 little warmup run. Its performance was impressive!
        As you make have heard, the Federal Gov.         Lots of handling and gobs of go. I don’t know a lot
has passed a Bill C-19 that criminalizes street racing   about the engine but it was an overhead cammer with
in Canada. There is some concern that overzealous        a ‘Robt. Yates Racing Engines’ plaque rivetted to a
police officers may try to enforce it against properly   cam cover. The latest edition of Inside Track maga-
sanctioned events in spite of a senate rider that men-   zine informs us that this car was not accepted by the
tions that this law should not apply to sanctioned       Grand Am series and that Multimatic has now en-
events. Hopefully, this will never come to pass. I       tered it in the FIA GT3 Series in Europe. Scott Max-
would observe that the ‘street racer’ faction in this    well recently ran the car in an FIA test session at
country has caused organized motorsport consider-        Monza, Italy.
able problems in recent years, starting with insurance

                                                                                                       Page 15
                                          Tony Polivka
The January 2007 issue of The Tach contained reminiscences by four people who were familiar with
Tony’s activities in motorsports and with his motorcycle business. However, at the time, no pictures
were available. In the meantime, Tony and Edna’s daughter, Mrs Janet Ostapuk, has kindly supplied
me with many pictures and newspaper clipping, a sample of which are reproduced here. These pic-
ture reinforce the respect we all have for the unique talents which Tony possessed.
The Editor

                                                                 Cars 78 and 717 are sports car spe-
                                                                 cials built by Tony Polivka and
                                                                 Vince Murray with Mercury 2-stroke

                                                                 Chassis were home built and cars
                                                                 were essentially identical.

                                                                 These specials made the Coopers and
                                                                 Lotus of the same vintage look like

Vince is in the car, Jack and Sue Hughes look on

Mercury 2-stroke outboard engine modified
by Tony with 6 carburetors, water pump,
ignition, semi-automatic multi-disc clutch.
Weight 102 lbs without exhaust and starter.
Engine connected to 5-speed gearbox.

                                                                                               Page 16
                            Newspaper clipping reports
                            the end of Car 153 at Green-
                            acres Race near London

Formula Car Special # 153
built by Tony Polivka was
powered by Olds 215 cu in

                                 Race Car Tow Car

                                 1952 VW with 215 cu inch
                                 Olds Aluminum V8 engine.

                                 1958 Ferrari 250 GT with
                                 Farina Body
                                 3 liter V-12 engine
                                 240 HP@7000 RPM

                                 Car contained many custom
                                 modifications by Tony, see
                                 January 2007 issue of The
                                 Tach for details.

                                                    Page 17
         Ahead of his time.

         Tony uses wind power to heat
         his Motorcycle Business
         “Tony’s Cycle”

Tony built his own truck for his motor-
cycle business.

Just look at these specifications and

Powered by 5 cylinder air cooled
DEUTZ diesel driving a Toronado front
wheel drive transmission with a 2-speed
Indy car differential.

                                    Page 18
Calabogie Track Events:
(Sign-up by Number of Events) Contact André Awad at Xclusive Auto Care, 1049 Merivale Rd., Ottawa, ON. K1Z 6Z9
Telephone at 613-729-8887 or email at

PACKAGE # 1 (11 days)
$2500 (plus GST)
Apr 19, May 17, June 14, July 19, Aug 2, Aug 16, Sept 13, Sept 27, and Oct 18

PACKAGE # 2 (6 days)
$1600 (plus GST)
Apr 19, May 3, May 17, June 14, Aug 16, and Sept 13

PACKAGE # 3 (5 days)
$1300 (plus GST)
 May 3, May 31, June 14, Aug 2, Sept 27, and Oct 18

PACKAGE # 4 (1 day)
$325 (plus GST)
Any of the above days
                                                                                                          Page 19
Peabrain's Big Adventure                                 widgewock through to Bangor. After that it cleared
                                                         and began to warm up a bit with heavy slush and icy
Alex Kilpatrick, Blacks Harbour, NB.
                                                         patches through to the border. By the time I got to
                                                         Canada, it was melting fast and I came home on wet
I say Peabrain's (not PeeWee's) Big Adventure as
                                                         pavement to find Wanda out with her shovel clearing
weather wise, this was the worst 1000 km trip in
                                                         the driveway entrance. Go figure, the next day there
memory. Had I known how severe conditions would
                                                         was no sign of any recent snowfall.
be, I may not have left when I did. However, I rea-
soned that fresh snow beating on my fresh paint for
                                                         My fuel mileage suffered greatly while plowing
half a day would be much better than sand, salt and
                                                         through snow all night, but it also made clear to me
fine gravel that would be thrown all over the road
                                                         that traction control on a rear wheel drive car should
within the next day or so. So the car came home
                                                         be compulsory for any vehicle selected for winter
without so much as a chip.
                                                         driving. I ran dry on fuel at about 2:20 am, called
                                                         AAA. But a good Samaritan, a young man named
It was a 15 hour trip from Kingston with snow up to
                                                         Nick, came along before the AAA in a pick-up with
the rocker panels by 2:30 in the morning in the area
                                                         plow and asked if he could help. I told him I was dry
north of Farmington, Maine. The big knobby snow
                                                         and that AAA said they may be and hour and a half.
tires and traction control made the car unbelieveable
                                                         Nick said that's too long with no heat, I'll be right
all through the night. Good thing too, as there were
                                                         back. He went for gas about 2:40, returning in 5 min-
just 3 plows seen from Sherbrooke through to Farm-
                                                         utes, he dumped 5 gallons into the tank and refused
                                                         payment. He earned himself a hearty thanks and a
 I went from light snow at Cornwall to near whiteout
                                                         night at the Harbour Tide Inn. I asked him if he was
before Sherbrooke, to all out blizzard in the area
                                                         married. He said no! Did he have a girlfriend? He
around Sugarloaf Mountain. Then, heavy wet snow
                                                         said, "no, I'm a Christian and am waiting for the right
followed by freezing rain and ice pellets from Nor-
                                                         one. I want to do it right!"

                                                                  I backed out of the snowbank I had dived
                                                                  into when the car quit and pulled up under a
                                                                  street lamp to clear my windows, as the AAA
                                                                  truck pulled up behind me. He dumped an-
                                                                  other 3 gallons into the tank and gave me a
                                                                  pair of gloves. I had lost mine somewhere in
                                                                  Sherbrooke. Two thumbs up for AAA.

                                                                   Let’s back up a bit. I was in Ontario to pick
                                                                   up my new car, a 1993 Mark VIII Lincoln. I
                                                                   found the car in London last week (8th
                                    My newly-minted 1993 Mark 8    March) on the web at Kijiji. It was a shot in
                                    Resplendent again!             the dark but I wanted one in that colour (one
                                                                   of the rarest) paint "Amethyst Clearcoat". A
                                                          friend checked it out on Thursday (9th), I flew up on
                                                          Friday (10th), took delivery on Saturday (11th) and
                                                          was back in Kingston on Sunday night (12th). I
                                                          made the run to Kingston from St. Thomas in 3:45
                                                          with a fuel stop at the Flying J, just east of London.
                                                           Monday I went to MAACO and felt fairly good
                                                          about the shop and owner so in it went. I reasoned
                                                          that a 3 day overhaul in Kingston (in on Tuesday af-
                                                          ternoon; out on Friday), would be better than a
                                                          lengthy stay in a shop here in NB. Also con-
                                                                                                         Page 20
                                                            lowed closely by the usual casual approach Ford
                                                            gives to the value of any of it's fine cars. Always
                                                            worth the highest price when you buy it, then worth
                                                            nothing close to reason when you go to trade it
                                                            in. Fact is, you can't afford to trade your Ford in at a
                                                            Ford dealer. This benefit died with the advent of
                                                            "The Plan" (but don't get me started on that one).
                                                            Safe it is to say that if you do decide that you like a
                                                            Ford product today, you better grab it and hang onto
    In the shop getting a
    new coat.                                               it, as it may not be there tomorrow. Funny how when
                                                            many people are getting into the sports sedan market,
                                                            Ford feels it has too many with only 3 available (in
sidered was the prospect of many people seeing it in        Canada) and kills the brainchild (Taurus) and the new
it's conversion which would have taken weeks instead        500 that started the whole transformation. And don't
of days. Small towns have no secrets. The car               even go there with the Zephyr. So what is it now? A
needed rockers and door work so I decided to go the         Mark Zee or a Mark Zed?
extra mile. Incidentally, I would recommend
MAACO Kingston for a decent job.                            Truth is, I've come so close to getting an Impala, it
                                                            would cause Mr. Ford himself to reassess life as he
Some History                                                knows it. Not to mention all those who know me and
The 1993 Mark 8 went through initial rejection from         that for better or worse, I have always been predomi-
prospective Lincoln owners as many of the luxury            nately a Ford man (Someone has to hold the NA
touches like heavy padding and wood- grain appliques        economy together). Again, it's funny how it seems
were left off when Ford made the decision to stream-        Ford's good things from the past are now in more de-
line the interior and make everything hard plastic. As      mand than their current offerings. So who wants to
much as I love the performance and unique styling of        buy a vehicle that few people can afford and even
the car (although in the beginning I hated the radical      fewer will remember just a few years down the road?
transformation from Mk 7 to Mk 8), the armrests are
too hard for even my young elbows. The early com-           Ford's habitual juggling, then phasing out of it's
plaints and slow sales caused Ford to review their          nameplates, just when they begin doing well, con-
design and by 1995 they were offering 2 tone interi-        trasts with the GM practice which benefits from it's
ors with the entire console and centre panel, along         historical past, with Gran Prix, GTO, Impala, Malibu
with door panel inserts, in the traditional woodgrain.      and many more. Anyone remember the Contour/
My car has all options except the built in cellular         Mystique? How about Thunderbird/Cougar? Oh yes,
phone with voice activated microphone. Yes, the gas         we're finally seeing more of the 2002 T-Bird style on
gauge works but unlike many Ford gauges, this one           the streets than we are on the dealer's lots. Probably
does not lie. The style of the gas tank (very flat) is      due to the fact that production ceased in 2005. Many
the culprit here. That, and the fact that I used an esti-   of these however, you'll find in eBay Motors taking
mated 30% more fuel while plowing snow all night,           up lots of webspace due to limited demand and mis-
with every gasbar closed along the way, was what            led speculation on what the future value of this or-
made me short by about 15 miles of getting back on          phan may be. Wrong car, too pricey with limited
the main line (route 2) where gas was available.            utility and questionable appeal. Way to go Ford!
                                                            Even better, they killed the 4 seater T-Bird and Cou-
In 1997, the Mk 8 took on a new look with body and          gar to do it.
trim changes and 5- level heated seats. This however
was still not enough to boost interest or sales and so      Opposing views are sometimes welcome and always
as always for Ford, having a great product with po-         expected.
tential to build on isn't good enough, so this meant
after 1998 the end of the Mark series as we know it.
In my opinion, poor marketing was # 1 problem, fol-
                                                                                                             Page 21
               Ready for 2007?                            size, fuel pressure, fuel octane, fuel and ignition map-
                                                          ping while ensuring we do not encounter knock. Cur-
                     Paul Myers
                                                          rently we are running the fuel system that came with
                                                          the car. The only modifications over the OEM sys-
By the time you read this we will be close to comple-     tem is increased injector size and modified ignition
tion of our shakedown of the car and possibly the first   map.
race weekend of the 2007 season. Testing will hap-
pen May 4th and 5th at Mosport. Hopefully it will         We don't have a lot of information about how well
have gone well because the race weekend is the very       the combination works together and have been very
next weekend which does not leave a lot of time for       conservative picking fuel octane levels to compensate
changes. We are picking away at the remaining items       for this. Higher octane is only beneficial if it is being
on the to-do list. Material is ordered to rework the      used to allow increased compression or more ad-
exhaust, a long outstanding item required as a result     vanced ignition timing. When increasing compression
of trying a new line through one of the back corners      and advancing timing two problems can be encoun-
at Shannonville while chasing the leader. The fuel        tered.
injectors are out for rebuilding, flowing and balanc-     Pre-ignition occurs when compression and residual
                                                                                    cylinder heat increases the
                                                                                    temperature of the mixture
                                                                                    in the combustion chamber
                                                                                    enough to ignite prior to the
                                                                                    ignition system firing the
                                                                                    spark plug. This is not en-
                                                                                    gine damaging but means
                                                                                    less power and lack of com-
                                                                                    bustion control. It is not as
                                                                                    common as knock.

                                                                                     Knock or ping occurs when
                                                                                     the ignition system properly
                                                                                     ignites the mixture at the top
                                                                                     of the combustion cham-
                                                                                     ber. The expansion of the
                                                                                     combusted mixture forces
   Paul Myer’s 968 Porsche                                                           the unburnt portion of the
                                                                                     mixture against the rising
                                                                                     piston. The temperature
ing. Heating elements have been added to the wind-        increase at the piston surface due to compression ig-
shield defogging system. An attempt to use a simple       nites the remaining mixture at the piston surface. The
blower to move air over the windshield slowed fog-        two flame fronts (top of chamber and at piston sur-
ging in wet weather but not enough to allow good          face) burn towards each other. When they meet the
visibility. The rear spring rate and front sway bar       local pressure rise is much higher than normal com-
have been increased slightly. A front splitter has also   bustion. This is very engine damaging when sus-
been added to try improve front traction in some of       tained.
the faster corners.
                                                          In both cases the cause is a fuel which will combust
This year we have added a wide band oxygen sensor         at a lower ignition energy (temperature) than desir-
and a 5 channel datalogger. Initially we will be using    able. Additives are added to raise the amount of en-
it to monitor and adjust engine performance. Rpm,         ergy it takes to ignite the mixture. Octane rating is
manifold pressure, injector useage, knock indication,     effectively a measure of the gasoline’s resistance to
exhaust O2 and linear acceleration parameters will be     combust. It also follows that as the flame
measured. With these we want to optimize injector                                                         Page 22
front is burning it must take fractionally longer to      wear rates. They are offered in widths that should
raise the energy level of the adjacent mixture to cause   suit our car but the aspect ratio is less that desirable.
ignition then a mixture with lower resistance. This       There will be a significant diameter difference be-
slows combustion fractionally. Increasing Octane in       tween front and rear. The ride height of the car will
itself does not increase performance. It can actually     be set up specifically for these tires. Using other tires
reduce performance. The higher the octane rating the      will affect ride height. We use Yokohama A048 for
more resistive the fuel is to combustion. The octane      our rain tires as they have reasonable wet traction and
rating of a fuel should only be high enough, with a       impressive dry traction if standing water can be used
small margin, to prevent knock. Any more than this        to cool them periodically during the lap to prevent
you are wasting your money and slowing combus-            overheating.
tion. We are currently running 102 Octane by mixing
94 and 110 Octane fuel. We have found this to be the      There are a few other odds and ends on our list to
most economical way to run intermediate octanes.          complete before racing starts including some im-
Once we have completed this driver performance will       provements to the trailer. The rear ramp needs to be
be the next target.                                       extended to reduce the angle to clear the new splitter.
                                                          We have also added a workbench and shelves to im-
For 2007 we are trying Hoosiers. It is a constant bat-    prove storage. Eventually a 120 and 12 V electrical
tle trying to find improved traction in suitable tire     system will be installed. One of the additions we are
sizes. We previously used Toyo RA 1s but the sizing       most excited about is the addition of a video camera
increments are not ideal for the 968. Picking the         to the car. This will be both entertaining and helpful.
width above ideal made it difficult to get the tires up   We will use the footage to help analyze performance
to operating temperature on days that track tempera-      and consistency on the track. The speed and line can
ture was under 28 C. Tires narrower then ideal meant      be monitored on the video to assess each corner
that they would start to overheat on hotter days to-      based on visual cues and time between corner mark-
wards the end of a 20 minute session. On the plus         ers.
side the cost of the Toyos was more reasonable and
they wore well. The Toyos delivered good grip right       I have included a schedule for the CASC Ontario GT
to the point of cording if kept in their best operating   Challenge Cup. There are several St. LAC members
temperature range. Hoosier’s improved traction            actively participating in CASC racing either in the
should contribute to lower lap times but it remains to    regional sprints, G70 or vintage. Come out and see
be seen if it is enough to offset the higher cost and     them in action. Get involved!

          Date                            Event                                  Location

                           57th Annual BEMC Spring Tro-
       May 12-13                                                      Mosport International Raceway
        June 2-3           CRDA Shootout at Shannonville              Shannonville Motorsport Park

     June 30-July 1          BARC Grand Prix of Ontario               Mosport International Raceway
                           MCO Ted Powell Memorial Tro-
        July 28-29                                                     Calabogie Motorsports Park
      August 11-12              BARC Touring Trophy                   Mosport International Raceway

     September 1-2             CRDA Presidents' Trophy                Mosport International Raceway

    September 15-16             BEMC Indian Summer                    Mosport International Raceway

    September 29/30            Celebration of Motorsport              Mosport International Raceway Page 23
Porsche is more than just fast.                                 doing this, it may look at first that they are simply
Paul Jeffrey                                                    buying a loser. But no, they are doing this so that
                                                                they can take even more advantage of high volume
Sure, we all know that Porsche cars are fast and de-            component production, to increase their profit mar-
sirable, but the company is much more than that to              gins even further on the Porsche line of cars.
the commercial world, they are the most profitable
car company on the planet. Now I am sure that most              How have Porsche managed to land in such a favour-
Porsche owners are not surprised by this news, if               able market position? The Porsche image is honed
their experience with servicing and parts prices is any         by a long history of design of high performance street
guide. But seriously, Porsche has, through clever and           and customer race cars positioned to dominate their
focused marketing, managed to build a company of a              classes. At the same time they market their street
size that can benefit from the economies of size while          cars very cleverly; for example, which other manu-
still maintaining the exclusiveness and desirability            facturer is able to sell the hardtop version (Cayman)
that enables them to sell their cars at exotic prices.          of a car for more than the already inflated price of the
No other company has found that magic formula.                  convertible (Boxster)? Another point, Porsche al-
Other companies, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini,               ways has a “Base” and an “S” version of their car
which may return as much per car, are very limited in           lines, they give the S model a bit more power and up-
production numbers at less than 5000/year.                      grade the interior, modifications which might cost
                                                                them $1-2,000 at most, but they sell the cars at a mar-
Porsche sold 97,000 cars last year with an average              gin between $10-20,000 more. More specifically, it
profit across the model line of $33,000 (cdn) per car,          cost no more to build a slightly larger engine. Cast-
this gave them a profit of $3.2 billion. This is 10             ing costs will be the same, the components will all be
times as much profit per car as any other company               machined in the same way and in the same time, and
and puts all other to shame; the profits of other com-          construction will be the same. The two lines of cars
panies per car were relatively pathetic, for example:           will also go down the final assembly line at the same
BMW $3800, Toyota $2600, Audi $2400, Daimler-                   time with the same assemblers.
Chyrsler (DC) $1100, VW $500. These are the
companies making a profit, the figures for Ford and             Finally, Porsches took a big risk in deciding to sell a
GM are typically less than zero, in other words they            truck, the Cayenne. But it paid off, Big Time. It is
lose money on each car they sell. To put these num-             manufactured in the same plant as the VW Touareg,
bers in a different perspective, BMW, DC and VW                 but the Cayenne is sold at a premium of $11K-18K
need to sell approximately 1, 3 & 6 million cars re-            for the equivalent 6 and 8 cylinder models. This is all
spectively to earn the same profit.                             profit. Further, Porsche adds a Turbo version which
                                                                adds $46K to the V8 price. Again, this is largely
Now we know how Porsche is able to buy VW. No                   profit.
this is not a mis-statement, Porsche is buying VW,
not the other way around! Porsche is in the process             I look forward to a spate of books detailing the Por-
of purchasing over 30% of the VW group which will               sche Formula for success. Such books will put the
give them control of the company. Why is Porsche                present line of books extolling the virtues of Toyota
                                                                into the bargain bins.

   Porsche is the only company which can charge more ($6K) for the coupe than the convertible. They also
   charge $14K more for the “S” version than the “Base” model.                                                Page 24
             The Kensai/Compass 360 Team,
             Based in Toronto. Winner of the ‘07 Daytona Grand Am Koni ST Challenge Race.


                                         For Sale/Wanted
 For Sale: 1996 Honda Del Sol DOHC V-TEC, 105,000 KMS.
17" wheels and new yokohama's, Stainless exhaust, Momo short shift kit, Ractive lowering kit, carbon fibre taillights, CD/MP3
player and 12 disc changer. $11,500 o/b offer. phone 613-966-1861. Doug Beale.

For Sale. 1990 Honda CRX-SI. 148,000 Kms. Black. Excellent mechanical condition. Runs strong. Body very sound but
small amount of rust in rear fenders. Requires paint and some body work to look like new. Interior good. Will credit $400 towards
new tires of your choice. Will certify and e-test. $3500. Call Paul Jeffrey, 613-389-0714, or email

Crew Wanted. Myers Motorsports is a small team running a Porsche 968 in Ontario Regional Races. We are currently looking
for knowledgable and energetic volunteer crew for 2007. Typically we run a schedule of 8 to 12 events during the summer season
and perform car prep 1 to 2 evenings a week. If interested call Paul Myers @ (613) 376-1540.

Free. Haynes Repair manual for Ford Windstar 1995-2001. Call Paul, 613-389-0714, or email

                             FOR SALE: ROAD/RACE AUSTIN HEALEY BT7 3000
   $50,000.00 Canadian. 1960, RHD red with white hardtop.
   Vintage scrutineered and certified at Mosport in 2003, race registration was #100. Triple webers [with access shroud panel], Rini
Racing Engines professionally rebuilt the 3000 engine with new J and E forged aluminium race pistons, new lightweight Crower
conn rods, balanced crank, lightened flywheel, new street tires on 60 spoke Dunlop wire wheels in excellent condition, heavy duty
clutch, fuel cell, A1 white hardtop with side windows. Professionally appraised in 2003. Frame is in very good original condi-
tion with no sign of previous accident or corrosive damage. The inner body is also in very good condition”.        Factory passenger
seat, race driver’s seat, black vinyl&carpets, factory ‘rally style’ grill. New in 2003,was a windshield, rev limiter, transponder, oil
cooler, mirrors and steering box. Also has,an extra diff, soft top, log book, street or race exhaust. ‘ Safety’ done in 2003 and now
street licenced. Jim Reid, Harrowsmith [Kingston] Ontario, Canada
                                                                                                                              Page 25
Page 26
Page 27
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