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GPCH Newsletter - June 2010


Golden Plains Community Hospital, Borger, TX - Newsletter - June 2010

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									Hot Off the Press!

    GPCH celebrates in May!

                                             MAY WAS CELEBRATION MONTH AT GPCH! There was National
                                             Nurses’ Week, National Hospital Week, National EMS Week,
                                             Physician Appreciation Banquet and Volunteer Appreciation.
                                             Photos (clockwise from top left): The Service Recovery Team
                                             serves ice cream to employees; Volunteer Elaine Whelchel is
                                             presented with a gift by CEO Dennis Jack; Volunteer Gover-
                                             nor White as he might have looked in younger days; Sheree
                                             Smirl, LVN, and Angie Moose, RN, enjoy Nurses’ Day refresh-
                                             ments; Sherry Kramer, RN, performs for the nurses; Amy
                                             Tucker, RN, pronounces Ed Quiros, M.D. as 2010 Physician of
                                             the Year; and GPCH employees enjoy a picnic under the por-

From the Desk of the CEO
Well another school year draws to a close and summer is            On the building issue, things are still moving along,
upon us. Everyone will be taking vacations, kids will be hang-     bonds are almost completed, targeted for next
ing at the pool, or getting up late and watching TV while we       month. Also next month we should be able to start
are all working here providing the best medical care we can to     requesting bids for the new hospital so we can get
all our patients. May also ends with a very sacred holiday,        this project started. Our educated guess is it will
where we take time to think about the people that have given       take 15 months to complete, but I really think with
their lives to protect our freedom: the freedom to worship         all the competition for the project, the selected
where you want, say what you want and live like you want           contractor can complete the project
(providing it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights). Thank God,      sooner. Groundbreaking is this summer, hopefully
however you perceive him/her, and thank the service men and        in August, and we will let you know when we set
women who have given you these rights and freedom.                 the official date.
                                                                                                                           DENNIS JACK, CEO

                                                                                  Rosa’s Hair Heads for Gulf of Mexico
 Your PTO for SSN!                                                                Rosa Casas, GPCH
 GPCH’s Stephanie Sloan Nutter will be off                                        Medical Records, re-
 work for the next six to eight weeks as she                                      cently donated her hair
 continues her fight against cancer.                                              in an effort to help soak
                                                                                  up the oil spill in the
 Looking for an opportunity to help Stepha-                                       Gulf of Mexico. Rosa
 nie? Donate some of your PTO! Contact Jen-                                       called Channel 10
 nifer Harvey in Human Resources, ext. 1200,                                      News to find out which
 to learn how to donate your PTO.                                                 hair salons were collecting hair
                                                                                  for the effort and learned that
 Thank you, GPCH employees, for caring!                                           Body Elegance in Amarillo was
                                                  STEPHANIE NUTTER
                                                                                  participating. She made the
                                                                                  appointment and sent 13” of
                                        National Hospital Week                    her hair to help clean up the       ROSA CASAS
June Birthdays!                         Cash Winners!                             Gulf. Thanks, Rosa!

                                        The following won $100: Dusty
6/3      Tammie Stone
         Joel Arnold
                                        Hackathorn, Debbie Forseth, Joel
                                        Arnold, Sue Giesler, Halena Leonard.
                                                                                  Kelley Chisum does great job!
6/5      Melody Henderson               $50 winners: Mike Barter, Kelley Chi-
                                        sum, Monica Marshall, Tammy Gres-         From Sherry Kramer, RN
         Abel Rios, Jr.
         Darrell Fisher                 sett, Kathy Whelchel, Sandra Hernan-      GPCH’s OB Department was recently audited by the Texas
                                        dez, Amber Hall, Cheryl Miller, Cathy
6/6      Heather Jones                                                            Department of State Health Services as they checked for im-
                                        McWilliams, Pam Trout, Janet Van-         munizations for the newborn nursery. We passed with flying
6/9      Amber Hall
                                        Natta, Stephanie Sloan, Jamie Loven,      colors! I would like to thank Kelley Chisum for a job well done.
6/10     Martina Tull                   Marilyn Baird, Nora Salomon, Angela
                                                                                  She manages and organizes the immunization program for the
6/15     Nicole Rawlins                 Raines, Misty Piazza & Sue Cham-          nursery. This includes documentation, ordering, record keep-
6/17     Cindy Willis                   bers.
                                                                                  ing, etc. Thanks, Kelley!
6/21     Adam Dale
                                          New employees for May 2010 are:
         Patricia Couch
6/22     Kay Robins
                                          Andrew Raper
         Tabitha Mayo
         Cyndee Hester
                                          Kathy Batson
                                                                                        Above & Beyond!
         Alicia Ibarra
                                          Dietary                                        Remember to Nominate GPCH
         Jennifer Hatfield
                                          Heather Jones
         Casey Barter                                                                    Employees Who Go Above and
                                          Willie Nofire
6/24     Pam Smith
6/25     Eva C. Garcia
                                          Women’s & Children’s                             Beyond the Call of Duty!
         Jesus Hernandez
6/27     Denise Sisson
                                          Gloria Gamez                                   Deadline: June 15, 2010
6/30     Luis Martinez
                                          Christie Ogle                                Contact Georgia Hughes or Amy Hogan
                                                                                                for more information.
                                                                      GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                JUNE 2010       PAGE 3

                                                                         St. Peters Episcopal Church donates
BORGER EMS DONATES TO AIDEN’S CLOSET                                     St. Peters Episcopal Church in Borger made a $500 donation re-
                                                                         cently to the Golden Plains Community Hospital Auxiliary. Making
Wesley Breznik with HCHD/Borger EMS presents Aiden’s Closet in           the presentation on behalf of the church is GPCH volunteer, Gover-
the GPCH Women’s Center (OB Department) with clothing and sup-           nor White (second from right). Accepting the donation is GPCH Vol-
plies. Accepting the donation on behalf of Aiden’s Closet is Tammy       unteer Coordinator, Pam Trout, while volunteers Jana Pronger (left)
Gressett, RN. Aiden’s Closet provides clothing and supplies for de-      and Naomi Fox look on.
serving newborn babies up to 18 months. Donations are always

More photos of celebrating GPCH employees!

GPCH Rehab Exercise of the Month!
Reverse Fly
The reverse fly is a great way to target the “posture” muscles of the upper
back, including the rhomboids, the trapezius muscles and even the rear
shoulders. Use light-medium dumbbells and begin in a seated position, bent
over with arms hanging down and weights under the knees. Try not to col-
lapse on the legs but, instead, keep the back straight and the abs engaged.
Lift the arms out to the sides, up to shoulder level, squeezing shoulder blades
together. Keep the elbows slightly bent and only lift to shoulders. Lower and
repeat for one to three sets of 12-16 repetitions, with a 20-30 second rest
between sets.

GPCH employees are invited to join “Tri To Make A Difference” Triathlon
Triathlon competitions have increased in popularity over the past            While some fitness magazines claim 12 weeks is plenty of preparation,
several years, with a documented 30% increase in participation over          most training plans for beginners are for 16 weeks. Training usually
the past five years. Reportedly, over 500,000 athletes will compete          consists of progressively harder workouts usually five days a week.
in one of these swim-bike-run events this year alone.                        The equipment list for the first-time triathlete can be a long one: swim
                                                                             goggles, swim cap, triathlon suit or wet suit (depending on tempera-
Many different types of triathlons exist: sprint triathlons (.5 mile         ture), road bike (or mountain bike for first-timers), approved helmet, and
swim, 10 mile bike ride, 5K run), Olympic triathlons (.93 mile swim,         a great pair of running shoes. This list can be expanded depending on
24.8 mile bike ride, 6.2 mile run), half-ironman triathlons (1.2 mile        the race and the individual.
swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile run), and ironman triathlons (2.4
mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run). It is important to note       In Amarillo, the “Tri to Make a Difference” triathlon offers panhandle
that distances can vary slightly between different triathlons. For           residents the opportunity not only to participate in a challenging event,
instance, some sprint triathlons require a 300 meter swim, 13 mile           but to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. All of the money
bike ride, and a 2 mile run.                                                 raised at the event benefits CMN specifically in the panhandle area.

In some larger cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin, triathlons are         The race, scheduled for Sept. 11, 2010 at Lake Tanglewood, is a sprint
not only for those 18 and older. Triathlon events and training               triathlon consisting of a 400 meter swim, 10 mile bike ride, and a 5K
camps/classes are available to children as young as 7 years old.             run. Debra Bollin, Kendra Nicks, Misty Piazza, and Chelsea Tabor (all
College triathletes are growing in numbers as well. The Texas A&M            from the Rehab Dept.) plan to participate as individuals and encourage
team holds a triathlon for community members in College Station,             anyone interested in joining them to call rehab at ext. 1120.
TX to benefit their team.
                                                                             Costs for the Amarillo Triathlon are $50 for individuals (including the
Training for a first triathlon takes time and money. Even those who          land lovers’ division) until August 15, 2010, and $55 after August 15.
feel they are “physically fit” require months of training to prepare
their bodies for the transition from swimming to biking to running.

                                             Where in GPCH?
                                             One person guessed where last month’s photo was taken: Pam Trout, Account-
                                             ing. Pam guessed the photo was of the angel statue in the rock garden by the
                                             front door and she is right! Pam wins the $5 gift certificate to the GPCH Auxiliary
                                             Gift Shop! Congratulations, Pam! Now, where was the photo at left taken? Re-
                                             member, it’s somewhere in (or around) GPCH! Get your entries in by the end of
                                             May. All correct entries will be placed in a random drawing for the winner!

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