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									2008 Program Schedule
Welcome to our new and exciting 2008 Program Schedule. This year sees the introduction of some new
programs as suggested by our member feedback, as well as the return of those programs that continue
to offer great value to retailers.

Our goal through these programs is to assist those involved directly in the retail sector (or those wishing
to gain additional knowledge about retail) by equipping them with leading edge retail knowledge,
information and education.
    The Australian Centre for Retail Studies
The Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS) provides research driven education and knowledge leadership to those
involved in the retail sector, or wishing to learn more about retail, through broad based research and information generation
and reporting, leadership and management education program development and delivery, Membership and the promotion
of retailing as a career.

As a commercial Centre within the Department of Marketing at Monash University's Faculty of Business and Economics,
the ACRS bridges the academic and the commercial retail worlds, enabling clients to access resources and knowledge that
may not otherwise be available to them.

The Centre engages in activity throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia delivering customised solutions to clients in
retail and related industries through.

•   Management Development Programs
•   In-company Presentations, Conferences and Seminars
•   Retail Research, Reports and Publications
•   Membership
•   Study Tours

The ACRS builds skills, knowledge and understanding at all levels of management from first line appointees to CEOs;
because of its unique retail focus the Centre offers advantages over other general management training providers.
Through its membership scheme, the Centre is also able to offer substantial benefits to members in the form of networking
opportunities, complimentary seminars and presentations, research services and program discounts.

The Australian Centre for Retail Studies Advisory Board provides advice and guidance in relation to the practice of retailing,
helps identify trends, issues and innovations in the industry and facilitates the interaction of retail industry leaders and
academic experts.

We welcome any enquires you may have about the ACRS. Any member of our team will be more than happy to provide
you with more information or to assist you with a registration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information please contact us via Email: acrs@buseco.monash.edu.au or Phone: +61 3 9903 2455. Alternatively
you may like to visit our website: www.buseco.monash.edu.au/centres/acrs.
                                                2008 Program Schedule
PROGRAM                                                             LOCATION                   DATES                DURATION                   FEE

                                                                         Melbourne 4 March
Global Retail Insights (GRI)                                               Sydney 5 March                           1/2 Day               $495
                                                                          Brisbane 6 March

Winning Store Concepts and Designs                                       Melbourne 17 June                          1/2 Day               $495

Retail Insights for Store Management                                     Melbourne 16 September                     1/2 Day               $495

Retail 101                                                               Melbourne 23 July                          1 Day                 $1,250

                                                                         Melbourne 27 & 28 May
Effective Retail Negotiation                                                                                        2 Days                $1,500
                                                                         Melbourne 26 & 27 August

                                                                         Melbourne 13 & 14 May
Foundations of Buying                                                                                               2 Days                $1,500
                                                                         Melbourne 9 & 10 September

                                                                         Melbourne 20 & 21 May
Strategic Buying                                                                                                    2 Days                $1,750
                                                                         Melbourne 12 & 13 August

Foundations of Merchandise Planning                                      Melbourne 8 & 9 July                       2 Days                $1,750

Tactical Merchandise Planning                                            Melbourne 24 & 25 June                     2 Days                $1,750

                                                                         Melbourne 5 & 6 August
Attracting and Retaining Retail Stars                                                                               2 Days                $1,750
                                                                           Sydney 19 & 20 August

Maximising Sales Force Productivity                                      Melbourne                                  2 Days                $1,750
                                                                                         (Sept / Oct 2008)

Marketing Your Competitive Advantage                                     Melbourne 1 & 2 July                       2 Days                $1,750

Retail Executive Development                                             Melbourne 15 Sept - 19 Sept                5 Days                $5,500

Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing                           Melbourne 25 - 30 May                      5 Days                $10,500

Please note:                                                                    Further Information
*All prices quoted include GST with the exception of SPMR in Singapore, where   Please contact the ACRS for more information or to register. We are
GST is not charged.                                                             also more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.
*ACRS Research Sponsors receive 10% discount on all programs.
*ACRS Members receive 10% discount on all programs except SPMR and SVOR.        Telephone:              +61 3 9903 2455
*All public programs are available as customised in-company offers.             Email:                  acrs@buseco.monash.edu.au
                                                                                Facsimile               +61 3 9903 2099
                                                                                Website:                www.buseco.monash.edu.au/centres/acrs
                                                                                Mail:                   Australian Centre for Retail Studies
                                                                                                        PO Box 197, Caulfield East
                                                                                                        Victoria 3145, Australia
2008 Program Information
 Global Retail Insights 2008 (GRI)
 This 1/2-day seminar provides in-depth insights into the principles and practices that drive effective
 retail performance, with particular emphasis for 2008 on strategy, culture, operations and revenue
 management. In addition, the seminar provides a fantastic opportunity to network with retailers,
 suppliers and clients.

       Winning Store Concepts and Designs
       Retail store design and merchandising principles and practices continue to evolve as retailers seek
 to inspire customers, deliver against brand expectations, and maximise merchandise effectiveness and
 store profitability. This new ½ day seminar aims to provide delegates with an overview of contemporary
 thinking in retail store design, illustrated with Australian and international examples.

       Retail Insights for Store Management
        This new 1/2-day program is a unique opportunity for store managers to gain new insights with
 key trends and developments in the retail marketplace. Experienced presenters will share expertise on
 retail sector performance, the changing consumer, global and national retail trends and tips for
 business improvement.

       Retail 101
       This new 1-day program aims to provide a foundational understanding of the retail world for entry
 level retailers and those that engage with the retail industry (such as suppliers, media agencies,
 consultants, and property managers). Retail 101 includes a snapshot of the retail industry, key
 competitors, emerging trends and formats, and future key success factors.

 Effective Retail Negotiation
 The 2-day Effective Retail Negotiation program is designed to equip retailers with the skills needed to
 become effective negotiators who build productive relationships with suppliers and customers. The
 program is particularly suited to those in buying roles.

 Foundations of Buying
 Previously named Retail Buying, this 2-day Foundations of Buying program provides a solid
 understanding for those involved in this complex role and is particularly suited to newly appointed and
 trainee Buyers. to newly appointed and trainee Buyers.

 Strategic Buying
 Previously named Advanced Retail Buying, this 2-day Strategic Buying program will improve the buying
 and strategic decision making expertise of senior level Merchandisers and Buyers operating in the
 competitive retail sector.
           2008 Program Information
                  Foundations of Merchandise Planning
                  Previously named Retail Planning and Analysis, this 2-day Foundations of Merchandise Planning
                  program develops the specialist skills required by the growing number of analysts and planners working
                  within the buying functions of organisations that have split the buying function into two roles: those who
                  procure the product and those who analyse how that product has performed and plan what should
                  happen in the future.

                       Tactical Merchandise Planning
                        This new 2-day program is designed to give participants a better understanding of profit and the
                  theory of planning. They will also have an increased understating of getting the right product into the
                  right place at the right time.

                  Attracting and Retaining Retail Stars
                  The 2-day Attracting and Retaining Retail Stars program will provide insight into the increasing labour
                  market challenges facing retail and assist retailers in understanding the factors which motivate and
                  engage staff. It is designed to equip retailers with effective recruitment, engagement and retention
                  strategies when dealing with an aging population, GenX GenY, GenNext and engaging customers
                  satisfaction and business growth.

                       Maximising Sales Force Productivity
                        This new 2-day program is designed for business owners, managers, supervisors and sales
                  people to maximize the hidden and sometimes all too obvious sales opportunities that often are missed.
                  The opportunities are often the difference between a profitable business and one that grows into the
                  future, and one that shuts shop and fades into obscurity.

                       Marketing Your Competitive Advantage
                        This new 2-day program details the necessary strategic and tactical marketing plans and activities
                  retailers need to initiate and implement, in order to gain advantage in the fiercely competitive retail arena

                       Retail Executive Development
                         The new 5-day Retail Executive Development program is designed for experienced managers who
                  have progressed within the organisation to take on more strategic and operational responsibilities. The
                  program provides an overview of key consumer and retail trends, introduces principles of effective
                  retailing, explores financial frameworks and key profitability measures, and provides perspectives on
                  business culture and leadership effectiveness.

                  Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing
                  Learn how to develop winning retail strategies, sustain your competitive advantage and manage retail
                  operations for higher sales and profit. Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing is the most highly
                  regarded development program for senior management and directors of retail and retail-related
                  companies in the Asia Pacific region. Led by Professors Larry Ring and John Strong, two of the most
                  respected retail management educators in the USA, there is no other program like this.

If you would like to receive a detailed brochure on any of our 2008 programs, please contact us on +61 3 9903 2455 or
acrs@buseco.monash.edu.au or please feel free to visit our website at www.buseco.monash.edu.au/centres/acrs.
Program Registration Form
Register by email, fax or post by completing this form and sending it to The Program Administrator, ACRS Monash University
PO Box 197, Caulfield East, Victoria 3145, Fax +61 3 9903 2099 or email us on acrs@buseco.monash.edu.au. For any
further registration enquiries please contact the ACRS on phone: +61 3 9903 2455.

Program Title:
City:                                                                         Program Date:

Personal Details
Title:                                                                        Name:
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         Cheque made payable to Australian Centre for Retail Studies

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Cancellations                                                                  Privacy Policy
Cancellations will be accepted up to 14 days prior to the time of seminar      Note: Information supplied on this form is private and confidential and used
commencement and your full payment refunded. If a booking is cancelled,        solely to identify and service the entity. Furthermore, your personal details
and no substitute is nominated the following percentage of the fees will be    are never sold or distributed to any third party. For further information on
forfeited:                                                                     Monash University’s privacy policy please visit www.privacy.monash.edu.au.
Within 14 days of seminar commencement: 50%
Within 7 days of seminar commencement: full fee                                Should you not wish to receive information about ACRS programs in the
                                                                               future please place a cross in the box.

                                                                               CRICOS Provider No. 00008C ABN 12 377 614 012
   2008 In-company Program Information
The ACRS can help you evaluate, develop and deliver customised solutions to meet your organisations need. We have a
wide range of capabilities and retail experience and can offer solutions across a number of areas; we are also able to utilise
the skills and expertise from a broader network of university and industry experts, within Australia and internationally.

As part of the ACRS Membership entitlements, Members, Research Sponsors and Club 30 Member levels are entitled to one
in-company presentation per year.

Non-members are also encouraged to make enquiries with the ACRS about their specific program requirements for a
negotiated fee on a wide variety of retail topics.

Tailored in-company programs give you the opportunity to educate a number of people at one time, give them a consistent
message and make the content and structure particularly relevant to your business situation.

                                               In-company Presentations

                                                    Global Retail Insights
                     Overview of the key players, and key trends which are shaping the world of retailing

                                                 Australian Retail Snapshot
                  Overview of the business climate, trends and priorities which will shape the future of retail

                                                  The Changing Consumer
                                              Key consumer trends and insights

                                                         Retail 101
                                      Overview of the cornerstones of effective retailing

                                           Environmentally Responsible Retailing
      What retailers are doing to respond to the growing consumer concerns about sustainability and the environment

                                                 Shopfloor to Boardroom
          Employee perspectives career, and lessons for retailers in relation to recruitment, motivation and retention

                                                     Multi-Channel Retailing
                                                    Implications for retailers

                                                  Effective Sales Promotion
                                        Key lessons from the multi-channel retail world

For further information please contact the centre on 03 9903-2455 or email us at acrs@buseco.monash.edu.au. Alternatively
you may like to visit our website: www.buseco.monash.edu.au/centres/acrs

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