CRSP_4 Reflection by meveith


									Mary Veith                                                                         6.16.10

LAI 552 – CRSP#4 Reflection

       The purpose of this reflection is to explain the purpose of the texts in my blog. The

bullets are in order of the posts as you go down the blog.

     My title is a play on words on the branch of chemistry to be investigated, green

       chemistry. I wrote it in green to go along with the idea of “going green,” and capitalized

       the word tree because of its relationship to the environment.

     The first post, a music video, was an important inclusion because it was a popular song a

       few years ago and I think students will find it easy to relate to. As I was driving home

       from class one day, I had the inspiration to include this video because I always thought

       it was so pertinent to the environmental concerns of today, and is unique because it is

       not a topic that is usually sung about. I asked the viewer to post other songs, videos, or

       images that pertain to the theme of green chemistry because just as I randomly thought

       to put that song on, other people might know of other texts that relate to the theme. In

       this way students are using their identity to begin to think about the issues regarding

       the environment.

     I thought the picture of the Earth in a bulb flask was an excellent representation of

       green chemistry, but is valuable because images can have different interpretations.

     The next two videos are of two chemical companies supporting green chemistry. They

       give insight to this branch of research along with its benefits. Because these videos
   represent chemical companies’ perspectives, I asked the viewer to note any biases they

   might have to practice critical literacy skills.

 The next post links to several current event articles and I asked the viewer to comment

   on what they learned from the article or how it made them feel. In this way, the viewer

   is reflecting on what they read and can relate to how green chemistry relates to

   authentic problems in the world.

 The final post is of a professor who has been doing years of research in green chemistry.

   I chose this video because I got a kick out of how goofy he was and because of the

   passion that this man has for the subject.

 I included other Gadgets because I thought they were fun and interactive ways to think

   about chemistry. Though they didn’t relate directly to the topic of the blog, I thought it

   was important to include them because it provides students with a different, more

   light-hearted view of such a challenging subject.

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