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									JCI                       JC International Limited RC 413243

 IWCF Well Control Program - [Rotary Drilling]

DURATION: 5 days [24th – 28th May 2010]

PRICE: $1700 per person

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 10; Minimum 3

TARGET AUDIENCE: Drillers and Drilling Supervisors.

PRE-REQUISITES: None, at employers’ discretion, however the trainee must be familiar with the
certification syllabus and the type of simulation to be used in the assessment exercise.

DESCRIPTION: The IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control program consists of separate levels for
Drillers and Supervisors, in either surface BOP stack operations, or combined surface/subsea BOP stack

PRACTICAL CONTENT: Trainees are required to demonstrate practical knowledge of respective tasks
during a well control exercise measured against a set of performance criteria, using an electronic
simulator. During the exercise, trainees will be assessed on their ability to:

The Driller:
    • Set up for drilling operations
    • Communicate as appropriate with the Supervisor
    • Recognize a drilling break and positive kick
    • Perform the shut-in within the shortest possible time in accordance with a selected
    • Bring the pump up to kill speed whilst maintaining constant bottom hole pressure

The Supervisor:
    • Give all appropriate instructions to the Driller at the commencement of the exercise and
       Check that all these have been implemented
    • Collect all appropriate data and complete a ‘useable’ kill sheet
    • Kill the well using the appropriate procedure (Wait & Weight or Driller’ Method)
    • Operate the remote choke and make adjustments in accordance with the simulator time
       Delay to maintain constant bottom hole pressure

All training provided will be in accordance with the IWCF certification standards.

ASSESSMENT AND INVIGILATION: The program consists of a practical assessment exercise using
computer simulations and written test papers on equipment and principles and procedures for Drillers
and Drilling Supervisors based on the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) certification standards:
   • Registered IWCF Assessors conduct the practical assessments
   • Independent Invigilators, registered and approved by the IWCF, conduct the principles and
        procedures, and equipment written tests.
JCI                      JC International Limited RC 413243
VALIDITY: The IWCF certificate is valid for a period of two years from the date on which the trainee
successfully completed the assessment program.

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For further enquiries please contact Tams West on 0805 700 7225; 0803 872 0053 or Email

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