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									                                  Uses of granite and marble countertops

If you see these days you would find granite in almost all the kitchen. You would generally see either marble
countertops or granite countertops in one’s kitchen. These are used because of its durability and resistance

Granite countertops:

These are famous because of its everlasting quality. This is one of the strongest stone next to diamond. It can be
either cut by diamond saw or with the same stone. These are found in neutral to dark colors stones. The latest drift
for decorating the kitchen is the granite countertops at Houston TX. These are high priced than the other types of
countertops. The merits of adding this countertop in your kitchen or bath are:

        These retain its value even after 50 years.

        The main merit of this is they are heat resistant. For example a hot pan doesn’t damage the surface.

        When not working the surface of this is cool. You can use the surface of the countertop for preparing
         bakery items.

        This makes the cleaning very easy in lesser time.

        You can find these in various colors and textures.

        The color of the granite won't change. It will be the same even after 50 yrs.

        These are durable which neither allows cracks nor scratches.

        You can invest on this product which will be profitable to you in coming years.

Marble countertops:

These are formed from limestone and crystalline texture with composition of quartz and orthoclase. The main
advantage of this countertop is they allow smaller design to be craved on marble. These are generally used for
vases, fireplace and for bath room designs. These are very rarely used for countertops but give a sophisticated look
to your kitchen. These get easily stained with acidic foods like lemon, fruits etc. It also gets damage by placing hot
utensils. These are also expensive countertops. If these are well maintained then the countertop will remain the
same as it was first fabricated. You can find many varieties of color and designs for these countertops. These are
heat resistant but the edge of countertop may catch fire if you place hot items directly to the surface. These are
made out of natural stones which are highly resistant to cracks, breakage and scratches. You can either choose
slabs or tiles for your countertops. The slabs are very costly ones but you don’t have to worry for your lifetime
whereas the tiles are less expensive and the repair or damage work is more expensive. Maintenance this
countertop is certainly simple. The stains should be removed without any delay otherwise your countertops will
have patches of different color. Never try to clean the stains with vinegar or any acid solution which leaves strange
marks on the countertops. You can wipe the countertop with lukewarm water or you can add sodium bicarbonate
to water for cleaning.

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