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         Call for Proposals/National level: Deadline 30/04/2004


                     “COMPETITIVENESS” (EPAN)

            Metre 4.3: “Programme TECHNOBROKERAGE”
‘Development and Networking of Service Providers Organisms on Issues of
                 Technology Transfer and Innovation’


The General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Ministry of
Development calls for interested parties to submit proposals in the frame of
Action “Programme TECHNOBROKERAGE' which is included in the Operational
Programme "COMPETITIVENESS", Metre 4.3.
The programme is part-financed by private and public resources. The Public
Expense for envisaged works will not exceed 40% of the total budget of those
individual works. The remaining budget percentage is to be covered by private
finance. The 70% of Public Expense are financed by the European Fund of
Regional Growth (ETPA) and 30% from the Greek State.
More specifically, the Action 4.3.4 "Programme TECHNOBROKERAGE:
Development and Networking of Service Providers Organisms on Issues of
Technology Transfer and Innovation”, is included in Metre 4.3
"Encouragement of Research, the Transfer and Dissemination of
Technology to the enterprises, Support of Activities for International
Scientific and Technological Collaboration and Transfer of Technology"
(which falls into the Axis of Priority 4 of EPAN "Technological Innovation and
Research"), which has the aim of intensification of research and mainly in the
realization of resembling activities (transfer of technology, distribution, briefing
etc) in the interior of enterprises.

The aim of work is the Creation or Extension of services of Technology
Transfer and Innovation from abroad (with the form Technology Brokers,
Patent Attorneys, Technology Valuators, Marketeers) to the country and vice-
versa, as well as from the institutions of production and management of
scientific and technological information, to the productive institutions of
country. The program will also support actions of networking that aim in the
facilitation of application of research results and particularly:
  in the discovery of partners for licensing
  in the discovery of investors for creation of companies spin-off
  in the international technological and commercial evaluation of technologies/
  in the support for the enterprising planning or even in
  technological support of companies from scientific personnel of foreign and
   domestic research and educational centres.

The direction of the Action "TECHNOBROKERAGE” is turned to the aid of
creation of TECHNOBROKERAGE centres at national level and in various
major regions of the country, that will act in a complementary role with
similar activities that are developed or developing in the region (Centres for
Enterprise and Technological Development, BICs, Offices of Mediation, Higher
Education Institutions, Polytechnic Colleges, Scientific and Technological Parks
and Incubators) which will be specialized in:
  the identification of technology that will have direct relation with the produced
  products or the industrial infrastructure of the country or even of the particular
  region, using new forms of management of technology,
  the promotion of domestically produced technology in international markets.

The objective of the “Programme TECHNOBROKERAGE” is the creation of a
web of specialized centres of technobrokerage, that will provide at all times
up-to-date information on available, all over the world, technology of their
interest. These centres might be connected electronically between them so
that they serve on an individual basis (self-sustainable) or to refer
interested parties to other more relevant centres, in order for enterprises to
locate and in following to incorporate in the production new methods or
advanced equipment/products.

Right to participate

Proposals can be submitted by Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (according
to the definition that is reported in the regulation of Committee (EK) No 70/2001)

Activities supported by the Program

• Estimation of technological needs of enterprises on geographic unit, sector of
   enterprises or technological sector level,
• Investigation of market of offered technologies and Identification of suitable
• Estimation of possibilities of application of technologies in enterprises,
• Development of portfolio of industrial property (licensing in - licensing
• Organization and Execution of negotiations on the signature of conventions of
   technology transfer between donors and recipients of technology and
   provision of advisory services in the know-how of conventions,
• Development of activities for the search, domestically and abroad, of ways of
   financing of investment for technology transfer/ know-how,
• Initial trials and adaptations of the enterprise-recipient of technology/ know-
   how for the complete adoption,
• Identification of partners for concession of authorizations of exploitation of
   know-how (licensing),
• International technological and commercial evaluation of technologies/
• Provision of advice with regards to diplomas of industrial property in Greece
   and abroad,
• Identification of partners for the creation of spin-off companies,
• Technological support of companies from scientific personnel of domestic and
   foreign research and educational centres,
• Networking with service providers organisms of know-how, as well as other
   institutions with similar activities (Offices of Mediation, Higher Education
   Institutions, Polytechnic Colleges, Research Centres, E&T Parks and
   Incubators, etc).

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