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                        Professor Prabhu Guptara
          Director, Executive and Organisational Development
    Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre (a subsidiary of UBS AG)
                    CH-8272 Ermatingen, Switzerland
           Tel: +41.71.663.5605; Fax: +41.71.663.5594; e-mail:

                Personal Annual Report 2002: Main Activities:

My own little contribution to the preparations for the Johannesburg Summit on
Sustainable Development was the release of the CD-ROM of my lecture at the
University of Zurich (organised by the Dozentenforum) on the topic "Making the
World Better: What it does NOT happen….and what TO DO about it" (this is
available from

Since this is the first of my Annual Reports in which I am mentioning one of my
own "products", I should make it clear that all profits from the sale of the CD-
ROM go to charitable work in India.


- Phase 2 of the Capability-Building Programme run by Wolfsberg on behalf of
the International Finance Corporation of The World Bank: this contract was
originally won by me, and I organised and spoke at the 2-week programme of
visits, discussions and lectures for the Tajik Sodirotbank (TSOB), Tajikistan, held
from 9-22 June 2002 in Winterthur, Switzerland. The Report of Phase 2 has been
submitted and should lead to some further work in the final 3rd Phase .

       (A brief report is available on each of the Think Tanks)

- WTT: "The Impact of Globalisation on the Real Estate Industry" with Mr Ryon
Paton of CBRichardEllis, California, USA (7 Feb)

- WTT: "Derivatives versus Global Stability: printing money, trading money - and
the need for new approaches" with Dr Michael Ramsden (25 April)

- WTT: "Knowledge Management", in co-operation with the U.K. Knowledge
Management Forum as well as the with the European KM Forum (19 June)

- DS: "One-time Miracle or Sustainable Wonder? -The Secrets of India's
astonishing IT Success and Our Modest role in It " by Mr Narayana N R Murthy,
Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies Limited,
Bangalore, India - joint event with the IMD Alumni Club of Zurich; a report of the
event was published both in Finanz und Wirtschaft and in the Neue Zürcher
Zeitung (event on 1 July )

- WTT: "Taking Hold of Your Future: Corporate and Personal Survival in
Uncertain Times" with Dr. Patrick Dixon (5 September)
- DS: "The Bilateral Relationship between the EU and Switzerland" with
presentations by the Secretary of State, Dr. Franz von Däniken, and by Mr
Matthias Brinkmann of The European Commission, 18 September
- WTT: "Coaching and Mentoring for Top Managers" with Dr. David Clutterbuck,
Burnham, U.K., 26 September

- DS: "The Significance of Mobile Communications", with Mr. Jorma Ollila,
Chairman und CEO, Nokia Corporation, Finland, 8 October

- DS: "The Significance for Switzerland of a More Efficient and Effective Europe",
by Mr. Gert-Jan Koopman, Head of Cabinet, Cabinet of Vice-President Neil
Kinnock, The European Commission (speech at the Chief Financial Officers
Conference, Wolfsberg, 15. November


- Dr. Michael Ramsden, Oxford, U.K., Wolfsberg Scholar-in-Residence, April 22-

- Dr David Clutterbuck, Burnham, U.K., Wolfsberg Scholar-in-Residence,
September 22-October 4


- Review of The Moral Universe, edited by Tom Bentley and Daniel Stedman
Jones, Demos, U.K. 2001, published in Corporate Citizenship Briefing (U.K.),
number 62, Feb/March issue

- Review of Usury in Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Susan L. Buckley, in
Faith in Business Quarterly (UK), Spring issue

- Article: "One CSR World", published in Corporate Responsibility: A View from
India (EU-India CSR Network, Brussels, 2002)

- Review of Economic Reform in Japan: Can the Japanese Change? by Craig
Freedman, in Journal of Japanese Trade & Industry (Tokyo), July/August

- Article: "A New Agenda for Progress at the UBS Group", Strategic HR Review
(England, UK), July/August

- Review of Changing India by Robin Thomson, in Asian Affairs (the official
Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs), October

- Review of EU and Globalisation by Brigid Gavin, in Journal of European Area
Studies, Vol. 10, No.2, 2002

- Interviewed by Economic Times (India) on the theme, "Knowledge Management
and More", issue of 1 December

- Interviewed for and quoted in the article "How to Avoid Being the “Ugly
American”" by Andrew Rosenbaum, published in in the Harvard Management
Communication Letter (Harvard Business School Press), December 2002.


- Keynote Address: "Global Trends, Global Challenges and the issues in
developing and implementing strategies today", Workshop at the Annual
Conference of Agape Europe, Corfu, Greece, January 21

- Lecture: "Developing and Implementing Internationalisation Strategies", at the
EMBA and Executive Diploma in Telecommunications Management, University
of Fribourg, Switzerland, Feb 11-13

- Lecture: "Trends in Management Development" for the HTW Chur, Wolfsberg,
Switzerland, March 1

- Lecture: "Strategic Management" for the Executive MBA of the HWV
(Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung), Bern, Switzerland, March 16

- Lecture: "The Future of Democracy - an Indian Perspective", at the 5th.
Symposium of the Professorenforum, held at Goethe University, Frankurt, April

- Lecture: "Kaleidoscope Warp: Best Practice Change Management" for the UBS
Private Banking "Plus Module", Wolfsberg, April 26

- Convocation Address: "The Future of Life, Work and Careers in the Twenty-
First Century", MBA class of the IBR (Institute of International Business
Relations), Mainz, Germany, April 29

- Lecture, "Where is the World Going?: Recent Trends and their Impact on
Markets", at the Workshop of the UBS Business Managers of Zürich-Limmattal
region, Wolfsberg, May 30

- Lecture: "New challenges in business: Morality, Social Justice and Sustainable
Profits" at the ZHW (Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur), June 10

- Lecture: "Globalisation: The big issue?" at the Ridley Hall Foundation
Conference, Cambridge, U.K., June 22

- Lecture: "Global Trends and Their Implications for E-Learning" at the CEMS
(Community of European Business School) Masters degree course, University of
St. Gallen, Switzerland, June 27

- Lecture: "Leadership in the light of Global Trends" for UBS's WM&BB
Leadership Development Programme at Wolfsberg, September 27

- Lecture: "Prospects for Reform in India", The India Club of The World Bank,
Washington DC, USA, December 6


- Benchmarking Visit to the newly-completed Roche Executive Development
facility, Zug, Switzerland, January 9

- Meeting with Mr. Miguel Mequita da Cunha, Advisor to Mr Romano Prodi,
President of The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, March 2

- Strategy meeting, Institue of Business Relations, Wolfsberg, Siwtzerland, May

- The Zurich Europatag, Zürich, Switzerland, June 3

- Fifth Anniversary event of the Sustainable Performance Group, Zurich, October

- 7th. Churchill Symposium in Zürich, October 10

- "Shaping the future of Spirit in Business", Lasalle Institute, Switzerland, October

- Courtesy visits to Ambassador Moon (Korea), Ambassador Smit (Netherlands),
Ambassador Eastwood (UK) and Ambassador Reynolds (USA) - all in December

- David de Pury Lecture Series "Corporate Governance - Aspects Under Current
Discussion", organised by the Swiss Foundation for World Affairs, Zurich,
October 14

- The Swiss Think Tanks Network meeting, Zurich, November 11

- Swiss Leadership Forum event with Mr. Donald G. Soderquist, Wal-Mart,
November 19


- Moderated a Workshop on: "Global Trends, Global Challenges and the issues
in developing and implementing strategies today", at the Annual Conference of
Agape Europe, Corfu, Greece, January 21

- The CIGroup Team Meeting, Oxford, UK, Jan 23

- Organised and Chaired the Moderator Awareness Days for The Trinity Forum,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K. February 24-25

- Moderated a Discussion on "Inspiring Companies" for the UBS Private Banking
Leadership Development Program Seminar, Vevey, Switzerland, March 11

- CI Team Meeting, Berlin, Germany, April 15 & 16

- Moderated The Trinity Forum "Steering Through Chaos: Vice and Virtue in an
Age of Moral Confusion", Wolfsberg, Switzerland, April 18-20

- Chaired the Fireside Talk by Dr Michael Ramsden on the theme "Derivatives
versus Global Stability: printing money, trading money - and the need for new
approaches" at the UBS PB Plus Module, Wolfsberg, Switzerland, April 22

- Organised and Moderated a 2-day Offsite Meeting at Wolfsberg for UBS Private
Banking Portfolio Management Europe, May 27-28

- CI Group Meeting, Oxford, U.K., June 24 & 25

- The CIGroup Team Meeting, Oxford, UK, September 10

- Moderated the The Trinity Forum "Entrepreneurs of Life" programme in Oslo,
October 3 to 5

- Chaired Career Innovation Forum "Renewing Corporate Reputation" in Nice,
France, October 21-24

- Moderated the Trinity Forum in Brussels, November 9

- The CIGroup Team Meeting, Oxford, UK, December 3

- Board Meeting, The Trinity Forum, Washington DC, USA, December 7

                            ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES:

- Member of the Peer Review Team sent by the European Foundation for
Management Development, regarding the possible EQUIS accreditation of Ecole
Superieur Commerce, Rouen, France, March 3-5

- Member of the Peer Review Team sent by the European Foundation for
Management Development, regarding the possible EQUIS accreditation of the
Richard Ivey School of Business, London,Ontario, Canada, May 13-16

- Member of the Advisory Council, Organisations & People (quarterly journal of
the Association for Management Education and Development, U.K.)

- Appointed a Member of the Advisory Council for the new European School of
Management and Technology (Berlin & Munich, Germany)

- Organised and Chaired meetings for planning the new module from The Trinity
Forum Pilot titled "Inspiring Leadership", which will be held in the UK in Spring

- Supervising a PhD student at the International Institute for the Management of
Telecommunications, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


- Chairman, Career Innovation Group (of global companies)

- Chairman, ADVANCE: Management Training Ltd (UK)

- Trustee, The Trinity Forum (USA)

- Member, Panel of Experts, The Scottish Leadership Foundation

- Member, International Advisory Panel, Institute for Business Relations

- Member, International Advisory Board for Executive Education, London
Business School.


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