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       D I S C O V E R Y     E N E R G Y          C R E A T I V I T Y     C O M M U N I T Y

                  Dr. David Johnson examines croup

                                                                              CROUP CURE
                  study participant Kylie Berstad.
                  Johnson and co-author Dr. Candice
                  Bjornson published research
                  results in the New England Journal
                  of Medicine.                                                Doctors prescribe steroid
                                                                              to treat mild croup Page 3
                                                                                                                            MAKING NEWS

                                                                                                                            “Much of life on Earth       the Seven Deadly Sins.
                                       In Search of a Career                                                                                         ”
                                                                                                                            is actually life in Earth,
                                                                                                                            said Dr. Steve Larter
                                                                                                                                                         Hexham believes the
                                                                                                                                                         Seven Deadly Sins are
                                                                                                                            to the CanWest News          as applicable today as
                                                                                                                            Service. Larter, a U of C    they were when they
                                                                                                                            Canada Research Chair        were created centuries
                                                                                                                            in Petroleum Geology,        ago. “Morality doesn’t
                                                                                                                            was part of an interna-              ”
                                                                                                                                                         evolve, Hexham said.
                                                                                                                            tional team of scientists    “While it might be
                                                                                                                            who found evidence of        difficult to say how
                                                                                                                            oil-eating microbes that     they apply to each
                                                                                                                            live up to four kilome-      situation, they still
                                                                                                                            tres deep within the         apply. ”
                                                                                                                            Earth. The team’s study
                                                                                                                            was published this           Calgary’s rapid growth
                                                                                                                            month in the science         and resulting school
                                                                                                                            journal Nature. “The         closures will likely be a
                                                                                                                            (microbes’) fingerprints     key civic election issue
                                                                                                                            are there, said Larter,      among candidates
                                                                                                                            referring to the discov-     aspiring for Calgary
                                                                                                                            ery of chemical              school board seats,
                                                                                                                            byproducts in oil            said a U of C education
                                                                                                                            samples from across          professor. “People have
                                                                                                                            the globe. Larter and        a very close attachment
                                                                                                                            his colleagues believe                        ”
                                                                                                                                                         to their school, Dr.
                                                                                                                            these byproducts could       Lisbeth Donaldson
                                                                                                                            have only been pro-          told the Calgary Herald.
                                                                                                                            duced by subterranean        “So there’s something
                                                                                                                            oil-eating microbes that     of a cultural loss, even if
                                                                                                                            can survive without          you don’t have children
                                                                                                                            oxygen. And these little           ”
                                                                                                                                                         in it. Busing students is
                                                                                                                            guys are hungry,             another result of rapid
                                                                                                                            possibly eating as much      growth: “If you spend
                                                                                                                            as half the world’s oil      an hour on a bus each
        Trevor Durke and Sherry Phan, both fourth-year petroleum and land management students, were among the               supply over the history      way and you’re just a
                                                                                                                            of our planet.               little person, isn’t that a
        more than 4,000 students who participated at the 27th annual AIESEC Careers Day this week. Over 60                                               fatigue level, isn’t that a
        companies from corporate Calgary, Canada and the U.S. introduced students to various summer and after-              Another mountaineer-         social environment that
        graduate career opportunities. The career day, one of Western Canada's leading job fairs, is put on by              ing fatality in the          can influence what
        AISEC, a global student organization. / Photo by Ken Bendiktsen                                                     Alberta Rockies this         happens with school-
                                                                                                                            summer had a Calgary         ing?”
                                                                                                                            Herald reporter asking
                                                                                                                            experts: “What’s the         The collective Canadian
    TO THE POINT                                                                                                            lure of these types of       depression caused by
                                                                                                                            risky backcountry            the NHL labour lockout
                                                                                                                            activities?” The need to     doesn’t surprise a U of
    Research                       started with seed         ogy that would elimi-          learn more about                challenge ourselves in       C kinesiology professor
    Transition                     funding from Alberta      nate the need to re-do         various fields of
    Facility                       Innovation & Science      critical surgical              study. Formal presen-
    incubates                      through the Alberta       procedures.                    tations by faculty
    companies                      Science and Research         The system, devel-          representatives and
                                   Authority.                oped in collaboration          student services will
       The University of              The public is          with Dr. John                  be held throughout
    Calgary’s Research             invited to the grand      Saunders, then with            the evening.
    Transition Facility            opening and launch of     the National Research              “U of C & YOU has
    (RTF), an incubator for        the Research Transi-      Council of Canada’s            been a smashing
    start-up companies in          tion Facility on Sep-     Institute for                  success for the stu-
    high-tech, officially          tember 28 from 10         Biodiagnostics,                dents, as well as the
    opens its doors                a.m. to noon at 3535      enables surgeons to            university community.
    September 28. The              Research Road N.W.        obtain highly detailed,        Since its conception
    RTF has been de-               Please RSVP by noon       3-D images of their            in 1998, it has grown
    signed to provide new          September 27.             surgical work at any           in both volume and
    companies with                                           time during the                services offered,” said
    laboratories and               Neurosurgeon
                                   Neurosurgeon              operation. “We now             Danielle Bray, who
    workshops for                  wins $25,000              have pictures that             has organized the
    prototyping their                       Aw
                                   Manning Award             show the exact way in          event for three years.          Dave Paskevich (middle) says sports unite Canadians.
    inventions. Compa-                                       which we’re operat-            “We are talking about
    nies going through an             Neurosurgeon Dr.       ing,” Dr. Sutherland           adding a similar event          the wilderness is only       and sport psychologist.
    incubation period              Garnette Sutherland,      says. “It abolishes the        in March to target              human, replied Albi          “People in Carolina will
    have an 85 per cent            at the University of      problem of re-do               those that may have             Sole of Campus               just watch bass fishing,
    chance of succeeding           Calgary-Foothills         surgery.”                      missed the first event          Recreation’s Outdoor         but when you look at
    in the real world, a           Hospital Medical             The Manning                 and to provide more             Centre. Sole added           Canada, hockey is the
    huge difference                Centre, has won the       Awards program is              information to our              being in the back-           No. 1 sport. It’s a
    compared to compa-             prestigious $25,000       sponsored by                   high school applicants          country also offers          cultural phenomenon,  ”
    nies starting directly         Manning Award of          CanWest Global                 and transfer stu-               spiritual and physical       said Dr. Dave
    on the market – only           Distinction for his       Communications Inc.            dents.”                         benefits. “… People          Paskevich to the
    five per cent of these         innovation that is                                          The event will take          come back feeling            CanWest News Service.
    companies survive              revolutionizing neuro-    Prospective
                                                             Prospective                    place November 18 on            much stronger and            “The whole Red Mile
    after five years. The          surgery. Sutherland       students invited               the Running Track               better able to cope with     phenomenon was a
    RTF is open to faculty,        created the               to campus                      level of the Jack               the complicated world        perfect example. It was
    staff, students and            Intraoperative MR                                        Simpson Gymnasium               we deal with on a day-       a whole community
    alumni entrepreneurs           System, which pro-           Prospective stu-            (Kinesiology Complex,           to-day basis. And it’s       coming together in one
    who want to trans-             vides surgeons with       dents are invited to U         University of Calgary)          certainly a lot safer        place. You had a com-
    form their high-tech           detailed, 3-D magnetic    of C & YOU, an annual          from 6 to 9 p.m. Free           than not being involved      mon ideology. You
    ideas into marketable          resonance (MR)            information evening            parking is available in         in any physical exer-        become more tolerant
    products. Four start-          images during an          that allows students           lots 10, 11 & 12. For               ”
                                                                                                                            cise.                        of other people’s
    up companies have              operation. The tech-      to visit various facul-        more information,
                                                                                                                                                         nuances and idiosyn-
    already started their          nology allows doctors     ties and student               please call the Pro-            Religious Studies            crasies. Sports can
    incubation phase. At           to see if their surgery   services. The event is         spective Student                professor Dr. Irving         bring people together
    peak capacity, the RTF         is successful.            structured like a trade        Office at (403) 220-            Hexham was one of a          in that unique way. ”
    will accommodate up               Sutherland, former     show and provides an           6920.                           few U of C professors
    to 20 companies. The           chief of neurosurgery     opportunity to meet                                            who contributed their        Making News highlights staff
    RTF is a not-for-profit        at the U of C, had long   faculty representa-            To the Point features news in
                                                                                                                            insights to a recent         and faculty featured in the
    organization and was           envisioned a technol-     tives face to face, and        brief.                          Calgary Sun feature on       media.

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2   SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

EVDS students help
design Portuguese city
By Dennis Urquhart             and prepare reports that       izes that this is a challeng-
and Jolene                     they will present to SGAL      ing project, but we are ex-
Livingston                     in Lisbon in December.         cited to have the chance to
                                  The students will offer     take part in such a key in-
Students in the Faculty of     developers insights on an      ternational development.
Environmental        Design    area of the project that       We will be able to show-
(EVDS) are enjoying their      could be the location of a     case many of the skills and
opportunity to learn in a      metro train station and        abilities that the EVDS
unique        international    will address issues sur-       program has given us.”
“classroom” this semester.     rounding urban density,            Working closely with
    Twelve graduate stu-       pedestrian flow, safety        Portuguese officials and
dents in EVDS are contrib-     and green space within         experts earlier this month,
uting     their    research    the cultural context of the    six students and EVDS
insights to the Alta de        area, says Jyde Heaven, a      faculty members Profes-
Lisboa        development      second-year planning stu-      sor Loraine Fowlow and
project in Portugal, one of    dent in EVDS.                  Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler vis-
Europe’s largest re-ur-           “In Portugal, most          ited the Alta de Lisboa
banization projects.           people in urban areas          site.
    The educational oppor-     don’t have a lot of access         “I know that the stu-
tunity was initiated by U      to green space. People         dents, in particular, found
of C Senator Joseph            usually have to leave          the experience to be both
Leung, of Marquis Com-         town to feel like they’re in   moving and inspiring; the
munities Development,          nature,” says Heaven.          reception they received
and is part of a new inter-       He adds making the          from the Lisbon officials
national educational part-     area pedestrian friendly is    really helped them focus
nership between EVDS           a major goal. For example,     on the reality that they are    Dr. David Johnson treats Kylie Berstad, a child involved in the croup study.
and the Sociedade Gestora      the students will study        Canadians           working     / Photo by Dave Brown
do Alto do Lumiar              potential pedestrian path-     within a different cul-

                                                                                              Steroids cure
(SGAL). SGAL is a consor-      ways that will link schools    ture,” says Fowlow.
tium of international con-     in the area so that parents        The EVDS program at
struction and investment       can easily walk both their     the University of Calgary
companies.                     younger and older chil-        is interdisciplinary and
                               dren to school.                offers programs in archi-

                                                                                              croup: study
    By the time this “city
within a city” is complete,       “The Alta de Lisboa         tecture, planning, envi-
SGAL will develop 22 mil-      project is a tremendous        ronmental science and in-
lion square feet of space      opportunity for EVDS           dustrial, environmental
and Alta de Lisboa will be     students to take their         and urban design. While
home to more than 60,000       interdisciplinary theories     each of these fields is
residents.                     and put them into prac-        unique, all are strongly
                                                                                              By Karen Thomas                 study are extremely clear.     voured syrup – the other
    As part of their course,   tice,” says Heaven. “Not       connected.                                                      Children with mild croup       half got a placebo.
EVDS 702 (Advanced En-         only does it allow the stu-        “This interdisciplinary                                     treated with steroids have         The study also finds the
vironmental Design Prac-       dents to explore various       approach is reflected in

                                                                                                         ost people likely    a quicker resolution of        steroid treatment saved
tice), the 12 EVDS stu-        solutions regarding Alta       projects such as Alta de                   have not heard       their symptoms. As a re-       money for parents and the
dents majoring in pro-         de Lisboa while working        Lisboa, which provide the                  of acute laryn-      sult, these children are       Canadian health system.
grams such as architec-        as a team, it also encour-     students with an exciting       gotracheobronchitis. But        half as likely to revisit      Parents saved money be-
ture, planning, environ-       ages students to learn         and unique urban and in-        any parent who has              their doctor, they lose less   cause they avoided taking
mental science and indus-      more about different cul-      ternational ‘classroom’”        woken in the middle of          sleep, and their parents       extra days off work. The
trial design will work in      tures and how to work          says Brian R. Sinclair,         the night to hear their         experience less stress,”       health care system saved
interdisciplinary teams        with them. The team real-      Dean of EVDS.                   child barking like a seal       says Dr. David Johnson,        money because of fewer
                                                                                              knows exactly what it is:       associate professor, paedi-    return visits to physicians.
                                                                                              croup.                          atrics and pharmacology        The average savings per
                                                                                                  About 75,000 children       & therapeutics, Univer-        patient, including savings
                                                                                              under six get croup each        sity of Calgary (U of C),      for families and the health
                                                                                              year in Canada. Paediat-        and paediatric emergency       system, was about $20. The
                                                                                              ric specialists from the        physician,         Calgary     investigators conclude that
                                                                                              University of Calgary Fac-      Health Region (CHR).           “although the cost savings
                                                                                              ulty of Medicine and three          “Previous       studies    per patient were relatively
                                                                                              other Canadian centres          have proven that steroids      small, mild croup is so
                                                                                              have just published a           are effective in treating      common that treatment of
                                                                                              study recommending that         children with moderate to      all these children with dex-
                                                                                              doctors use steroids to         severe croup,” says Dr.        amethasone would yield
                                                                                              treat all children with         Candice Bjornson, assist-      substantial societal ben-
                                                                                              croup, even those with the      ant professor, U of C, and     efits.”
                                                                                              mildest symptoms.               paediatric respirologist,          This research was sup-
                                                                                                  A Randomized Trial of       CHR. “Because most chil-       ported by the Canadian
                                                                                              a Single Dose of Oral Dex-      dren with croup have           Institutes of Health Re-
                                                                                              amethasone for Mild             mild     symptoms,       we    search, Alberta Children’s
                                                                                              Croup appears in the Sep-       wanted to have clear evi-      Hospital       Foundation,
                                                                                              tember 23 edition of the        dence of benefit before        Children’s Hospital of
                                                                                              renowned New England            advocating the use of ster-    Eastern Ontario Research
                                                                                              Journal of Medicine. After      oids for these children.”      Institute, and Stollery
                                                                                              conducting a double-                The research took          Children’s Hospital Foun-
                                                                                              blind clinical study of 720     place in paediatric emer-      dation. The Calgary inves-
                                                                                              children with mild croup,       gency departments in           tigators are members of
                                                                                              the physician-scientists        Calgary, Edmonton, Win-        the Institute of Maternal &
                                                                                              recommend the use of the        nipeg and Ottawa be-           Child Health at the Uni-
                                                                                              steroid “in most, if not all,   tween 2001 and 2003. Half      versity of Calgary Faculty
Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler and Loraine Fowlow with EVDS 702 students at the Alta de Lisboa          children with croup.”           of the children were given     of Medicine and the
site in Portugal. / Photo courtesy EVDS.                                                          “The findings of our        the steroid in a cherry-fla-   Calgary Health Region.

Physics lessons
                                                              of Football.”                      Gay says the unique          tinguished and well-           Calgary Stampeder Jeff
                                                                  Gay has gained fame         teaching     opportunity        funded       experimental      Garcia – to promote the
                                                              south of the border for his     came five years ago after       physics research group at      NFL around the globe.

score touchdown                                               physics lessons, which are
                                                              seen by 78,000 fans at the
                                                              University of Nebraska
                                                                                              a U of N audio-visual
                                                                                              team wanted to provide
                                                                                              their football fans with
                                                                                                                              U of N.
                                                                                                                                  Gay’s unique teaching
                                                                                                                              method for the masses
                                                                                                                                                                While in Calgary, Gay
                                                                                                                                                             also planned to meet with
                                                                                                                                                             his Canadian colleagues
                               By Dennis Urquhart             Cornhuskers’ home foot-         something educational.          has been profiled in U.S.      such as U of C physicist
                                                              ball games. The short              “A student producer          media including ABC            Dr. Rob Thompson and
                               A U.S. professor who           video lessons are shown         from the broadcasting           World News Tonight, the        take in his first CFL
                               teaches the world’s largest    on the stadium’s giant tel-     program came to our de-         Wall Street Journal, and       game.
                               “physics class” recently       evision screens during          partment’s front office         People magazine to name           Gay also played col-
                               huddled with local foot-       breaks in the action.           and asked ‘Can you rec-         a few.                         lege football for the Cali-
                               ball and science fans.             The lessons tackle ba-      ommend someone who is               He also recently wrote     fornia Institute of Tech-
                                  University of Nebraska      sic concepts such as New-       a big football fan and          a book on football phys-       nology in the early 1970s,
                               physicist Dr. Tim Gay          ton’s Laws of Motion            shameless self promoter?’       ics for fans of all ages and   while he was earning his
                               gave a public lecture on       (blocking and tackling),        And unanimously, every-         filmed a series of short       BSc in physics.
                               campus hosted by the Fac-      projectile motion (kicking      one in the department           TV show segments with             Watch some of Gay’s
                               ulty of Science and De-        and punting) and kin-           stood up and shouted            NFL stars – including          football physics lessons at
Tim Gay                        partment of Physics & As-      ematics (open-field run-        ‘Tim,’” quips Gay, who          Terrell Owens, Donovan
                               tronomy on the “Physics        ning).                          also quarterbacks a dis-        McNabb and former              outreach/football.html

                                                                                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 24, 2004     3
                                                                                                HOT TOPIC

    Expert digs                                                                                 Prime Minister Paul Martin, premiers and territorial
                                                                                                leaders have finally signed a deal to reform medicare.

    dinosaur eggs                                                                               What will this injection of funding mean to
                                                                                                Alberta and do you think this agreement will in fact
                                                                                                change the face of health care?
    Devil’s Coulee
                                                                                                          W. Frank
                                                                                                Arthur W. Frank
    holds an                                                                                    Professor
                                                                                                Faculty of Social
    amazing sample                                                                              Sciences, Department
                                                                                                of Sociology
    of untouched
                                                                                                    Whenever Canadi-
    dinosaur eggs                                                                               ans read a story about
                                                                                                our health care system,
    and embryos                                                                                 it’s crucial to repeat to
                                                                                                ourselves the mantra,
                                                                                                “Health care is in crisis
    By Natalie St-Denis                                                                         everywhere, nobody
                                                                                                has it figured out.  ”
                                                                                                    Health care in the
             t the age of four,                                                                 U.S., as much as the

    A        Darla Zelenitsky
             dinosaurs. Today,
    she’s on the fast track to
                                                                                                Alberta media love to
                                                                                                idealize it, is badly
                                                                                                broken. The New York
                                                                                                Times (Sept 18) had an
    becoming a leading                                                                          editorial about rising
    expert in the field of                                                                      Medicare costs; an
    vertebrate paleontology.                                                                    article earlier in the
        Zelenitsky recently                                                                     week described the
    completed her PhD at                                                                        crushing costs of
    the U of C in the Depart-                                                                   employee health
    ment of Geology and                                                                         insurance for employ-
                                                                                                                             “The amount of new money for Alberta on an annual
    Geophysics. With the                                                                        ers. It’s difficult for      basis would only be sufficient to run our health care
    support of the Alberta                                                                      Albertans, both indi-        system for a few days to a few weeks at most,” says
    Ingenuity Fund, she will                                                                    viduals and employers,       Geriatric Medicine Dr. David Hogan.
    start her post-doctoral                                                                     to keep in mind how
    fellowship this coming        New Ingenuity Fellow Darla Zelenitsky brushes dirt from       good we have it. The
                                                                                                                             quence for Alberta is         are they the most
    January at the U of C in      embryonic dinosaur bones found at the Devil’s Coulee          Times editorial ends,
                                                                                                                             that the agreement            politically sensitive?
    conjunction with the          field site in Alberta. A typical egg measures between 18      “Medicare’s problems
                                                                                                                             keeps the federal             Exactly how this
    Royal Tyrrell Museum of                                                                     will not be solved until
    Paleontology. She will        to 20 centimetres in diameter. / Photo by Natalie St-Denis    the underlying problem
                                                                                                                             government involved in        money will be spent is
                                                                                                                             future provincial             left unsaid though
    work under the supervi-                                                                     of the rapid rise in
                                                                                                                             planning; and the             there is a commitment
    sion of world-renowned        says Zelenitsky.               specimens for transpor-        health care costs is
                                                                                                                             prime minister has held       for national bench-
    dinosaur expert Dr.               After the tour,            tation from the field to               ”
                                                                                                solved. Sound famil-
                                                                                                                             onto a role for himself       marks. Wait times are a
    Philip Currie, adjunct        Zelenitsky’s post-doc          the lab is an artistic         iar? Again, nobody,
                                                                                                                             as a player and, as           complex issue and
    professor at the Depart-      work will take her to          endeavour in itself,           anywhere, has it
                                                                                                                             news reports say,             don’t automatically
    ment of Geology and           Devil’s Coulee, a site         which requires                 figured out.
                                                                                                                             bought some time.             mean that additional
    Geophysics, and Curator       rich in dinosaur eggs,         paleontologists to set a           Second, the cliché
                                                                                                                             Nothing I have read           resources are needed.
    of Dinosaurs at the           nests and embryos. And         cast around the speci-         about creating a “sus-
                                                                                                                             suggests the agree-           We are more likely to
    Tyrrell Museum.               as luck would have it,         men, creating a “jacket”       tainable” health care
                                                                                                                             ment will change much         improve access if we
        In the meantime,          it’s located just 45           to keep the material           system should be
                                                                                                                             of anything in health         work smarter rather
    Zelenitsky will travel the    minutes southeast of           stable after being             treated as political
                                                                                                                             care, although the            than just spend more
    globe lending an expert       Lethbridge. “There’s an        undisturbed for more           humour. How can a
                                                                                                                             accountability mecha-         money, though work-
    hand in various dinosaur      amazing sample of              than 70 million years.         system that combines a
                                                                                                                             nisms – whatever they         ing smarter and having
    field sites. Travelling by    dinosaur eggs and                  By the end of her          scientific imperative for
                                                                                                                             turn out to be – create       more resources would
    invitation from institu-      embryos at this site,          post-doc, Zelenitsky           discovery, a corporate
                                                                                                                             an opening for some           be better than one or
    tions around the world,       which have been rela-          hopes to better under-         desire for profit, and a
                                                                                                                             future change, maybe.         the other. Provincial
    the tour will take her to     tively untouched or            stand the reproductive         human desire for longer
                                                                                                                                                           reforms will still be
    Yunnan Province in            studied since its discov-      biology and reproduc-          living, higher functioning
                                                                                                                                                           needed and will have
    China, Montana, the           ery in 1987.”                  tive strategies that made      bodies ever be “sustain-
                                                                                                                             David Hogan                   the greatest impact on
    Gobi Desert in Mongolia,          Zelenitsky will study      dinosaurs so successful        able?” We badly need a
                                                                                                                             Professor                     the services provided
    South Korea and Prince        the changes that occur in      at surviving for over 150      new goal to inform
                                                                                                                             Faculty of Medicine,          to our citizens.
    Edward Island. “I’m           the embryonic develop-         million years.                 political debate. I nomi-
                                                                                                                             Department of Geriatric
    quite thrilled and            ment of the duck-billed            “Some reproductive         nate “justice” and
                                                                                                                             Medicine                      Doreen Barrie
    overwhelmed with this         dinosaur – from the tip        strategies of dinosaurs        recommend we start
    tour. I’m particularly        of the tail to the tip of      are similar to those of        talking about an equita-
                                                                                                                                 While it’s much           Faculty of Social
    looking forward to            the snout. The research        birds and crocodiles but       ble health care system
                                                                                                                             better that our political     Sciences, Department
    working in the Gobi           takes her from digging         there might be other           instead of a sustainable
                                                                                                                             leaders came to an            of Political Science
    Desert. That’s where the      through sand and rock to       strategies unique to           one.
                                                                                                                             agreement than not, I
    first major discoveries of    sitting at a bench             dinosaurs still to be              Third, although I do
                                                                                                                             don’t see the recent              Not much appar-
    dinosaur eggs were            brushing and picking at        discovered,” says              not believe that the
                                                                                                                             accord having a large         ently. Premier Klein is
    made in the early 1920s,”     her specimens. Preparing       Zelenitsky.                    goals of the Canada
                                                                                                                             impact on Alberta’s           singularly unenthusias-
                                                                                                Health Act would be
                                                                                                                             health care system or         tic about the recent
                                                                                                contradicted by the
    Student earns Russian internship                                                            private contracting of
                                                                                                what remain publicly
                                                                                                                             the health of Albertans.
                                                                                                                             While $41 billion is a
                                                                                                                                                           health care accord. He’s
                                                                                                                                                           promised to consult the
    Ksenia Patsula, an Inter-     depth analysis of the          seminars, and roundtables                                   large number, remem-          public and then forge
                                                                                                funded services, I would
    national Relations student    evolving social, economic      and published studies and                                   ber this is spread over       ahead with reforms
                                                                                                point out that in other
    and employee of the           and political situation in     papers on the results of its                                10 years, across the          after the next provincial
                                                                                                countries, the hope that
    Haskayne School of Busi-      Russia and in the world.       research. Throughout her                                    whole country and             election. It would seem
                                                                                                competition will lower
    ness, has garnered a             The foundation is a         five-month      internship,                                 presumably inversely          more sensible to unveil
                                                                                                costs has not worked
    highly sought after intern-   non-governmental, non-         Patsula will work on a bit                                  linked to the wealth of       the plan and stimulate
                                                                                                out. The competitive
    ship in Russia. Beginning     profit organization. The       of everything, including                                    a province. The amount        debate before the
                                                                                                efficiencies of markets
    in October, she will work     foundation has been            planning conferences and                                    of new money for              election. A crucial
                                                                                                are overrated.
    a the Gorbachev Founda-       working with the Univer-       translating books high-                                     Alberta on an annual          question is what form
                                                                                                My fear is private
    tion in Moscow.               sity of Calgary, success-      lighting the work of the                                    basis would only be           the consultation will
                                                                                                contracting will actually
       “I’m excited and a bit     fully operating a Joint        foundation.                                                 sufficient to run our         take. Will it be a genu-
                                                                                                push costs up, thus
    scared about what awaits      Trust Fund, to support so-         Patsula was born in                                     health care system for        ine attempt to probe
                                                                                                giving governments an
    me. But it’s a great oppor-   cial and economic re-          Russia and grew up in                                       a few days to a few           public opinion or use
                                                                                                alibi for claiming the
    tunity and I feel very for-   search in Russia. Areas of     Kyrgyzstan, arriving in                                     weeks at most. Much of        the American/Canadian
                                                                                                system is “unsustain-
    tunate,” says Patsula.        research conducted by the      Calgary in March 2000,                                      the money is to cover         Idol model (permitting
                                                                                                able” and undermining
       The International Non-     foundation include global          Ksenia has been work-                                   the “escalator clause”        people to “vote”
                                                                                                the principle of a
    Governmental Founda-          problems; problems of          ing at the business school                                  they’ve agreed to. I          repeatedly)? Or will the
                                                                                                publicly funded
    tion for Socio-Economic       economic and social de-        for two years while com-                                    don’t know what is            premier assemble a
                                                                                                system. Reorganization
    and Political Studies (The    velopment in the world,        pleting her degree in in-                                   entailed in the commit-       handpicked group to
                                                                                                needs to begin at the
    Gorbachev Foundation)         Russia and CIS countries;      ternational relations with                                  ment for greater              sprinkle holy water on
                                                                                                point where services are
    was created by Mikhail        cultural and spiritual de-     a minor in management                                       accountability on the         what the government
                                                                                                delivered, asking
    Gorbachev, former presi-      velopment; the process of      and science.                                                part of the provinces.        wanted to do all along?
                                                                                                questions about who
    dent of the USSR, in Janu-    European integration; glo-         While at Haskayne,                                      Approximately $4.5            The process will
                                                                                                performs what aspects
    ary 1992. The foundation      bal security and disarma-      she worked in the Cana-                                     billion is being targeted     determine the result.
                                                                                                of delivery. We also
    became one of the first in-   ment; and the history of       dian Association of Fam-                                    to wait times in five         Compiled by Latha Attawar.
                                                                                                need more debate about
    dependent think-tanks in      perestroika in the USSR.       ily Enterprise (CAFÉ) and                                   areas. I don’t know how
                                                                                                the perpetually shifting
    the post-Soviet Russia.          The Gorbachev Foun-         also for the Bachelor of                                    these areas were              OnCampus asks U of C experts
                                                                                                horizon of what is
       The foundation’s main      dation has held numerous       Accounting Science pro-                                     picked. Are they truly        their views on news of the
                                                                                                “medically necessary.   ”
    mission is to provide in-     international conferences,     gram.                                                       the most important or
                                                                                                    The major conse-                                       week.

4   SEPTEMBER 24, 2004
                LEARNING AND U

                                                               Students explore
                                                               native worldviews
                                                               By Alex Frazer-

                                                               A       teepee in south-
                                                                       ern Alberta is
                                                                       about as far from
                                                               a traditional university
                                                               classroom as you can
                                                               get, but for Lynette
                                                               Bruisedhead, it was a
                                                               perfect place to learn
                                                               more about her heritage.
                                                                  Last spring,
                                                               Bruisedhead was one of
                                                               the first students to
                                                               attend a field study
                                                               course on the Blood
                                                               Reserve as part of the U
                                                               of C’s new International
                                                               Indigenous Studies (IIS)
                                                                  “Many of (my
                                                               fellow) students were
                                                               non-native and had
Electrical engineering instructor Norm Bartley was a           never been to an
researcher for 20 years. /Photo by Colleen Turner              ‘Indian’ reserve,” she

                                                               says. “We had the
                                                               option of camping in a
                                                               teepee, which we put         Sarah Carter, Department of History, Betty Bastien, Faculty of Social Work, and

infuses class
                                                               up and took down. The
                                                                                            Narcisse Blood, co-ordinator of Kainia Studies at Red Crow Community College on
                                                               class was held within
                                                               the teepee and in-           the Blood Reserve, helped create IIS. / Photo by Ken Bendiktsen

with humour
                                                               structed by spiritual
                                                               elders from the commu-       universities, has never      excluded indigenous         edge of our elders and
                                                               nity. Our lessons            had a full Native            knowledge, and that’s       the legends? It’s a
                                                               involved traditional         Studies program,” says       why it seems strange to     lifelong experience of
By Colleen Turner
                                “At the time, I                knowledge of the
                                                               Blackfoot passed down
                                                                                            program director Dr.
                                                                                            Sarah Carter of the
                                                                                                                         some people.”
                                                                                                                            She says the
                                                                                                                                                         “I think the univer-
Norm Bartley knew from         never thought                   from generation to
                                                                                            Department of History.
                                                                                            “But we have a lot of
                                                                                                                         multidisciplinary nature
                                                                                                                         of the program, involv-
                                                                                                                                                     sity has created a
                                                                                                                                                     unique niche with this
childhood he wanted to
be an electrical engineer.     I’d ever teach,                    IIS is a new interdis-
                                                               ciplinary Bachelor of
                                                                                            people on campus who
                                                                                            specialize in indigenous
                                                                                                                         ing areas such as
                                                                                                                         anthropology, archaeol-
                                                                                                                                                     program. It’s a very
                                                                                                                                                     ambitious program and
    He’d watched his
uncle, a successful            but all of the                  Arts major launched
                                                               this year through the
                                                                                            studies in Canada and
                                                                                            internationally. We
                                                                                                                         ogy, sociology, art, and
                                                                                                                         psychology, in a way
                                                                                                                                                     I’m happy to see it.”
                                                                                                                                                         Courses offered
engineer, tinker with
ham radios, and started        sudden, I                       Faculty of Social Sci-
                                                               ences. It focuses on the
                                                                                            wanted to tap this
                                                                                            expertise, but at the
                                                                                                                         represents the indig-
                                                                                                                         enous worldview.
                                                                                                                                                     cover topics such as
                                                                                                                                                     ethics and protocol,
playing with his gear. He
was quickly hooked.            became a                        history, and contempo-
                                                               rary social, economic
                                                                                            same time we didn’t
                                                                                            want to have the same
                                                                                                                            “The Sioux speak
                                                                                                                         about ‘all my relatives’
                                                                                                                                                     language, cultural
                                                                                                                                                     immersion field
    “I just knew I was
going to be an electrical      teacher. Then I                 and political realities of
                                                               Canadian Aboriginal
                                                                                            focus as other universi-
                                                                                                                         when it comes to
                                                                                                                         sharing knowledge,”
                                                                                                                                                     courses, and holistic
engineer – since my first
shock,” says Bartley.          figured out how                 people and indigenous
                                                               peoples around the
                                                                                               “There are more than
                                                                                            7,000 indigenous
                                                                                                                         she says. “The premise
                                                                                                                         is we are all connected
                                                                                                                                                         Students have the
                                                                                                                                                     option of taking sup-
    What Bartley didn’t
know was that a two-           much I like it.”                world.
                                                                  Bruisedhead says she
                                                                                            societies around the
                                                                                            world, and many share
                                                                                                                         and related.”
                                                                                                                            IIS also reflects the
                                                                                                                                                     porting courses such as
                                                                                                                                                     Mayan history, indig-
decade career as a
researcher would               – Norm Bartley                  hopes IIS will help her      the same issues of           concept of lifelong         enous arts, cross-
eventually cross over                                          achieve her goal of          retaining culture,           learning, says Narcisse     cultural cognition and
into a successful career                                       entering law “for the        assimilation, justice, and   Blood, co-ordinator of      social work.
                               one of the university’s         purpose of protecting                                                                     Carter says she
as an instructor.                                                                           dealing with racism as       Kainia Studies at Red
                               excellent teachers. In          Aboriginal and interna-                                                               hopes to expand the
    Six years ago, Bartley                                                                  we have in Canada.”          Crow Community
                               2004 alone, he won four         tional indigenous                                                                     program in the coming
made the switch. His                                                                           Indigenous Ways of        College on the Blood
                               teaching awards: the            rights.”                                                                              years, including offer-
research partner, Len                                                                       Knowing instructor Dr.       Reserve and an IIS
                               Departmental Teaching              The university spent                                                               ing transfer credits to
Bruton, with whom                                                                           Betty Bastien of the         instructor.
                               Excellence Award, the           several years consider-                                                               students from indig-
Bartley had worked for                                                                      Faculty of Social Work          “There is such a
                               Faculty Teaching Excel-         ing and then planning                                                                 enous colleges.
nearly 20 years, began                                                                      says a program like IIS      difference in
                               lence Award, the Engi-          the program, which                                                                        For more informa-
taking on a role in the                                                                     has been a long time in      worldviews and how
                               neering Students’ Society       involves about 22                                                                     tion, call 220-6151 or
university’s senior                                                                         coming.                      we look at the land,” he
                               Teaching Excellence             students this year.                                                                   visit
administration. He                                                                             “I think it’s over-       says. “What can the
                               Award and the Students’             “The U of C, unlike                                                               ~indg. An IIS minor is
suggested Bartley take                                                                      due,” she says. “Western     land teach us? What is
                               Union Teaching Excel-           most other major                                                                      also available.
over some classes –                                                                         academia has typically       the collective knowl-
                               lence Award.
starting with a fourth-            Bartley says there is no
year digital filters course.   magic in what he does.
    “I was desperately             “I start simple. I try to
nervous. My hands were         keep things as basic as
blue and clammy. I was         possible and I try to build
pretty intense.”               a base for the students.
    The blue hands and         Then I just make sure I
intensity have since given     look to see if they’re not
way to an easy comfort in      understanding.”
the classroom, with                Bartley, who received
Bartley’s “sometimes           his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from
goofy” humour inter-           the University of
spersed with complicated       Calgary, says he also
lessons on electric circuits   tries to emulate his
and systems.                   colleague Bruton, who
    Bartley, an instructor     was one of his best
in the Department of           professors.
Electrical and Computer            “He brings such
Engineering, now               depth and clarity to the
teaches about 90 percent       class. There are few
of the time, and has           people I know who can
largely left his life as a     so masterfully make a
researcher behind.             difficult concept seem so
     “At the time, I never     simple.
thought I’d ever teach,            “If I can do that, then
but all of the sudden, I       I know I’m helping the
became a teacher. Then I       students.”
figured out how much I
like it.”                      Learning and U is a regular
    Bartley has quickly        feature profiling excellent
established himself as         teaching.

                                                                                                                                                             SEPTEMBER 24, 2004   5

      and limited
      resources are
      changing the way
      education is delivered

    Welcome to e-learning
    The                  By Derek Sankey               practical benefits offered
                                                       by online learning.
                                                                                    about the quality of the
                                                                                    learning experience and
                                                                                                                  for change, offering
                                                                                                                  support for distance
                                                                                                                                                leading the way in e-
                                                                                                                                                learning initiatives on
                                                                                                                                                                                 “But, I would sa
                                                                                                                                                                              good teaching is go
    old line                                                “It’s certainly an      by limited resources,         education and e-learn-        campus. The nursing           teaching.”

                                od Corbett faced       attraction for continual     says Dr. Randy Garrison,      ing. The centre also          program was one of the           In the Faculty o
                                more than a few
    has been                    barriers when he
                                                       skill upgrading and
                                                       professional develop-
                                                                                    Director of the Learning
                                                                                    Commons at the univer-
                                                                                                                  offers workshops for
                                                                                                                  Blackboard – an online
                                                                                                                                                first to adopt online
                                                                                                                                                learning, but others are
                                                                                                                                                                              Social Work, stude
                                                                                                                                                                              already able to obt
                                decided to further
    that you             his education. He lived
                                                       ment because learners
                                                       don’t have to quit their
                                                                                        About two thirds of
                                                                                                                  tool that allows profes-
                                                                                                                  sors to post class notes
                                                                                                                                                now jumping on board
                                                                                                                                                in the wake of success
                                                                                                                                                                              Master’s of Social
                                                                                                                                                                              with a Leadership
                         in the remote Slave Lake
    wouldn’t             area, was working full
                                                       jobs,” says Corbett. “It
                                                       can also be more eco-
                                                                                    students at the U of C
                                                                                    are currently taking at
                                                                                                                  and discussion papers
                                                                                                                  and also converse with
                                                                                                                                                with the concept, says
                                                                                                                                                                              Specialization thro
                                                                                                                                                                              an online delivery
                         time, and was the sole
    teach                income provider in his
                                                       nomical because the
                                                       student doesn’t have to
                                                                                    least part of their courses
                                                                                    online, although that
                                                                                                                  students. The Learning
                                                                                                                  Commons also acts as a
                                                                                                                                                    Lisa Panayotidis, a
                                                                                                                                                professor in the Faculty of
                                                                                                                                                                              program with a on
                                                                                                                                                                              week face-to-face m
                         family, which included
    online the           two young daughters
                                                       leave their community in
                                                       northern Alberta to come
                                                                                    number continues to
                                                                                    change as professors re-
                                                                                                                  consultation service for
                                                                                                                  faculties that want to
                                                                                                                                                Education, teaches an
                                                                                                                                                online course on the
                                                                                                                                                                              ing each summer d
                                                                                                                                                                              the two-year progr
                         and his wife.
    way you                  “The closest univer-
                                                       down to our campus.”
                                                           From students in
                                                                                    evaluate and redesign
                                                                                    course content to be
                                                                                                                  explore how to redesign
                                                                                                                  courses that blend
                                                                                                                                                history and philosophy of
                                                                                                                                                adult education and says
                                                                                                                                                                              The faculty is in th
                                                                                                                                                                              process of develop
                         sity was three hours
    would in a           away,” says Corbett,
                                                       Slave Lake to students
                                                       right here in Calgary,
                                                                                    compatible online.
                                                                                         “We realize we have
                                                                                                                  traditional and e-
                                                                                                                  learning components.
                                                                                                                                                it takes time to ensure the
                                                                                                                                                content is visually
                                                                                                                                                                              blended learning a
                                                                                                                                                                              proach for deliveri
                         who ended up discover-
    classroom.           ing an online Master’s of
                                                       technology is changing
                                                       the way education is
                                                                                    to do something and the
                                                                                    only solution in the
                                                                                                                      “What will drive it
                                                                                                                  and sustain it is whether
                                                                                                                                                stimulating and engaging.
                                                                                                                                                “But I just think there is
                                                                                                                                                                              Access “Learning
                                                                                                                                                                              Circles” route to th
                         Distance Education
    But, I say           program offered through
                                                       delivered. The U of C is
                                                       at the forefront of these
                                                                                    context of limited
                                                                                    resources is to funda-
                                                                                                                  this technology can
                                                                                                                  improve the quality of
                                                                                                                                                so much potential.”
                                                                                                                                                    She says she has
                                                                                                                                                                              degree. The primar
                                                                                                                                                                              online delivery of t
                         Athabasca University.
    that good                Just a few years later,
                                                       changes as it continues
                                                       to integrate more and
                                                                                    mentally rethink and
                                                                                    redesign courses by
                                                                                                                  the learning experience.
                                                                                                                  All of the research we’ve
                                                                                                                                                noticed some resistance
                                                                                                                                                across campus from
                                                                                                                                                                              Learning Circles cu
                                                                                                                                                                              lum will increase a
                         Corbett now has a
    teaching             Master’s under his belt
                                                       more online courses and
                                                       blended learning pro-
                                                                                    using technology and
                                                                                    doing things differently,”
                                                                                                                  looked at indicates that it
                                                                                                                  has tremendous poten-
                                                                                                                                                professors who think in-
                                                                                                                                                classroom instruction is
                                                                                                                                                                              to the BSW degree
                                                                                                                                                                              those students livin
                         and is now the leading e-
    is good              learning specialist with
                                                       grams into various
                                                       faculty curriculum, say
                                                                                    says Garrison, who is
                                                                                    also an e-learning
                                                                                                                  tial to enhance the
                                                                                                                  learning experience,”
                                                                                                                                                superior to e-learning.
                                                                                                                                                    “The old line has
                                                                                                                                                                              rural and remote ar
                                                                                                                                                                              Alberta. It is set to
                         Continuing Education at
    teaching.            the University of Calgary.
                                                       e-learning experts.
                                                           The trend toward
                                                                                    specialist and professor
                                                                                    in the Faculty of Educa-
                                                                                                                  says Garrison.
                                                                                                                      The faculties of
                                                                                                                                                always been that you
                                                                                                                                                wouldn’t teach online
                                                                                                                                                                              up to 25 students in
                                                                                                                                                                              “virtual learning ci
                             Corbett, like thou-       online learning is being     tion.                         Nursing, Education,           the way you would teach       route to the BSW fa
    – Lisa Panayotidis   sands of other students,      driven, in part, by              The Learning Com-         Social Work, and Con-         in a classroom,” says         2005. “E-learning i
                         has been caught up in the     changing expectations        mons acts as a catalyst       tinuing Education are         Panayotidis.                  expanding in educ

6   SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

                                                                         The new face of distance education
                                                                         By Derek Sankey             for learning to be more    problems was over-            programs include a
                                                                                                     accessible. In 1996, the   coming policy hurdles.        Master’s of Education
                                                                         Distance education has      U of C engaged in a        The residency require-        and two education
                                                                         come a long way from        full-scale planning        ment for higher levels        doctorate programs –
                                                                         the days of correspond-     exercise to address        of education beyond           one in Educational
                                                                         ing via snail mail.         these increasing           undergraduate de-             Leadership and one in
                                                                         Computer desktop            demands.                   grees, for example, had       Higher Education
                                                                         video conferencing, e-          As technology          to be addressed.              Administration.
                                                                         mail, the Internet, and     developed and the              “Policies were               “It means that now
                                                                         other technologies          Internet went main-        changed (and) all of          the faculty has to do a
                                                                         have drastically            stream, more options       these things started to       lot of professional
                                                                         changed how students        became available. The                        ”
                                                                                                                                come together, says           development in order
                                                                         learn in a matter of        U of C was one of the      White. “There has to be       to get their professors
                                                                         roughly 10 years.           first universities to      a balance between             experienced with the
                                                                            Dr. Terry White,         adopt early initiatives,   technology, policy, and       virtual classroom
                                                                         President Emeritus and      says White.                desire.”                                   ”
                                                                                                                                                              technology, says
                                                                         now a professor in the          “The university            While a few univer-       White.
                                                                         Faculty of Education,       started to move in a       sities still offer distance      Paramount to
                                                                         says e-learning is          more widespread and        education courses via         developing an online
                                                                         redefining distance                          ”
                                                                                                     deliberate way, he         correspondence, the           course presence is
                                                                         education and learning      says. The Faculty of       trend is toward e-            maintaining rigorous
                                                                         in general.                 Nursing, for instance,     learning now that the         standards.
                                                                            Universities slowly      began to adopt compu-      technology has evolved           “The University of
                                                                         began offering more         ter-assisted learning      to that point, he says.       Calgary has proven
                                                                         off-hour courses and        where students could           “The Faculty of           itself to be entrepre-
                                                                         correspondence              take home CD-Roms          Education has been            neurial, but at the same
                                                                         programs during the         and complete some of       doing some really             time aspires to high
                                                                         1980s out of a growing      the work at home.          groundbreaking work,     ”    standards in educa-
                                                                         demand from students            One of the biggest     says White. Online                 ”
                                                                                                                                                              tion, says White.

 ld say that   in general and one of the    to the unique needs of       which continued this
 is good       reasons is it is very        the program require-         past August, where
               difficult for students to    ments, and he predicts a     learners from countries
 ty of         fit into the traditional     gradual development          including Mexico,                                                                    Top left: Rod Corbett
 tudents are   time slots that are          process as more pilot        Australia, Germany,                                                                  earned his Master’s of
   obtain a    offered on campus,” says     projects are launched.       England, Russia, Ni-                                                                 Distance Education and
cial Work      Dr. Pam Miller, Director        “But it will ramp up      geria, and Italy came                                                                is now the leading
  hip          of E-Learning and            very quickly once we         together in an Internet                                                              e-learning specialist with
  through      Distance Education in        develop some of these        forum to explore 85
 ery of the    the faculty. Many            models across a number       presentations on best                                                                Continuing Education.
a one-         students juggle full-time    of disciplines,” says        practices in e-learning.
ace meet-      jobs, while others live in   Garrison. E-learning         Participants were able to                                                            Top right: Online learning
mer during     rural and remote loca-       repositories, for example,   log on and take part in                                                              enables students to work
  rogram.      tions and otherwise          are becoming popular.        the week-long confer-                                                                in the comfort of their
  n the        unable to access educa-      They act as online           ence – all organized from
eloping a      tional programs.             warehouses of informa-       Calgary.                                                                             own homes.
ng ap-             E-learning is also       tion and curriculum             His focus is now to
 vering its    increasingly encompass-      generated from previous      expand the online                                                                    Left: Dr. Randy Garrison
ing            ing other faculties.         courses that professors      programs and he says                                                                 says changing
 o the BSW         At the Learning          can incorporate into the     there is tremendous                                                                  expectations about the
 imarily       Commons, Garrison says       course redesign process.     potential to incorporate
   of the      he will continue to work     “Most other faculties are    technology to the benefit                                                            quality of learning
es curricu-    with faculties to develop    now considering              of students and staff.                                                               experiences is a driving
  se access    blended learning, where      blended learning.”           “We’re walking the                                                                   force behind blended
gree for       some parts of the course        Corbett says he           talk,” says Corbett. “E-                                                             learning.
  living in    are completed online, to     wouldn’t hesitate to take    learning solves that
 te areas in   allow professors to          further courses online       problem of reaching out
 et to enrol   reduce the number of in-     and adds that e-learning     to learners where they
nts in its     person lectures and          also offers opportunities    are and gives them the
ng circles”    increase the number of       to connect with people       learning opportunities                                                               Photos by Ken Bendiktsen
 W fall of     interactive discussion       from around the world.       they need, while dealing                                                             and Colleen Turner
 ng is         forums. It’s important to       He initiated an online    with the problem of
education      tailor each online course    conference last year,        limited class space.”

                                                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 24, 2004   7

    Water water everywhere                                                                                                                                with Simon Fraser
                                                                                                                                                          University investigators

    but is it                                                                                                                                             as part of one of the
                                                                                                                                                          Networks of Centres of

                                                                                                                                                          Excellence, the Cana-
                                                                                                                                                          dian Water Network,
                                                                                                                                                          that includes a group of
                                                                                                                                                          distinguished water-
                                                                                                                                                          research experts. The

                                                                                                                                                          first stage of the re-
                                                                                                                                                          search is to learn about
                                                                                                                                                          people’s perceptions of
                                                                                                                                                          water quality.
                                                                                                                                                              For example, says
    By Alexandra Venter
                                 Survey says:                                                                                                             Langford, “There’s a
                                                                                                                                                          growing sense that
            o you trust your     Calgarians trust
    D       tap water? Do
            you filter it
            before you take a
                                 their tap water
                                                                                                                                                          chlorination needs to be
                                                                                                                                                          replaced — that there are
                                                                                                                                                          hazards associated with
                                                                                                                                                          chlorine treatment.”
    sip? Or do you buy
    bottled water?
                                 – but filter it                                                                                                              Langford, who is an
                                                                                                                                                          environmental chemist,
        These are some of the
    questions that Calgary
                                 anyway                                                                                                                   notes that chlorine
                                                                                                                                                          treatment of natural
    researchers are asking                                                                                                                                waters produces some
    western Canadians in         nity that isn’t comfort-                                                                                                 amount of known
    order to find out how        able with the concept is                                                                                                 carcinogens and many
    best to implement water-     asking for trouble.                                                                                                      uncharacterized chemi-
    treatment technologies in        “If the technology is                                                                                                cal compounds.
    different communities.       going to be adopted and                                                                                                      This fall Langford and
    Cooper Langford,             work, it has to meet a                                                                                                   his colleagues will ask
    Coordinator of the           great many criteria —                                                                                                    people from small
    Science, Technology and      and a great many that                                                                                                    southern Alberta com-
    Society Program at the U     aren’t technical,” he                                                                                                    munities about their
    of C, says that ignoring     says. How local consum-                                                                                                  drinking water concerns.
    consumers’ perceptions       ers or environmental                                                                                                         The next step will be
    about drinking water is      organizations perceive a                                                                                                 to present information
    risky.                       particular technology is                                                                                                 on and gauge response
        On any given day in      critical to its success.                                                                                                 to different, customized
    B.C. and Alberta, there          Officials faced this                                                                                                 water-treatment options,
    are hundreds of boil-        challenge when a B.C.                                                                                                    such as the use of filters,
    water advisories, some       community refused to                                                                                                     ozone or ultraviolet
    short-lived, others          adopt provincial chlo-                                                                                                   radiation in surveys of
    lasting weeks. Although      rination standards.                                                                                                      public and private sector
    Calgary and Edmonton,        Community members                                                                                                        stakeholders at the local,
    for example, are served      considered their local                                                                                                   provincial, and national
    by large, sophisticated      mountain-water supply                                                                                                    level. Survey participants
    water-treatment facili-      pure — until they were                                                                                                   will be asked to consider
    ties, smaller communities    hit by an outbreak of                                                                                                    effectiveness, cost, and
    rely on an array of          beaver fever, a poten-                                                                                                   technical capabilities of
    services making up over      tially severe illness that                                                                                               the systems.
    80 per cent of Alberta’s     causes diarrhea and                                                                                                          Whether people will
    water treatment systems.     vomiting. After the                                                                                                      accept an innovation
    In the short term, says      outbreak, the commu-                                                                                                     that affects them in an
    Langford, the most           nity installed an ultra-                                                                                                 intimate way — such as
    urgent water quality         filtration system to                                                                                                     a water-treatment facility
    problems lie in smaller      purify their water.            A few years ago, Cooper Langford had students in his Innovation 321 class conduct a       — depends on how they
    communities.                     In order to identify       survey asking if people bought bottled water or filtered their tap water. The results     understand and feel
        However, Langford        barriers to water-             suggested Calgarians say they trust their tap water — but filter it anyway. Langford is   about the technology,
    cautions that attempting     treatment, Langford                                                                                                      says Langford, “Technol-
    to put water-treatment       and colleagues from the        collaborating with researchers in Alberta and B.C. to find out what westerners really
                                                                                                                                                          ogy cannot escape its
    systems into a commu-        U of C are collaborating       think about local water supplies. /Photo by Ken Bendiktsen                                social context.”

    Discovery rewrites Nicaraguan history                                                                                                                 one of the U of under-
                                                                                                                                                          graduates who took part
                                                                                                                                                          in the 2004 summer field
    By Greg Harris                                                                                                                                           “It’s not very often
                                                                                                                                                          that undergraduate
                                                                                                                                                          students get the oppor-

            University of
            Calgary archaeo-                                                                                                                              tunity to join an interna-
            logical project                                                                                                                               tional project like this
    has unearthed compel-                                                                                                                                 one,” Janse says.
    ling evidence that                                                                                                                                       “There is no substi-
    challenges assumptions       Geoff McCafferty               Bone pendant                                                  Burial urn                  tute for the actual
                                                                                                                                                          experience of living and
                                 “This is an idea that will be met with understandable surprise
    about the origins of the
    first Nicaraguans –                                                                                                                                   working there – I
                                                                                                                                                          wouldn’t have traded it
                                 and resistance among Nicaraguans,” says Geoff McCafferty.
    findings that are sure to
    spark controversy within                                                                                                                              for anything.”
    the Central American                                                                                                                                     The research team
    country.                     is leading the interna-            The researchers            anything to suggest that       team tested five residen-   included representatives
        The Nicarao people,      tional project.                collected approximately        the Nicarao shared the         tial mounds in the site     from the National
    according to the histories       “This is an idea that      400,000 artifacts, includ-     same dietary habits or         centre. Mound 3 was         University of Nicaragua
    written by the Spanish       will be met with under-        ing animal bones,              burial customs as the          identified as the most      and Nicaragua’s Na-
    conquistadors, migrated      standable surprise and         ceramic fragments, stone       Aztecs, or with any            elaborate, with plaster     tional Museum. Santa
    from Mexico in the 13th      resistance among               tools, and a wide range        other people who spoke         floors and exotic arti-     Isabel is located be-
    century to the area now      Nicaraguans. For               of specialized tools for       the Nahua language of          facts, including a gold/    tween Lake Nicaragua
    known as Nicaragua,          Canadians, it would be         farming, fishing, hunt-        the central Mexican            copper alloy figurine,      and the Pacific Coast.
    and were closely related     like waking up one day         ing, and craft produc-         region.”                       jade jewelry, as well as    Much of the site of
    to the Aztecs. But           and being told the             tion. They also found a           For example, tortillas      shell and carved bone       Quauhcapolca today is
    evidence gathered from       English never colonized        small cemetery of burial       have been a staple of the      pendants.                   under a banana planta-
    what is believed to be       Canada.”                       urns, which is providing       Nahua diet since the               “Archaeology opens a    tion.
    the ancient capital of the       McCafferty, together       some of the first scien-       post-classic period            window onto the past,          One more field
    Nicarao now suggests         with seven U of C              tific evidence for mortu-      beginning in about 800         shedding new light and      season remains, sched-
    there were very few          graduate students, six         ary practices in pre-          AD.                            fresh air onto dusty        uled for summer 2005.
    similarities between         undergraduates, and            Columbian Nicaragua. If           “Archaeologically, the      histories,” McCafferty      In the meantime,
    them and their supposed      scholars from Canada,          their identification of the    signature for a tortilla is    says.                       researchers will be
    forebears from central       Nicaragua, Mexico, the         site is correct, they may      a broad griddle called a           “Our findings may       analysing a small
    Mexico.                      United States and              have also excavated a          comal. We’ve looked at         turn out to be very         sample of artifacts that
         “Based on what          Colombia, spent two            portion of the palace of       close to 100,000 ceramics      important in terms of       the Nicaraguan govern-
    we’ve found, the             months this summer             Chief Nicaragua.               now from Quauhcapolca          defining who the            ment permitted them to
    Nicarao were perhaps         excavating the site of              “This was our third       and haven’t found a            Nicaraguan people are       bring back to Canada.
    instead a more indig-        Santa Isabel, thought to       field season there and         single comal,” says            today and, more                The project is funded
    enous culture that had       be the Nicarao capital of      although our conclu-           McCafferty.                    specifically, who they      through grants from the
    only minor contact with      Quauhcapolca and the           sions are preliminary, the        “By contrast, close to      were at the time the        University of Calgary
    their northern               home of Chief Nicaragua.       evidence is really             25 per cent of all ceram-      Spanish arrived.”           and the Social Sciences
    neighbors,” says Dr.         It is one of the first major   beginning to pile up,”         ics found in central               Michelle Janse, a       and Humanities Re-
    Geoff McCafferty, the U      archaeological excava-         McCafferty says.               Mexico are comals.”            fourth-year U of C          search Council of
    of C archaeologist who       tions in the country.              “We have not found            McCafferty and his          archaeology major, was      Canada.

8   SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

Q &A
Students’ Union
“From our overall operating
budget, 83 percent comes from our
businesses and only 13 percent
from student fees – which is the
lowest in the country.”
– Bryan West

By Natalie St-Denis           students a great experi-
                              ence and help change
                              things for the better. I
OnCampus: Who                 want to help create a
   Bryan West?
is Bryan West?                strong organization for
                              students. The Students’
    West: I was born and      Union is huge, we have
raised in Banff and in my     tons of resources, we can
early teens my parents        do so much for the
moved to Canmore to           students and we want to
build their dream home.       do more.
After I finished high
school in Canmore, I took     Tell me about the
a year off and went           Students’ Union
backpacking through
Europe. I then came to            The U of C Students’
the U of C majoring in        Union is an $11-million
political science. In first   operation, we have 55
year I lived in residence     full-time staff and over      University of Calgary Students’ Union President Bryan West plans to one day run for office./ Photo by Ken Bendiktsen
and in my second year I       300 part-time staff. The
became the Community          size of the building that
Assistant in residence;       we manage is about the        What advice                    three-year strategic plan       than using it to build         time, we need to be
the following year, I won     size of two downtown                 you
                                                            would you give                 for the organization. This      new buildings. A recent        looking out for choice.
the position of Vice-         office towers, and we         to incoming                    is a project that the           report by the Canadian         Smoking is not a crime,
President of Apartments       manage a multitude of         students?                      Student Legislative             Centre for Policy Alter-       it’s still legal.
of the Resident Student       businesses ranging from                                      Council has worked on           natives, on higher
Association, followed by      the Den to the Bound &            Get involved. There is     over the summer. Within         learning in Canada,                      you
                                                                                                                                                          Where do you
the presidency in the         Copy shop, as well as all     so much to learn at            this strategy, we want to       ranked Alberta as                  yourself
                                                                                                                                                          see yourself
same association. That        of the concerts that come     university and a great         show professionalism in         seventh in the nation                    road?
                                                                                                                                                          down the road?
year, I also got involved     to the U of C. We are         deal of it comes from          all that we do. We want         based on equity, quality,
in the Students’ Union        now considered the            outside the classroom.         to outline a plan for           public accountability              I am definitely going
and was External Com-         premier concert pro-          It’s by being engaged in       sustainable growth of           and accessibility. For the     to law school although I
missioner and last            moter in Western              campus activities that         the organization and            wealthiest province in         don’t know yet if I’m
February I ran for the        Canada. The Students’         you are going to learn so      increase our student            Canada it’s absolutely         going to be a practicing
Presidency and here I am.     Union is part business,       many of your leadership        outreach initiatives. We        obscene that we are            lawyer. I just like the law
                              part lobby group and          and social skills. Those       also want to rely more          ranked seventh, we             – it’s neat to see how it
What do you like              part student governance;      skills aren’t taught in the    on our business ventures        should be the best.            affects society, how it’s
about student                 it’s really multifaceted.     classroom, they are            rather than student                                            developed, interpreted
politics?                     The Students’ Union and       learned by interacting         subsidized funds. From          What are other                 and applied. I think it’s
                              the university have had       with club members and          our overall operating           important issues               the kind of field in which
    I like being involved.    a good relationship over      volunteering; there are        budget, 83 percent comes             you
                                                                                                                           that you are                   you can do a lot of good.
I like making a differ-       the years and the             so many opportunities          from our businesses and         planning to                    It’s not about the money
ence. I want to be part of    university has definitely     on campus and 150 clubs        only 13 percent from            address?                       but about doing a
the whole experience          played an important role      to choose from. Also           student fees – which is                                        meaningful job.
and want to give the          in facilitating its growth.   important is to make           the lowest in the country.          I have a big binder
                                                            new friends on campus.                                         full of issues; there are      What about
                                                            The U of C has a vibrant       What are the                    always issues coming up        going into
                                                            community, it’s worth                       you
                                                                                           main issues you                 from environmental             politics?
                                                            your time, professionally      are going                       initiatives to equality
                                                            and personally, to get         to tackle this                  issues. Right now,                 I have no doubt that I
                                                            involved.                      year?                           council is dealing with        will probably run for
                                                                                                                           smoking issues on              office in some capacity
                                                            What is your                      The number one               campus, it’s becoming a        somewhere. Given my
                                                            vision for the                 issue, always, is tuition.      hot topic. The Students’       Liberal politics I don’t
                                                            Students’ Union                The fact that the Alberta       Union is the last bastion      know how well I’ll do in
                                                            and what are                   government is looking at        of the smoker on cam-          Alberta. But I love this
                                                            your main                      a $6-billion surplus this       pus, we’re the only ones       province and I don’t
                                                            priorities?                    year, after paying off the      who still sell cigarettes      anticipate that I will be
                                                                                           debt, means that they           and the Den is the only        leaving. Politicians are,
                                                               The Students’ Union         can use some of that            place (indoors) where          for the most part, trying
                                                            has been very successful       money to fund post-             you can smoke. We              to make good things
                                                            in the past but very           secondary education.            would like to remove           happen, they are often
                                                            reactionary rather than        And then we want the            smoking from all indoor        making personal sacri-
                                                            forward thinking. So my        university to put this          locations – secondhand         fices for the public. I
                                                            main task when stepping        money towards main-             smoke is a killer and we       respect politicians even
                                                            into office was to draft a     taining tuition fees            don’t want to expose our       if I don’t always agree
                                                                                           where they are, rather          staff, our patrons or          with their politics.
                                                                                                                           anyone. At the same

                                                                                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 24, 2004    9

                                Leaders debate
                                                                                                                           grams and ethical cul-       adversarial nature that
                                                                                                                           ture and there’s been a      regulatory bodies cause
    THE PRESS                                                                                                              move toward greater          with corporations, who

                                business ethics
                                                                                                                           corporate transparency.      then try and do what-
                                                                                                                                                        ever they can to get
                                                                                                                             Matt Bootle, Director,     around those regula-
                                                                                                                           Accounting Standards,        tions.
                                                                                                                           TSX Venture Exchange                  • • •
                                       nron, Nortel and other accounting scandals have

                                E      catapulted questions about ethics to the top of cor-
                                       porate priority lists. At a recent think tank, the
                                Centre for Public Interest Accounting at the Haskayne
                                School of Business brought together business and aca-
                                                                                              something that you and
                                                                                              I do and I think that’s
                                                                                                                              I think that the big-
                                                                                                                           gest thing is the recogni-
                                                                                                                           tion that it matters, it
                                                                                                                           counts, and it has to be
                                                                                                                                                            The Haskayne
                                                                                                                                                        School of Business,
                                                                                                                                                        together with the ICD
                                                                                                                                                        Corporate Governance
                                                                                                Richard Haskayne,          given attention to.          College and the Univer-
                                demic leaders to debate the practice and theory of ethics     Haskayne and Partners
                                in business, the accounting profession and the classroom.                                                               sity of Toronto’s Joseph
                                                                                                                              Stephen Maguire, Di-      L. Rotman School of
                                   Featured      speakers      leaders to implement              I’m encouraging peo-      rector of Organizational     Management, have
                                were asked “what has           better ethical practices       ple to sit down and think    Values    and    Ethics,     partnered to provide
    Treasures: The              changed in the theory and      and standards. I do            about these things. I hon-   Carleton University          training and develop-
    Stories Women               practice of ethics in the      think, however, we need        estly believe that in the                                 ment for directors of
    Tell About the              business community, post       to embed more of this          long run good ethics are        I would say that what     corporate boards.
    Things They Keep            Enron?”                        learning inside our edu-       good for business. In the    has changed is a more            The new Director’s
                                                               cation programs both in        short run, that might not    values-based approach,       Education program,
       Edited by Kathleen         Sterling Eddy, Presi-        secondary schools and          be true, but in the long     especially in the United     which starts in Novem-
    Cairns and Elaine           dent and CEO, CMA              post-secondary schools         run, I guarantee it.         States. That’s always        ber, has been designed
    Silverman                   Alberta                        and see that this is a                                      been the practice in         to help corporate
                                                               topic that’s given short         Grant Kowpak,              Canada, but in the           boards exceed govern-
    These stories bring to         I think there’s been        thrift. We need more, we       TransCanada                  United States I think        ance standards and
    light memories and          some significant change,       need more people un-                                        they’re becoming more        create globally competi-
    meaning that women          understanding and ap-          derstanding the impor-            Business ethics have      circumspect about the        tive, higher performing
    have constructed            preciation of ethics.          tance of it; to under-         changed: regulators have     importance of regula-        companies in Canada.
    around objects they         We’ve increased learn-         stand the topic and un-        enacted legislation to ad-   tions and how much ef-           For more informa-
    have treasured over         ing, awareness and I           derstand what they can         dress corporate govern-      fect regulations can         tion visit:
    time and often passed       think there’s been an at-      do individually. It’s not      ance and ethical behav-      have. I think what 
    along, connecting           tempt from both govern-        something that some-           iour, companies have en-     they’re beginning to be      programs/execed/
    generations of women        ance leaders and other         body else does, it’s           hanced their ethics pro-     circumspect about is the     directorsed
    and creating a collec-
    tive women’s history.
    Culled from interviews
    with more than 100
    women, the stories are
    rich, compelling and
       Dr. Kathleen V. Cairns
    is professor and clinical
    psychologist in Applied
    Psychology, Faculty of
    Education. Dr. Elaine
    Silverman, now retired,
    spent nearly 20 years at
    the U of C and coordi-
    nated the women’s
    studies program and
    advised the president
    on women’s issues.

    Blackfoot Ways
    Blackfoot Ways
    of Knowing: The
    Worldview of the

       By Betty Bastien,
    edited by Jurgen W.
    Kremer with language
    consultation by Duane
    Mistaken Chief

    This book articulates
    through a moving
    personal narrative the
    philosophical and
    epistemological foun-
    dations of Blackfoot
    ways of knowing. The
    narrative connects
    ancient pieces of
    knowledge and how
    knowledge is gathered
    and shared by the
    indigenous peoples.
       Dr. Betty Bastien is
    with the Access Divi-
    sion at U of C’s Faculty
    of Social Work; Dr.
    Jurgen W. Kremer is
    executive director of
    ReVision – Journal of
    Consciousness and
    Transformation; Duane
    Mistaken Chief is
    senior instructor and
    lecturer in Blackfoot
    culture and language at
    Red Crow Community

10 SEPTEMBER 24, 2004
                                                                                                             WHO ARE U?

U of C athletes                                                       other U of C-based ath-
                                                                      letes will take a run at the

seek gold at
                                                                      gold in Athens, and not
                                                                      for the first time.
                                                                          U of C Swim Club

                                                                      member Danielle Campo
                                                                      is a triple gold-medalist
                                                                      from the 2000 Sydney
                                                                      Paralympics but the road
By Kris Kotarski                                                      to success will be much
                                                                      tougher in 2004. Acknowl-
                                                                      edging faster times and

         ne of the most in-
         spiring    stories                                           improved competition,
         around the U of C                                            the 19-year old moved to
campus took a tragic turn                                             Calgary this January, to
last week, when Canadian                                              train at the National Swim
sprinter Earle Connor was                                             Centre      under     Scott
forced to withdraw from                                               Shelestynsky.       Campo,
the Canadian Paralympic                                               who has muscular dystro-
Team competing in Ath-                                                phy, will compete in the
ens Sept. 17-28.                                                      50, 100, and 400m Free-
    Connor, who trains at                                             style events.
the U of C under Dinos                                                    Members of the de-
                                                                      fending Paralympic gold-               Derrick Finlay says, tongue in cheek, that the toughest part of his job is finding a room
Track and Field Head
Coach Les Gramantik,                                                  medalist women’s wheel-                in the Health Sciences Centre. /Photo by Ken Bendiktsen
tested positive for trace           Earle Connor tested               chair basketball team also
                                    positive for trace
                                                                                                             Derrick Finlay
amounts of testosterone                                               train at U of C. Lori Radke
and nandrolone, and was             amounts of banned                 and Kendra O’Hama have
provisionally suspended                                               five Paralympic gold
                                    drugs. / Photo by Kris Kotarski
by       the     Canadian                                             medals between them,
                                                                      and they are integral parts
                                                                                                             Mr. Fix-it, Campus Infrastructure
Paralympic Committee.
    Connor has stated that          with this July.                   of the powerhouse Cana-
the testosterone result                His case will be re-           dian team that is expected             How long have you              having a heavy work-            because they are being
came from a medicinal               viewed by the Canadian            to put up a strong fight to            worked at U of C?              load … I’d rather be            open and closed so
patch he wore after an              Centre for Ethics in Sport        keep its Paralympic title.                                            busy. I work with a             many times.
operation to have a testi-          after the Paralympic              Pool play takes place be-              Just two years. I              really good crew. I
cle removed because of              Games. If Connor is found         tween Sept. 18-22, with                worked for SAIT for 20         enjoy the busy-ness of
cancer, and that the                guilty, he faces a two-year       the elimination rounds on              years before coming            the university and              What is the
nandrolone result may               ban.                              Sept. 23-27. For up-to-                here. I immigrated to          getting out to enjoy the        strangest thing
have come from a nutri-                While Connor may               date results from all U of             Canada from Northern           beauty of the campus. I         that’s happened?
tional supplement he took           have been one of Cana-            C Paralympians, please                 Ireland in 1966 and            also cover the Health
for a gastro-intestinal in-         da’s most high-profile            visit us on-line at                    finished my apprentice-        Sciences Centre and             I’d have to say when I
fection he was diagnosed            Paralympians,       several                  ship to become a               the Heritage Medical            had to strip down to
                                                                                                             finishing carpenter.           Research Building and           my underwear to make
                                                                                                                                            Kananaskis, but I’ve            a repair. I had a job at
                                                                                                             What do you do?                never been lucky                the Animal Clinic,
                                                                                                                                            enough to be called out         which is a very sterile
University of Calgary welcomes                                                                               I’m on the Trouble             there yet. I love a             environment, and I had
                                                                                                             Truck. That’s the cart of      challenge and I never           to strip down to my
new online travel booking tool                                                                               tools and a ladder that I      know from one day to            shorts and put on
                                                                                                             push around the                the next what I’ll be           surgical gear. They
Materials Management,               Vice-President (Finance           ordinator.          To do so,          campus. When I come            doing.                          gave me little slippers
in    partnership      with         and Services).                    choose “Personal Tools”,               into work there are                                            to wear. They had their
ATCO Travel, recently                   U of C’s TravelPORT           and select “Travel Coordi-             calls waiting for me to        What’s the hardest              own sterile set of tools
launched TravelPORT -               is accessed through the           nator”.                                make repairs. Some             part of the job?                inside the clinic that I
the U of C’s new online             myUofC               Portal            The Materials Man-                days there are as many                                         had to use.
travel booking tool.                ( Once            agement department is                  as 18, but most days           Finding a room in the
    TravelPORT provides             logged on, simply click on        o ff e r i n g f r e e , w e e k l y   nine or 10. People all         Health Sciences Centre.         What do you do in
users with tools designed           “Campus Services” (un-            Tr a v e l P O RT t r a i n i n g      over campus call with                                          your spare time?
to streamline the planning          der “UofC Life”), then            We d n e s d a y m o r n i n g s       door problems, broken          What keeps you
and booking of corporate            choose      “TravelPORT”          f r o m 11 a . m . t o n o o n         glass, and asking me           the busiest?                    I like gardening. I love
travel from one easy-to-            (under “Travel Tools”).           All training sessions are              to repair tables or                                            to build stone walls. A
use location, and at a re-              First-time TravelPORT         held in Room PP154,                    bulletin boards or what        Door repairs. There are         bit of oil painting. Right
duced transaction fee.              users must create a pro-          Physical Plant Building.               have you.                      22,000 doors on                 now I’m reading a
    TravelPORT offers us-           file: proceed to “My                   To r e g i s t e r, o r f o r                                    campus and they all             compilation of all the
ers the ability to book             Tools” and choose “Profile        general               inquiries,       What do you enjoy              take a real beating. In         Sherlock Holmes plays.
flights, hotels, car rentals,       Manager.”                         please         contact         the     about your job?                the winter the thresh-
and is the preferred book-              If you have a travel ar-      Travel Administrator at                                               olds take a pounding            Favourite movie?
ing tool for all University         ranger who books corpo-           2 2 0 - 5 6 11                   or    I like a certain amount        and the automatic
Corporate Travel. The sys-          rate travel on your behalf,                    of pressure. I enjoy           closers freeze up                  Waking Ned Devine.
tem is mandated for all             you must authorize that
areas reporting to the              individual as a travel co-

Art Rental Services – Triangle Gallery: Rent and/or
purchase art work by artists from Calgary and region. Realist to
abstract. Wide selection of sizes and media.
Phone 874-9685 or 630-1913.

Landscaping and Clean-up: Power rake, aerate, general
clean-up. Landscaping, interlocking stone, patios, walkways, rock
walls, irrigation installation & repair, decks (new or repairs).
Contact Wayne Schuks, 998-4569 or

Sabbatical rental: Jan.-June, 2005. Furnished, 4 bed/4 bath
home on park, $1600/mo. Close to U of C and all amenities. No
smoking, no pets. Dates flexible. Candace (220-4976,

Furnished apartment: One bdrm with large living, kitchen
and separate dining area; walking distance to the University.
Available Oct. 1/04 to April 30/05 (May-Aug. 2005 negotiable). Rent
$900/mth; all utilities included except cable, telephone and
parking. DD required. Contact Dr. Kher 284-3786.

For Rent: Near University, Shared accommodation in Christian
4 bdrm, 2400 sq. ft duplex. 2 bdrm avail. Shared kitchen, large
common area up and down. Recently refinished. $285 + 1/4 Ut. +
D.D. Contact Shaun Davis 202-7476.

Nitestyles (Established 1992): Men's Haircuts: $22.
Women's Haircuts: $25. Show student ID. and receive $5 off
haircut. Sherina (Licenced 1984): 313-9592 and 815-2103. #105
301 14th Street NW.

To place your classified ad please call OnCampus at 220-3502 or
email Each word costs 15 cents.

                                                                                                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 24, 2004   11
                    WHAT’S ON

                                                                                            Sept. 25. Eckhardt-           7 pm LECTURE: The           2 pm LECTURE:
                                                                                            Gramatté Hall, Rozsa          Transition from             Traditional Lifestyles/
                                                                                            Centre.                       Status Quo to               Contemporary
                                                                                                                          Sustainable City: The       Society. The Native
                                                                                            Sunday, Sept. 26              CitiesPLUS Project.         Centre and facilitator,
                                                                                                                          Mike Harcourt, Vice-        Casey Eagle Speaker.
                                                                                            3 pm PICNIC:                  Chair for the CitiesPLUS    All are welcome. The
                                                                                            Welcoming Family              Project. Social Sciences,   Red Lodge, MacEwan
                                                                                            Picnic & General              Institute for Advanced      Student Centre 390Z.
                                                                                            Meeting. U of C               Policy Research & the
                                                                                            Faculty Sitting Swap.         Canada West                 2 pm PRESENTATION:
                                                                                            Babysitting Plus!             Foundation. Info: Hala      The Political
                                                                                            Contact Polly, 282-2014.      at 220-5288. Epcor          Communication of
    Friday, Sept. 24               Hamburg. Greek and           $4; students $2, at door.                                 Centre, Singer Lobby,       War Memory. Dr.
                                   Roman Studies. Social        Murray Fraser Hall 160.     Monday, Sept. 27              205 8th Ave. SE.            Michael Keren, U of C.
    12 noon SEMINAR: The           Sciences 1339.                                                                                                     Dept. of Political
    Diabetes Epidemic.                                          8 pm MUSIC: Jasper          3:30 pm TALK: History         7:30 pm TALK: Hiking        Science & Faculty of
    Dr. Michael Engelgau,          7:30 pm LECTURE: The         Wood, violin with           of Unitarianism.              the Himalayas in            Communication &
    National Centre for            Cultic Function of           David Riley, piano.         Explore Contem-               Nepal. Isobel Dixon &       Culture. Social Sciences
    Chronic Disease                Ancient Theatres:            Dept. of Music -            porary Issues in a            Verna Sorensen. Faculty     729.
    Prevention. Dept. of           Drama as Ritual. Inge        Celebrity Series. Tix:      Context of Liberal            Women's Club. New
    Community Health               Nielsen, University of       Series - adults: $110;      Humanism. Contact             members welcome.            3 pm SEMINAR: The
    Sciences. G500 Health          Hamburg. Calgary             stu/sen: $80; Single        Dr. Jennifer Eiserman,        Lillehammer Room,           Judges' Oath in
    Sciences Centre.               Society for                  performance - adults:       220-5526. Arts Parkade        Olympic Volunteer Centre.   Athens. David
                                   Mediterranean Studies.       $25; stu/sen: $18. Info:    AB 623.                                                   Mirhady, Simon Fraser
    3 pm SEMINAR: Inge             Info: 220-7068. Tix:         220-4999. Also                                            Thursday, Sept. 30          University.Greek and
    Nielsen, University of         members free; general        appearing Saturday,         7:30 pm LECTURE: C.S.                                     Roman Studies. Social
                                                                                            Lewis and the                 12 noon LECTURE:            Sciences 1339.
                                                                                            Anatomy of Pleasure.          Climate Change:

    Museum for Lunch                                                                        Wesley Kort, Professor        When No Policy is           7 pm ROCK CONCERT:
                                                                                            of Religion at Duke           Good Enough AND             GOMEZ with guests.
                                                                                            University. Lebel             No Policy is Worst of       Students' Union &

    a tasty treat                                                                           Lecture in Christian          All! Dr. Hadi               House of Blues. Tix:
                                                                                            Ethics. Chair of              Dowlatabadi, Canada         $22.50 + service
                                                                                            Christian Thought.            Research Chair in           charges at Ticketmaster
    By Colleen Turner                                           ACAD graduate’s work        Christ Church Elbow           Applied Mathematics,        & Megatunes. MacEwan
                                                                while in school and after   Park, 3602 8th St SW.         Integrated Assessment       Ballroom.
                                                                grad, including draw-                                     & Global Change, UBC.

                hat started as                                  ings, paintings, photog-                                                              8 pm DANCE: Trip
                                                                                            8 pm MUSIC: Lucerne           Institute for Sustainable
                an intimate                                     raphy, sculptures, and                                                                Dance (Winnipeg) -
                                                                                            Festival Strings.             Energy, Environment &
                lunch date for                                  film work.                                                                            Out of Water. See
                four or five has                                                            Achim Fiedler, Music          Economy. Register at
                                                                   He will also be                                        220-6100 or                 Sept. 30 University
    grown to a party of 40 to                                   presenting some of his      Director/Conductor.
                                                                                            Calgary Pro Musica          Theatre.
    50.                                                         antique cameras as well
        Now in its second                                                                   Society. Single tix:          Great Hall, Rozsa Centre.
                                                                as his collection of
    year, Museum for Lunch                                      sketchbooks.                adults: $40; students/                                    Saturday, Oct. 2
    is becoming increasingly                                                                seniors $25. University       12 noon SERIES:
    popular and routinely                                         Thursday, Oct. 14         Theatre.                      Readings in                 7 pm SPORTS:
    hosts several dozen                                           Dr. Patricia Roome,                                     Progressive                 Women's Exhibition
    people.                                                     Mount Royal College.        Tuesday, Sept. 28             Christianity from the       Volleyball Game. Red
        “It’s an interesting                                    “The Famous Five”                                         Book, The Heart of          Gym. Men's
    cross-section of people                                                                 10 am - noon GRAND            Christianity: Redis-        Exhibition Basketball
    that come out,” said                                           Thursday, Oct. 21        OPENING & LAUNCH:             covering a Life of          Game. Jack Simpson
    Colleen Sharpe, Assist-                                        Alexandra Haeseker,      Research Transition           Faith. Join faculty &       Gym.
    ant Curator of The                                          Artist “Burning                                           staff for an academic &
                                                                                            Facility (RTF). Info:
    Nickle Arts Museum.                                         Sappho’s Books.”                                          devotionally-informed       8 pm ROCK CONCERT:
        Although the mu-           This photo, taken by a                         
                                   woman named Donna, is
                                                                   Alexandra Haeseker       RSVP to 220-2201.             look at what it means to    Ministry, with
    seum put on sporadic                                        discusses her exhibition,                                 be a Christian today.       guests, My Life with
    lunch-hour presentations       part of an exhibition                                    3535 Research Road NW.
                                                                “Burning Saphho’s                                         Info: Tim Nethercott,       the Thrill Kill Cult.
    for several years, the         involving women who are      Books,” which is cur-                                     Chaplain, 220-3896.         Tix: $35 + service at
                                                                                            12 noon LECTURE:
    Museum for Lunch               living in poverty in         rently showing at The                                     MacEwan Student             Ticketmaster,
    program was formalized                                      Nickle Arts Museum.         Conrad's London and
    last year in an effort to      Calgary. Women who                                       the Future of Sacred          Centre 391.                 Megatunes and Sloth.
    welcome staff, faculty         participated took photo-        Thursday, Oct. 28        Space. Wesley Kort,                                       All ages. U of C
    and students to the            graphs of their experi-                                  Professor of Religion at      7:30 pm MUSIC: Tom          Students' Union &
                                                                   Don Simmons, The
    museum.                        ences of living in poverty   Alberta College of Art      Duke University. Lebel        Russell and Andrew          Union Events. MacEwan
                                                                                            Lecture in Christian          Hardin. Tix: General -      Hall.
         “The museum               and told stories about       and Design. “A Brief
    generally has been trying                                   History of Audio.”          Ethics. Chair of              $29 at Campus Ticket
                                   those experiences. An                                                                  Centre or sponsor 680-      Sunday, Oct. 3
    to reach out to other                                                                   Christian Thought.
    departments,” said             upcoming Museum for                                                                    5560. Eckhardt-
                                                                   Thursday, Nov. 4         Scotia Bank Milling
    Sharpe. “We want people        Lunch lecture will feature      Guest speaker from       Area, Rozsa Centre.           Gramatté Hall.              6 pm DINNER & TALK:
    to know the museum is          the exhibition.              The Nickle Arts Museum                                                                Gandhi and the White
    more than our exhibits.”                                    Numismatic Conference:      5 pm LECTURE: How             8 pm DANCE: Trip            Man's Burden. Dr.
        The Museum for                                          Coins and Identities in     to Publish a Paper in         Dance (Winnipeg) -          Irving Hexham,
    Lunch program now                                           the Ancient World           Nature. Dr. Leslie Sage,      Out of Water. Artistic      Religious Studies.
    features a guest speaker       exhibition from the                                                                    Director, Karen Kuzak.
                                   Currency Museum, Bank                                    Senior Editor of Nature,                                  Sponsored by the
    each Thursday at noon.                                         Thursday, Nov. 18                                      Program of Dance.           Gandhi Society. Tix:
    The presentations last         of Canada, describing                                    one of the leading
                                                                   Dr. Jennifer Eiserman,   scientific journals.          Subscriptions available     $25, call Dr. Joseph at
    about 50 minutes, and          the new Canadian
                                   Journey bank note series
                                                                Department of Art, the
                                                                                            Faculty of Science &          Tix: adults $15;            220-4232 or
    participants are welcome                                    University of Calgary.                                    students/seniors $10 at
    to bring their lunches.        to be launched October                                   CAPCA. Science Theatre                          
                                                                   “Whose Art is                                          Campus Ticket Centre.       Best Western Village
    The lectures vary, but         13. As part of the           Canadian: The Quan-         135.
                                   International Numis-                                                                   Info: 220-4999.             Park Inn.
    generally focus on issues                                   dary of Canadian
    related to visual arts.        matic Conference                                         7 pm FILM: Crossfire.         University Theatre.
        Fall program high-         (November 4 - 6) there                                   Israel in Film: Wars and                                  8 pm ROCK CONCERT:
    lights include a presenta-     will be a lunchtime             Thursday, Nov. 25        Ordinary People film          Friday, Oct. 1              Alexis on Fire with
    tion by a group of             presentation on the topic       Dr. Maurice Yakowar,     series. Introduction &                                    guests, Moneen. Co-
    women involved in a            of ancient coins.            Department of English,      open discussion led by        1 - 4 pm STUDENT            sponsored by Students'
    photo project focusing            The fall schedule         the University of           Alan Dowty, Kahanoff          CONFERENCE:                 Union, Union Events &
    on poverty. The presen-        continues September 30       Calgary.                    Professor of Israel           Immigration,                House of Blues
    tation is based on an          and runs to December 9.         “Film Exposed: A         Studies. The Kahanoff         Ethnicity and               Concerts. Presented by
    exhibit that will be           Programs begin again                                                                   Multiculturalism in         CJSW & FFWD. Tix: $19
                                                                Close Examination of a      Chair of Israeli Studies
    shown at the Stride            early in the new year.                                                                 Canada. Chair in            + service charges at
                                                                Current Feature Film.”      & the Israel Studies
    Gallery in Calgary in                                       (Feature film TBA)          Program. Info: Hala at        Canadian Ethnic             Ticketmaster,
    December.                         Thursday, Sept. 30
                                                                                            220-5288 or email             Studies & the Canadian      Megatunes & Sloth.
        “I’m just really happy        Cathie Scott, The             Thursday, Dec. 2         Ethnic Studies              MacEwan Hall.
    these women will have a        Faculty of Medicine, and
                                   Guest Speakers “Wom-
                                                                    Robert Kelly, Depart-   Murray Fraser Hall 164.       Association. Info:
    chance to talk about                                        ment of Art, the Univer-                        
    their experiences,” said       en’s Perspectives on         sity of Calgary discusses
                                   Poverty: A Photo Voice                                                                 Evans Room, Rozsa
    Sharpe.                                                     his exhibition “Minutia.”
                                   Project”                                                                               Centre.
        Other lectures
    planned this fall include                                      Thursday, Dec. 9
    a discussion of the               Thursday, Oct. 7             Kim Fung, Under-         The listed events are of general interest. Events
    Famous Five.                      Clement Yeh, Artist,      graduate Student, the       of a specialized nature may not be listed here but
                                   Calgary, Alberta “Clem-
        The museum will be                                      University of Calgary.      can be found on the Web at
    featuring a maquette of        ent Yeh: 1998-2004,
                                   Drawings and other
                                                                “My Practicum at The        events. Email your events information to
    the Famous Five sculp-                                      Lougheed House
    ture, as well as an            stuff.” A look at an                           
                                                                Conservation Society.”

12 SEPTEMBER 24, 2004