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									                                        Denmark Village Board Minutes
                                             November 2, 2009
                                                6:30 P.M.
Public Hearing on Proposed 2010 Village of Denmark Operational Budget

Presentation of budget and opportunity for citizen input.
The hearing began at 6:31 p.m. Administrator Ellis presented the proposed 2010 Village Operational budget. He
noted that a summary of the budget had previously been published in the paper on October 15, 2009. He
indicated that most people want to know the end results first and then an explanation of how we got there.
Therefore he told those present the end results of the proposed budget, if it isn’t amended tonight, would be a
$.20 (twenty cents) per each $100,000 of home value.

He pointed out the Village budgets various line item account histories of revenues and expenses for the last
three years along with estimates for the remainder of this year along with proposed amounts for 2010. He
pointed out that each line item proposed for 2010 was compared with the 2009 budget amount and the
percentage increase or decrease was identified in the far right column of the budget handouts for both revenue
and expense accounts so that people can immediately look for the “big” changes in the budget.

The two biggest increases were attributable to the proposed purchase of a new police vehicle ($33,000) and the
resurfacing of Diamond Ridge ($112,000). Citizens had indicated they wanted to see their streets improved.
Therefore staff recommended Diamond Ridge, Woodrow, Jorgensen, St. Claude, Copenhagen, Feucht Rd, and
the west end of Green Bay Road be improved in 2010 along with the necessary utilities. Cost for each of these
improvements were presented at the earlier two budget workshops and the utilities were televised since then to
determine if utilities need to be replaced. Ellis said these streets could be constructed in 2010 before the Main
St.Wisconsin Ave. construction begins in 2011.

Expenditures by general categories changed from 2009 to 2010 as follows: General Govt. –5.40%; Public
Safety + 6.02%; Public Works +25.89%; Park & Recreation +30.77%; Debt Service –29.63%. The overall
increase in expenditure from this year to next is proposed at 14.2% and within the State mandated tax levy limit.

The proposed mil rate for 2010 is 3.373712, the rate for 2009 was 3.326131, The adopted mil rate for 2008 was
3.9016. Last year the tax levy was $440,893.00 and this year it will be $450,926.00 if the budget is adopted as
proposed and the assessed values and ratio of equalized to assessed values come in as anticipated. Assessed
values went from $132,173,900 up to $133,658,700.

 The Village portion of the combined mil rate is determined by dividing the “allowable levy” by the “assessed
valuation. The amount to be levied (set by State levy freeze) is $450,926.00 This amount is then divided by the
$133,658,700 (assessed valuation) to obtain the mil rate. As of November 2nd the mil rate is estimated to be
3.337 provided the equalized rate is at 97.72 but as of this meeting, the rate hasn’t been sent to the Village by
the Dept of Revenue but some information was available “on-line” at the DOR website. Ellis suggested that
next year the budget hearing be delayed by one week so that some of this information would be available for
budgeting purposes and would lessen the need to “guestamate” some of the numbers.

Ellis also indicated the Village should attempt to restore its general fund undesignated fund balance at or above
20% of operating expenditures and attempt to maintain debt below 50% of its capacity and keep debt payments
below 30% of expenditures.

Handouts were provided for the Village’s Operational budget, the Sewer Utility Budget, the Water Utility
Budget, the Storm Water Budget and TIF. A five year capital improvements budget for streets was also
distributed. Each was briefly reviewed and explained.

The TIF budgets include revenue and expenditure information from 1994 through 2009 along with the proposed
TIF budget for 2010. Ellis indicated that if the Village Board decided to develop a new business park or open up
undeveloped lands with roads that these types of project could possibly be TIF funded provided the overlapping
taxing jurisdiction serving on the TIF Board concurred with this recommendation. He said that Phil Cosson had
“run the numbers” and there would be sufficient TIF funds to cover the transactions in excess of $1.8 million.

Ellis covered the Storm Water Utility budget provided revenue/expense information from 2006 through 2009
along with proposed expenditures for 2010. Average net revenues are being generated at $28,370.33 per year.
Monies within this pollution abatement utility can be used to fund a future storm water regional pollution
abatement pond, street sweeping, storm water utility repairs, etc. However, a few Trustees would like to have
the rates cut by half. Cost for activities would continue to occur. This revenue would be diminished resulting in
subsidies being required from other Village operations.

Ellis pointed out that property taxes are combined rates. While the Village’s mil rate may only increase by 20
cents, the overlapping taxing entities may increase their rates. It is already known that the school district’s
adopted budget includes the results of the prior school referendum which translates into a $100 increase for
every $100,000 of home value. However, this could be viewed as a “self-inflicted” increase because citizens
voted for this increase via a referendum.

Ellis inquired of those present if they had any specific questions regarding any of the proposed budgets. A
question was raised by Mary Lax about sidewalks on Woodrow. This had been suggested at an earlier workshop
because a Trustee noticed that it was unsafe for pedestrians to be walking in the street on the southerly portion.
Milt Bielinski felt another police vehicle wasn’t necessary. Jon Motquin requested the funds for the contracted
zoning administrator be kept in the budget.

Being no comments/questions were presented the public hearing section of the Village Board meeting was
closed by Village President Bob Sekora at 7:11 p.m.

Regular Agenda Items
Village President Bob Sekora called the Village Board meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.
Village President Sekora noted that the Village Board will convene into closed session pursuant to Sect. 19.85
(1) (e) of the Wis. State Stats. later in this meeting to discuss the possible purchase of public properties due to
competitive or bargaining reasons.

Present: Village President: Bob Sekora. Trustees: Ryan Radue, Brandon Wotachek, Gerald Steinberger, Steve
Giese, Helen Mleziva and Dan Dvorak. Others present: Village Attorney Dennis Duffy, Village Clerk-Treasurer
MiLissa Stipe, Administrator Ellis, Craig Schuh- Ayres Associates, Jon Motquin- BC Planning, Phil Mentink-
AECOM, Lawrence Lacenski, Jim Bielinski, Bea and Gordy Peterson, Mary Lax, Art Rademann, Steve Zeitler,
Shawn Kane and other citizens.

Approval of Minutes
Motion by Brandon Wotachek second by Gerald Steinberger to approve the minutes of the October 5, 2009 and
October 19, 2009 Village Board meetings. All ayes. Motion carried.

CSM for Cty R for K & L Associates
Steve Zietler appeared before the Board to explain the CSM and to respond to any questions. The amended
CSM contained 3 lots vs. the prior CSM that had been submitted. Motion by Dvorak, second by Radue to
approve the CSM as presented provided it complied with Denmark Planning Committee, Township and County
requirements. All ayes. Motion carried.

 Asphalting of Jorgensen Street near Water Utility Well
Dufecks indicated they would be doing asphalting on Jorgensen around their new building. Their representative
had approached the Village and asked if they would like to fix up the remainder of the area around the well at
the same time Dufeck’s contractor was doing their work. Cost estimates were approximately $6,500 for the
Village’s portion of the road. Motion by Mleziva second by Wotachek to table the matter. All ayes. Motion
Concern about the set-backs on Jorgensen for the new building being constructed by Dufeck was mentioned.
The Village hasn’t formally issued a building permit because of the uncertainty of where the lot line is at.
However, the foundation has already been poured without the permit. Also there is a concern about the building
being within some many feet of a residential building. A fire wall would need to be constructed if the new
building in not within the required set back area. Bielinski was reminded that a building permit is required. A
question was raised about whether this was a public street or a private driveway and if “access” agreements had
been granted by the village to allow the use of the driveway.

 Approval of Resolution authorizing submittal of Round 11 SAG grant application
A grant application will be submitted to perform an environmental assessment of the property at 229 Green Bay
Road. (phase I, II, NR716 Investigation, asbestos assessment prior to demolition of the building in connection
with the redesigning of the intersections of De Pere, Broadway and Green Bay. Ayres Associates have been
retained by the State DOT to design the road improvements across the Village’s main corridor in 2011. As part
of their preliminary design work they’ve designed a new intersection that could involve the
acquisition/demolition of this building provided the final design is approved. In order to keep this project on
schedule, an environmental assessment should be conducted as early as possible. The SAG grant would help to
fund this process. Motion by Wotachek, seconded by Radue to approve the resolution to submit an application
and to retain Ayres Associates to assist with the SAG grant application. All ayes. Motion carried.

 RBC Study results:
Phil Mentink of AECOM of Sheboygan had previously discussed testing the stream entering the RBC process
and comparing the stream after it passed through the process to determine if there was any noticeable difference
or if “treatment” was occurring. Several RBC’s are in need of attention repair ($8,220.00) and the Village
wanted to make certain the continual repair of the RBC’s is warranted and that sufficient treatment is occurring
and whether this system should be replaced with a different process in the future. Approximately $42,000 has
been invested in repairs to the RBC’s this year. Mentink indicated the Village would need to amend its facility
plan in the near future to consider if replacing the current RBC’s with another type of system but this alternative
would require a larger investment. He indicated that the Utility doesn’t need to run all RBC’s at once. Dvorak
thought that being federal stimulus monies were finally trickling down that the Village should attempt to obtain
these funds for projects of this nature. He asked to have AECOM’s grant specialist to check out possible
funding for a 2012 game plan for improvements. Milt Bielinski felt that the Village should still consider
“digging the ditch” to Green Bay Met rather than continue to invest in the facility. Trustee Mleziva indicated
the previous Board had relied too much on REL and gone alone with the construction of the current facility.

 Approval of proposal from Crane Engineering ($8,220.00)
Motion by Dvorak, second by Mleziva to approve the proposal from Crane Engineering to perform RBC
repairs. All ayes. Motion carried.

Water System Supply Evaluation (turning on the tap)
Given the possibility that there may be additional cost associated with the well at Jorgensen the Village may
want to consider retaining a firm to evaluate the costs of maintaining a groundwater source over the long-term
and compare this to the cost of connecting to the CBWA system. The well on Jorgensen will need to be
inspected at a cost of $46,000.00, should the filtration tank need to be replaced this could cost $800,000.00 A
few citizens have already asked if the Village had considered this option instead of investing further in facility
improvements. The water supply evaluation would compare the cost of repairing facilities at Jorgensen with the
purchased water supply alternatives to see which alternative make more sense in terms of quality and cost.
Previously the Village met with Brown County Central Water Authority and Craig Berndt from the BCWA
discussed the possibility of a contract or purchase arrangement between the Village and CBWA but that they
would need to discuss the matter and respond back to the Village with more specifics about cost.

At the Sept 8th Village Board meeting a proposal was received from McMahon Engineers to study the options
available for future water supplies. The Board tabled the proposal and asked staff to seek additional proposals.
Additional proposals were received from Strand Associates, Inc.-Engineers from Madison, WI, and another was
received from Ayres Associates from DePere, WI. The Board tabled the issue until it could receive a progress
report from Robert E. Lee Engineering on their progress on the updated water study. Last week, REL’s staff
said they were working on the study and should be able to complete it by the end of this year provided they
received cooperation from the Village’s Utility staff. Motion by Wotachek, seconded by Dvorak to direct staff
to contact REL and request that the study be completed no later than the end of November. All ayes. Motion

Reconsideration of change order for Ayres Associates.
The Board further discuss the amendment dated August 24, 2009 from Ayres concerning cost over runs for site
construction observation. At the Sept 8th meeting Schuh explained they had encountered many unforeseen
changes by the contractor that increased the amount of observation required to complete the project. Concerns
were expressed about establishing a sense of goodwill between the parties for a positive working relationship to
exist in the future. The village should also consider requiring contractors to submit change orders at the same
time requests for payments are submitted and not allow change orders to be held until a project nears
completion. Motion by Dvorak to pay for the change order presented, seconded by Giese. Ayes: Dvorak, Giese,
Radue, Wotachek, Sekora, Nay: Mleziva, Steinberger Motion passed on a 5 to 2 vote.

Safe Routes to School project update.
Craig Schuh of Ayres Associates provided an update on the design of Highridge road improvements under the
SRS program.

Resolution on support of continued services of Brown County Planning Dept.
Recently there has been several discussions/debates between elected Brown County Executive and the County
Board Chair over various issues. The most recent being over the contracting out of planning services. The
County Board Chair and a few other County Supervisors met with one engineering firm which they would now
like to make a presentation to the full County Board. Some local communities are concerned about the apparent
lack of transparency in these meetings and that a formal RFP was not issued for other interested firms to apply.
They believe the current staff is doing an excellent job in providing their communities with planning assistance.
The Village of Denmark has used their assistance in developing the Comprehensive Plan, the Site Plan Review
ordinance, the Property Maintenance Ordinance, the Subdivision Ordinance and the Zoning Code. In each of
these tasks their staff has been well received and have provide excellent professional services. A resolution in
support of their continuation was presented. The Village agreed that alternative need to be considered to reduce
government cost. Having a Corporation Counsel and another legal counsel for the County Board Chair seemed
redundant and perhaps this could be cut to save monies. Other suggestions when discussed about ways to reduce
county cost. Motion by Trustee Wotachek second by Trustee Radue to approve the resolution as presents. All
ayes. The resolution was adopted unanimously. The Clerk was requested to forward the adopted resolution to
the County Board of Supervisors and the Executive Committee.

Resolution for an accurate 2010 census count
Clerk-Treasurer MiLissa Stipe briefed the Board on the various activities underway to ensure an accurate 2010
census count for the Village of Denmark. Many federal and state grants are tied to population figures.
Therefore, it pays to expend some time on obtaining accurate counts of our population. This resolution is just
one way of attempting to make the public aware of the activities underway. Motion by Radue, second by

Dvorak to approve the resolution as presented. All ayes. Motion carried. Trustee Mleziva felt more Village
residents should be represented on the census complete committee, she was invited to bring names forward.

Amendment to Sewer Service Area.
The existing Sewer Service Area for the Village has over 160 acres within the Town of New Denmark. In a
recent review of the SSA the Village felt that some of this acreage should be shift from the northeast over to the
southwest in anticipation of future potential development. An acreage swap SSA Amendment can be completed
to reallocate additional SSA acres to the Village. In addition, the Village is eligible for approximately 48 acres
for “Replacement” due to development since 2002. Administrator Ellis asked if the Village Board would like to
begin the process of requesting/applying for an amendment to the SSA. Trustee Radue indicated that REL
(Gayle Lindenberg) had previously updated the SSA and that this additional information should be incorporated
into the SSA boundaries. Jon Motquin felt the updating process may cost $7,000. No action was taken on the

Discussion and Adoption of 2010 Village Budget
Motion by Dvorak seconded by Wotachek to approve the 2010 Village Operational budget as presented. Motion
by Trustee Helen Mleziva to amend the 2010 Village Budget by a reduction of 50% in account 5155-Internal
accounting Seconded by Dvorak. Vote on amended motion to approve the budget: Ayes: Sekora, Radue,
Wotachek, Steinberger, Dvorak. Nayes: Steve Giese, Helen Mleziva.

The aggregate assessed valuation will be $133,658,700.00 the levy will be $450,926.00 with a 2010 mil rate of
3.337383. This translates to approximately an increase of 20 cents on a home valued at $100,000.

Discussion/Review/Approval of Five Year Capital Improvements Plan: Streets
The Administrator discussed the various street construction projects that had been suggested for 2010
construction and the cost of the projects. He indicated that utilities should be reconstruction (if necessary)
before the street is resurfaced. Without this approach, when older utilities rupture the new asphalt needs to be
torn up which is wasteful. Trustee Mleziva stated that this was an exaggeration. That there weren’t that many
streets that had to be open cut after having been reconstructed/resurfaced.

The proposed streets were televised to determine the condition of utilities. Craig Schuh PE indicated the utilities
were in rough shape/condition and should be replaced. In addition to the suggested streets for 2010, the streets
for a five year period when identified for future consideration. Some of the streets could be financed via TIF
funds and others with reallocated funds from previous borrowing along with current year operational funding.
Trustees were requested to make the final decision as to which streets they would like to reconstruct in 2010.
Trustee Mleziva moved , seconded by Trustee Giese to approve the following Streets/Utilities for
reconstruction in 2010:
    - Diamond Ridge-Village budget funded and ,Copenhagen, Feucht, Green Bay Rd. TIF funded
     Ayes: Sekora, Mleziva, Geise, Radue, Steinberger, Dvorak, Nay: Wotachek Motion passed on a vote of 6 to
    1. Wotachek felt St.Claude and Woodrow should be addressed.

 2010 Water Utility Budget
The proposed budget of $472,897.000 was presented. Motion by Trustee Mleziva, seconded by Wotachek to
approve the budget as presented with an amendment to reduce the internal accounting line item account 5155
amount by 50%. All ayes.
Motion carried. It was noted that the budget, as adopted, did not include an annual increase of 3%. Small
increases of this nature do not require PSC approval and only Village Board approval but they do avoid the
need for larger percentage increase in the future.

2010 Sanitary Sewer Utility Budget
The Sewer Utility Budget was presented for 2010 for the amount of $1,033,865.00 in revenues with
$1,053,859.56 in expenditures. The difference of $20,005.56 plus principal and interest payments of
$117,340.00 would be allocated from the existing Utilities fund balance estimated currently at $1,714,000.75.
Equipment Replacement funds will be applied to fund eligible equipment replacements. Motion by Radue,
seconded by Dvorak to approve the 2010 Sewer Utility Budget with an amendment to reduce the internal
accounting line item account 5155 amount by 50% as presented. All ayes. Motion carried.

2010 Storm Water budget
The 2010 Storm Water budget was presented. The utility was established in 2006 and the rate was established at
$2.00 per month and then increase to $4.00 per month in Mar. 2008. It was to be adjusted to$6.00 per month in
July 2008. Reserves are currently at $90,680.69 (amount needs to be verified by auditors). Being the DNR
recently denied the request to dredge the pollution abatement pond within Daybreak Estates Village park and
the Village instead retained a firm to mitigate the weeds from growing in the pond; Trustees felt the current
quarterly pollution abatement fees could possibly be reduced. In response to these concerns staff prepared a
2010 storm water budget with a reduced amount. The first draft budget amount was for a budget of
$135,245.00. This proposed budget is for an amount of $40,750.00. Monies in reserve for future projects
amount to $113,481.33 (unaudited estimate).

However, if the Village were to undertake a new business park another pollution abatement pond (area pond)
would be required under federal/state regulations at a cost of $150,000. Also there may be a need for existing
facilities to be improved or eventually the toxic materials in the pond will need to be removed. These would be
expensive items. Therefore, cutting this source of revenues means taxpayers would still need to fund these
expenditures but not with monies from this source. Motion by Dvorak, second by Radue to refer the budget to
the Storm Utility Committee for further review, discussion and recommendations before cutting any rates. This
committee should meet on December 3rd at 4:00 p.m. and come back with their recommendations to the Village
Board meeting on December 7. All ayes. Motion carried.

Discussion/Adoption of 2010 TIF project funding:
A complete financial report of TIF revenues and expenditures 1994 through 2009 was presented along with a
proposed budget for 2010. Administrator Ellis indicated that the 2010 budget was dependent upon the capital
projects approved or disapproved earlier on tonight’s agenda. Therefore, it may be necessary to add or subtract
from the proposed budget prior to its adoption.

Motion by Trustee Brandon Wotachek, second by Trustee Steve Giese to approve the amended TIF budget for
2010 in the amount of $621,954 in anticipated revenues and expenditures for Administration $42,073.77,
Principal/interest of an estimated $387,000 and road construction of $178,624.00 for a total expenditure of
$607,697.77 All ayes. Motion carried.

 Discuss/approval of contract with Ehlers and Associates to assist with the process to amend the existing
TID for the ½ mile allowance for economic development project.
At previous budget workshops when the TIF budget was being discussed it was noted that the Village tax levy
consisted primarily of residential contributors and to turn this situation around the Village needed to increase its
efforts to diversify the tax base through increased efforts to bring in new businesses. Without any Village
property remaining the Village needed to consider either acquiring new land to be developed for this purpose to
attract business or perhaps funding infrastructure improvements within undeveloped areas. It was suggested that
staff investigate these and other possibilities. In response a “Staff Report” was developed which outlined
possible sites, obstacles to be addressed and possible cost associated with a new business park project or
installation of new infrastructure which would allow the private sector to develop they/re properties. One of the
obstacles would be the need to amend the existing TIF to include lands outside existing boundaries.
Based upon potential costs identified by Ayres Associates for a site; Ehlers concluded that investments of
approximately $1.8 million were financially feasible (sizing). Cost related to acquisition and development could
be covered by current and projected TIF revenues.
In a letter dated October 30, 2009 Phil Cosson, CIPFA of Ehlers-Public Finance not only outlined the steps to
complete a TIF District project plan amendment they indicated that a bond sized at $1,835,000.00 could be
retired from TIF proceeds by 2015. The TID matures in 2017. Motion by Trustee Wotachek to approve the
contract with Ehlers and Associates to assist with the process to amend the existing TIF. Second by Trustee
Dvorak. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Guidelines for Snow Plowing and Ice control
Each year when it snows everyone has different opinions on how the Public Works employees in combination
with Bielinski Excavating should go about snow removal. In order to objectively discuss the manner in which
the Village employees go about performing their work the Village adopted “guidelines” that sets priorities and
approaches to be followed by those involved in snow plowing and ice control. Each year before the snow starts
to fall, employees and Village Board members are asked to review these guidelines and to objectively amend
the guidelines if necessary. Once the guidelines are, once again, agreed upon; employees will be directed to
follow them. The guidelines were distributes to the Board and staff earlier for review/comments.

 Trustee suggested the guidelines reflect that we now have three employees assigned to snow removal and that
the sidewalks on North Rd are to be maintained by the property owners. Also the stubbed-in road on North
Road next to the railroad is a future street area and dedicated to the Village and therefore this segment of
sidewalks should be cleaned by Village public works crews.

Discussion/approval of Zoning Compliance services
The Zoning Board and the Planning Commission have been meeting over an extended period of time
developing an updated Zoning Code for the Village of Denmark. Several public hearings have been scheduled
for citizen input before the Updated ordinance is presented for adoption. Previous to this ordinance update
process the Village has adopted a new Comprehensive Plan, a Site Plan Review ordinance, A new Subdivision
Code and a Chronic Nuisance Property Code. During each of these ordinance discussions, the committee
members agreed that additional staffing would be necessary given the technical nature of each of the new
ordinances and problems associated with the enforcement of these ordinances by existing staff. It was pointed
out that the new ordinances would be of no value if they were not enforced objectively and without influence of
various parties on the person responsible for enforcement. To achieve compliance the Village staff suggested a
part-time contracted service should be sought. In response, a private contractor submitted a proposal. Motquin
and Associates LLC submitted a proposal dated Oct 17, 2009 to provide services for an annual amount of
$17,000. Trustee Giese felt this amount should be limited to $10,000 Motion by Trustee Dvorak, second by
Trustee Steinberger to refer the task of coming to agreement on the contract with Motquin to a working group
consisting of Village President Sekora, Trustee Radue and Administrator Ellis.

Consideration and action on Operator licenses.
Motion by Trustee Wotachek, second by Trustee Steinberger to approve operator licenses for Mike Muna,
Adam Brey, Lynn Hietpas, and Tim Splittgerber.
All ayes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Monthly line item financial report
A revenue/expense report for the Village and Utilities for January 1 through October 30th was presented by
Clerk/Treasurer Stipe. At present it appears the Village will end the 2009 fiscal period under budget. It appears
the Water utility should “break even” However, the Sewer Utility may be over budget and further steps should
be taken to restrain expenditures for the remaining two months of the fiscal period.

Committee Reports
Copies of Utility Reports, Public Works and Parks prepared by staff were previously distributed to all Trustees.
Each Trustee reported on additional information and events within their respective areas. Leaf and grass
clippings are being picked up until November 13 on Monday’s and Friday’s. Thirty loads have been picked up
to date. Christmas decorations will be put up on November 18,19 and 20th. Christine (senior worker) has been
doing an excellent job and has recently been trailed to aid in Cross walk activities as a substitute crossing guard
when necessary. Sections of the Utilities staff report were referenced by Trustee Dvorak about RBC work
performed in the past and “certain negative comments” that were made. Staff had searched for less expensive
ways to get outside work done. This work requires a certain set of skills. Utility workers were continuing to
install radio head meters. They are close to having installed 90%.

 Disbursements for the month of October
Trustee Ryan Radue made a Motion to approve the monthly disbursements for a total voucher amount of
$190,741.05 for voucher numbers 34346 to 34417. Motion seconded by Steinberger. The breakdown of this
total amount is as follows: Village: $33,072.17; Road Construction $12,299.37; Water $36,134.95; Sewer
$102,022.97; Storm Sewer $7,136.59 and TIF $75.00. All ayes. Motion carried. The sewer payments include
debt payments to the central investment pool.

Public Input:
   a. Pre-registered: None
   b. Walk-ins: Jim Bielinski asked why the catch basins were not cleaned out consistently. He also felt the
       recent asphalt patching on Wisconsin/main was unacceptable and needed to be corrected. Bea Peterson
       asked that lights be installed along North Wall Street. Cost estimates at $250 per year for this light.

Report of Village Officials:
Staff had nothing report……given the lateness of the meeting.

Placing of Outstanding assessments on tax roll.

Clerk/Treasurer MiLissa Stipe presented a resolution of items to be placed as special assessments on the tax
roll, $39,286.25, the majority of delinquent were water and sewer billings of ($31,573.00). Motion by Mleziva
seconded by Radue to approve. All ayes. Motion carried

 Motion to move into closed session pursuant to Section 19.85 (1) (e) of the Wis. State Stats.
Motion by Trustee Steinberger, second by Mleziva to move into closed session to discuss the possible purchase
of public properties due to competitive or bargaining reasons. Roll call vote: All Ayes. Motion carried. Trustee
Radue left the building to avoid any possible conflict of interest issues pertaining matters to be discussed.

Motion to move back into open session
Motion by Mleziva second by Wotachek to move into open session. All ayes. Motion carried.

Trustee Giese made a Motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Trustee Steinberger. All members in favor of
Motion by voice vote. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 10:52 P.M.

Respectfully submitted on November 3, 2009
MiLissa Stipe, Clerk-Treasurer


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