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                                                                                                                     RANKED 9TH                      4

      Fast Facts
      Population                5.5 mn (2009 est.)     GDP (per capita) $37,100 (2008 est.)   Average Life Satisfaction   8/10 (2008)
      Life Expectancy           70 years (2003 est.)   GDP (PPP)        $78 bn (2008 est.)    Freedom House Rating        Free (2009)
      Unemployment              4% (2007 est.)         GDP (growth)     -1% (2008 est.)       Political System            Constitutional Monarchy
      Inflation                 2% (2007 est.)

      Sub-Index Rankings                                                                Index Comparisons
                                                                                        (Rank/No. of countries)

                                         26                                             Legatum Prosperity Index                            4/104
                                                                                        Average Life Satisfaction Ranking                   1/104
                                                                                        Per Capita GDP Ranking                             15/104
                                                                                        WEF Global Competitiveness Index                    5/133
                                                                                        UN Human Development Index                         13/179
                                                                                        Heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom Index                 8/178
                                                                                        TI Corruption Perceptions Index                     1/180
                                                                                        Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index               2/144

      The numbers on the graph indicate rankings

Economic Fundamentals                                                                                                              RANKED 15TH
Economic fundamentals are sound but trade remains average and foreign direct investment is low

Inflation rates are very low in Denmark, indicating high levels of price stability. The banking sector is amongst the most efficient as non-performing
loans and delinquency rates remain low. Danes have a very high rate of employment and access to a high level of physical capital used to produce
goods and services, ranking the country at 13th on capital stock. However, foreign direct investment remains low at 4% of GDP. Denmark ranks
16th out of 104 countries in its unemployment rate, having experienced a significant decline in unemployment since 2000. Denmark has strong terms
of trade with its partners, ranking the country 17th on this variable.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation                                                                                                     RANKED 6TH
With a strong technology infrastructure and high investment in R&D, Denmark is entrepreneurial and innovative

Barriers to entry in terms of the number of procedures required to start a business are close to the global minimum at three. The level of internet
infrastructure as measured by secure internet servers, bandwidth, and number of personal computers per population is high and lies in the global
top 10. R&D expenditure is also high, with Denmark ranking amongst the top five, suggesting a healthy innovation-based economy. ICT and high-
tech exports are moderately high, ranking the country in the top 25 on these variables.

Democratic Institutions                                                                                                            RANKED 12TH
Danish citizens enjoy unfettered freedom to participate in highly competitive and well-developed democratic processes

Danish citizens enjoy unconstrained freedom to participate in political processes, express their beliefs, and associate themselves with political
organisations without ramifications for personal security. Competition between rival political parties is fully permitted for elections to both the
executive and legislative branches and judicial decision-making occurs in total independence of political interference. Constraints on executive power
are moderately high, preventing arbitrary alterations to policy. The state enjoys high levels of political stability, with the last fundamental change to
the political system having occurred more than 60 years ago.

Education                                                                                                                           RANKED 2ND
School enrolment at all education levels in Denmark is high, leading to well-qualified workforce

Denmark’s high ranking in the education sub-index is a result of high overall education standards across almost all factors. Denmark has the lowest
number of pupils per teacher at 10 to 1 in primary education and is amongst the top three countries with respect to enrolment rates in secondary
education. Tertiary enrolment rates are also very high at 80%, placing this nation 7th overall according to this factor. The Danish education system
has exceeded gender parity, with 101 girls to every 100 boys enrolled in school. Denmark’s workforce is relatively well educated with moderately
high levels of secondary and tertiary education per worker – the country ranks in the top 20 on both variables. However, Denmark ranks 35th in
primary enrolment, having recently experienced a decline in these rates. Denmark has the second highest expenditure per student in primary and
secondary education.

Health                                                                            RANKED 12TH
With low doctor to patient ratios, the Danish health system provides for its citizens well,                  Regional Ranking:
but subjective health measures register a sense of dissatisfaction
Denmark obtains the highest possible score on access to sanitation facilities and obtains the third
                                                                                                             Rank   Country
lowest value in terms of prevalence of undernourishment. Health-adjusted life expectancy is also high
at 70 years, placing Denmark in the top 20 countries in this measure. Compared to global standards,
                                                                                                             1      Finland
Denmark does moderately well on the number of doctors, with 36 doctors or nurses per 10,000
                                                                                                             2      Switzerland
people, but barely makes it into the top 40 for the number of hospital beds. This does not seem to
impact the overall health of Danish society, with 85% of survey respondents claiming to be satisfied         3      Sweden
with their overall health.* Other subjective measures of health illustrate a different story: a quarter of   4      Denmark
respondents indicate health problems, only two-thirds report that they are well rested and one in five       5      Norway
suffer from pain, placing Denmark in the 65th, 56th, and 24th rank, respectively.* Some 96% of the           8      Netherlands
population are satisfied with the quality of water.*                                                         11     Ireland
                                                                                                             12     United Kingdom
Safety and Security                                                                RANKED 4TH                13     Belgium
Danes report high levels of personal safety and the country is a secure and safe place to                    14     Germany
live                                                                                                         15     Austria
                                                                                                             17     France
Incidents of state-sponsored violence and political terror – such as torture, disappearances, political      19     Spain
imprisonment – are extremely low. Only one percent of respondents reported being assaulted and               20     Slovenia
10% reported having property stolen in 2008.* Approximately 84% of respondents feel safe walking
                                                                                                             21     Italy
alone at night* and this sense of security may be bolstered by an exceedingly low homicide rate of
approximately one per 100,000 persons that earns Denmark a spot in the top 10 on this variable.              22     Portugal
                                                                                                             25     Czech Republic
                                                                                                             27=    Hungary
Governance                                                                           RANKED 1ST              29     Poland
Almost one-fifth of all Danes perceive corruption to be widespread in the government, yet                    30     Greece
the strength of Denmark’s governance institutions propels it to the top rank                                 31     Estonia
                                                                                                             34     Slovakia
Denmark benefits from a very efficient and high quality civil service that facilitates effective
implementation of policies. Respect for property rights, the sophistication of the judiciary system,         35     Croatia
and the quality of legal enforcement place Denmark in the top three with respect to rule of law,             37     Latvia
regulatory quality, and effectiveness of governance. Slightly more than a quarter of respondents             46     Bulgaria
express concern about business corruption, and 19% deem the government corrupt.* Almost nine out             48     Romania
of 10 people have confidence in the judicial system while 89% believe in honesty of elections. On the        59     Macedonia
latter variable Denmark ranks second.*
                                                                                                             61=    Ukraine
                                                                                                             69=    Russia
Personal Freedom                                                                   RANKED 2ND                69=    Turkey
Danes report the highest incidence of satisfaction with freedom to choose what to do with                    78     Moldova
one’s life                                                                                                   85     Belarus

Danish citizens enjoy the greatest satisfaction with freedom of choice in their daily activities of any
country surveyed, with 96% reporting they are happy with their freedom to choose what to do with
their lives.* Citizens also have unconstrained freedom to exercise and practise their religious beliefs,
speak freely without fear of government censorship, and travel freely within and out of their own
country. More than eight out of 10 citizens feel that Denmark is a good place for ethnic minorities
and immigrants to live.*

Social Capital                                                                    RANKED 13TH
Danes profess high levels of trust within the circle of family and friends, but moderate levels
of volunteering and charitable giving

In Denmark social supports are strong; approximately 96% of respondents believe that they can rely
on family and friends.* Danish citizens place high trust in others and find their friends very important
to their daily lives. While Denmark is ranked in the top 10 for the percentage of people that donate
money, a lower proportion of respondents claimed to have helped strangers – 66% and 49%,
respectively.* In terms of volunteering time to organisations, 22% of respondents did so in the previous
month, placing Denmark at 41st out of 104 countries.* Among developed countries, Denmark is the
most secular, ranking 94th on the self-reported religiosity variable.*

*Data taken from the Gallup World Poll