Acer platanoides ; Norway Maple by wvd19763


									        Acer platanoides;
                Norway Maple

Crimson King Norway Maples lining 7th Street looking East with
Prespyterian Church steeple in background.
               Acer platanoides;
                     Norway Maple
• Norway maple trees are native to the
  Pyrenees to the Ural Mts, from
  Scandinavia to Italy.
• They prefer cool deep soils, however,
  they are very adaptable to clay, sand,
  acid and calcareous soils. They are
  easy to plant and are very adaptable.
  They tolerate heat, drought and
• They have been overused and have
  spread into our forests, crowding out
  our native species. Best used in
  difficult areas where nothing else will
  grow. They are good in parks, schools
  and commercial sites. They emit toxins
  from the roots which cause grass to
  die, so be sensitive when planting on   Corner of Leeland & Woodmere
  residential lawns.
                                Acer platanoides;
                                        Norway Maple

•   Texture: Medium
•   Growth Rate: Medium 2’/yr
•   Fall Color: Yellow
•   Adaptability: Easy to Transplant
•   Foliage: Dark Green to maroon
•   Shape: Round, dense
•   Mature Size: 80' tall ; spread is
    2/3 height                               East 7th Street.
Acer platanoides Easy
 Street™ ('Ezestre')

                         •Texture: Medium
                         •Growth Rate: Medium
                         •Fall Color: Yellow
                         •Adaptability: Easy to Transplant
                         •Foliage: Dark Green
                         •Shape: Narrow, Upright Column
                         •Mature Size: 35' X 15’
• Ideal for street tree use on those difficult sites between buildings
   and sidewalks where the canopy space is limited. A very distinctive
   column of green foliage in the summer and bold architectural
   statement in the winter.
    Acer platanoides
Crimson King Norway Maple

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