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                                                              IEC 61850 PROCESS BUS SOLUTION

                                                                                                                                             IEC 61850 Process Bus
•	 Save	up	to	50%	in	protection	&	control	labor	costs                 •	 Built	as	an	extension	of	the	Universal	Relay	(UR)	family	
•	 Eliminate	majority	of	copper	wiring	to	better	utilize	resources	      of	products,	is	available	for	a	wide	array	of	protection	
   for	the	design,	building,	commissioning	and	maintenance	of	           applications	ranging	from	generation,	to	transmission	and	
   power	system	protection	and	control	                                  distribution	systems
•	 Robust	and	simple	architecture	for	deploying	IEC	61850	            •	 Completely	secure	against	cyber	security	threats
   process	bus                                                        •	 Improves	employee	safety	by	limiting	the	number	of	high-
•	 Extremely	rugged	hardened	switchyard	interface	is	suitable	           energy	signals	in	the	control	building
   for	harsh	environments	without	requiring	specialized	

•	 Retrofit	and	greenfield	installations	for	power	generation,	       •	 Motor	protection
   transmission	and	distribution	systems                              •	 Capacitor	bank	protection
•	 Generator	protection	                                              •	 Wide	area	network	protection
•	 Transformer	protection                                             •	 Distributed	bay	control
•	 Transmission	Line	protection                                       •	 Digital	fault	&	sequence	of	event	recording
•	 Bus	protection                                                     •	 Substation	automation
•	 Feeder	protection                                                  •	 Air-insulated	and	GIS	stations

Protection and Control                                                Installation
•	 Supported	by	the	Universal	Relay	UR	family	of	                     •	 Copper	interfaces	using	MIL-STD-38999	connectors	designed	
   products	covering	most	protection	applications                        to	prevent	incorrect	installation
•	 Dual-source	architecture	for	maximum	reliability                   •	 Rugged	outdoor	fiber	optic	cables	delivered	pre-terminated	
•	 Internally	wetted	contacts	for	binary	status	inputs                   to	length	and	includes	DC	power	wiring
•	 High	speed	trip-rated	solid	state	relay	outputs                    •	 No	configuration	required	in	the	switchyard
•	 Universal	DC	transducer	inputs	for	RTDs,	                          •	 Rack-mounted	Cross	Connect	Panels	provide	dedicated	
   potentiometer,	DC	voltage	or	DC	milliamps                             point-to-point	passive	connections	between	devices
                                                                      •	 Rack-mounted	Cross	Connect	Panels	distribute	DC	power	to	
Communications                                                           switchyard	devices

•	 IEC	61850	9-2	Sampled	Values
•	 IEC	61850	8-1	GOOSE
•	 100	Base-BX	bi-direction	fiber	optic	Ethernet	channels

g          Digital Energy
                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                              An Industrial Revolution                              overall	labor	associated	with	the	tasks	of	             •	 Reduces	specialized	on-site	labor	by	
                                                                                    designing,	 documenting,	 installing	 and	                 shifting	spending	to	readily	available	
                              for Protection & Control                              testing	protection	and	control	systems.	By	                materials	
                              The	 HardFiber	 Process	 Bus	 System	                 specifically	 targeting	 copper	 wiring	 and	           •	 Improves	employee	safety	by	leaving	
                              represents	 a	 true	 breakthrough	 in	 the	           all	 of	 the	 labor	 it	 requires,	 the	 HardFiber	        potentially	dangerous	high-energy	
                              installation	 and	 ownership	 of	 protection	         System	allows	for	greater	utilization	and	                 signals	in	the	switchyard	
                              and	 control	 systems,	 by	 reducing	 the	            optimization	of	resources	with	the	ultimate	
                                                                                                                                            •	 Reduces	the	chances	for	operational	
                              overall	 labor	 required	 for	 substation	            goal	of	reducing	the	Total	Life	Cost	(TLC)	for	
                                                                                                                                               mistakes	made	during	isolation	and	
                              design,	 construction,	 and	 testing.	 This	          protection	&	control.
                                                                                                                                               restoration	for	routine	maintenance
                              innovative	 solution	 addresses	 the	 three	
                              key	 issues	 driving	 the	 labor	 required	 for	                                                              •	 Built	on	the	Universal	Relay	(UR)	family,	
                              protection	and	control	design,	construction	          Key Benefits of the                                        allowing	for	fast	transition	into	most	
                              and	testing:                                          HardFiber System                                           protection	and	control	applications	
                                                                                    The	 underlying	 driver	 for	 the	 HardFiber	
IEC 61850 Process Bus

                              •	 Every	substation	is	unique	making	                                                                           •	   Generator	protection
                                                                                    System	is	the	reduction	of	Total	Life	Costs	
                                 design	and	drafting	a	one-off	solution	                                                                      •	   Transformer	protection
                                                                                    of	protection	and	control	through	labor	and	
                                 for	every	station                                                                                            •	   Transmission	Line	protection
                                                                                    resource	optimization.	This	optimization	is	
                              •	 Miles	of	copper	wires	needs	to	be	                 achieved	 by	 replacing	 individual,	 labor-              •	   Bus	protection
                                 pulled,	spliced	and	terminated                     intensive,	 individually	 terminated	 copper	             •	   Feeder	protection
                                                                                    wires	with	standardized	physical	interfaces	              •	   Motor	Protection
                              •	 Time	consuming	testing	and	
                                                                                    and	open	digital	communications	                          •	   Capacitor	Bank	protection
                                 troubleshooting	of	thousands	of	
                                                                                                                                              •	   Wide-Area	network	protection
                                 connections	must	be	performed	by	
                                 skilled	personnel                                  •	 Reduces	up	to	50%	of	labor	for	
                                                                                       protection	&	control	

                              The	 HardFiber	 System	 was	 designed	 to	            •	 Replaces	extensive	copper	wiring	with	
                              address	these	challenges	and	reduce	the	                 pre-terminated	copper	and	fiber	cables

                                Save Up To 50% Of your Protection & Control Labor...

                                 Traditional Substation

                                                                                           +                                                 =
                                 Materials                                       Labor
                                 • Relays	                                       •	Head	Office	Engineering	and	Drafting
                                 •	Copper	Cabling                                •	Construction	&	Installation	
                                 •	Terminal	Blocks
                                                                                 • Commissioning	and	Testing	
                                 •	Test	Switches
                                                                                 • On-going	Maintenance
                                 • Misc.	Materials

                              Traditional substation designs require large amounts of skilled labor to create engineering drawings, pull and terminate miles of copper cables, and test and
                              troubleshoot thousands of connections.

                                                                                                           HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

The Challenges of                                       the	 labor	 requirements	 being	 the	 on-site	
                                                        labor.	 This	 labor	 is	 almost	 exclusively	
Copper Wiring                                           manual,	 with	 very	 little	 opportunity	 of	
With	 the	 introduction	 and	 progression	              automation	or	optimization.	The	end	result	
of	 microprocessor-based	 protection	                   is	a	very	labor-intensive	and	error-prone	
and	 control	 devices,	 there	 has	 been	 the	          process	 that	 adds	 significant	 time	 and	
continued	integration	of	discrete	functions	            cost	to	every	project	and	makes	long-term	
into	 a	 single	 device.	 This	 integration	            maintenance	 and	 changes	 difficult	 to	
has	 delivered	 cost	 savings	 in	 terms	 of	           implement.
materials,	 but	 the	 installation	 uses	 the	
same	 labor-intensive	 technology	 dating	
back	to	electromechanical	relays.
                                                                                                                  Extensive amounts of copper cables need
                                                                                                                  to be distributed from each switchyard
Copper	wiring	is	installed	in	a	substation	                                                                       apparatus back to the control house

                                                                                                                                                                       IEC 61850 Process Bus
to	 integrate	 the	 protection	 and	 control	
devices	by	providing	a	set	of	signal	paths	
to	 move	 raw	 information,	 in	 the	 form	 of	
analog	currents	and	voltages,	representing	
the	status	of	and	controlling	the	operation	
of	the	primary	power	system.	These	copper	
wires	have	an	extremely	low	signal	density,	
and	 the	 installation	 details	 are	 highly	
dependent	on	each	specific	application.

The	 process	 of	 designing,	 installing	 and	
testing	all	of	these	copper	connections	is	
exceedingly	labor-intensive,	with	most	of	                Many connections need to be made in each                Thousands of terminations need to be
                                                          apparatus in the high voltage equipment                 connected and tested for each protection and
                                                          switchyard                                              control device found in the control house

  Designing... Documenting... Installing... Testing...

  HardFiber Substation

                                                              +                                                  =
  Materials                                        Labor
                                                                                                                             CUT P&C LABOR
  • Relays                                         •	Head	Office	Engineering	and	Drafting
  •	Cabling                                        •	Construction	&	Installation	

  • Patch	Panel                                    • Commissioning	and	Testing	

                                                   • On-going	Maintenance

The HardFiber System replaces labor-intensive processes with quick installation, off-the-shelf equipment and made-to-order cables.

                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                                Brick - Hardened Switchyard Interface                                                 Outdoor Fiber Cables
                                •	 Performs	all	measurement	and	control	for	                                          •	 Point-to-point	fiber	communications	and	
                                   primary apparatus                                                                     fused power supply
                                •	 Suitable	for	outdoor	installation	-	IP-66,	                                        •	 Cut	to	length,	pre-terminated	cables	require	
                                   -40°C to 85°C                                                                         no field splicing
                                •	 Error-proof	copper	and	fiber	installation	                                         •	 Extremely	rugged:	run	in	cable	trays,	pull	
                                   via standard connectors                                                               through	conduits,	direct	bury

                                  HardFiber - Save Up To 50% On Protection & Control Labor
IEC 61850 Process Bus

                                                                       1                                                                          1


                                                               1                                                                                 2
                                                                                     •	 Low	density	copper	needs	1000s	                                                  •	 Outdoor	cables	carry	copper	wires	
                                                                                        of terminations                                                                     to control building

                              Before                                                 •	 Manual,	one-by-one	installation	                                                 •	 Miles	of	copper	wire	throughout	a	
                                                                                                                                                                            typical switchyard
                                                                                       by highly skilled workers

                                               Traditional breaker wiring                                                         Traditional cable trenches

                                                                                     •	 Eliminate	33%	of	breaker	                                                        •	 Reduce	copper	cabling	needed	
                              After                                                     terminations                                                                        by 40%
                              HardFiber                                              •	 Easy	replacement	of	Bricks	                                                      •	 Pre-terminated	fiber	cables	
                                                                                        reduces maintenance                                                                 ensure high quality

                                               All copper wiring ends at the Brick                                                Outdoor fiber cable replaces copper
                                                                                                                                  wiring in trenches

                                                                                                                           HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                Cross Connect Panel                                                                  Universal Relay IEC 61850 Process Card
                •	 Breaks	out	fiber	communication	channels	                                          •	 Communications	interface	between	the	relay	
                   from Bricks and devices                                                              and up to 8 Bricks
                •	 Mapping	is	‘hard-fibered’	using	simple	                                           •	 Communicates	with	Bricks	to	operate	primary	
                   patch cord connections                                                               power systems apparatus
                •	 No	firmware,	settings,	or	maintenance	                                            •	 Secure	real-time	system	health	monitoring		

                                                                                                                                                                               IEC 61850 Process Bus
                                          3            4

                3                                                                               4
                                       •	 Thousands	of	hand	wired	                                                          •	 Thousands	of	connections	to	
                                          terminations into a rack                                                             protection and control devices
                                       •	 Labor-intensive	using	specialized	                                                •	 Manual	wiring	prone	to	errors	and	
                                          workers                                                                              extended	testing

Thousands of individual copper wires                                             Labor-intensive copper wiring on
from switchyard                                                                  relay panels

                                       •	 Eliminate	90%	of	control	building	                                                •	 Power	system	protection	behaves	
                                          terminations                                                                         as today
                                       •	 Fewer	high	energy	signals	improve	                                                •	 Built	on	established	Universal	Relay	
                                          employee safety                                                                      platform

Fiber cross connect panels replace                                               Only fiber connections at the relay via
copper terminations                                                              the UR IEC 61850 Process Card

                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                              What is IEC 61850                                     Adhering	to	existing	practices:                        Added	benefits:

                              Process Bus?                                          •	 Providing	a	complete	system	with	                   •	 Reduce	dedicated	on-site	labor	with	
                                                                                       all	the	necessary	components	for	                      pre-fabricated	material	to	reduce	costs
                              Process	Bus	is	a	term	used	to	describe	a	
                                                                                       measurement,	control,	and	protection                •	 Is	practical	to	commission	and	maintain
                              protection	 and	 control	 system	 that	 uses	
                              a	digital	communications	architecture	to	             •	 Covering	all	utility	substation	protection	         •	 Is	as	reliable	as	existing	protection	and	
                              carry	information	between	the	switchyard	                applications                                           control	systems
                              and	 protection	 and	 control	 devices	 in	           •	 Being	understood	and	deployed	by	the	               •	 Uses	an	open	IEC	61850	Process	Bus	
                              the	 control	 building.	 This	 information	              current	utility	workforce                              architecture	that	can	supports	multi-
                              consists	 of	 sampled	 values,	 equipment	                                                                      vender	applications
                              status	and	output	commands.	IEC	61850	
                                                                                                                                           •	 Is	scalable	and	can	be	integrated	into	
                              is	the	international	standard	that	defines	
                                                                                                                                              existing	substation	designs
                              the	 specific	 communication	 protocol	 for	
                              Process	 Bus	 implementations	 used	 for	                 Copper connections from
IEC 61850 Process Bus

                              protection	and	control	applications.                      apparatus are made directly to
                                                                                        Bricks and end in the switchyard

                              HardFiber Process Bus
                              System                                                                                                                A single fiber optic connection replaces
                                                                                                                                                    dozens of wires on a protection relay
                              The	HardFiber	System	is	a	KEMA	tested	IEC	
                              61850	 Process	 Bus	 Solution	 that	 allows	
                              the	 mapping	 of	 measurements	 made	
                              in	 the	 switchyard	 to	 protection	 relays	
                              located	in	the	control	house	using	secure	
                              communications.	 The	 HardFiber	 System	
                              addresses	 the	 key	 technical	 and	 logistic	
                              challenges	 affecting	 the	 labor	 required	
                              for	 substation	 design,	 construction	 and	
                              maintenance.		This	unique	system	provides	
                              a	 total	 labor	 saving	 solution	 and	 yet	 still	
                              adheres	 to	 the	 practices	 used	 today	 for	                                                                   A single fiber patch cord makes all
                              protective	relaying	and	control.                                                                                 of the connections between relays
                                                                                                                                               and Bricks

                              The HardFiber System uses IEC 61850 to communicate measurements and commands between Bricks and relays in the control building over dedicated point-to-point
                              fiber optic connections that avoids cyber-security issues altogether.

                                                                                                              HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                                                         System Architecture                                       Keeping	 true	 to	 the	 existing	 topology	 of	
                                                                                                                   traditional	 substations,	 each	 protection	
                                                         The	architecture	of	the	HardFiber	System	is	
                                                                                                                   and	 control	 device	 included	 in	 the	 zone	
                                                         driven	by	the	mapping	of	signals	between	
                                                                                                                   of	 protection	 will	 be	 connected	 directly	
                                                         the	primary	apparatus	and	the	protection	
                                                                                                                   to	 Bricks	 through	 dedicated	 fiber	 optic	
                                                         and	control	devices.		

                                                         The	 measurement	 of	 field	 signals	 and	
                                                                                                                   This	 simple,	 purpose-driven	 architecture	
                                                         respective	mapping	of	these	signals,	using	
                                                                                                                   that	uses	the	IEC	61850	open	standard	for	
                                                         the	 open	 IEC	 61850	 communications	
                                                                                                                   communications,	provides	dedicated	point-
                                                         protocol,	back	to	the	control	house	is	done	
                                                                                                                   to-point	 connections	 between	 the	 Brick	
                                                         through	a	hardened	interface	device	called	
                                                                                                                   and	protective	relays	without	introducing	
                                                         the	HardFiber	Brick.		
                                                                                                                   any	issues	relating	to	data	synchronization,	
Each Brick transmits measurements and accepts                                                                      setting	management	or	Cyber-Security.

                                                                                                                                                                               IEC 61850 Process Bus
controls from up to 4 separate protection and            Using	made-to-order	Outdoor	Fiber	Cables	
control devices.                                         connecting	 the	 Brick	 to	 a	 Cross	 Connect	
                                                         Panel	 in	 the	 control	 house	 provides	 fast	
                                                         and	 error-proof	 installation	 without	 the	
                                                         need	for	on-site	splicing	or	terminating.	

The HardFiber System can easily be incrementally scaled to include new equipment as stations evolve. Duplicated Bricks in the switchyard provide a drastic improvement
in reliability and security over today’s technology.

                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

                              Scalability                                              Reliability,	                                            The Challenge for
                              The	 true	 test	 of	 any	 system,	 including	            Dependability,	Security                                  Utilities
                              a	 Process	 Bus	 system,	 is	 its	 ability	 to	
                                                                                       The	 HardFiber	 System	 provides	 an	                    Modern	 electricity	 companies	 deal	 with	
                              incrementally	 scale	 up	 to	 meet	 specific	
                                                                                       unprecedented	 level	 of	 diagnostics	 and	              many	 individual	 challenges	 every	 day	
                              applications	 without	 adversely	 affecting	
                                                                                       self-checking,	allowing	critical	protection	             with	 one	 of	 the	 largest	 being	 the	 ability	
                              the	other	devices	in	the	system.	Today’s	
                                                                                       and	control	systems	to	do	something	that	                to	 address	 the	 constant	 inflationary	
                              protection	 and	 control	 systems	 are	
                                                                                       they	 have	 never	 done	 before	 –	 operate	             pressures	 on	 both	 labor	 and	 materials	
                              already	naturally	scalable.
                                                                                       without	routine	maintenance.                             while	still	having	to	manage	their	demand	
                                                                                                                                                for	increase	in	load	by	their	customers.
                              The	challenge	for	communication-based	
                                                                                       Internal	diagnostics	and	self-tests	within	
                              protection	 systems	 becomes	 making	
                                                                                       each	 Brick	 monitor	 dozens	 of	 critical	              The	 HardFiber	 IEC	 61850	 Process	 Bus	
                              extensions	 and	 modifications	 without	
                                                                                       internal	 subsystems	 and	 provide	 this	                System	is	a	solution	that	addresses	these	
                              disrupting	 the	 in-service	 protection	 and	
                                                                                       information	 several	 hundred	 times	                    very	concerns	and	provides	utilities	with	a	
IEC 61850 Process Bus

                              control	system.
                                                                                       per	 second.	 Duplicate	 Bricks	 can	 be	                means	to	reduce	the	labor	associated	with	
                                                                                       provisioned	to	acquire	each	input	signal	                substation	 construction	 and	 expansion,	
                              By	recognizing	that	the	mapping	between	                 twice,	 allowing	 protection	 and	 control	              and	at	the	same	time	uses	technologies	
                              power	system	signals	and	protection	and	                 devices	 to	 continuously	 crosscheck	                   and	 methodologies	 familiar	 to	 existing	
                              control	devices	is	fundamentally	driven	by	              critical	 protection	 measurements	 before	              resources	and	skill	sets.
                              the	topology	of	the	underlying	substation,	              executing	commands	via	fully	redundant	
                              the	 HardFiber	 System	 is	 optimally	                   outputs.
                              partitioned	 and	 connected	 to	 allow	 for	
                              additions,	modifications	and	upgrades	to	
                                                                                       With	the	HardFiber	redundant	architecture,	
                              the	system	–	without	risking	interruption	
                                                                                       each	protection	and	control	device	can	be	
                              or	 degradation	 to	 critical	 in-service	
                                                                                       configured	to	maximize	dependability	and	
                                                                                       security,	 addressing	 specific	 application	

                              Dedicated Digital Cores within each Brick allows for application additions and modifications without affecting other devices accepting information from the

                                                                                                                               HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

Technical Specifications
BRICK INPUTS                                                          Operate	time           <4ms                                  IEC 61850 COMMUNICATIONS
AC CURRENT                                                            Min.	number	of	        10,000                                Sampled	Values	            IEC	61850	9-2
Number	of	Inputs         4	or	8                                       operations                                                   Max.	Sampling	Rate         128	samples/cycle
CT	rated	secondary       1A	or	5A                                     Control	mode           Separate	close	and	open	              SV	Datasets	per	SV	        8
Nominal	frequency        50	Hz	or	60	Hz                                                      commands.	Under	conflicting	          Frame
Relay	burden             <	0.2	VA	at	rated	secondary                                         commands,	the	output	shall	open       SV	Fast	Dataset            11	Analogue	values	(Type	INT32)
Conversion	range         0	to	46	×	CT	rating	RMS	                     FORM-C RELAy (2)                                              SV	Dataset Data	Items                             Samples	 Per	
                         symmetrical                                  Maximum	Voltage         280VDC                                                                                  SV	Frame
Current	withstand        20	ms	at	250	times	rated                     Maximum	continuous	 8A                                        Fast          Analogue	Values:	11	(INT32)
                         1	sec.	at	100	times	rated	                   current                                                                     Status	Indications:	3	x	32	(Packed	       8
                         Continuous	at	3	times	rated                  Make	and	carry	for	     30A	as	per	ANSI/IEEE	C37.90                         List	per	IEC	61850	8-1	8.135)
AC VOLTAGE                                                            0.2s                                                          Slow          Analogue	Values:	6	(INT16)
VT	rated	secondary       25.0	to	240.0	V                              Breaking	capacity       (L/R=40	ms)                                         Status	 Indications:	 32	 (Packed	        1
Number	of	Inputs         4	or	0                                        DC	Voltage DC	Current                                                      List	per	IEC	61850	8-1
Nominal	frequency        50	Hz	or	60	Hz                                24	V          1	A
Relay	burden             <	0.25	VA	at	120	V,	60	Hz                                                                                 Commands	                  IEC	61850	8-1
                                                                       48	V          0.5	A
Conversion	range         0	to	260	V	RMS                                                                                            Commands	to	Brick	sent	as	properly	configured	GOOSE	
                                                                       125	V         0.3	A                                         messages	as	defined	in	“GE	Multilin	Technical	Description	
Voltage	withstand        continuous	at	260	V	to	neutral,	1	            250	V         0.2	A
                         min./hr	at	420	V	to	neutral                                                                               for	Interoperability”
                                                                      Operate	time            <8ms                                 BRICK OUTDOOR FIBER CABLES
CONTACT INPUTS (18)                                                   Min.	number	of	         10,000
Wetting	power             Brick	internal	24VDC	power	supply	                                                                       OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS
                                                                      operations                                                   Optical	Fibers             4
External	contacts         dry	contact,	dry	solid	state	contact        BRICK COMMUNICATIONS
Voltage	threshold         6±1VDC                                                                                                   Fiber	Type                 Graded	Index,	Multimode	

                                                                                                                                                                                                            IEC 61850 Process Bus
                                                                      Brick	transceiver       1310nm	TX/1550	nm	RX,	100Mb/s,	                                 (50/125	mm)
Speed                     Refreshed	at	sampling	rate                                          bidirectional	1-Fiber	50/125um,	
Current	Draw              >	2.5	mA	at	6VDC,	5	mA	at	0VDC                                                                           Specification              MIL-PRF	49291/1-01
                                                                                              complies	with	IEEE	802.3	100	        Maximum	Distance           500	m	(1650	ft)
UNIVERSAL	DC	INPUTS	(3)                                                                       Base-BX-U
MODE                      RTD                                                                                                      ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES
                                                                      MULTI-MODE MODULE                                            Power	Conductors           (2)
Types	(3-wire)            100	Ω	Platinum,	100	&	120	Ω	
                                                                      Optical	transmit	power -14dbm~-8dbm                          Size                       1.31	mm2	(16	AWG)
                                                                      Maximum	optical	input	 -8dbm                                 Voltage	Rating             600	VAC
Sensing	current           2.5	mA                                      power
Range                     –50	to	+250°C                                                                                            Shield                     Aluminium/polyester	tape
                                                                      Optical	received		      -30dbm                               Drain	Wire                 0.33	mm2	(22	AWG)	stranded	
Accuracy                  ±2°C                                        sensitivity
External	lead	            25Ω	maximum	per	lead                                                                                                                tinned	copper
                                                                      Terminus                Socket	terminus	M29504/5             MECHANICAL PROPERTIES
resistance                                                            BRICK ENVIRONMENTAL
MODE                      DCMV                                                                                                     Jacket                     FR	LSZH	polyurethane,	rodent	
                                                                      TEMPERATURE RANGES                                                                      resistant
Type                      differential	input                          Storage                 -40	to	+85ºC
Range                     ±5VDC                                                                                                    Cable	O.D.                 12	mm	(0.5	in)	nominal
                                                                      Continuous	Operating -40	to	+70ºC                            Maximum	Installation	 1780	N	(400	lbs)
Input	impedance           ≥500k	Ω.                                    OTHER
Accuracy                  ±0.2mVDC	or	0.1%	of	reading,	                                                                            Tension
                                                                      Altitude                up	to	2000m                          Maximum	Operating	 670	N	(150	lbs)
                          whichever	is	greater                        Installation	Category II
MODE                      DCMA                                                                                                     Tension
                                                                      IP	rating               IP66,	NEMA	4X                        Minimum	Bend	Radius	 25	cm	(10	in)
Current	input	(mA	DC) 0	to	–1,	0	to	+1,	–1	to	+1,	0	to	5,	0	          BRICK TyPE TESTS
                          to	10,	0-20,	4-20                                                                                        (Installation)
                                                                      Cold                    IEC	60068-2-1,	16	h	at	–40ºC         Minimum	Bend	Radius	 12	cm	(5	in)
0	to	20,	4	to	20                                                      Dry	heat                IEC	60068-2-2,	16	h	at	+85ºC         (Operating)
External	resistor         200	Ω	±	0.2	Ω                               Humidity                IEC	60068-2-30,	55ºC,	>95%,	         Cable	Weight               164	kg/km	(110	lbs/1000	ft)
Conversion	range          –1	to	+	20	mA	DC                                                    Variant	1,	6	days                    ENVIRONMENTAL
Accuracy                  ±0.2%	of	1mA	or	0.2%	of	reading,	           Temperature/humidity	 IEC	60068-2-38,	-10°C	to	+65°C
                          whichever	is	greater                                                                                     Storage	Temperature -40°	to	+85°C
                                                                      cyclic                                                       Operating	                 -40°	to	+85°C
MODE                      POTENTIOMETER                               IP	rating               IEC	60529,	NEMA	250	                 Temperature
Range                     2k	Ω	to	20k	Ω                               Solar	radiation         IEC	60068-2-9,	MIL-STD-810F	         BRICK COPPER CABLES
Sensing	voltage           5V                                                                  Method	505.4	procedure	II	           ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES
Accuracy                  ±5mVdc                                                              worldwide	deployment                 Voltage	Rating             600V
BRICK POWER SUPPLy                                                    Vibration               IEC	60255-21-1	2G	class	2            Conductor Information
Nominal	DC	voltage        110V	to	250V                                Shock	and	bump          IEC	60255-21-2	class	2
Min/Max	DC	voltage        88V	to	300V                                                                                               Cable Type               Conductors
                                                                      Seismic                 IEC	60255-21-3,	ANSI/IEEE	C37.98      Outputs	(CUB)            16	x	1.31	mm2	(16AWG)
Nominal	AC	voltage        100	to	240V	at	50/60Hz                      Insulation              ANSI/IEEE	C37.90,	IEC	60255-5
Min/Max	AC	voltage        88/264V	at	25	to	100Hz                                                                                    Inputs	(CUC)             29	x	1.31	mm2	(16	AWG)
                                                                      Impulse                 5kV	impulse                           CC55	AC	Input	Cable	 16	x	3.31	mm2	(12AWG)
Power	consumption         <25W                                        Dielectric	strength     3kVAC/1min	for	AC	inputs,	
VOLTAGE INTERRUPTION                                                                                                                (CUD-CC55)
                                                                                              2.3kVAC/1min	for	others               CV50	AC	Input	Cable	 8	x	3.31	mm2	(12AWG),8	x	
Hold-Up	time*             0	ms                                        Insulation	resistance 100MΩ	at	500VDC                         (CUD-CV50)               1.31	mm2	(16AWG)
Brick	recovery	time** 1	ms                                            Electrostatic	discharge ANSI/IEEE	C37.90.3,	IEC	              CC11	AC	Input	Cable	 16	x	1.31	mm2	(16AWG)
Voltage	withstand         2*	Highest	Nominal	Voltage	for	                                     60255-22-2	Class	4,	8kV	C/15kV	A      (CUD-CC11)
                          10ms,	220Vac+20%	continuously               Fast	transient                                                CV10	AC	Input	Cable	 16	x	1.31	mm2	(16AWG)
BRICK OUTPUTS                                                           IEC	60255-22-4        2.5kV	at	5kHz,	4kV	at	2.5kV           (CUD-CV10)
SOLID-STATE OUTPUT RELAy (4)                                            IEEE	C37.90.1         4kV	for	common	mode	test	and	
Operate	and	release	 <100us                                                                   transverse	mode	test                 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES
time                                                                    IEC	60255-22-1        2.5kV	for	common	mode	test,	1	kV	    Jacket                     FR	PVC
Maximum	voltage           280VDC                                                              for	differential	mode	test           Cable	Sizes
Maximum	continuous	 5	A	continuous	at	+45°C,	                           IEEE	C37.90.1         2.5kV	for	common	mode	test	and	       Cable Type               Cable O.D.
current                   4	A	continuous	at	+65°C                                             transverse	mode	test                  Outputs	(CUB)            18	mm	(0.7	in)
Make	and	Carry	           300A	DC,	0.03s,	25oC                          IEC-1000-4-12         2.5kV	for	common	mode	test	and	       Inputs	(CUC)             25	mm	(1.0	in)
Current                   30A	DC,	0.2	s	(ANSI	C37.90)                                         differential	mode	test                CC55	AC	Input	Cable	 23	mm	(0.9	in)
                          20A	DC,	1	min,	25oC                         Surge                   IEC	60225-22-5,	4kV	for	common	       (CUD-CC55)
Breaking Capacity                                                                             mode	test,	2kV	for	transverse	        CV50	AC	Input	Cable	 23	mm	(0.9	in)
                      UL508           Utility	App.   Industrial	                              mode	test                             (CUD-CV50)
                                     (Autoreclose	      App.          Magnetic	Field	                                               CC11	AC	Input	Cable	 18	mm	(0.7	in)
                                        Scheme)                       Immunity                                                      (CUD-CC11)
 Operations/ 5000	ops/1	s-On,	           5	ops/     10000	ops/          IEC	61000-4-8         1000A/m	for	3s,	100A/m	for	           CV10	AC	Input	Cable	 18	mm	(0.7	in)
    Interval         9	s-Off            0.2	s-On,     0.2	s-On                                continuous                            (CUD-CV10)
               1000	ops/0.5	s-On,	 0.2	s-Off,         30	s-Off          IEC	61000-4-9         1000A/m                              INDOOR FIBER CABLES
                    0.5	s-Off           within	1	                     Radiated	immunity                                            OPTICAL PROPERTIES
                                         minute                         IEC	60255-22-3        35V/m	at	80/160/450/900MHz           Optical	Fibers	            4
     Break	 3.2	A	at	L/R=10	ms 10	A	at	L/            10	A	at	L/         IEC	60255-22-3        35V/m	from	80M~1000MHz               Fiber	Type                 Graded	Index,	Multimode	(50/125	
  Capability	 1.6	A	at	L/R=20	ms        R=40	ms       R=40	ms           IEC	50204	            35V/m	at	900/1890MHz                                            mm
   (0	to	250	                        30	A	at	L/R=	 30	A	at		L/          IEEE	C37.90.2         35V/m	from	25M~1000MHz               MECHANICAL PROPERTIES
      VDC)     0.8	A	at	L/R=40	ms         4ms         R=	4ms            IEC	60255-22-6        35V/m	from	150k~80MHz                Jacket                     FR	LSZH	polyurethane
LATCHING RELAy (1)                                                      IEC	61000-4-16        30V,	300V/1s	from	0~150kHz           Cable	O.D.                 8	mm	(0.3	in)	nominal
Maximum	voltage           280VDC                                      Electromagnetic	        IEC	60255-25/CISPR11/22	class	A      Maximum	Installation	 2180	N	(490	lbs)
Maximum	continuous	 6A                                                emission                                                     Tension
current                                                               BRICK PRODUCTION TESTS                                       Maximum	Operating	 490	N	(110	lbs)
Make	and	carry	for	       30A	as	per	ANSI/IEEE	C37.90                 Products	go	through	an	environmental	test	based	upon	an	     Tension
0.2s                                                                  Accepted	Quality	Level	(AQL)	sampling	process                Minimum	Bend	Radius	 13	cm	(5	in)
Breaking	capacity         (L/R=40	ms)                                 APPROVALS                                                    (Installation)
 DC	Voltage DC	Current                                                CE                      CE	LVD	2006/95/EC:	EN/IEC	           Minimum	Bend	Radius	 6	cm	(2.5	in)
 24	V          1	A                                                                            61010-1:	2001	/	EN60255-5	2000       (Operating)
 48	V          0.5	A                                                                          CE	EMC	89/336/EEC:	EN	60255-26	      Cable	Weight               50	kg/km	(34	lbs/1000	ft)
                                                                                              2004-08                              ENVIRONMENTAL
 125	V         0.3	A
 250	V         0.25	A                                                                                                              Storage	Temperature -40°	to	+85°C
                                                                                                                                   Operating	                 -40°	to	+85°C
* Maximum	interruption	duration	for	which	Brick	opera-         ** Maximum	duration	between	application	of	rated	power	
  tion	is	unaffected.	The	Brick	complies	with	type	tests	         supply	voltage	and	Brick	ready	to	provide	full	service.
  applicable	to	power	supply	terminals

                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

IEC 61850 Process Bus

                                                HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution

Cross Connect Panel

                                                                                                    IEC 61850 Process Bus

Outdoor Brick Cable

                         HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution


                                 Brick	           -	   4	         -	   HI	   -	    ****	   	   Brick	base	unit,	4	digital	cores,	125/250	VDC	nominal	power	supply
                                 CT/VT	Inputs		   	    	          	     	    	     CC55	   	   5A/5A	8xCT	Inputs
                                 	                	    	          	     	    	     CV50	   	   5A	4xCT	&	4xVT	Inputs
                                 	                	    	          	     	    	     CC11	   	   1A/1A	8xCT	Inputs
                                 	                	    	          	     	    	     CV10	   	   1A	4xCT	&	4xVT	Inputs

                                 Cross Connect Panel

                                 XPC	             -	        16	        -	         HI	          HardFiber	Cross	Connect	Panel,	16	positions,	125/250	V	DC	Distribution
IEC 61850 Process Bus

                                 Fiber Cables
                                 FOA	             -	   0000	           -	     M***	            O
                                                                                               	 utdoor	Brick	connection	cable,	four	fiber	optic	cores	plus	copper	DC	supply	
                                 Cable	Length	     	     	              	     001	             1	meter	to	500	meters	(3	feet	to	1650	feet)

                                 FOR	             -	    0000	          -	     M***	            Indoor	relay	fiber	cable,	four	fiber	optic	cores	
                                 Cable	Length	     	      	             	     003	

                                 Brick Copper Cables

                                 CUB	             -	    0000	          -	     M***	        	   Contact	Output	Cable	
                                 Cable	Length	     	      	             	     002	         	   2	meters	(6	feet)
                                 	                 	      	             	     005	         	   5	meters	(16	feet)	
                                 	                 	      	             	     010	         	   10	meters	(32	feet)
                                 	                 	      	             	     020	         	   20	meters	(64	feet)

                                 CUC	             -	   0000	           -	    M***	             Contact	&	Transducer	Input	Cable
                                 Cable	Length	     	     	              	    002	              2	meters	(6	feet)
                                 	                 	     	              	    005	              5	meters	(16	feet)	
                                 	                 	     	              	    010	              10	meters	(32	feet)
                                 	                 	     	              	    020	              20	meters	(64	feet)

                                 CUD	             -	   ****	           -	     M***		           AC	Input	Cable
                                 CT/VT	Inputs		    	   CC55	            	       	              5A/5A	8xCT	Inputs
                                 	                 	   CV50	            	       	              5A	4xCT	&	4xVT	Inputs
                                 	                 	   CC11	            	       	              1A/1A	8xCT	Inputs
                                 	                 	   CV10	            	       	              1A	4xCT	&	4xVT	Inputs
                                 Cable	Length	     	     	              	     002	             2	meters	(6	feet)
                                 	                 	     	              	     005	             5	meters	(16	feet)
                                 	                 	     	              	     010	             10	meters	(32	feet)
                                 	                 	     	              	     020	             20	meters	(64	feet)