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					  { Computer Vision ..

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Outline :
•Images ( Types of image and Image
 Analysis ).
•Tasks of computer vision.
•Computer vision and other fields .
•Computer vision applications.
•Computer vision system.
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 { introduction :
•Computer vision is a subfield of computer Science.
•It’s a general term for the whole field, including
image processing, image analysis, image
•It’s the same as Machine Vision.

It has a:

• History of more than 40 years
• Important applications.
{ What is computer vision?

 Computer vision is the science and technology of
   machines that see. And it’s concerned with the
   theory for building artificial systems that obtain
   information from images.
  { Image..
- An image is a huge array of gray level (brightness) values of
  individual pixels.
- Taken individually, these numbers are almost meaningless,
  because they contain very little information about the scene.
- The conversion of this huge amount of arrays information into
  usable information is the subject of computer vision.
    Types of Images:
•   There are on two types of images
    used in computer vision:
1. Intensity images:
• Photograph like images encoding
    light intensities.
 2. Range images:
• Encoding shape and distance (sonar
    and laser).
      What is "Image Analysis"?
• Computing image components and their properties
 Fundamental Steps
- Preprocessing (Image enhancement and Image
- - Segmentation (Isolating objects ).
- Feature Extraction (description).
- Classification (Object recognition).
    { computer vision tasks ..
•    Each application area employ a range of computer vision
     tasks Some examples of typical computer vision tasks are:

1.   Recognition.
2.   Motion.
3.   Scene reconstruction.
4.   Image restoration.
{ Exploration of Related fields..
  { Related fields..
• Computer vision encompasses many fields
  such as robotic vision, AI, optics and
  biological vision.

• It is mainly focused on machine vision that
  uses image processing and image capture
  systems to extract information from an
  image .
{ Robot vision..
    • The field of robot vision guidance is developing
    The benefits of robot vision technology includes:
    1. improving quality.
    2. safety.
    3. productivity.
    • Robot vision is used for part identification and
       vision applications generally deal with finding a
       part and orienting it for robotic handling or
       inspection before an application is performed.

  { Medical Field..
• This area is characterized by the extraction of
  information from image data for making medical
  diagnosis of a patient.

•Generally, image data is in the form of
microscopy images and X-ray images .

•This application area also supports medical research by
providing new information, e.g., about the structure of
the brain, or about the quality of medical treatments.
Example: Medical image analysis.
 An example of information which can be extracted from such
 image data is detection of tumors.

     Classification of materials in images of
                 the human head.
{ Artificial intelligent..
 •In the same way as human ,the first step to
 advancement in Artificial Intelligence is to sense and
 make sense.
 •Computer Vision is used to allow AI to identify and
 analyze a picture or components in a picture taken
 by sensory instruments. After identifying edges,
 objects, or patterns the AI can then act according to
 the stimulus given .
{ Important application areas..
• Industrial image processing
   process control, quality control and geometrical measurements.

• Robotics
   assembly, cooperation and autonomous systems.

• Monitoring
   event recognition, safety systems and data collection

• Document analysis
  handwritten character recognition and graphics recognition.
 { Conclusion:

• Computer Vision is an active research
  field with many research groups in
  countries all over the world.
• There exists a large body of research
  results to build on.
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