Searidge Technologies’ Computer vision-based Airport Surface
                                                      Detection (CASD) system is a Low Cost Ground Surveillance (LCGS)
                                                      system that revolutionizes the tracking of aircraft, service vehicles,
                                                      human and animal traffic in small-to-medium sized airports. By helping
                                                      operators identify and avoid possible runway incursions before they
                                                      happen, CASD can help improve traffic flow, increase overall safety
                                                      and avoid costly traffic tie-ups. In reduced visibility conditions, CASD
                                                      can see even if the operator can’t, helping limit the impact of adverse
                                                      weather, and keeping traffic flowing efficiently.
                                                      CASD provides this accurate tracking through the use of camera
                                                      sensor sets placed throughout monitored areas. Two camera sensor
                                                      sets are used to monitor a given area, which maximizes reliability in
                                                      providing a target’s positional accuracy.
                                                      CASD Camera Sensor sets incorporate the use of daylight/lowlight
                                                      cameras and thermal infrared cameras for continuous monitoring of
                                                      ground traffic in all-weather and low visibility conditions. The system
                                                      tracks both cooperative and non-cooperative targets on runway,
                                                      taxiway, and apron areas thus giving air traffic controllers a compre-
                                                      hensive picture of the ground traffic and allowing them to efficiently
                                                      direct traffic and mitigate congestion as it occurs. 24/7 monitoring
                                                      of “hot spots” enables a faster reaction time and mitigates the risk of
                                                      potential runway incursion.
                                                      CASD greatly enhances the information provided to Air Traffic
Key Benefits                                          Controllers and users, thus empowering them to make timely traffic
                                                      management decisions with a high degree of confidence. The CASD
• Avoid runway incursion                              System provides radar-like target data, and in cases of ambiguity,
                                                      the Air Traffic Controller has the ability to visually validate what s/he
• Eliminate blind spots                               is seeing on the screen by clicking the target and viewing real-time
                                                      video footage.
• Detect non-cooperative targets
• Improve traffic flow and avoid costly tie ups
• Increase overall safety
• Mitigate impact of adverse weather
• Minimal site preparation enabling easy
  installation and configuration
• More cost effective than traditional ASDE
  systems that require high-energy transmitters.
• CASD also requires no transponders or GPS
  systems, further reducing its cost
• Tracked target data can be fused with existing
  ground surveillance systems

System Components                                CASD System Configuration
                                                 A CASD system consists of a network of camera sensor sets with
CASD CORE Technology                             IntelliDAR™ as the core data acquisition and processing engine.
IntelliDAR™, Intelligent video based             Depending on the deployment requirements, optional modules can be
Detection and Range Processing system, is an     added such as a 3D display (CASD View), or CASD Vault.
enabling technology platform that is based on
state-of-the art image processing techniques.    CASD DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS
Video image data is captured and then pro-
cessed using a sophisticated set of algorithms   CASD Standalone System
which detect and correlate specific target       The CASD Standalone system is a Low Cost Ground Surveillance
attributes for dynamic scene analysis and        (LCGS) system provides detail coverage of traffic movement on the
video interpretation.                            airport surface to air traffic controllers, thus maximizing their situ-
                                                 ational awareness, minimizing pilot distraction, and mitigating the risk
CASD Camera Sensor Set                           of potential runway incursions.
A daylight/lowlight camera is coupled with a     CASD Add-On Features
thermal infrared camera to monitor ground
                                                 • Runway Incursion Detection Alarm
traffic in all-weather and low visibility        • Foreign Object and Debris (FOD) Detection
conditions.                                      • Interface to Runway Light Infrastructure
CASD Data Acquisition
The Data Acquisition component is respon-
sible for acquiring up to 2 video streams,
processing the information and transmitting      About Searidge Technologies
this information to the core.
                                                 Established in 2001, Searidge Technologies Inc. is a privately owned
CASD Vault                                       company based in Ottawa, Canada. Searidge Technologies has clients
                                                 throughout Canada and the United States, and is expanding globally.
The Vault stores raw video feed information,
including fully redundant storage and various
video compression features.                      Headquarters
                                                 Searidge Technologies Inc.
                                                 86 Promenade du Portage, Suite 100
Key Features                                     Hull, Quebec, Canada
                                                 J8X 2K1
• Fast target update rate (less than 1 second)   Telephone: (866) 799-1555
• High tracking accuracy rate          

• Infrared thermal imaging for reduced
  visibility conditions
• Scalable architecture
• Flexible implementation – from single
  hot-spot to full-surface solution
• Eliminate thermal phenomena such as heat
  spots on runway surface

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