Sweden Post Proposal by wvd19763


									                                                  POC SB DCG 2003_3 Doc 5 Annex 3

Sweden Post
International Mail

Comments on proposals in agenda item 5

Sweden Post has a strong need to segregate mail on a new parameter connected to sorting:
- level of presorting
- machine sortable or not

It is however not suitable to achieve this by using locally defined mail sub class code values
in the despatch identifier as this would require separate despatches for each mail sub class.
Secondly a sorting parameter is a different concept and should not be mixed up with mail
sub class.

One alternative that is mentioned in the proposal is to allow locally defined code values in
position 25, registered/insured indicator, in the receptacle barcode. At present this may
have either of 3 values:
0 = Receptacle does not contain registered/insured items
1 = Receptacle contains registered/insured items
9 = No information available in barcode

The segregation we want to achieve is only relevant for indicator value 0. Therefore we could
allow value 0 to be replaced with a locally defined alphabetic value including the original
meaning ”Does not contain registered/insured items”.

In addition the last receptacle indicator in position 24 should be able to be used in the same
way. There might be a need for a parameter for calculation of terminal dues to be included
in the barcode and position 24 could be reserved for this purpose.

Sweden Post proposes that:
- Position 25 in barcode may be used for locally defined alphabetic code values together
   with original meaning ”Does not contain registered/insured items”
- Position 24 in barcode is reserved for future use for terminal dues

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