Functions of the Export Promotion Department of the Guyana

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                        FOR INVESTMENT

   (1) Provide current and potential exporters with trade information for the successful
       exploitation of overseas markets

Hundreds of enquiries are facilitated, i.e. matchmaking is done where a foreign importer is
matched with exporters of various products. GoInvest, in collaboration with USAID, has
prepared the following market surveys for Guyanese exporters:- London, UK; Toronto, Canada;
New York and Florida State, USA; and most of the Caribbean countries:- Antigua & Barbuda,
Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the
cities of Boa Vista, Manaus and Belem in Northern Brazil. (See NewGMC website –

   (2) Assist exporters in promoting their products through participation in national and
       international exhibitions and Trade Missions

In addition to the Guyana Exposition (GUYEXPO) and Trade Shows organized by Trade
Promotion Organizations in various countries (Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Paris, France,
United Kingdom and Canada), GoInvest has been hosting Trade & Investment Expositions in the
following markets - Antigua & Barbuda; Barbados; Toronto, Canada; Paramaribo, Suriname;
Trinidad & Tobago; St. Lucia and New York, USA.

A list of the companies who attend these Trade Expositions is on the GoInvest website – (See Homepage).

For 2006, Guyana Trade & Investment Expositions will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA;
Kingston, Jamaica; Trinidad & Tobago; Barbados and probably Houston, Texas.

The Guyana Office for Investment provides a number of services to companies attending Trade
Expositions. These include the following:

      Publicity and advertising in the target markets
      Identification of prospective contacts, buyers, importers and agents
      Setting-up of initial appointments in markets visited
      Provision of relevant trade information (duties, tariffs, etc.)
      Briefing of participants prior to departure
      On spot assistance from GoInvest staff
      Coordination of travel and accommodation arrangements
      Provision of interpreters (when necessary)

One of the key objectives of these Trade Expositions is to introduce the participants to
companies that may be interested in forming a partnership or strategic alliance. The emphasis is
on exploiting the export and investment opportunities in the CARICOM Single Market (January
1, 2006) through direct business to business interactions.
   (3) Work closely with exporting organizations to ensure that problems affecting exports
       are expeditiously addressed.

GoInvest works closely with the Manufacturers’ & Services Association and Chambers of
Commerce to ensure that their members are able to export their products hassle-free. In addition,
we work closely with the Customs & Trade Departments in Guyana and overseas to alleviate
bureaucracy and bottlenecks for exporters/importers.

We have also prepared (in association with USAID and ITC) The Exporter Handbook which is a
basic reference tool and consultative resource for small businesses currently exporting and who
seek to expand their sales in foreign markets and also small businesses that are selling well
domestically and who now seek to enter the export markets.

The Guyana Office for Investment and the New Guyana Marketing Corporation assists micro,
small and medium enterprises to consolidate their exports in common containers to target

   (4) Advise Government on the formulation of National Export Policies and the
       implementation of such Policies.

GoInvest works closely with Ministries (Ministry of Foreign Trade & International Cooperation,
Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce) to formulate Export Strategies.

   (5) Develop information packages, seminars and training programs to assist new or
       inexperienced exporters.

Goinvest has produced and conducted workshops “Export 101 and 102” for exporters and has
also prepared a Handbook with answers to the most important questions exporters ask. (Contact
Export Promotion Officer – Uchenna Gibson at

   (6) Maintain directories of local producers and exporters and foreign buyers and

Exporters can contact GoInvest for list of overseas importers of seafood, wood/lumber products,
fresh fruits and vegetables, canned foods, souvenirs (handicraft), etc. In addition, GoInvest has
compiled lists of local suppliers of seafood, wood and wood products, handicraft, jewellery, etc.

There is also a list of one hundred and sixty-five (165) companies who have attended Guyana
Trade & Investment Expositions and other Expositions during the last three years; this list is on
the GoInvest website – (See Homepage)
   (7) Inward Missions of Foreign Buyers

GoInvest has hosted groups of buyers from various countries – Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China,
St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago and the United States of America during the Guyana Expositions
(GUYEXPO). These buyers were mainly looking to import seafood and woods products from

These Missions also included potential investors who explored investment opportunities in the
following sectors -: fresh and processed foods, forestry products, mining, eco-tourism,
information and communication technology and light manufacturing.

A number of investment projects have been established, through these initial contacts, in the
forestry, mining, eco-tourism and information and communication technology sectors.

   (8) Matchmaking between local exporters and foreign importers

The Guyana Office for Investment receives hundreds of requests daily, by email, fax and
telephone calls from overseas importers looking to import various products from Guyana.
GoInvest responds by sending a list of local suppliers to the importer and in addition, GoInvest
furnishes the suppliers with the contact details of the foreign importer.

   (9) Information Sharing

 The Guyana Office for Investment provides information to exporters and potential exporters
about preferential access and treatment in overseas markets, e.g. Caribbean Basin Initiative,
Caribbean/Canada Trade Agreement, Partial Scope Agreement between Guyana & Brazil, and
CARICOM Trade Agreements with Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba and the Dominican