Visit Sweden and Finland with TSC! by wvd19763



  Volume 36, No. 2                                                                           PUBLISHED BY THE TULSA SKI CLUB

Visit Sweden and Finland                                             waterfall. Our hotel even has
                                                                     a bowling center and indoor
                                                                                                        1600s, but also learn about
                                                                                                        the lifestyle of all the men and
                                                                     golf. There are also side trips    women on board. History,
with TSC!                                                            to experience here, including
                                                                     a Sami reindeer herders camp
                                                                                                        science, art – this museum has
                                                                                                        it all!
By John Sieler
                                                                     and ice caves.
                                                                                                        The trip includes airfare from
This year’s trip to Europe is                                        After three nights in Are, we’ll   Tulsa (thru Chicago), three
truly unique. Join Regina                                            head to Stockholm, the home        nights in Finland, three nights
Mullings and me to                                                   of the Nobel prizes. It is a       in Are, and three nights in
explore the best of the far        From there, we’ll fly to Are,
                                   Sweden, which is 300 miles        beautiful city that is both        Stockholm, breakfast each
North. This year’s trip is much                                      ancient and modern. We’ll          day, and city tours of Helsinki
later in the year and will         north of Stockholm and is not
                                   too far from the Arctic Circle.   visit one of my favorite           and Stockholm. Dates are
depart April 14. This will put                                       museums in the world, the          April 14-24, and the cost is
us in days of more daylight        Are (pronounced Ora) is one
                                   of the largest ski areas in       VasaMuseet. The Vasa is a          $2180 which includes about
and warmer temperatures.                                             battleship built in the 1600s      $350 in taxes and fees.
                                   Europe and will host this
                                   year’s World Cup Races in         and was the largest ship in the    Some people are even
We’ll start with three nights in                                     world the day it was               considering extending the trip
Helsinki and surrounding           January. It is an amazing
                                   place to ski, much different      launched. Unfortunately, it        and going on to St.
towns in Finland. You might                                          only made it out to the middle     Petersburg, Russia and the
even want to visit Estonia for     from the Alps. For nonskiers,
                                   there are many things to do       of the harbor where it sank. It    Hermitage museum.
the day by ferry.                                                    was preserved in the mud until
                                   here. Our hotel is a famous
                                              spa and resort and     recently, when it                              People will be
                                              features an indoor     was        raised,                             talking about this
                                              water park. You        moved intact into                              trip for years –
                                              can also join me in    a huge building                                don’t miss out!
                                              Sauna World, a         and restored. You                              Call John at 230-
                                              whole complex of       will see not only                              7300 or Regina
                                              hot, cold, wet, and    the best preserved                             at 857-4993 to
                                              dry saunas behind      and largest sailing                            sign up!
                                              an          indoor     ship from the

           Great information for both members and
           non-members can be found on the new                       Adults -
           improved Tulsa Ski Club website.
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             new ski pictures
              club news                                              Your
              interesting reading
              trip and activities information                        Input!
              and much more!
                                                                     Tell us your ideas,
                                                                     what you would like
           Check it out today!                                       offered by TSC in
                                                                     addition to all the
                                       great ski trips. See
                                                                     page 4 inside.
                                                                      Gotta Scoot!
                                                                      By John Hill

                                                                      Dear Skiers:

                                                                      Anyone who hadn’t believed it was winter before
                                                                      the recent round of storms has certainly stopped to
                                                                      reconsider. Right now my whole neighborhood is
                                                                      covered with ice and feels a lot like a skating rink —
   The Lift Line                                                      and I’m waiting for the next round of storms that is
       Published monthly by:                                          forecast for the coming weekend.
        The Tulsa Ski Club                                            When I moved to Tulsa, they told me that the winters
        P. O. Box 702121                                              were mild!
   Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170-2121
                                                                      I can’t complain, though. My heart really goes out
               Ski Club Hot Line                                      to the people who have lost their power … and
                (918) 748-1757                                        heat … and water … and trees … and had their roofs cave in.
               Website Address
                                        Whatever else it may do, this weather certainly puts one’s mind on winter sports.
                                                                      As I write this, three TSC trips have already gone out and returned.
                2005-2006 OFFICERS

President ............................................... John Hill
                                                                          • Aspen went out in mid-December and was a big success. Skiers enjoyed
1st Vice President                                                          staying at the Gant and skiing the wide selection of mountains. Thanks to
General Trip Chairman ............... Jim Constantine                       Anita Greiner for doing a great job.
2nd Vice President
Summer Trip Chairman ....................... Susie Kelley                 • The Keystone trip turned into a real adventure. On the return trip, the bus
Treasurer, Record & Budget ........ Ruth Obermark
Secretary-Communication .......... Fred Hegenbart                           was caught up in a blizzard weather system and had to spend two days
                                                                            laying over in Denver while waiting for the highways to open. Phil
                                                                            Wiltfong did a great job managing the unanticipated trip extension —
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                            arranging outings, conducting a New Year’s Eve party, and more! Phil is
Lift Line Editor and Webmaster ......... Chris Gavin
                                                                            a real hero for the great job he did, and I presented him with a special
Membership ........................................ Matt Moss               plaque at the January meeting.
Social Chairman ......................... Regina Mullings
Advertising Chairman ................ Don Wickersham                      • Telluride left Tulsa the day before the ice storm hit and returned on the
Race Chairman .............................. Shawn Martin                   Tuesday morning after it ended. They saw TV news at the mountain and
Hospitality ................................ James Carpenter
Skimeister Editor and Publicity ....... Jan Simpson                         watched Tulsa take a beating. They figured that they had escaped the
Trip Assistant ................................. Anita Greiner              brunt of the storm — until they got back to Tulsa and had to scrape the ice
Immediate Past President ........... Frank Sommer                           from their cars. It was a great trip, though. It has been a long time since
                                                                            TSC had been to Telluride, and people already want to go back for more!
                                                                            Thanks to Trip Captain Bill Millis!
            The 15th of each month.
                                                                      By the time you read this, the Steamboat and Heavenly / Tahoe trips will have
      Please send all your copy and                                   returned. I’m hoping that Gene Elsberry and the racers will bring back a nice
        photos for the Lift Line to:                                  big trophy!
               Chris Gavin
              918.455.2594                                            If you haven’t been skiing yet this season, there’s no need for concern. Our schedule
                 E-mail:                                              still includes several trips, and most of them still have openings. Check these out:
                                                                          • Feb 15-20, Breckenridge, call Bill Obermark at (918) 245-1095 or Terry
  Notice: Any photos you wish to be
 returned must have your name and                                           Gordon at (918) 294-1532
         address on the back!                                             • Mar 1-5, Taos, call Don Woolsey at (918) 747-5133
                                                                          • Mar 16-20, Angel Fire, call Katie Roberts at (918) 459-5223
                                                                          • Mar 21-26, Crested Butte, call John Hill at (918) 808-0987
  Please notify TSC of your Address
   Change. The Post Office will NOT
 forward the Lift Line because of its                                 Fight the Winter Blahs. Plenty of great skiing is still available to TSC members. Sign
    3rd class postage classification.                                 up for a trip or two, and see how much better it makes you feel!

                                                                      Gotta Scoot!
       Mail your address change to:
        TSC, P.O. Box 702121,                                         [Actually my scooter is hub-deep in ice right now, but the ice and snow have to melt
        Tulsa, OK 74170-2121                                          eventually!]

Membership Report
By Matt Moss

Greetings Members and                      Kristin        Davidson,                Tom & Cindi Rappsilber               1. You can update it on our
Guests: The Aspen and                      Brandon Johnson and                     Howard & Ann Conrad                     website (under UPDATE
Keystone trips were a huge                 Helen Sgarlata. This group              Doug Eggerman                           MEMBERSHIP)            at,
success. I was fortunate to be             mingled nicely with both the            Eric & Erin Janzen            
on the Keystone trip under the             older members and the                   Serena & Rob Hinckley                2. You can contact me with
fantastic leadership of                    children. We had a great trip!          Matthew Sbaschnig                       any updates via e-mail at,
captain Phil Wiltfong. We                                                                                        
also had a great group of                  Let us now welcome the            If your personal information               3. You can contact me by
young members on this trip.                following new members to the      needs updated in the                          phone, 918-576-4938
They were Ethan Pruitt,                    Tulsa Ski Club:                   Membership database:

   Mar. 1-5                                           3 Full Days Skiing     Mar. 16-20                                                     Ski 3 Days
                               TAOS                                                         ANGEL FIRE
                                                                                            Tulsa’s Spring Break First Weekend
   Taos Ski Valley is a repeat trip for many Tulsans. Don Woolsey            Angel Fire, New Mexico, is a wonderful ski village. Great for
   has been their trip captain for 18 trips to Taos alone, plus 18           intermediate and beginning family skiers. Runs have been
   other trips to Colorado since 1965. He                                    100% open with plenty of March snow. Gold Creek Condos are
   knows all the tricks to provide an            Don Woolsey
                                                                             only 1/2 block from the lifts. Three full Katie Roberts
   enjoyable trip for you. The bonus this         Trip Captain               days skiing, very convenient and fun.       Trip Captain
   year is the Kachina Inn lodging. It’s                                     Angel Fire is the closest ski mountain
   close to town center and great                                            to Tulsa, a short bus ride. Lift tickets
   Mexican dining. Museums, art, and                                         and rentals are a bargain.
   crafts are also available on this trip.
                                                                             Katie Roberts works for State Farm as a
                                                                                                         fire underwriter.
                                                                                                         She has been skiing
                                                                                                         since she could
        $276                                                                           $306              barely walk, and is
                                                                                                         the mother of Kyle
   extra person in room $186                                                   extra person in room $174 and Megan.
                                                      Phone 747-5133                                                                Phone 459-5223

   Mar. 21-26                                                Ski 4 Days          Apr. 14-24
    CRESTED BUTTE                                                                      SWEDEN AND
      Second Half of Tulsa’s Spring Break                                                    FINLAND
   The CB ski mountain speaks for itself with years of TSC
                                                                                      Two-Country Tour with English-Speaking Guides
   tradition, and the timing offers the least crowded conditions
   for those on Spring Break. John Hill has proven the popularity                Great opportunity for both skiers and non-skiers. Lots of sightseeing
   of this trip by attracting a record number of Tulsa skiers last               included; many ideas for extra side trips. People in Sweden speak good
   year (46) for one single bus trip. The Nordic Inn offers the best             English and are very friendly; the food is wonderful. This will be one of
   in B&B hospitality, and John offers plenty of activities for                  the most memorable Europe trips in the club’s history!
   everyone to enjoy great family atmosphere, including an outing
   for a fried chicken dinner.                                                   John is a longtime TSC member, many                John Seiler
                                                        John Hill
                                                       Trip Captain              times board member & volunteer for                  Trip Captain
   In addition to being an active volunteer                                      committees & trip captain. Multiple               Phone 230-7300
   and trip captain, John Hill has held two of                                   foreign trips including Sweden. Regina
   the most demanding jobs with the Board                                                                                         Regina Mullings
                                                                                 joined TSC 7 years ago, 3 years as board            Trip Captain
   of Directors since moving to Tulsa from                                       member, 4th foreign trip. Call her with           Phone 445-9348
   Kansas City, Winter Trip Chairman and                                         travel questions or inquiries.
   current President of TSC. John is an
                              architect with Sparks
                              Engineering,                                           $2180
                                                                                  + $367 fuel surcharges
        $429                  currently working on
                              the OSU stadium and                                  and security taxes,
                                                                                    subject to change.
    extra person in room $321 sports complex in
                                                      Phone 808-0987

Young Adults Focus Group
Is Growing!
Tulsa Ski Club board of          Heavenly: Matt Moss, Evan
directors would like ideas       Elsberry, Susie Wilson, Piper
from age 20 to 40 adults         Messimore, Josh Watts,
regarding ski trips and social   Jeremy Wright, Mark Noel
Aspen: Shane and Melissa
Brinkley, Jay Higdon,            Taos: Katie Roberts, Becky
Raymond Garrison, Rick           Brahm, Marca Davis, Jennifer
Tucker                           Morgan

Keystone: Matt Moss,             Angel Fire: Katie Roberts,
Siegmund and Ann Marie           Shelli and Jason Farley, Trey
Brown, Brandon Johnson,          Sophy, Shane and Melissa
Ethan Pruitt, Melanie Finley,    Brinkley, Joe Sloan, Matt
Steve and Wendy Devine           Moss, Susie Springfield, Cristy                                  258-9000
                                 Bullard, Todd Masters                                           6550 East Skelly Drive
Telluride: Kristen Huber, Tess                                                                  Savings On Your Horizon
Huber                            Crested Butte: Todd Adornato       Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Steamboat: Trey Sophy, Todd      Others: Matt Porter, Mike and
                                                                    Heating, Cooling & Ventilation
                                                                    Call Michael Messimore for free estimates
Adornato, Breezi Fisher,         Shelly Hogan, Kevan and
Steven Province, Justin and      Tara Phillips, Mark and Terri      $68 Heating Checks For Your Furnace
Stephanie Battle, Joey and       Long, Amy and Justin               $100 Off New Furnace
Whitney Stauffer                 Sanwick, Travis Sanwick,           $200 Off New System        Call The Experts
                                 Travis O’Dell                –4–
        Skimeister Addendum 1-22-07   Bush, Stella Pemberton         DuCharme, Kim                      Gordon, Dusty & Amy
                                      319 N. Davis                   2313 E. 138th St. S.               1709 S. Desert Palm Ave.
                         A            Claremore, OK 74017            Bixby, OK 74008                    Broken Arrow, OK 74012
                                      H: (918) 283-1586              H: (918) 366-1211                  H: (918) 398-9070
      Ainsworth, Nick                 E:        O: (918) 588-7363                  O: (918) 299-5069
      P. O. Box 1082                                                 E:       E:
      Sapulpa, OK 74067               Butler, Lynda
      H: (918) 344-2337               1611 S. Utica Ave. PMB 133                           E            Gould, Scott & Holli
                                      Tulsa, OK 74104-4909                                              2301 Northwood Lane
                         B            O: (918) 744-2553              Elsberry, Evan & Kelly             Edmond, OK 73013
                                      C: 918-855-1867                957 E. 37th Pl.                    H: (405) 478-0652
      Battle, Justin & Stephanie      E:   Tulsa, OK 74105-3010               O: (405) 272-4155
      4051 E. 48th Pl.                                               H: (918) 406-6831                  E:

                                                                                                                                    Cut this page out and attach this update to your Skimeister Membership Directory.
      Tulsa, OK 74135                                   C
      H: (918) 693-8229                                                                    F            Grant, Donald

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Skimeister Addendum, January 22, 2007
      O: (918) 341-3933               Conrad, Howard & Ann                                              7131 E. 53rd Pl.
      E:       6715 E. 97th St.               Fabian, Mary                       Tulsa, OK 74145
                                      Tulsa, OK 74133                2247 E. 25th St.                   H: (918) 622-6701
      Birchall, David & Linda         H: (918) 298-3105              Tulsa, OK 74114                    E:
      7979 S. 79th E. Ave.            O: (918) 280-4342              H: (918) 743-5604
      Tulsa, OK 74133                 E:            O: (918) 519-5700                  Grant, Mark
      H: (918) 493-3346                                              E:        5312 S. 71 E. Ave.
      O: (918) 779-6906                                 D                                               Tulsa, OK 74145
      E:                                           Fewell, William                    H: (918) 627-1119
                                      Darnaby, John & Ann            3548 E. 29th St.                   O: (918) 724-2066
      Bradley, Joseph

                                      1209 Sherwood Lane             Tulsa, OK 74114                    E:
      5508 East 104th Street          Broken Arrow, OK 74011         H: (918) 743-6723
      Tulsa, OK 74137                 H: (918) 455-3862              O: (918) 744-8200                                   H
      H: (918) 298-9795               O: (918) 292-1429              E:           Harper, Clark L.
      O: 918) 631-2819                E:                                          1734 Westchester Dr.
      E:                                   Fischer, Breezi                    Oklahoma City, OK 73120
                                      Davidson, Karen                2135 E. 17th Pl.                   H: (405) 570-0877
      Brown, Siegmund & Ann Marie     8314 North 167th East Avenue   Tulsa, OK 74104-4909
      10519 S. 90th E. Ave.           Owasso, OK 74055               O: (918) 491-4975                  Higdon, Jay
      Tulsa OK 74133                  H: (918) 272-4119              C: (713) 702-5844                  1910 Leeds Lane
      H: (918) 364-5013               O: (918) 579-3396              E:   Norman, OK 73077
      O: (918) 808-0112               C: (918) 698-3926                                                 H: (405) 684-3620
      E:                                                             G
                                      E:                                         Hiskett, Rick
      Bryant, Justin                  Davis, Marca                   Garrison, Raymond                  1317 N. Denver
      1008 E. 36th St.                444 S. Fulton Ave.             3900 S. 74th W. Circle             Tulsa, OK 74106
      Tulsa, OK 74150                 Tulsa, OK 74112                Tulsa, OK 74107                    H: (918) 587-2724
      H: (765) 532-2887               H: (918) 398-6345              H: (918) 447-0031                  E:
      E:          O: 918) 250-3631               O: (918) 831-9458
                                      E:           E:          Huber, Kristin
      Burch, Tip & Robin                                                                                5088 S. Urbana Ave. #13p
      5117 E. 107th Place             Devine, Steve & Wendy          Garside, Richard                   Tulsa, OK 74135
      Tulsa, OK 74137-7236            31930 E. 167th St. So.         P. O. Box 1344                     O: (918) 583-3336
      H: (918) 291-3181               Coweta, OK 74429               Krebs, OK 74554-1344               C: (918) 231-5248
      O: (918) 586-5289               H: (918) 486-3936              H: (918) 423-5812                  E:
      C: (918) 724-9533                                              O: (918) 420-8050
                               J                                  M              Province, Steven                   Stauffer, Joey & Whittney
                                                                                 4701 E. 5th St.                    1721 S. Florence Ave.
      Johnson, Brandon                     McIntosh, Shari                       Tulsa, OK 74112                    Tulsa, OK 74104
      8305 N. 125th E. Ave.                8787 N. 97th E. Ave. Apt #204         O: (918) 852-1520                  H: (918) 712-9866
      Owasso, OK 74055                     Owasso, OK 74055-4910                 E:        O: (918) 488-1782
      H: (918) 272-0102                    H: (918) 951-0330
      O: (918) 691-0433                    O: (918) 628-0010                     Pruitt, Ethan                                         T
      E:               E:           12210 East 80th Place North
                                                                                 Owasso, OK 74055                   Tate, Bonney & Keath
                              K            Miller, Mike & Hannah                 H: (918) 277-8774                  6331 S. 43rd W. Ave.
                                           8118 S. Lakewood Pl. Apt. 2           C: (918) 277-8774                  Tulsa, OK 74132
      Kent, Daniel & Jennifer              Tulsa, OK 74137                       E:   H: (918) 447-0140
      4004 W. Kent St.                     H: (918) 739-8282                                                        O: (918) 494-8275

                                                                                                                                                     Cut this page out and attach this update to your Skimeister Membership Directory.
      Broken Arrow, OK 74012               O: (918) 739-8282                                        R
      H: (918) 806-8421                                                                                             Taylor, Jennifer & Chris Haase

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Skimeister Addendum, January 22, 2007
      C: (918) 232-0949                    Morehead, Chuck & Shari               Rankin, Candie & William           2418 W. 119th St.
      E:                1550 E. Thunderbird Rd. #2059         6044 Hwy 51                        Jenks, OK 74037
                                           Phoenix, AZ 85022                     Hulbert, OK 74441                  H: (918) 518-5440
      Kilhefner, Paul                      H: (918) 398-9665                     H: (918) 772-2575                  E:
      5356 E. 81st St. #1337               O: (602) 794-8661                     O: (918) 772-3155
      Tulsa, OK 74137                      E:               E:           Tucker, Rick
      H: (607) 738-8799                                                                                             1735 S. Keeler Ave.
      O: (918) 832-3685                    Moser, Lewis                          Rappsilbre, Tom & Cindi            Bartlesville, OK 74003
      E:   11115 S. 249th E. Ave.                5604 E. 102nd St.                  H: (918) 331-5406
                                           Broken Arrow, OK 74014                Tulsa, OK 74137                    O: (918) 336-4132

                               L           H: (918) 449-8920                     H: (918) 296-7389                  E:
                                           O: (918) 230-6866                     O: (918) 234-2726
      Loden, Marsha L.                     E:                     E:                                W
      11714 N. 115 E. Ave.
      Collinsville, OK 74012                                      N                                 S               Watts, Josh
      H: (918) 398-9458                                                                                             P O Box 466
                                           Newman, Edward                        Sgarlata, Helen                    Sperry, OK 74073
      Long, Mark & Terri                   7406 West 34th Street                 318 N. Dogwood                     H: (918) 288-7251
      11804 S. Vine Pl.                    Tulsa, OK 74107                       Owasso, OK 74055                   O: (918) 939-4449
      Jenks, OK 74037                      H: (918) 445-6133                     H: (918) 706-7323                  E:
      H: (918) 299-2753                                                          O: (918) 274-8117
      O: (918) 645-2712                                           O              E:     Weinstein, Jay
      E:                                                                                            2424 E. 21st St. Suite 425
                                           Olbrich, Eric & Kim                   Son, Cody & Cheri                  Tulsa, OK 74114
      Luria, Bruce & Gale                  1227 Gladstone Glen Place             16180 E. 125th St. N.              O: 918) 743-4053
      8204 South 74th East Avenue          Midlothian, VA 23114                  Colinsville, OK 74021-4342         E:
      Tulsa, OK 74133                      H: (804) 379-0262                     H: (918) 371-0405
      H: (918) 254-9060                    E:              O: (918) 661-0559                  Wilson, Rusty & Teresa Bacon
      O: (918) 665-12252                                                         E:                  8305 E. 60th Street, #2027
      E:                                  P                                                 Tulsa, OK 74145
                                                                                 Stanford, John & Lea Ann           O: (918) 833-8000
                                           Pate, Mary                            1713 West Van Buren Ct.            C: (918) 636-9553
                                           79 Kingsbridge Way                    Broken Arrow, OK 74011
                                           Little Rock, AR 72212                 H: (918) 286-3744
                                           H: (501) 224-3858                     C: (918) 637-9981
                                           O: (501) 687-2222                     E:
                         2006-2007 Winter Ski Trips
                                                                    as of 1-22-07
Date                Trip #      Destination                           Cost                                         Trip Captain                # Ski Days
FEB 15-20           7021      BRECKENRIDGE                            $423                                          Bill Obermark              4 ski days
President’s         7022      Wedgewood                               $216 extra person in room                     245-1095
weekend             (2 buses)                                         Terry Gordon
MAR 1 - 5           7031        TAOS                                  $276                                         Don Woolsey                 3 ski days
                                Kachina Inn                           $186 extra person in room                    747-5133
MAR 16 - 20 7032            ANGEL FIRE                                $306                                          Katie Roberts              3 ski days
First weekend of Tulsa spring break                                   $174 extra person in room                     459-5223
MAR 21 - 26         7033 CRESTED BUTTE                                $429                                          John Hill                  4 ski days
                         Nordic Inn                                   $321 extra person in room                     808-0987
Spring break mid week thru 2nd weekend.                               $237 lodging only
APR 14 - 24      7041       SWEDEN & FINLAND              $2180** dbl occupancy                                    John Sieler &
Two-country tour with English speaking guides and skiing available.                                                230-7300
**Base price is $1810 + $367 fuel surcharges and security taxes. These extra                                       Regina Mullings
departure charges and currency fluctuation are subject to change.                                                  445-9348
                       All prices are based on double occupancy. Single occupancy available; check with trip captain.

                                            Trip Payment Schedule
                                                                                                                                    Final Pay
  Trip                                  Total               1st                  120 days                 90 days                   60 days
  Location                              Trip                Initial              prior to                 prior to                  prior to
                                        Cost                Payment              leaving                  leaving                   leaving

  Breckenridge #7021 ................... $423 ........... Due Now - $106 ........ Due Now - $106 ....... Due Now - $106 ......... Due Now - $105
  Taos #7031 ................................. $276 ........... Due Now - $69 .......... Due Now - $69 ......... Due Now - $69 ........... Due Now - $69
  Angel Fire #7032 ........................ $306 ........... Due Now - $77 .......... Due Now - $77 ......... Due Now - $76 ........... Due Now - $76
  Crested Butte #7033 ................... $429 ........... Due Now - $108 ........ Due Now - $107 ....... Due Now - $107 ......... Due Now - $107
  Sweden & Finland #7041 .......... $2,180** ... Due Now - $545 ........ Due Now - $545 ....... Due Now - $545 ......... Feb 8 - $545
        **Additional taxes or surcharges to be paid April 8, 2007.

       PLEASE SEND ALL PAYMENTS AND TRIP APPLICATIONS TO Anita Greiner, 5811 E. 64th St., Tulsa, Okla. 74136

                                                                                               Dennis Wilson
                                                                                    Howard’s Auto Top & Body Shop
                                                                                             “Established 1927”
                                                                                             1040 North Peoria
                                                                                              Tulsa, OK 74106
                                                                                           Office: (918) 584-7285
                                                                                            Fax: (918) 584-2011

                                                                                     Paint & Body Work, Auto Trim & Upholstery
                                                                                                   Member ASA
Royal                            of our group. We gamely
                                 dressed for our first formal
Caribbean                        dinner that evening, and just
                                 as we were seated, Jamie

Cruise                           Collier ran back to the
                                 cabin. “What a shame” we
By Sunni Wager                   all agreed as it was also her
                                 birthday, so we decided to
22 TSC members went to           make her really nauseated
Galveston to board the RCCL      and went down to sing
“Rhapsody of the Seas” to        Happy Birthday to her after      Russell, Linda Marks,              went to Tulum to see the
cruise the Caribbean.            dinner. Jamie and Lane           Julie Willis, Jon Marks,           ancient ruins on the cliffside.
Charley Byrd, Anne               Collier were on their            Kristen Easley, and Carol          Those who stayed in Cozumel
Alexander,                                  honeymoon on          Fortner opted for the later        took the “party boat” and had
R a y m o n d                               this cruise and had   seating which meant that they      plenty of time to shop but little
Peltier, Susie                              only been married     got to see the entertainment       inclination. The damage from
Kelley,        and                          about a month.        first. The comic and               last year’s Hurricane Wilma
David and Jan                                                     ventriloquist were really funny.   was pretty well repaired
Daniel went to                               Our first port of    On the last evening the            along the tourist area of
College Station                              call was Key West.   balcony was bobbing                Cozumel.
first to see O.U.                            Some went on a       around too much for my
whomp-up on Texas A&M, so        Pirate Cruise; some of us went   queasy tummy, so I missed that     Every night as we returned to
the cruise began on a high       on a Sunset Champagne            show.                              our cabins, the turndown crew
note. As we were boarding        Catamaran Cruise, while                                             had put a mint on our pillow
the bus in Houston to take us    others just shopped and ate.     Mike Hensley must have             and created an animal out of
to the port, Lisa Kalplan        Many of us went to Jimmy         fallen asleep by the pool,         towels. The towel ‘art’ was a
broke the news to Christie       Buffett’s Margaritaville, had    because he was cooked to a         dog, monkey, elephant, but
Amos         about      being    the obligatory margarita and     crisp on our return.               the best was a stingray made
pregnant. As Lisa got on         bought the t-shirt.                                                 with the blanket & towel.
board, we all yelled,                                                           In      Grand
“Congratulations!” She did a     During our days at                             C a y m a n          It was nice to have a final
double take and rolled her       sea          Ruth                              L i n d a            day at sea to rest up & leisurely
eyes at Christie. When we        Obermark and                                   Russell, Julie       pack. The TSC Cruise was fun
finally arrived in our cabins,   Homer Wager                                    Willis, Ray          with lots of laughter, very
there was a gift from our tour   learned how to                                 and     Susie        beautiful scenery and worth
arranger, Phyllis Brown, of a    play Texas 46, a                               K e l l e y ,        every penny.
bottle of chilled champagne      domino type game. We all         Charlie Byrd and Anne
waiting for us. Very nice        virtuously walked the jogging    Alexander went to
touch!                           track on the top deck since      Stingray City and actually
                                 four times around equaled        held one of those creatures.
Our first day at sea was rough   one mile. In strong winds this   Christie Amos and Lisa
and knocked out about half       was a challenge. Linda           Kaplan went snorkeling,
                                 Marks and Carol Fortner          Sunni and Homer
                                 made use of the exercise         Wager         rode      the
                                 room for workouts.               submarine to look at
                                                                  Cheeseburger Reef and
                                 The casino was really a draw,    later went to 7-mile beach
                                 and two of ours made it to       with the white sand and
                                 the final six in the Texas       turquoise waters.
                                 Hold’em Tournament. Dave
                                 Daniel came in 6th and           Jan Daniel and Anne
                                 Christie        3rd. Anne        Alexander attended the
                                 Alexander won $300 on            shopping seminar on the
                                 the nickel slots, and Homer      ship and kept us informed
                                 Wager won $40.                   of where the bargains were
                                                                  to be found.
                                 The meals were really
                                 excellent, and most of us were   Our final port of call was
                                 in the early seating. Linda      Cozumel. Several of us
Aspen at Christmas-time!                                                  Kelley Phillips, John
                                                                          Sieler and I took Mary
                                                                                                           skiing hard all day and then
                                                                                                           making themselves wonderful
By Anita Greiner                                                          Higdon to Buttermilk the first   dinners in their condo each
                                                                                              d a y ,      night. Lisa Iqbal, Sylvia
                                                                                              giving       Svec, Ken Privett and
                                                                                              her     a    Bruce Dawson seemed to
                                                                                              quick        have bonded on the slopes.
                                                                                              refresher    It was my first time to ski with
                                                                                              course       Sylvia and Ken, it being
                                                                                              since she    Ken’s first trip with the club.
                                                                                              hadn’t       They were all good skiers and
                                                                                              been on      hard for me to keep up with!
                                                                                              skis for
                                                                                              three        Harry        and       Elaine
                                                                                              years        Simpson           were       my
                                                                                              while her    photographers, catching
                                                                                              son Jay      Kelley coming out of her
                                                                                              Higdon       mountain home and Elaine
                                                                                              stayed       and Bill Millis dancing on
                                             Aspen Group                                      behind       the slopes in ski boots no less!
                                                                          grading papers and
We had a wonderful time in             Gant. (I wanted to take credit     turning in grades. He
Aspen!! If you weren’t with            for the great dishes and open      joined his mom on the
us, you really missed out on           bar they prepared, but it was      slopes the second day
a great trip. We had a super           too nice for anyone to believe     at Snow-mass. Phil and
group, and the hospitality of          me!)                               Susan Gelwick were
The Gant was outstanding!                                                 joined by Phil’s
They were ready for us with                                               daughter Pam and her
card table set up handing out                                             new husband for a day
tags to mark luggage and                                                  of skiing before they
four to six guys with carts                                               headed back to their
loading and delivering                                                    home and jobs. It was
luggage to the appropriate                                                great to see Pam
change rooms! What a treat                                                again!
not to have to tote your own
luggage around after                                                      Tom and Vic Neal
spending the night on the bus.                                            skied with two of our
After the first day of skiing, we                                         trip’s snowboarders,
                                                                                                                      Kelley and Anita
gathered for a 90-minute                                                  Raymond Garrison                      just checking out the snow
welcome party hosted by The                    Kelley’s Mountain Home
                                                                          and Rick Tucker. They
                                                                          were all smiles at end of the    They made it on the local TV!
                                                                                 day at the outside bar    Their two minutes of fame on
                                                                                 at the base of            the Snowmass mountain!
                                                                                 Snowmass! Shane
                                                                                 B r i n k l e y           Mary and Jan Higdon,
                                                                                 snowboarded while         Susan and Phil Gelwick,
                                                                                 his wife Melissa was      Kelley Phillips and I went
                                                                                 on      skis.     Jim     to the Crystal Palace on
                                                                                 Constantine and           Saturday night for dinner and
                                                                                 Ernie Darnell skied       show of political satire. Great
                                                                                 with them some – hope     fun and laughs!
                                                                                 they didn’t fall for
                                                                                 Jim’s “just trust me”     I didn’t hear of any star
                                                                                 line…                     sightings, but staying in Aspen
                                                                                                           was a real treat with our own
                                                                                Doug Banning,              Gant shuttle service. Thanks to
                                                                                Brenda Boren, and          Jim for booking us a great
                                                                                Tip and Robin Burch        trip! Hope to see you all on
                     Bill, Anita, John, Kelley & Elaine - Snowmass              kept themselves busy       another trip!
Keystone Trip                                                           There were tons of stories to
                                                                        tell at our Wine and Cheese
                                                                        Party, even after Matt
                                                                                                          treats; for Ann Marie for
                                                                                                          letting Siggi buy that cool
                                                                                                          sound system for his iPod so
by Phil Wiltfong
                                                                        Moss took the Rowdy Party         we could have dance music;
OK so it’s official; this was just                                      from the Lobby up to a            for Mike Fullterton for the
the Best After-Christmas Ski Trip                                       couple of rooms. Lots of          “Managers Special” and for
ever! And probably the                                                  smiles and several tall tales     all those snacks and just tons
longest too, thanks to huge                                             and so many teens just            of clean-up work so the rest
snowfalls that closed all roads                                         saying “this                      of us didn’t have to; for our
east out of Colorado for a                    Twenty-somethings
                                                                        is      cool”                     Very Own Dance Instructors,
few extra fantastic fun days.                                           made me                           Auld Lang Syne singers, and
A Special Thanks to the              Exploring to another area, we     think we all                       dual-beer-drinking
greatest bunch of people who         found Mark and Molly              were having                        exhibitionists        Steve,
just took over making this a         Gregoli, and they had             a blast. Even                      Wendy and Stephanie
Terrific time together…              already skied on all three        my Shelly                          Devine (The Scots); for
especially putting on our very       mountains of Keystone and         Wiltfong,                          Matt Moss to help me with
own New Year’s Eve Party!            were looking for more. Mike       who hurt her                       so so much stuff; for our
                                     Mason from Houston caught         knee first          Shelly         Official Group Photographer
We arrived at Silverthorne a         up with us as did our very        day, made                          Dan Kent (check the website
little ahead of schedule, so         own Jan and Sharon                sure she didn’t get left out.      soon for pictures); for
everyone had breakfast and           Polliard. So later as we                                             Melanie Finley for letting
changed in plenty of time to         headed different ways, we         We skied our four days, and        us tease her endlessly; for Eric
meet our Personal Rental             picked up Melanie Finley          the Colorado Blizzard of           Exendine for his Gymnastics
Equipment Director for a VIP         and Jacob Price for some          2006 hit East of Keystone all      exhibition and for Sue
check-in to avoid the lines.         impressive challenges… way        the way through Kansas…            Mulholland for letting him;
With lots of snow and great          to go beginners! Dan Kent         and we were snowed in              and of course for Shelly and
weather, everyone was                even took his boys Conner         without any rooms in               Brandi Brown and all of
excited to find their Ski Group      and Jared back up to go           Keystone to be had. So with
or their Lesson Partners and hit     night skiing too!                 the help of our bus driver Eric,
the slopes. And of course, first                                       we found a terrific place for
thing, Matt Moss took me             Speaking of first-timers… this    fantastic rates near Denver
down fresh black bumps and           is an ideal trip for newer        and had the time of our lives.
other places I had no                skiers,       and        Sue      Thanks to all of you who just
intention to go… what a rush!        Mullholland brought her           made this fun, fun, fun! We
                                     son Christopher and his           had a Lobby Party, dinner(s)
A long-time racer, and new to        friend Ben Burton. Even           out together, a Trip Captains
the Ski Club, Siegmund               Eric Exendine was taking          Party, a trip to the mall and
Brown found this great               lessons to become a Boarder       the movies, great facilities
“closed-off” run that wasn’t         and ultimately win the “Most      and just the best New Year’s
quite, and we seemed to have         Bruises you know where”           Eve Party ever!
the mountain all to ourselves.       contest. Our Scots, Steve,                                                       Party
It didn’t hurt that he took          Wendy and Stephanie               SPECIAL THANKS to our
Mike Fullerton, Matt                 Devine learned to ski, and        Professional             Chef,     you not mentioned here who
Moss, Ann Marie and us               then went on to tubing and        Siegmund Brown, and his            made this a wonderful time!
right by the NASTAR course           snowmobiling too! Our             ‘supplies’ and New Years Eve
too, which we tried many             Twenty -Somethings                creations (food, that is); Jan     By the way... thanks again
times. Congrats on the Gold,         Brandon Johnson and               and Sharon Polliard for            Eric for NOT showing us all
Siggi! And just when I               Ethan Pruitt somehow got          their valuable advice, and         those snowboarding bruises
thought I was catching up to         Kristin Davidson and              buying us food and drinks; for     you know where, that won
Matt Moss, he took a day             Helen Sgarlata to give            Ethan Pruitt and Brandon           you the prize. For Ann
of Advanced Lessons and              them personal ski lessons...      Johnson for ‘refreshments’         Marie for the Mother’s
was the New Man on the               and seemed to enjoy them a        for the party; for Mr. Trouble     Award for bringing terrific
Mountain!                            lot.                              Ron Middleton and the              one-year old Avorey and
                                                                       other five Middletons for          three-year old Brodarik
                                                                       sharing their stash of special     along with us. For Mike
                                                                                                          Fullerton’s Best B.S. Stories
                                                                                                          of the trip. For Shelly
                                                                                                          Wiltfong’s Most Determined
                                                                                                          to crutch her way over to Old
                                                                                                          Chicago Bar and Pizza. Oh
                                                                                                          yes, and for Wendy
                                                                                                          Devine’s            Greatest
                                                                                                          Expressions, finding that extra
                                                                                                          Box of Wine… just in time!
                                                                                                          What a way to get snowed
                                                                                                          in! What a Great Tulsa Ski
                                                                                                          Club event! What a Great
                                                                                                          Bunch of New Friends!
                                                                  – 10 –
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members will accept no responsibility or liability with respect to either person or property for any loss,
expense, damage, injury, accident, delay, irregularity or inconvenience however occasioned, sustained
                                                                                                                      huge packing problem.
or suffered in or during any trip, journey, tour, or activity or in the carrying out of any arrangements
booked by or through TSC in connection with any trip. Membership dues or contributions to TSC are not
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LIABILITY: Any member causing damage to any form of transportation, accommodations, etc. will be
liable for said damages.
                                                                                                                      much luggage on the bus. We are asking that each person
                                                                                                                      limits their luggage to one medium size suitcase, one boot
Signature _________________________________________________                                                           bag, and one ski bag. No personal ice chests will be allowed
Date _____________________________________________________                                                            of the bus with the exception of personal 6-packs which will
                          (Application will not be processed without signature)                                       fit under your seat.
                                                                                                             – 11 –
                General Meeting                                         SKIER’S NIGHT OUT
                Tuesday, February 13
                     ELKS LODGE
                   5335 S. Harvard
  Social Hour 7:00 p.m. – General Meeting 8:00 p.m.
Activities and Meetings:
Tuesday, February 13
7:00 p.m.
                                      General Meeting
                                      Social Time
8:00 p.m.                             General Meeting                                  Club & Deli
                                      5335 S. Harvard                      500 RiverWalk Terrace
Thursday, February 22                 Skier’s Night Out                          Suite 135
                                      Joojoobee’s Club & Deli                                (Jenks)
                                      500 RiverWalk Terrace, Ste. 135
                                      Jenks                                      Thursday, February 22
February 15-20                        Breckenridge Ski Trip                        5:30pm – 7:30pm
Upcoming Events:
                                                                               All members are invited.
March 1-5                             Taos Ski Trip                         Bring a friend and let them see
March 16-20                           Angel Fire Ski Trip                       what the club is about.
March 21-26                           Crested Butte Ski Trip
April 14-24                           Sweden and Finland Trip           SNO location is listed on the website.

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