A model of pensions for women in Ireland by wvd19763


									      A model of pensions for
         women in Ireland

Presentation to Irish Women Lawyers Association.
Rachel Doyle NWCI Head Outreach, July 2009.
     Current Irish System- Facts
   Older population stable at 11% of
   2/3 of Older people receive State
   Women half as likely to have pension
    as men
   Total pensions expenditure stable as
    % of GNP (2.1%)
   Pensioner poverty now 16%
 Reform issues for Irish System
Issues                Current Reality
 Adequacy            Low state pension
 Structure           Voluntary 2nd tier
 Equity              Retain tax reliefs
 Sustainability      Looming crisis
 Individualisation   Not a central issue
 Governance          No discussion
     Principles of Feminist Pension
   Economic autonomy, direct pension
   Labour Market Equality - addresses
    cumulative labour market inequality.
   Facilitating atypical work, - fully
   Ethic of Care
   Equal sharing of care obligations.
   Retrospective pensions justice.
    Pension principles – continued
   Adequacy – for a decent quality of
   Simplicity, transparency, information
   Allowing for some provision for
    income replacement
    Pension principles – equally
   Enable flexible mobile lifestyles
    consistent with high levels of
   Enable diversity and inclusion of
    family formation
   Respect life style choices in
    relation to old age
   Sustainable
        Proposed three tier model

   The critical decision is the relative
    importance in the pension system of an
    adequate first-tier state pension.
   A second-tier pension should take the
    form of a state earnings related pension
    that builds on the existing, widely
    accepted social insurance system
   Third tier –voluntary pensions system with
    very limited tax incentivised savings and
    development of more equitable
    progressive savings incentives
     First Tier A Comprehensive
   Make adequacy and individual
    entitlement the immediate, core
    function of first tier pensions
   Adequate universal pension for all
    over 66 and resident in Ireland
   Immediate pension justice and direct
   Simple, transparent, equitable,
   Equality and ethic of care
   Sustainability - switch tax
    expenditures into first tier, increase
       2nd Tier social insurance
         contributory pensions
   Ensuring maximum eligibility
   Ensure benefit calculations
    advantage women (gender impact
   Maximise access by enabling easy
    re-entry after periods of disruption;
     • enable relatives assisting, including
       spouses of self-employed and
       farmers, to be insured
   Transforming homemakers’
    disregards into credits and awarding
    these retrospectively from 1973.
       2nd Tier social insurance
         contributory pensions
   Introducing gender neutral paid
    parental leave benefit for parents of
    young children

   Once-off, ring fenced retrospective

   Once adequacy in the first tier
    guaranteed introduce an income
    replacement function into SI
   “My long search for security in
    my later years has left me
frustrated with the social welfare
 system. I feel unvalued by the
 state for all the years I’ve given
    to caring , we were unpaid
     workers who took care of
  parents. We saved the state a
       lot of money” (Mary)
   “ I am now seventy years
    of age and have received
      nothing from the state
        even though I have
    contributed to society by
         rearing the future
     generation”. (Catherine)
“ I am a person in
 my own right and I
 would like to be as
 independent as
 possible” (Cecilia)

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