SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT RULES

OBJECTIVE: The Dean’s Classic is a low competitive softball tournament. The
purpose is to foster strong relationships between UDSL Alumni & Students. All
players are rewarded by their sportsmanlike participation.

   1. Each game lasts seven (7) innings or 60 minutes, whichever comes first.
   2. The team must have at least nine (9) players on the field to start a game.
   3. The pitch must be between six (6) feet and twelve (12) feet from the ground.
   4. Batters start with a one ball and one strike count at each turn at bat.
   5. A second foul ball on the second strike is an out.
   6. Intentional walks are not allowed.
   7. The team may bat as many players on the roster as they want. Once a player
      is placed in the batting order, they cannot move to another position in the
      batting order.
   8. There must be a minimum of two (2) women on the field and in the batting
      order at all times (Does not have to be the same two).
   9. When a man walks and a woman follows in the batting order, the woman has
      the option of batting or taking an automatic walk.
   10. The umpire will not start an inning after 55 minutes from the start of the
   11. There is no run rule, only a time limit.
   12. Any game called by the Dean’s Classic Chair due to time, weather,
      darkness, etc. is considered complete if four (4) innings have been
      completed or three and a half (3.5) innings if the home team is ahead.
   13. All team members must be either UDSL Students, Alumni, Faculty,
      Spouses, Significant Others, or Staff.
   14. Half of each team’s players must be UDSL students or alumni. On site
      verification of the roster may take place.
   15. Umpires are UD students and any dispute with the umpires may result in
      immediate ejection of the player and his/her team.
   16. If there are any questions or disputes please contact Danielle Stewart or
      Jessica Jasper.

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