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					   Optimize your WEB…

   Hope you have enjoyed the previous posts, now we will take our discussion
   of the internet marketing and SEO to one step further. In this article, we will
   discuss about strategies to optimize the ranking in the search engine.
   There are typically two strategies to optimize web site.
1.       On page optimization
2.       Off page optimization


   On page optimization is the core of SEO. If your On page optimization is
   excellent then there are fairly high chances to get ranked well soon with a
   little of Off page SEO work only. It is better to do On page optimization at
   the time of web development only; if you want to keep a distance from
   content rewriting, changing meta tags and all such hassles.

   This image explains the things needed to be done for On page optimization –

   As you can see, we have mainly 6 activities in On page optimization of the
   site. And amongst all of them, content is the king of all.

   The rest includes Keyword analysis – also an important factor to be
   considered for SEO; Preparation of Meta tags like title, description and
   keywords; checking proper header tags and alt image tags; internal
   navigation links and much more. We will be writing more about this in our
   further posts…

Off page optimization is a technique to optimize the site by increasing the
back links to the targeted site. Since a link from other site to our targeted
site is considered as a vote by the search engine. That increases the
importance of the targeted site. The site linking to our targeted site must be
of the same theme and it must have cached in the search engine. If the site
linking to our targeted site has higher rank then the link from that site has
higher voting power compared to the site with lower rank.

There are several ways to built links which includes Link exchange, article
submission, bookmarking, blog submission and last but not the least social
networking. We will see each of this parameter in detail in upcoming posts.
Till then…Keep learning!!!