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									                                                                  Dural Rugby Club Inc.
                                                                                PO Box 3355 Dural NSW 2158
                                                                                                            Est. 1997 Inc. y2584407


       BY;                                                                                                            4th July 2001.
                           PRESIDENTS REPORT

 The                       Last weekend was a great weekend of football. The U6- U7- U8- U9's had a fantastic Gala Day. It is
                           always good to play against different (and stronger) opposition as some of our better teams found out on
                           the weekend at these Gala Days. I believe all teams had mixed success with some wins some defeats
Galston                    and even a draw in the U9's.

 Club                      Dural Rugby's hosting of the U8 & U9 Gala Day at Les Shore Field was a great success. Thanks must go
                           to Glenn & Heidi Houston for a BIG effort to bring it all together, and also to all those parents who
                           assisted Glenn & Heidi Houston on the day- THANK YOU.

                           To the rugby at Dural Park- thanks also to U10's & U12's parents who helped out with our second
                           canteen of the day. On the rugby side of it we had a good day. The U10's draw with the "top of the table"
“the friendliest club in
                           Hillview side was a great game, & if the game had have run its full course I think we may have seen a
       the Hills”          Dural victory. The U11's recorded their second win of the season, with a second half try scoring feast to
                           put Blacktown away. Both the U12's & U13's played entertaining rugby but were unlucky not to bag a win
   19 Arcadia Road         on the day. U 16's are starting to find some good form & the U17's playing 2 players short gave Hornsby
      GALSTON              a draw that Hornsby did not deserve, but being 2 men short took its toll in the later stages of the game.
  Ph 9653 2017             Good luck next week in our last round before the school holiday week off.

                           Please see your Manager for tickets to our Annual Dinner on Saturday 11 August $ 65.00 per head for
                           what will be a great night. Each team will be required to donate 1 item for Auction. This may be
                           something from a parent's business (ie round the world trip for 2 people- or a free cat de-sexing at the
   Shell Dural             Vet's) but whatever it is we will have a good night Auctioning it off.

  Ph 9651 4572             Dural Rugby will be putting a team onto Stadium Australia at half time of the Wallabies v Lions Test
                           Match, on Saturday 14 July. This is a great honour for our club to be invited to play a game a half time of
                           such an important Test Match before so many people- Good Luck U8's (& U7's).

                           Geoff Ferris
 Eric’s Tender
     Meats                 NEWSLETTER & WEBSITE –
 Ph 9653 2405              Rugby Ravings is a weekly publication and is available from Wednesday mornings at our website via
                           dural.rugbynet.com.au (click on Rugby Ravings wave banner at top, latest newsletter or resource
                           library) or on hard copy from Wednesday each week – Managers please supply copies for your own
                           team. Please look up your on-line draw and results on the website. Contributions please e-mail to
                           duralrugby@hotmail.com or contact Debra Dunne newsletter editor no later than Monday night
Coopers’ Eggs
 Ph 9652 1214

                                          Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10              Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
      Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                           Page 2 of 5             Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
                                    MATCH REPORTS – Round 10 - Saturday 30th June 2001.
  Diary Dates                  Under 6's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural Vs Gala Day at Redfield College.

  COMMITTEE MEETING            Under 7's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural Vs Gala Day at Redfield College.
  3rd Monday of the Month
                               Game 1 - Dural 6 vs Merrylands 3        Game 2 - Dural 4 vs Hills(1) l
  The Galston Club 8.00pm
                               The Under 7's played 2 very competitive games on Saturday and won both. Our first game against
  Saturday 7th July 2001       Merrylands saw Jack (Flash) score 3 tries and Blake, Cameron and Matty Mc one each. The rest of the
     Round 11 Matches          team defended well and all the boys listened to Coach Hunt. The second game against Hills(1) saw the
 U6’s Vs Marsfield 8.30 am     mighty 7's triumph over bad sportsmanship and dummy spitting – Patrick scored 2 tries and Jack and
 U7’s Vs Hillview 1 9.00am     Matty P scored one. Same, Beau, Reuben and Daniel defended better than the Wallabies against the
  U8’s Vs Hillview 8.30am      Lions and it was good to see Dural cheer both teams at the end of the game. Good boys!!
 U9’s Vs Beecroft 9.15am
                               Tracey Ferris - Manager.
U10VsHawkesbury8.30 Away
U11’s Vs Wests1– 9.15 Away
U12’s Vs Hills R– 10.00 Away   Under 8's Report – 30thJune 2001 – Dural Vs Gala Day at Les Shore Oval.
U13’sVsRedfield–10.50 Away     Dural 0 Vs Hills 5
U16’s Vs Dundas -1.50 Home     Great chases and tackles by Nathan Turner. Ben Oakes stole a lot of ball and had some good tackles.
U17’sVs Wests 3.00pm Away      Chris Clarke had a big tackle. The forwards put in good drives. Harrison Dunne made some impressive
 OPENS Rd 12 VsB/Hurst         breaks and fantastic runs. Mike Robinson stole the ball and ran with it . He also had some good tackles
     Away – the Green          at the sideline. Jack Perren-Leveridge made some great breaks and spun it out to the backs. Chris
 Saturday 14th July 2001
                               Ginman made accurate throws to the line-out which we won. Jacob O’Grady, Dale Withington and the
     Aust Vs Lions Test        backs had a big effort on a narrow field. This was a great team effort in the second half. Well done boys.
 U8’s/U7’s Pre match game      Grant “All Black” Withington.
      School Holidays          Dural 5 Vs Merrylands 15
OPENS Rd13 Vs Oakhill– Les     Jack Perren-Leveridge made many tremendous tackles and some hard drives. This was a hard forward
           Shore               game. Good scrum work and excellent feed to the backs which resulted in a try by Nathan Turner.
                               Harrison Dunne from kick off burst down field. Harrison then tackled a giant of a boy and threw him onto
  Saturday 21st July 2001      the sideline. Mike Robinson and Ben Oakes were doing a lot in close. Good work boys. Get focused for
     Round 12 Matches
                               next week and remember this was a friendly gala day where scores weren’t recorded - phew. Grant W.
  U6’s Vs Redfield 8.30am
  U6’s Vs Marsfield 9.30am
  U7’s Vs B’croft 1 9.30am     Under 9's Report – 30thJune 2001 – Dural Vs Gala Day at Les Shore Oval.
  U8’s Vs Redfield 9.15am
  U9’s Vs Redfield 9.15am      MINIS GALA DAY Organisation– U8’s&U9’s Les Shore Oval Glenorie – Saturday 30th June 2001.
U10’s VsBeecroft–8.30 Home     A huge "Thank You"!!! to the following people who gave so generously of their time last Saturday, and in
U11’s VsB’croft2– 9.15 Home    prior preparation of setting up the fields and working on the canteen which all contributed in making the
U12’s Vs Hills B– 10.00 Home
U13’sVs– Hillview10.50 Away
                               Minis Gala day a great success. Thanks to Jim and Deb Dunne and boys, Paul Robinson, Ross Ginman,
U16’s Vs M’lands- 1.50 Away    Tim O'Grady, Glenn Houston, Aneta Houston, Mitchell Houston, Bruce Coller, Gavin Parkinson, Lee
U17’sVs B/town 3.00pm Hme      Kitteridge, Louise Cahill, Tina Turner, Andrew Callanan, Iris Hunt and Selwyn Oaks. If I have forgotten
 OPENS Rd14 VsKWP away         anyone I apologise, you know who you are and thank you too. Heidi Houston.
                               An even bigger “Thank You” to Heidi Houston for all her organisational skills, time and effort.
Sunday 27th,28th,29th July
    Good Sports Day            Under 10's Report – 23rd June 2001 – Dural 10 Vs Beecroft (2) 20.
  CCIA tattoo Fundraiser       Dural under 10's played one of their best games this season but unfortunately lost through some brief
  Sunday 29th July 2001
                               lapses of concentration. Scotty Hunter scored the teams only try and his efforts were ably assisted by
Campese Cup U11’s 7-a-side     Adam and Johnny. The team mums again resorted to alcohol at Friday nights training and the Dads
  Wahroonga Rugby Club         cheer squad were outstanding notwithstanding one of their members is currently gagged. David Willis.

Saturday 11th August 2001      Under 10's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural 5 Vs Hillview 5 – Home. No Report.
 Dural Rugby & Redfield to     Under 11's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural Won Vs Blacktown - Home. No Report
host Eastwood Minis Round      Under 12's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural Vs Rooty Hill - Home. No Report
6’s & 7’s Les Shore Glenorie
 8’s & 9’s Redfield College
                               Under 13's Report – 23rd June 2001 – Dural Vs Beecroft - Away
Saturday 11th August 2001      U13's played Beecroft, who are competition leaders, and lost by 45 points. The boys played well in
    Annual Club Dinner         patches but lacked urgency and commitment. Matt Watson was player of the match, and a number of
 Venue: The Galston Club       others tried very hard as well. Pat Barrett Coach.
      Time: 7.00pm
    Dress: Lounge Suit         Under 13’s Report - Sunday 24th June 2001 – The King School Tens.
                               Wesley Turner, Matt Evans, Matt Watson, Huw Jones, Nathan Whiteman, Heath van Middeldyk, Alex
 Sunday 19th August 2001       MacRae, Ray Jaramis, James Barrett and Christopher Denton, supported by reserve, Kristian Turner
  Eastwood Minis Gala Day
  (Final/Presentation Day)
                               (U9's) played their hearts out in 3 very hard and fast 10-a-side games at The Kings School tournament.
 TG Milner Field Eastwood      They were beaten in the first game, just beaten in the second game, by a Hillview side which thrashed
                               them in the competition game only weeks ago, but in game 3 they had it worked out. They played
 Sunday 26th August 2001       themselves into exhaustion, and a shout of lunch at Maccas, but by backing up and concentration turned
 Bowral Small Blacks Rugby     on a power game to beat a very determined and aggressive Kings School side. Dural won 3 tries to one
  Union Gala Day at Bowral     and Wesley who turned 13 on Sunday got his birthday wish by scoring all the tries and was accompanied
        U7’s – U10’s           by his brother across the try-line in one of them. Well done all the boys who were popularly all voted
   Details to be Advised.      player of the match. What a confidence booster, lets go on with it in the club games. Pat Barrett Coach.
  Sunday 16th Sept 2001                      Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10               Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
   Club Presentation Day
  Picnic/BBQ – venue tba
   Details to be Advised.
      Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                             Page 3 of 5             Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
                                 Under 13's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural Vs North Rocks – Home. No report.

  WET WEATHER                    Under 16's Report – 30th June 2001 – Dural 22 Vs Nepean 7.
                                 The first half was almost a rehash of last weeks second half. No! Sorry! It wasn't quite that bad but it was
  INFORMATION                    close. At least we scored a converted try and kept Nepean to the same. There was some good play but it
                                 was let down by some sloppy stuff and some bad options. The second half started a lot better. Foxy's
    Met Western Zone             half-time "motivational" talk seemed to lift the boys a bit (maybe I should have taped it). Some great
         (U10-16)                forward play, at times moving the ball 40 metres up field, set up a great platform for the backs to show
 24 Hour wet weather line
                                 their running and ball handling skills. The most encouraging aspect of the team's performance: both
                                 wingers, Matt and Neil, scored tries from sweeping backline moves set up by dominating forward play
      9801 0941                  and good backing up. Oh! The forwards scored some tries too. Unfortunately the game was stopped
                                 early after one of the Nepean players injured his back in a tackle. As a precaution he was taken to
            updated              Westmead Hospital by ambulance. We wish him all the best. Final score: 22-7.
        6.00pm Fridays
 This is the time WZ makes       Under 17’s Report – 30th June 2001 - Dural 20 Vs Hornsby 20 - Away
  the decision to cancel the     Dural with only 14 players took on Hornsby at Hornsby. We lost Matt Sinclair with a sore neck after less
 This should include ground
                                 than 5 minutes that reduced us to 13 players against Hornsby's 15 players. But given that we seem to
closures for Hornsby Council     play better with the odds stacked against us we proceeded to lead by 14 points to 5 and should have
           grounds -             locked the game up at this stage. But undisciplined football and too much back chat meant we let them
  Dural Park (Dural Rugby),      back in the game, we did hold on for a draw, but should have got the win.
       Somerville Oval           Man of the Match - Rod Findlay Geoff Ferris Coach.
      (Epping Rugby) –
      U8’s and U9’s and          OPENS Report – Round 11 – 30th June 2001 – Home Les Shore – Dural Vs .
    Ryde Council ground
        Marsfield Park
       (Hillview Rugby)          REMINDERS
U6’s and U7’s, which will be                 DURAL RUGBY CLUB INC. ANNUAL DINNER DANCE.
     useful for the minis.
                                 Date: Saturday 11th August 2001
                                 Time: 7.00pm
  MANAGERS and                   Venue: The Galston Club – 19 Arcadia Road Galston
 COACHES NEED TO                 Dress: Lounge Suit
RING GEOFF FERRIS                Entertainment: Exciting Band to be announced
  PRESIDENT AND                  Auction: Prizes to be announced (each team to donate)
CLUB WET WEATHER                 Guest Speaker: To be announced
   CONTACT ON                    Tickets: $65.00 per head includes dinner, beer, wine, port, soft drink and entertainment.
    0418 214 135
TO CONFIRM ROUND                 To make this night a success we need everyone’s help. If you can donate any prizes or help
    HAS BEEN                     towards the organisation please contact one of the Dinner dance committee members or your
   CANCELLED.                    team manager - they would love to hear from you. The Dinner Dance committee consists of
                                 Tracey Ferris, Margaret Jordan and Caroline Miller and the help of all managers.

                                 REGISTRATION FEES
                                 Please pay any outstanding fees ASAP - Managers will be chasing any outstanding money.
 For Dural Park closures on
 training nights please ring
 Hornsby Council recorded        COACHING COURSE PAYMENTS
      message line on            If you have done a course and you haven’t paid for it yet, please do so ASAP – see Geoff Ferris.

      9847 6764                  SPECIAL EVENTS - GOOD SPORTS DAY
                                 SJRU has decided to get involved with the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia (CCIA) and support
 (Please note if the ground is
 closed your coach may still
                                 their annual "Good Sports Day". The actual day is Friday July 27, however we have dedicated the
 want you to come to training    weekend round of July 27, 28 & 29 to the occasion. Their main means of fundraising will be the sale of
for a locker room pep talk etc   CCIA tattoos and we encourage all participants and supporters of this weekend round to express their
– please ring and confirm with   support by wearing the tattoos. Check out the website - www.goodsportsday.com.au.
    your coach/manager.)         Help Needed : Don’t want a committee position but would like to help DRC Inc. and the CCIA in some
                                 way – we’re looking for a volunteer/s to co-ordinate this fundraiser – if you are interested please
                                 contact Debra Dunne.
      MEETINGS                   JERSEYS
   3rd Monday of the             Please do not wear your jersey to training. The jerseys belong to the club and need to be passed onto
        Month                    other teams next year. IF YOU HAVE AN EXTRA JERSEY, FOR ANY REASON, PLEASE HAND IT
   The Galston Club              BACK TO YOUR MANAGER OR COACH.
                                 MOUTHGUARDS – Cherrybrook Dental Practice - (02) 9484 8944
                                 PHYSIOTHERAPIST - Dural physiotherapist Andrew Langford - 9651-3622.
                                               Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
       Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                       Page 4 of 5           Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
                                Parents and Spectators Behaviour – Sideline and Field
                          -   please also read memo from SJRU and St John Ambulance Protocol below.
The only persons that are allowed in the area between the side-line & the roped off area (or designated side-line area) and
on the playing field are 2001 Dural Rugby Club Inc. officially recognised;
                           Coaches
                           Managers
                           Ground Marshall
                           Committee members
                           Touch judges
                           St John Ambulance members
                           The Referee
                           Designated first aid person – professional qualifications eg nurse, doctor or first aid certificate
                           Players (involved in the current game)
 who have signed an ARU insurance form. If you do not fall into any of the above categories please accept the rules of
Dural Rugby Club Inc., Eastwood District Junior Rugby Union, Metropolitan Western Zone, Sydney Junior Rugby Union and
stand behind the rope or designated spectators area and please stay off the field. This is for insurance and safety purposes
and is applicable for all Rugby Union games you attend. If the DRC Inc. Ground Marshall, normally Phil Overton, or any of
the people listed above ask you to move behind the ropes please do so immediately and without an argument please.
Please strive to set an example for the visiting team. The Ground Marshall’s job is stressful and busy enough checking
players’ cards, time keeping and scoring, without having to worry about unnecessary crowd control. Please understand
we, the committee, have a legal requirement and a moral obligation to provide a safe environment for all.

At no time is a parent allowed to run on the field even if a player is injured. The only persons allowed on the field are the
ones listed above. If you have a parent in your team that is either a nurse, doctor or holds a First Aid certificate and, they
are willing to be a designated team first aider, they are still required to fill out an insurance form. They must also identify
themselves to the Ground Marshall before they can run on the field. Your help and courtesy is appreciated in this matter.

It is a requirement of Metropolitan Western Zone that Clubs provide qualified First Aid at Rugby matches. To clarify St John
Ambulance’s role when attending members of DRC Inc., please be advised of the following when a player is injured;

      “St John protocol states that they will only go to help in the field if the game is stopped and their name is called
      (usually by the referee). If the game can not be stopped they can only treat the casualty at the side of the field. Their
      protocol also states that they should be asked for help, when applicable (assuming the casualty is conscious).”

From this, DRC Inc. protocol for injured players when St John Ambulance is in attendance will be as follows;

      1. A St John Ambulance volunteer will only attend to an injured player still on the field if the game is stopped and if
         they are requested to by either the Ground Marshall, Team Manager/Coach, Touch Judge, Committee Member,
         Injured Player or the Referee.

      2. A St John Ambulance volunteer will only attend to an injured player on the sideline if they are requested to by
         either the Ground Marshall, Team Manager/Coach, Touch Judge, Committee Member, Injured Player or the

      3. When the Ground Marshall, Team Manager/Coach, Touch Judge, Committee Member or the Referee are
         requesting medical attention please identify your position within the club to the St John Ambulance volunteer.

      4. Once St John’s has commenced attending a player they can not return to the field of play until they have been
         given the all clear from the St John Ambulance volunteer.

      5. At no time may a bystander tell a St John Ambulance volunteer to an attend an injured player.

                                           Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10            Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001
       Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                              Page 5 of 5              Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001

A meeting was held with clubs that have had serious offences involving players and other parties. Offences included spectators entering
the field of play, player behaviour and foul play.

Whilst incidents involving players on the field may be dealt with by the Judiciary, behaviour of spectators, parents, coaches and
managers and players off the field is a matter for the clubs to control and the Code of Conduct and Rules is to be enforced.

Sufficient ground control is to be in place and a senior club administrator is to be on hand throughout the days play to answer complaints
and concerns that may occur and to maintain overall control. This person is to be visible and if need be to patrol the ground and outer

Visiting teams and spectators/parents are to be well behaved to both opposition and refereeing staff.


Should there be further incidents from any club the Zone may feel it appropriate that points be deducted or automatic disqualification of
the team involved from the competition.

Zone Chairman - Brad Weyland

                                               THE GALSTON CLUB - “WHAT’S ON”
                                                     SCHOOL HOLIDAY FUN –
                                        For enquiries call Sue at The Galston Club on 9653 2017
                           ABC CAVALCADE – with Postman Pat & his cat, Blinky Bill, Bob the Builder, Paddington Bear
                                              10.30 am Thursday 12 July $11.00 per ticket

                           THE JITTERBUGS – Lots of entertainment with characters Kenny the Crocodile,Cheeky the Frog,
                             Jack the Boogying Bumble Bee and many others - 11.00 am Thursday 19th July $8.00 per ticket

                                           THE FABULOUS PHIL CASS – MAGICIAN & COMEDIAN
                                          SUNDAY 22 JULY, 2001 at 8.00 pm - $22.00 per ticket (show only)

                                      HOGMANAY IN JULY – A SCOTTISH FLING WITH
                     JOHN MCDONALD AND THE HAWKESBURY CITY PIPE BAND $35.00 per ticket includes Scottish Buffet

                                             DURAL RUGBY CLUB INC. ANNUAL DINNER DANCE
                                                        Saturday 11th August 2001 at 7.00pm
                                                Dinner, beer, wine, guest speaker and entertainment
                                                                 Dress Lounge Suit
                                               Tickets $65.00 per head available from Team Managers

                                                       “THE BRITISH INVASION”
                                                 ELTON JOHN SHOW & BEATLES SHOW
                                           SATURDAY 25 AUGUST 8.00 PM $20.00 per ticket (show only)

                                                   STEADY EDDIE & CHRIS FRANKLIN
                                            SUNDAY 26 AUGUST, 2001 8.00 $22.00 per ticket (show only)

                                                  REGULAR EVENTS:
                                          MONDAY NIGHT BINGO 7.45 PM START
                             MEMBERS BADGE DRAW & RAFFLES - WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6 – 9 PM
                                        FRIDAY NIGHT – MONSTER RAFFLES 7-9PM
                                      NEXT FISHING CLUB WEIGH-IN SUNDAY JULY 8
                                 THE GORGE BRASSERIE – OPEN 7 DAYS 12.00-2.30 & 6.00PM
                                      EVERYTHING! For the information of members and guests

                                                    DURAL RUGBY CLUB INC. COMMITTEE 2001
                         President – Geoff Ferris 0418 214 135 - 9980 7741 Secretary - Debra Dunne 0418 618 047 - 9894 9474,
                           Vice President - Patrick Barrett 0408 165 568, Vice President - Lee Perren-Leveridge 0425 248 077,
                                Registrar - Kerry Robinson 0408 665 686, Ground Marshall - Phil Overton - 0412 443 401,
                                   Treasurer - Howard Creighton - 9873 1189, Treasurer - Kevin McBride - 9651 2614,
                                         Members - Paul McNamara - 0418 921 034, Glenn Houston 9653 1186
                                            Gear Steward Andrew Miller 9653 2423, Newsletter Debra Dunne,

                                                Dural Rugby Club Inc Round 10                 Rugby Ravings Vol.5, No.9 – 4th July 2001

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