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                               Germany Country Report 2008

Name:            Gabriele Bartsch                                               Email:

Organisation: Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen (DHS)
              German Centre for Addiction Issues



Please provide information about new or proposed legislation, government strategies/ action
plans, initiatives, programmes and campaigns.

The German Drug and Addiction Council elaborated recommendations for the German Drug
Commissioner for a “National Action Programme for Alcohol Prevention”. Non-Governmental
Organisations, Medical Professional Organisations, Health Insurance Companies and the
National Pensions Fund, as well as industry representatives and industry-oriented actors were
invited to make statements to the recommendations and to answer questions of the Drug
Commissioner (15.09.2008). As the recommendations include structural prevention measures,
as e.g. the regulation of advertising and sponsoring, reducing the availability of alcohol,
introduction of warning labels and pricing as an instrument of reducing consumption, the
discussion was very controversial, and the reaction of the industry representatives extremely
negative. The Drug Commissioner will present the final version of the Action Programme at the
end of this year (2008).

The German Drug Commissioner and the “Deutscher Fußball-Bund” (DFB – German Football
Association) agreed to a cooperation which implies information and prevention activities but
exclude a general ban of advertising. Children and junior leagues will use shirts without beer or
alcohol brand names. For all matches of children and junior leagues there will be a complete
ban of alcohol advertising (18.08.2008).

The German Health Ministry (BMG) and the “Federal Centre for Health Education” decided to
support the next alcohol awareness week “Action Week Alcohol 2009” which will be realized by
DHS form 13th to 21st of June 2009.

In December 2007 was decided to implement the “Hard at the Limit” project (HaLT), a
municipal alcohol prevention approach and model project, all over Germany (27.09.2007).


Please provide information about ongoing or published studies/ surveys, as well as any
published statistics ( eg: trends in consumption, mortality, accidents and injuries etc)
    2008 „ESPAD“ Study (Results for Germany)
    2008 Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) (Ed.). „Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Related
    2008 Berlin Centre for Addiction Prevention. „JAH-Study” (Youth Alcohol Backgrounds)
    2008 Bundesamt für Statistik (Federal Statistical Office). Road Accidents in 2007.
    2008 Bundesamt für Statistik (Federal Statistical Office). Acute Alcohol Intoxications /
         Hospital Admissions
    2007 Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) (Ed.). „Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Consumption of Young
         People in Germany – Results of the Children and Youth Survey in Germany (KIGGS)
    2007 DHS & DG Sucht (German Society for Addiction Research) (Ed.). “German Addiction
         Care Statistics 2006”

    Alcohol Policy and Prevention are relevant topics in Germany. In the years 2007 and 2008
    governmental and non-governmental addiction policy highlighted legal drugs (alcohol and
    tobacco). Several conferences focused on the question “what works in prevention / which
    methods and measures are effective”.

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