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The CSISP (Centre for Public Health Research of the by hpq74941



The Centre for Public Heath Research (CSISP) is a public body, belonging to the Generalitat
Valenciana (Regional Government of Valencia), with own legal capacity, but organic and
functionally depending of the Regional Ministry of Health. The object of the CSISP is to develop and
coordinate the scientific projects promoted by the Public Health General Direction.

The CSISP is the main research policy tool of the General Direction for Public Health, and at the
same time it is conceived as a technological frame to enable and facilitate the development of
research activities to various external agents whose proposals are consistent with the strategic
objectives of the Public Health Department, specially in the field of Public Health research.

The CSISP is a Research Centre promoted by the General Direction of Public Health of the
Valencia Government. It is aimed to conduct quality research in order to provide scientific support to
the public health policies of the Community. The Law of Public Health created this Centre with the
target of coordinating all research labour carried out in the Community of Valencia.

Vaccines Research Area

Evaluation of the epidemiological situation of vaccinable diseases, and evaluation of the vaccines
programmes implemented within the Valencia Region. Coordination of clinic tests to vaccines.
Thus, the Area is focused in the development of research oriented both to increase the Vaccination
Programs effectiveness and to be able to predict the immunitary behaviour faced with new illnesses
or Programs.

The CSISP (Centre for Public Health Research of the Valencian Government, Spain) has great
potential in public health research and is run by personnel with wide experience in research. One
area is focused on vaccine research with different lines. Among the research lines we can mention:

      Clinical development of new vaccines (Clinical Trials)
      Epidemiological studies on vaccine preventable diseases.
      Clinical essays sponsored by the sanitary authority in order to evaluate the efficiency of new
       vaccination programs.
      Pharmacoeconomic studies on vaccines
      Vaccine Safety
      Mathematical modelling of infectious illnesses with the objective of preventing the impact of
       new vaccines, their security, the new threats, etc.
      Development of new detection techniques for the immune response in other flows (saliva,
       etc.), in order to know the cellular immunity.

Our present line on vaccine safety is focused to the analysis of vaccine adverse events through the
use of the large linked population databases of the Valencian Health System (about 5x 106
inhabitants) but we are progressively expanding our lines of investigation. We are interested in
cooperating with other international research groups (we are looking for partners) to unite effort and
dedication and to enrich the current knowledge on vaccine safety.

The CSISP is seeking for collaboration with established research groups in order to implement
international studies.

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