Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisco de Orellano were boyhood friends by hpq74941


									Conquistadors: The Search for El Dorado

True or False?

______ 1. Pizarro and Orellana both grew up in Trujillo, Spain.

______ 2. Gonzalo Pizarro was an important man in Quito, but he never held an official
          government position there.

______ 3. In 1541 people in Quito heard the rumor of El Dorado, a man who covered
          himself with gold dust every day.

______ 4. At the Sun Temple in Cuzco, the Spaniards had found life-sized llamas made
          of gold.

______ 5. Pizarro and Orellana set out from Quito together, at the same time, in one great

______ 6. The 4,000 Indian bearers soon died from various European diseases.

______ 7. The Spaniards ate bugs but managed to keep from eating their horses.

______ 8. Wood and his group can’t find the waterfall that was the first landmark
          mentioned by the Spanish.

______ 9. The Spanish could only hack their way through 10 miles of jungle per day.

_____ 10. Pizarro ordered that a boat be built to carry the sick and wounded.

_____ 11. The boat could only go as fast as the army trudging along the bank.

_____ 12. Pizarro gave Orellana permission to take the boat downstream to look for food.

_____ 13. Orellana and his men didn’t go back to Pizarro because they wanted the riches
          of El Dorado all for themselves.

_____ 14. The first Indians Orellana met were unafraid and did not run away or hide
          from the Spanish.

_____ 15. Orellana told the Indians that he was claiming them and their land for the King
          of Spain.

_____ 16. Orellana and his men put down on paper why they deserted Pizarro.

_____ 17. Wood calls modern-day loggers and oil men a “Second Conquista.”
_____ 18. When the Spanish arrived, about 50% of the native population died from

_____ 19. The Spanish floated down the Napo River sometimes at the rate of 20 leagues
          a day (1 league = 3.5 miles).

_____ 20. The confluence of the Napo and Maranon Rivers is still about 50 miles from
          the beginning of the Amazon proper.

_____ 21. The Spanish named the river “Amazonas” for female warriors that supposedly
          lived in the area.

_____ 22. Although Orellana wasn’t interested, Friar Carvajal decided to record words
          from the river languages.

_____ 23. Orellana discovered that the Aparian Indians had a confederation of well-
          organized communities.

_____ 24. While with the Aparians, Orellana built a second, bigger boat that was strong
          enough for the sea.

_____ 25. Within 5 miles of entering the Amazon, the black Negro River mixes into and
          becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the river.

_____ 26. At Manaus, the Amazon is still like a river where one sees both banks at the
          same time.

_____ 27. In Orellana’s diary he states that he didn’t want the native peoples to have
          “negative feelings about our first encounter.”

_____ 28. The indigenous people of Amazonia have been reduced from perhaps 5 million
          originally to about 50,000 today.

_____ 29. After 8 months and 2,500 miles, Orellana reached the mouth of the Amazon.

_____ 30. The 47 survivors of Orellana’s expedition sailed to safety in the Caribbean.

_____31. From Quito, Gonzalo Pizarro asked the King to pardon Orellana and not listen
         to any charges of treason brought against him.

_____ 32. Orellana went back to Trujillo and married a wealthy, young wife.

_____ 33. He lived the rest of his life in Spain and never returned to South America.

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