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									                                Course Syllabus
                       Spain Park High School 2008-2009

Teacher: Gene Ferreiro
Telephone: 205-439-1400

Course Overview
This course serves as an introduction to ceramics. It includes the study of history
and culture pertaining to ceramics in art. The student will be engaged in projects
using traditional construction methods in ceramics with an emphasis on elements of
art and principles of design.
Students will be engaged in lecture, individual and small group projects. This course
requires a high commitment to the safe and responsible use of materials, tools, and
equipment. Students will be engaged in daily clean up activities and should be
willing to get their hands dirty.

Course Content
The following is the content framework for this course. Students should expect
various art projects, written assignments, and tests throughout the year. Due to the
unpredictable time element in studio projects the due dates for projects will
vary. Every effort will be made to accomplish the goals and objectives in a timely
and efficient manner that will allow the student the optimum opportunity to excel in
their work. Some project dates may be changed so that several Art teachers can
share the same supplies. This maximizes the media coverage for the students.

First 9-weeks
Introduction to Art: Elements of Art, Principles of Design, Aesthetics and Art Criticism
Clay: Origins and Make Up, Stages of Clay, Preparing and Recycling
The Studio: Space, Tools, and Clean Up Process
Methods and Technique: Pinching, Coiling and Slab Construction

Second 9-weeks
History: Clay as a Medium in Art
Finishing: Including Glazing, Painting, and Staining
Sculpture: Representation and Abstraction

Third 9-weeks
Color Theory and Application
Develop Methods and Technique: Combining hand building methods.
History and Culture: Artist and Movements in Ceramic Art

Fourth 9-weeks
Artist Statements
Independent projects
All student assignments, projects and tests will be given a point value, rubric, and
due date prior to students beginning the task. This allows students to understand
the educational objectives and to focus on what is expected of them. There will be
no extra credit. Nine-week grades will be based on the following percentages:

Daily Grades (25 points per day) = 50%
Projects, Tests and Quizzes = 50%

Supplies and Fees
$50 Prepaid Fee - If you did not pay this fee upon registration, please see the
Students are required to bring a flat folder (one specific to this class), paper, and
pen/pencil to class every day.

Classroom Rules and Procedures
Along with the rules and policies in the Code of Student Conduct, students are expected to:

       Be Prompt and Prepared for Class
       Students must come to class ready with their materials and assignments.
       Students that are tardy will not be allowed to enter the art studio without a

       Be Respectful of Others and the Art Room
       A courteous studio environment maximizes the opportunity for learning art.

       Work Everyday
       There is always something that can be accomplished in the studio, and idle
       time will not be tolerated.

Not following these rules will result in the following disciplinary action:

       1st offense – Student/Teacher conference
       2nd offense – Parent/Teacher communication
       3rd offense – Detention and referral to the administration.

Passes out of class
The administration at Spain Park does not want students in the hallways after the
bell. This includes students with passes out to use the restroom. I will allow
students with emergency situations to use the restroom. Please do not ask to use
the restroom except for emergencies.

Since most work for this class is done in the studio, missed work can be extremely
difficult to make up. Excessive absences will affect your performance. It is the
student’s responsibility to check with the teacher to see what work needs to be
made up. Students will have three days for each day missed to make up work.
Please complete and return (this page only) to Mr. Ferreiro

I have read the Course Syllabus for my Ceramics class. I agree to follow the rules of
the SPHS Code of Conduct and the policies for this class. I agree to actively
participate in learning about ceramics.

Student Name (Please Print) __________________________________________________________

Student Signature __________________________________________________Date ______________

I will encourage my child to follow the rules of the SPHS Code of Conduct and the
policies of this class. I will also encourage my child to be prepared for class and to
seek extra help if necessary. I will not hesitate to contact Mr. Ferreiro at school
(439-1400) if I have any questions or concerns.

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________ Date ______________

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Evening phone number: _________________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________

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