Ericsson chooses ReadSoft to digitalize invoices in Spain by hpq74941


									                                               SUCCESS STORY

    Ericsson chooses ReadSoft to
     digitalize invoices in Spain
The Spanish subsidiary of telecom giant           Objectives achieved
Ericsson has successfully integrated              “We had two objectives: to reduce costs
ReadSoft’s software for automatic invoices        and to automate processing of our supplier
processing with their SAP R/3 system.             invoices. After a few months of using
This has allowed Ericsson to automate the         ReadSoft’s product, we can see that both
processing of the some 50,000 invoices that       objectives have been successfully achieved,”
they receive every year.                          says Jessica Persson, who is responsible for
                                                  the Accounts Payable Department at Ericsson
Integrates with SAP R/3                           España. Ericsson has calculated the return on
One year ago, Ericsson decided to                 investment to be a mere 9 months.
complement their SAP R/3 system with
ReadSoft’s software, which automatically          How the product works
reads and understands data from all types of      ReadSoft’s software for automatic invoice
invoices. This was the solution that met all      processing is designed to recognize
their requirements.                                                    unstructured invoice
Before implementing                                                    documents and capture
the ReadSoft solution,                                                 data such as sender,
Ericsson’s supplier invoices                                           invoice number and
were processed manually,                                               invoice amount from
with operators keying                                                  anywhere on the invoice.
all the data into the SAP                                              At the same time, the
system. The invoices were                                              software checks the data
only scanned to keep                                                   against information in
a digital archive. Now,                                                the customer’s business
invoices are handled in a                                              system.
single process that allows                                             ReadSoft’s solution
Ericsson to scan, capture                                              is the easiest and
and verify data to be further                                          fastest path to invoice
processed in the accounts                                              automation and the
department. ReadSoft’s                                                 associated benefits:
software is integrated with Ericsson’s            automatic validation against orders, faster
workflow system so that the invoices are          reports, concurrent access to the documents,
distributed and approved with as much             automated workflow, and digital archiving.
automation as possible.


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