The Unification of Italy and Germany by hpq74941


									The Unification of Italy and
     Nationalism in Europe
         What is Nationalism?
• Define the following terms
        a. Country
        b. Nation
        c. Nationalism
        d. Patriotism
• Give two examples of each of the above
• How are they different?
         Italy comes Together
• The Italian people were broken up into many
  different territories and states.
• These states were controlled by France,
  Austria, and the Pope.
• Italian people wanted to unify to form a
  country of their own. They wanted freedom.
              Who will lead?
• Giuseppi Mazzini= An Italian nationalist who
  led a rebellion against the Austirans and
  French. His efforts failed because the Pope
  refused to support a war against Catholic
       The Kingdom of Piedmont
• Count di Cavour            • Victor Emmanuel II
• Prime Minister             • Supports war to slowly
• Organized an allaince        unify Italian regions.
  with France to make
  war on Austria.
• Once the war was over,
  Austria would lose
  control over its part of
  Cavour and Victor Emmanuel II

            Giuseppi Garibaldi
• Leads an army of volunteers= Red Shirts
• His army invades Southern Italy and Sicily
• He captures both and gives them to Victor
  Emmanuel II in 1860
• Italy is almost complete
• The Pope continues to control Rome and
  Venice is still controlled by Austria
• However, by 1871, these lands will join Italy
               The Growth of Italy
Note= Kingdom of Piedmont also known as Kingdom of Sardinia
 The Quest for German Unification
• In 1860, the German people were governed by
  a variety of states and countries.
• The Kingdom of Prussia was the largest
  German state.
• Prussia’s king William I wanted to unify
  Germans by force.
• To do so would mean making war on France,
  Austria, and many others
            Otto Von Bismarck
• An old soldier who believed in war and
• He supported unification to build a powerful
• He invented a political idea called “realpolitik”
    = the right of a nation to pursue its own
  interests by any means, including war
“Blood and Iron”= use war and industry to
  create Germany
Otto Von Bismarck

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