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         This issue of NEON brought to you from the 2009 NEFI Spring Energy
                            Conference in Sorrento, Italy

                                                   June 11, 2009

  Other Breaking News                                              NEFI EXPO WELL ATTENDED & SUCCESFUL
      This Week In Congress                                        The viability of the independent fuel dealer industry
                                                                   for heating oil, propane, and biofuels was in strong
       Federal Regulatory                                          evidence this week in Boston at the just concluded
                                                                   industry Expo and concurrent Energy Summit
      Action Center Donors                                         hosted by New England Fuel Institute (NEFI). A
                                                                   surge of attendees and exhibitors from throughout
          Industry News
           News Briefs
                                                                   the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, Canada and
        Member Benefits                                            overseas establishes NEFI's biennial trade show
              NORA                                                 and conference as the premier event of its kind.
         Fuel Inventories
            State News
                                      While data is being tallied, there's little question that this year's event surpassed
                                      the record attendance of over 8,000 visitors to the EXPO in 2007. The Energy
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                                      Summit commenced with a standing-room-only audience for Tom Kloza's
             how.                     keynote address. Kloza, the well-known publisher of the Oil Price Information
                                      Service (OPIS), spoke about the extreme volatility in the energy market within the
      _______________                 last year-and why it probably won't end anytime soon. The EXPO floor of the
 Please Note: green text items in     Hynes Convention Center was packed with more than 350 exhibitors from a wide
 this newsletter areclickable links
     for more information on a        spectrum of industries, including fuel wholesalers, equipment manufacturers and
             subject.                 financial and environmental services. Thousands of attendees from all across the
                                      country-and beyond-filled the floor throughout the two-day show. The Energy
                                      Summit's business and technical sessions were very well attended, with an
                                      overflow audience at most of the presentations. Industry experts offered technical
                                      advice on how to integrate the latest controls, and the advantages of the latest
                                      burners and boilers, while other sessions focused on maximizing profits and how
                                      to comply with the latest federal regulations.

                                      Attendees and exhibitors alike had praiseworthy remarks about NEFI's 2009
                                      EXPO, calling it one of the most impressive and rewarding shows held on behalf
     _____________                    of the independent heating fuel distribution and related service marketplace.
       Our Sponsors                   Extensive coverage of the Energy Summit and the EXPO's technical sessions will
                                      appear in Oil&Energy Magazine over the coming months.

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                                      Contact: Jim Collura, NEFI VP for Public Policy (
       33rd North American
   Heating & Energy Exposition        Congress is currently in session.
        June 9 & 10, 2009
  Nearly 8,000 attendees in 2007
                                      The United States Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources is
      ______________                  assembling an energy bill that is absent a cap-and-trade program (the Senate will
 For a complete list of exhibitors,   deal with that separately) and instead focuses on renewable electricity, efficiency
           click on here              and transparency. The committee is conducting hearings and marking up the bill for           piece-by-piece, dealing with one component at a time.
        more information.
    Contact for
  exhibit space, registration and     On Tuesday, the committee marked up an "Energy Markets Transparency"
     sponsorship information.         section that will require the 50 largest holders of commodity futures contracts to
  Tracy Goodwin, VP for Events,
                                      report their physical inventory and storage capacity to the Energy Information New England         Administration (EIA). NEFI was successful in working with Vermont Senator
  Fuel Institute (, 617-     Bernie Sanders in introducing and passing an amendment to the legislation that
       923-5015 direct dial.          will require these traders to divulge crude oil and refined petroleum reserves
                                      currently being held in off-shore supertankers. PMAA, NEFI and VFDA wrote a
                                      letter of support for the amendment to the Committee leadership (click here).
 Upcoming Courses
 at NEFI                              Global diesel storage at sea has climbed to about 41 million barrels, Reuters
                                      reported this week, citing traders and shipbrokers, up 71 percent since April.
 Training Center                      Seven tankers with an estimated 14 million barrels of North Sea crude oil are
                                      anchored off Great Britain, Bloomberg reported. JP Morgan Chase recently hired
 2009 NEFI Education Calendar
                                      a ship to store up to 2 million barrels of heating oil off the coast of Malta. Without
 Basic A/C Course                     a requirement that storage held by trading firms in these off-shore tankers be
 Dates: Sept 8 - Nov 12               reported to federal authorities, these barrels remain "in the dark."
 Tues & Thurs 6pm - 10 pm
                                      In addition to requiring traders to report physical inventory data, the measure
 Gas Heat Service Training            would also create a panel to investigate and report on the energy commodities
 Dates: Sept 8 - Nov 12
 Tues & Thurs 8am - 4:30 pm           markets and the setting of prices, and especially, the role of speculation. It is not
 APPLICATION                          clear if the bill will gain the momentum needed to pass the Senate this year, in
                                      light of several controversial energy provisions. Stay tuned.
 Watts Hydronics 101
 June 22, 2009                         TIME TO REIN IN WALL STREET SPECULATIVE INVESTORS
 4 hours; 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
 $50.00 per student
                                                      TELL CONGRESS TO ACT NOW - CLICK HERE
 APPLICATION                                       (Over 320messages sent since Thursday, June 3, 2009)
 Power Venting & Combustion
 8:00 am to 12:00 pm                  HOUSE PASSES BILL TO MAKE FED. REGULATORS MORE
 $50.00 per Student
 New HAZMAT Class
 September 9 6-9PM                    Federal Inspectors General (IGs) are responsible for keeping federal agencies
 APPLICATION                          clean, transparent and accountable to the rule of law and the American people.
                                      The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill (HR 885) by voice vote that
 Bacharach Combustion
 Analysis NEW CLASS: June 23,         will make federal regulators of futures, options, and the financial services industry
 2009 /                               at-large more accountable. The measure would require that IGs at these
 8:00 am to 12:00 noon                commissions and agencies, including the Federal Reserve Board, the
                                      Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Security and Exchange
                                      Commission (SEC), be appointed positions rather than work for the heads of

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 Springfield, Mass. - MA Oilburner
 Code                                those organizations. It would also provide them with additional staffing and
 527 CMR 4.00 Training               subpoena authority.
 NEW DATE: July 1, 2009 /
 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm
                                     The CFTC's Inspector General, who currently works for the CFTC Chairman, was
 3.5 hr. seminar                     brought into the spotlight late last year. During the height of the 2008
 Springfield, Mass.                  commodities run-up and a debate in Congress over legislation to deal with
 APPLICATION                         excessive speculation, the CFTC released preliminary results of an unreleased
 Roth DWT Certification Class        report on speculation (such interim reports are rare for a federal agency). The
 NEW ONE-DAY SEMINAR:                CFTC determined that speculation was not "excessive." Several members of
 NEW DATE TBD.                       Congress asked the CFTC's Inspector General to investigate whether or not the
 One Day / 4 Hours; 8:00 a.m. -      CFTC had released these "early" results from an incomplete investigation into
 12:00 p.m.
                                     speculation in order to affect the outcome of debate over the legislation. The
 Advanced Oilheat Efficiency         Inspector General was working for the Acting-Chair Walt Lukken (R) at the time.
 Options                             Lukken had testified on several occasions that regulatory reform of commodities
                                     trading was not needed and speculation was not an issue. A hasty investigation
 One Day / 8 Hours; 7:00 a.m. -      was conducted, and the CFTC was found innocent of any wrong doing. If the
 3:00 p.m.                           Inspector General was independently appointed and had additional authority,
 APPLICATION                         perhaps a more thorough investigation would have been possible.
 Hedging College
 Thorough, Focused, and              In a floor speech, Larson said "regulatory agencies who were supposed to be
 Interactive Instruction on          monitoring our financial and commodity markets fell down on the job. Where
 Hedging                             were they when Bernie Madoff was scamming thousands of innocent Americans
 June 15-16
 Hedge Solutions, Manchester, NH     into giving up their life savings? Where were they when speculators were
 APPLICATION                         wreaking havoc in the oil markets?" According to Larson, 117 reports were
                                     released by Independent IGs in 2008 compared to just 12 by the others.
 Advanced Hedging College
 June 17
 Hedge Solutions, Manchester, NH     Congressman Larson's (D-CT) bill would make these regulators more
 APPLICATION                         accountable and it has the full support of NEFI and many of its coalition allies.
 Refrigerant Training
 Certification                       AUGUST
 Course is being offered at NEFI's   U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who is chair of the Senate Committee on
 Technical Training Center,          Environment & Public Works, announced this week that she plans on bringing
 Watertown, Mass., on the
 following dates.                    climate change legislation before her committee with both hearings and mark-ups
                                     before the August recess. Boxer's bill is expected to include a national cap-and-
 Evening Course:                     trade program similar to the one proposed by the Waxman-Markey climate bill in
 NEW DATE: June 9 & 11, 2009
 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
                                     the House. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in the U.S. House or
 Day Course                          Representatives are, according to several reports, near a deal that would allow
 NEW DATE: June 11, 2009             for floor consideration of the Waxman-Markey "American Clean Energy and
 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.               Security Act" (HR 2454) to be considered before the Independence Day recess.
                                     The bill's most powerful Democratic skeptic, Agriculture Committee Chairman
 Carlin "U" Residential Oil Class
                                     Collin Peterson (D-MN) is continuing negotiations with Speaker Pelosi, Energy
 NEW ONE-DAY SEMINAR:                Chairman Waxman and other key Democrats. The bill currently sits before eight
 Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:00       committees, awaiting mark-up, however the bill could be brought to the floor
 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                    without all committees having done so. It is widely believed that the bill might
                                     have the 218 votes to pass the House, but the Senate remains another matter.
                                     Senate leaders are currently in negotiations with agriculture, coal, manufacturing
 MA Oilburner Code 527 CMR 4.00      and heavy industry Democrats in order to try and sway "fence sitters" to the "yes"
 Training                            camp. 60 votes will be needed to overcome a filibuster.
 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
 Watertown, Mass.
 EPA Section 608 Training and
 (refrigerant containment regs) 2-   May 21, 2009
 session evening course
 Evenings: June 16 & 18, 2009               NEFI & MOC Send Joint Letter On Climate Change

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 (6:00 - 10:00 PM) Day: June 18,   May 12, 2009
 2008 (7:00 AM - 3:30 PM)
                                           As Industry Marches on Washington, Congress Takes Up Climate Bill
 Gas Heat Training for Oilheat             Send a Message to Congress - Industry is Part of the Solution!
 Technicians                               Session on Carbon Regulation to be Held at NEFI EXPO 2009
 Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00 -
 10:00 PM

 HAZMAT Course (6/24):
 Course Info
                                   EPA EXTENDS SPCC COMPLIANCE DEADLINE
 George Lanthier Courses:
                                   ISSUE: The U.S. EPA issued a final rule this week extending the date by which
 HVAC System Design                petroleum bulk plant facility owners and operators must revise and implement
 2 DAYS, 16 HOURS;  7AM -
                                   new Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) requirements. The
 Next Date TBD                     final rule extends the current July 1, 2009 compliance deadlines for SPCC plan
                                   revision and implementation by 16 months. NEFI has worked tirelessly to obtain
 Residential Steam School          an extension through written comments and numerous meetings with SPCC
 NEW DATE: June 3, 2009, FW
 Webb, Concord, NH 1 DAY, 8
                                   regulators in Washington, D.C. The16-month extension is necessary so that bulk
 HOURS; 8AM - 4:30PM               plant operators are able to take advantage of SPCC regulatory relief provisions
 INFO                              that are slated to become effective January 14, 2010 once an ongoing regulatory
                                   review is completed. The EPA told NEFI that the final rulemaking on these
 Riello Troubleshooters Workshop   amendments, which include an exemption from sized secondary containment for
 Next Date TBD                     parked cargo tank trucks championed by NEFI, will be finalized in November.
                                   NEW SPCC COMPLIANCE DATE: SPCC plans must be revised and
 NEW DATE: Advanced Electrical
 Troubleshooting                   implemented no later than:
 June 30 & July 1, 2009                                         NOVEMBER 10, 2010
                                   Under the rule, owners or operators of a petroleum bulk plant facility that was in
 Wiring Hydronic Systems
 Next Date TBD                     operation on or before August 16, 2002, must maintain their existing SPCC plan,
                                   make any necessary amendments to the plan and fully implement it by
 Special Combination Seminar       November 10, 2010. The owner or operator of a facility that came into operation
 Two complete advanced courses
 on Oilheat service.               after August 16, 2002, but before November 10, 2010, is required to prepare and
 The Annual Tune-Up Done Right     implement an SPCC Plan on or before November 10, 2010.
 Troubleshooting Domestic Hot      DISCUSSION: The EPA believes that an extension of the compliance date is
 Water Systems
 Next Date TBD                     appropriate because it provides the owner or operator of a bulk facility the
                                   opportunity to fully understand and take advantage of all of the regulatory
 Advanced Fuel Systems             amendments offered by revisions to the SPCC rule promulgated in December
 Next Date TBD
                                   2008. Those amendments, a legacy of the final days of the Bush administration
 Applied Service Management        are currently under regulatory review ordered by President Obama. The
 Next Date TBD                     regulatory relief provisions, including an exemption from sized secondary
                                   containment requirements for parked cargo tank trucks known as the "NEFI
 North American Oilburner
 Workshop                          exemption" are not considered controversial and unlikely to change when the
 Next Date TBD                     final review is completed in November.
                                   EPA intends to issue revisions to the SPCC Guidance for Regional Inspectors
 Advanced Common Sense
 Troubleshooting                   that address changes made to the SPCC rule, consistent with the December
 Next Date TBD                     2006 and December 2008 regulatory amendments (71 FR 77266, December 26,
 _______________                   2006; 73 FR 74236, December 5, 2008). The guidance document is designed to
                                   provide more detail about the rule's applicability, to clarify the role of the inspector
                                   in the review and evaluation of a facility owner or operator's compliance with the

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 JOIN NEON MAILING LIST           performance-based SPCC requirements, and to provide a consistent national
 _____________________            policy on several SPCC-related issues.
 CALENDAR                         The compliance deadline extension is a big win for NEFI members because it
                                  enables a more cost effective approach to SPCC plan revision and

                                  Contact: Mark S. Morgan, Esq., NEFI Regulatory Counsel (



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                                  General News

                                          LEGISLATION INTRODUCED TO GIVE CFTC EMERGENCY POWERS:
        PLATINUM                          Senator Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation this week which would give
        SPONSORS                          "emergency powers" that would allow the Commodity Futures Trading
                                          Commission to stop sudden or unreasonable fluctuations or unwarranted

NEFI Energy Online News NEON-June 11, 2009                                                       Page 6 of 10

                                 changes in prices. It would also subject bank holding companies engaged
                                 in energy futures trading to strict position limits, and require hedge funds
                                 trading in energy markets to register with the CFTC and make them
                                 subject to strict speculation limits. NEFI has expressed support for this
                                 legislation. Read More
       Solutions                 American Petroleum Institute this week predicted that the Waxman-
                                 Markey climate change bill, which House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) hopes to
                                 bring to the floor by July, will cause gasoline to increase 70 cents per
                                 gallon (cpg), jet fuel by 83 cpg, and diesel fuel by 88 cpg.
                                  NEFI RAISES OVER $3K FOR NATIONAL INDUSTRY PAC:  A silent auction
                                 sponsored by the NEFI Action Center at this week's EXPO in Boston raised
                                 over $3,000 for the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA)
                                 Small Business Committee PAC.  The PAC supports candidates for
                                 national office that share public policy goals that are healthy for the
                                 industry and its consumers.  A full list of Silent Auction winners will be
                                 posted in the next issue.  Thank you to all that donated items and
                                 participated in the fundraiser!!!
                                 SENATE COMMITTEE OK'S INCREASED DRILLING: In a committee vote
                                 earlier this week, the Senate Energy Committee agreed to add an
                                 amendment offered by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) that would allow for oil
                                 and gas leases as close as 45-miles off the coast of Florida.  The
                                 amendment has stirred fierce rhetoric from drilling opponents and may
                                 stall the larger bill (the same bill mentioned in the "This Week in
                                 Washington" section's lead story, above).
                                 STATES: An unusually large share of the $5 billion in weatherization
                                 money will flow to warm-weather states - 31 percent of the money,
                                 nearly double the old share of 16 percent,to help states in hot climates,
                                 like Florida, save on air-conditioning rather cold states, like Maine, save
                                 on heating costs.  Read More


                                                         Meetings & Events

                                 Jennifer Robie, Development Specialist and Shane Sweet, CEO, both
                                 of New England Fuel Institute attended the AREE Tradeshow in Atlantic
                                 City, May 5th & 6th. Jennifer also attended the NAOHSM Tradeshow in
                                 Hershey Pennsylvania, May 19th & 20th. Future events include the
                                 Vermont Fuel Dealers Association conference, May 28th & 29th and the
                                 Ray Murray Show, June 2nd.
                                 NEFI Supports NAOHSM Golf Breakfast
                                 The New England Fuel Institute ( is supporting the 21st
                                 Anniversary Oilman's Open event by the Boston Chapter of the National
                                 Association of Oil Heating Service Managers. The Boston Chapter of the
                                 National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers every year sponsors
                                 The Oilman's Open, but this year is special, according to Boston NAOHSM
                                 because 2009 marks the 21st year of the event.
                                 NAOHSM Boston plans to make it a memorable day and says "this is one

NEFI Energy Online News NEON-June 11, 2009                                                           Page 7 of 10

                                   event you will not want to miss out on." Each "On-Course Sponsor's name
                                   will be placed on signs directly on the course signifying their firm's support
                                   and sponsorship of our Chapter and its members.

                                   For more information, contact Eric Deehan [], or
                                   21st ANNUAL BOSTON CHAPTER GOLF OUTING SPONSORSHIP,
                                   Boston Chapter NAOHSM c/o Rich Tarby, Taylor & Murphy Oil Co., 188
                                   Lexington St., Waltham, MA 02453
                                   NEFI President Shane Sweet, and NEFI VP's Tracy Goodwin and Jim
                                   Collura are attending the 2009 Spring Energy Conference in Sorrento and
                                   Sardinia, June 11 - 22, 2009.
                                   THE NEW ENGLAND FUEL INSTITUTE (NEFI.COM) SEEKS A
                                   QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL TO TEACH ITS 160 HOUR BASIC OIL HEAT
                                   TECHNICIAN AND INSTALLATION COURSE: This course entails both
                                   classroom and hands-on heating instruction using live heating equipment
                                   and follows an industry-standard curriculum. We are looking to fill a year
                                   round position teaching adult students from around the region. Full time
                                   and part time candidates are urged to apply. All classes are taught in both
                                   the classroom and in our state-of-the art lab at our Watertown,
                                   Massachusetts facility. Candidates must have a valid Massachusetts oil
                                   burner license. Send resume and letter of interest to Bob Messia, Principal
                                   Instructor,, or: Att: Bob Messia, Principal Instructor New
                                   England Fuel Institute 20 Summer St. Watertown, MA. 02472
                                   NEFI SEEKS EDUCATORS AND SEMINAR OFFERINGS: The New
                                   England Fuel Institute ( seeks contract educators with training
                                   content ready for presentation to fuel marketers and the HVAC sector.
                                   We are looking for fuel-related and general business curriculum for
                                   integration into our on-going technical and non-technical offerings. Our
                                   Education & Training offerings are offered in traditional classroom and
                                   laboratory formats as well as Webinar and Webcast formats. Interested
                                   parties are urged to contact Shane Sweet, CEO, New England Fuel
                                   Institute (, at or 617-923-5011, with proposals
                                   or questions. Jan 2009
      GOLD SPONSOR         -Top-
                                                   NEFI BENEFITS SPOTLIGHT

                           New England Fuel Institute is pleased to offer members and their employees
                           comprehensive dental plans at a very competitive monthly rate. Please visit
                  to review a detailed summary of benefits/rates for each
                           NEFI Group Rated Delta Dental Plan Offer. Please contact Donna Carcerano,
                           Benefits Administrator at New England Fuel Institute (617) 923-5020 Direct Line,
                           (617) 924-1000 ext. 220 or email

                                                       NEFI EVENTS CALENDAR

                           June 11-19: NEFI Spring Energy Conference, Italy (extension trip June 19-22).

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                                   Phone: 617-923-5015

                                   June 15-16: "Hedging College," 9am-3pm, Hedge Solutions, Manchester, New
                                   Hampshire. Phone: 800-709-2949 Reg. Brochure

                                   June 17: "Advanced Hedging College," 9am-3pm, Hedge Solutions, Manchester,
                                   New Hampshire. Phone: 800-709-2949 Reg. Brochure
       Hedge     Solutions
                                   June 18: Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire's Golf Outing and Membership
                                   Meeting, Stonebridge Country Club, Goffstown, New Hampshire. Phone: 603-

                                   June 21-23: Maine Oil Dealers Association 55th Annual Convention, Harborside
                                   Resort & Marina, Bar Harbor, Maine. Phone: 207-729-5298

       Truck & Auto Repair, Inc.   June 23-24: Propane Gas Association of New England/NYPGA's Joint Summer
                                   Conference, The Sagamore Resort, Lake George, Bolton Landing, New York.
                                   Phone: 603-544-2226

                                   June 25-26: Independent Connecticut Petroleum Assn. (ICPA) 59th Annual
                                   Meeting, Water's Edge Resort & Spa, Westbrook, Connecticut.Phone: 860-613-
                                   July 16: NORA Silver Seminar & Certification Exam (Test for Gold Available),
                                   FW Webb, Williston, VT. Phone VFDA: 802-223-7750
     SILVER SPONSORS               July 29: Equipment Sales Skills Seminar, F.W. Webb, Rutland, VT. Phone
                                   VFDA: 802-223-7750



                                   Traci Ross, Communication Director, NORA (703)340-1660,





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         President & CEO
           Shane Sweet
    VP of Government Affairs
            Jim Collura
     VP & Director of Events
          Tracy Goodwin
      Mark S. Morgan, Esq.
       Regulatory Counsel
      Christine Vieira-Trant
        Donna Carcerano
     Benefits Administrator
      Elizabeth McCarthey
           Policy Advisor
         Andrea Medina

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            Dave Rocco
  Regulatory Affairs & Marketing
             Bob Messia
         Head Instructor

             Jen Robie                            ICPA Newsletter E-Marketer Report
           Development                                                     ICPA Technical Education Center Newsletter
                                   OPM Furnace Upgrade/Replacement Program Update
            Betty Kelley           ICPA Technical Education Center Website
     Administrative Manager                      
         Joanne Sharkey
    Special Projects Assistant
                                                  OHC-NH Website
         Christine Riccio
     NORA Education Center
                                                 OHI-RI Website
                                                 Vermont Fuel Education Center

                                   PLEASE NOTE:
                                   Reporting to members on legislative and regulatory developments or providing pertinent compliance
                                   information does not constitute NEFI's support for that particular issue, unless otherwise stated. NEFI only
                                   takes positions on public policy issues after consulting its officers, chairs and receiving consensus from
                                   the members of relevant committees. NEFI's Government Affairs Committee assembles on a monthly basis
                                   to review positions and strategy on timely public policy issues. Feedback from members is always
                                   welcome and appreciated!
                                   Links to Outside Sites
                                   Certain portions of have links to outside companies and organizations. NEFI
                                   does not support or mean to affiliate itself in any way with the ideas or opinions expressed on these
                                   outside sites, unless otherwise stated. It is always a good idea to check the privacy and security policies
                                   on these external sites, as they are not governed by NEFI.

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