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March 31, 2004

Give your Surveillance System an IQ Test

iOmniscient challenges customers to give their CCTV systems an IQ test.

There has been a growing trend towards developing intelligence for surveillance systems.
However most of these efforts have been limited by the use of traditional motion detection
technology and neural networks. Building on top of these decade-old algorithms does not
result in solutions that are sophisticated enough for the needs of today’s security industry.

Now with a technological breakthrough based on Artificial Intelligence using heuristic
algorithms, iOmniscient Pty Ltd, an Australian company, has made significant headway
with its patented Next Generation Intelligent Surveillance System. The system can find
objects even if they are placed in very crowded environments and even if they are not
detectable by the naked eye. The company has lodged further patents on very sophisticated
light management algorithms that allow it to minimize nuisance alarms.

iOmniscient’s CEO, Dr Rustom Kanga threw out a challenge to all users to “give their
surveillance system an IQ Test”. He asked them to consider:

q   Whether their system could find an object left in or removed from a scene even if the
    environment was extremely busy and the object was partially or totally obscured for a
    considerable period of time.
q   Whether their system can tell perspective with a single camera and know of its own
    accord that an object in the foreground looked larger than when placed in the distance
q   Whether their system can tell the difference between a shard of light and an object?
q   Whether their system knows if their cameras had been sabotaged?

…and a host of similar questions.

“We suggest a 20 point IQ test for the
Surveillance System which is available by
contacting us at,”
said Dr Kanga. “Most users find that they
cannot answer with a yes on behalf of their
system on more than one question.”

As the winner of several awards including
the Australian Government’s prestigious
Innovation Award for 2003, the company
has already established clients in Europe,
Asia and Australia.
 “CCTV systems are like eyeballs. This system provides brains which makes the whole
security operation more productive,” said Jude Jacobs, Managing Director of EDS,
Australia – the country’s largest Disaster Recovery Service Provider.

“The system’s amazing ability to cope with all manner of difficult lighting and weather
situations is critical to having automated surveillance,” said Robert Hausman, Security
Manager for the National Press Club in Canberra which uses the system to protect its

Mr Norm Henderson, Managing Director of Resup Electronic Surveillance Group stated, “I
have confidence in what you are doing because I can see your products doing things that
others only talk about”

Working off existing analog and IP based CCTV infrastructure, the system can interface
effortlessly with most DVR systems, making it a cost-effective add-on for any security
environment. With a totally distributed architecture the operator can monitor cameras
anywhere in the world. And with the wireless capability the operator does not even have to
be in a control room – he has comprehensive control from his mobile PDA. Event based
recording enables the user to get by with significantly less storage.

The IQ series of products starts off with a “lower IQ product” – the IQ-80 which can do the
traditional things that are expected from CCTV systems including Video Motion Detection.

Object Tracking, Directional Alarms and Counting are available in the IQ-100 and the IQ-
110. The next level of product can handle Behavioral Tracking providing alarms when
particular behaviors (such as a “Slip and Fall” event) are identified.

As we get to the high IQ products such as IQ-140, it can find objects even when they are
obscured by crowds of people. Finally IQ-180 can find objects that may not be visible to
the naked eye – for example black objects on a black background where the object itself
may be only 1 or 2 pixels in size.

“We can do all the simple things like Object Tracking and other lower IQ tasks like the
many other suppliers of such systems with our low end system. However our Next
Generation System has the ability to do many things that no one else can do. Finding
suspicious objects in very busy scenes even when the naked eye cannot see them is just one
of these capabilities” said Dr Kanga.

About the Company:

iOmniscient Pty Ltd is an Australian company set up in 2001 to develop advanced tools
for the Surveillance and Security industry using Artificial Intelligence. The system has
drawn wide interest from security organizations, and commercial and government users as
remote from Australia as Israel and the Middle East, Europe including the UK and Asia.

Please visit for additional information.

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