Sculpture course in wood stone metal in France with by svq18001


									Sculpture course in wood stone metal in France with Gustave Schubotz
                     The      Theory and practice:
                              An introduction to the history of sculpture with a slide presentation
                     Concept: for inspiration. A sculpturing course in the sculpture park of the
                                 Schubotz SOLART school. The summer academy 2008 for
                                 established artists and artists-to-be. SCHUBOTZ's works-to-date in
                                 the expansive surroundings. Open space for artistic freedom.

                                 Especially intended for
                                  Collectors,
                                  Friends of Art
                                  Pupils and students
                                  established artists and artists-to-be.

                                 Inside area: 600 m2      Outside area: 2,000 m2

                                 The inspiring surroundings of the SOLART park is an ideal
                                 environment to create and work productively.

                                    Do you want to explore your inner self?
                                    Change A DREAM into REALITY?
                                    Be simply and utterly creative the entire week long?
                                    Create in total LIBERTY!

                                 Then come to our SOLART PARK in the middle of southern
                                 France. This is an environment of art and nature that will inspire
                                 you to create as well as entice you to learn.

                                 As ART EDUCATOR and a freelance artist I offer you an intensive
                                 course in my studio, where you will create and learn with joy and
                                 renewed energy. After 20 years of experience in art practice and
                                 art instruction I can guarantee your success. Whether it’s an
                                 introduction, pursuing a new discovery, or perfecting your own
                                 artistic vein, e.g. for monumental art, which you cannot realise at
                                 home, the sculptor course offers it. Each class participant is
                                 individually encouraged, assisted and advised by me.

                     The       The materials:
                     materiel: A large selection of art documentation is available, as well as
                               materials of
                                    Stone,
                                    Wood,
                                    Plaster or clay
                                    Iron and steel for Combination techniques

                                 Stone-cutting, wood-sculpturing, Modelling, Pouring, Assembling
                                 and Welding,.... it is all offered!
                                 Also included is working with colour in all formats.

                                 A COURSE à la carte!
                                 Each class participant receives a certificate. His completed work is
                                 his own property. If he wishes, he may exhibit the work in the
                                 SOLART Sculpture Park or he may put the work up for sale. The
                                 number of participants is limited, please reserve now!

                     The      Gustave Schubotz, SOLART-School
                     Address: 2 rue du FELLETIN
                                 ATELIER : 10 chemin des Genets
                                 43220 RIOTORD, France, Haute-Loire
                                 Telephone: 0628042781
                                 From abroad: 0033-628042781
Sculpture course in wood stone metal in France with Gustave Schubotz
                     The                    All age groups from 16 years on.
                                            In order to ensure individual attention, the number of
                                             participants is limited to 10 persons.
                                         All materials and tools are available.
                                         All inscribed class participants are insured.
                                         Lunch is offered for 10 Euro, in order to promote a collegial
                                             gathering and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.
                                        Accommodation and other necessities will be organised in the
                                        village. Please state on the registration form if you will require
                                        accommodation. Gustave Schubotz offers the following
                                        special price: 250 Euro per week room and board or 50 Euro
                                        per night including breakfast and 2 meals.

                     Offered:              30 working hours with individual guidance and instruction
                                            "à la Carte",
                                           Theory and practice combined
                                           Insurance and final diploma
                                           Materials and tools are available

                     Fee:                  390 Euro course fee

                     Account: CCP LYON BANQUE POSTALE N° 12523 77 CO 38
                                    IBAN: FR97 2004 1010 0712 5237 7C03839
                                    BIC : PSSTFRPPLYO

                     Date:             Course 1 : from 1st of July to 5th July 2008
                                       Course 2 : from 7th July to 11th July 2008
                                       Course 3 : from 4th August to 8th August 2008

                     Schedule: From 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM from 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.
                               The course supervisor reserves the right to cancel the course on
                               account of low enrolment or for technical reasons. The deposited
                               fees will then be fully refunded. The number of participants is
                               limited to 10 persons for each course so please reserve now.

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                                    Telephone:______________________ Fax: __________________

                                    Email....: ______________________________________________

                                    Motivation or Idea:______________________________________

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