2006 U10 Leslie Youth Baseball Association Spring Tournament

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       MAY 19, 20, AND 21
                 Tournament Director: Dennis Walker
       Cell: (517) 712-8524 walkerfamily8726@sbcglobal.net
                            Mark Kanik
                (517) 980-1013 mkanik@netscape.com


                                       City of Leslie

                            Main St.
                                         Mill St.

                                                    Washburn Rd

                       IMPORTANT NOTES

Thank you for considering to play in our Spring tournaments. Here are a couple of tips to

   1. Have questions, please call Dennis or Mark.

   2. Want to register, please include the following when mailing to Dennis:

           a. Team Registration Form
           b. Team Roster
           c. Check for $175

   3. Read the Rules

   4. Coach Responsibilities:

           a. Have a copy of birth certificates for every player, available at the
              tournament and at all times, to avoid any disputes and possible forfeitures.
           b. Have completed and parent/guardian signed medical release forms for
              each player, available at the tournament and at all times, to avoid
              unnecessary delays in medical treatment, if required.
           c. Practice and encourage good sportsmanship.
                            LYBA TOURNAMENT
                            REGISTRATION FORM

TEAM NAME:                   ____________________________________

CONTACT :                    ____________________________________

TEAM CONTACT:   _____________________________________

 CONTACT:                 _____________________________________

3 PER TEAM: 1) ______________________________________
            2) ______________________________________
            3) ______________________________________

                                  COST OF TOURNAMENT:
                           $175.00 PER TEAM (balls Included in price)
                                MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
                                     Mail to: Dennis Walker
                                        2425 Covert Rd
                                       Leslie, MI 49251

** Never send in an application without a check. Phone calls and e-mails will not guarantee space in
the tournament.

All refund requests must be done by e-mail to: walkerfamily8726@sbcglobal.net. Refunds may take
up to 14 days.

By signing below, managers accept all terms and conditions as explained in our rules, regulations and
eligibility guidelines. 100% refunds will be returned if we cancel or postpone the Tournament for the
lack of teams.

Manager’s Signature: _______________________________________
            MAY 19, 20, AND 21
Tournament Roster
(Please print or type legibly for program use)

Team Name _______________________________________________________

Name                                              Number      Position


















               LYBA Tournament Information

Dates: May 19, 20, & 21, 2006

Format: 16 teams, 10 and under baseball tournament (1st come first serve)

Located: City of Leslie Youth Baseball Complex, Wasburn Road, Leslie,

Cost: $175.00 per team
      Please make money orders payable to: LYBA
      Mail entry form and fee to: Dennis Walker, 2425 Covert Rd, Leslie,
      MI 49251

Tournament Director: Dennis Walker – (517) 712-8524

Tournament Format:

16 team Olympic Style Tournament
Four 4 Team Divisions

Teams are guaranteed 3 games by playing each team in their division.

Medal Round – top 2 teams for each division will advance to semi-finals of
single elimination tournament.

The Championship Games will be held on Sunday.

Tiebreaker information will be provided before the start of the Tournament.

In case of rain, the tournament director will determine the remainder of the

First and Second place awards will be given to teams and individuals.
       LYBA U10 SPRING
   Tournament Schedule of Events
  • 7:00 pm Team Manager Meeting at LYBA

 • Tournament games start at 6:00pm – 8:00pm
     At LYBA complex

  • Tournament games start at 8:00am to 2:00pm
  • SKILLS COMPETITION 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Tournament games resume 4:00pm to

   • Tournament and championship games
     9:00am to 5:00pm

                     SKILLS COMPETITION

The moment everyone has been waiting for, a time to determine who is the
best of the best when it comes to skills!!! The competition involves different
events: Golden Gun, Roadrunner, Fastest Mom & Coach, and King of Pop.
Below are detailed descriptions of how each event works.

Golden Gun
Two players are involved for the Golden Gun, a Thrower and a Catcher. The
Thrower gets 3 Throws from 125 feet to home plate. Each throw will receive
points based on accuracy. Top 3 from preliminary rounds will throw off for
Championship. Entry Cost: $5.00 per team.

One player from each team will run the bases for the fastest time. (A missed
base will result in disqualification) Top 3 from preliminary round will run
for Championship. Entry Cost: $5.00 per Runner.

Fastest Mom
One mom from each team will run the bases for the fastest time. (A missed
base will result in disqualification) Top 3 from preliminary round will run
for Championship. Entry Cost: $5.00 per Mom.

Fastest Coach
One coach from each team will run the bases for the fastest time. (A missed
base will result in disqualification) Top 3 from preliminary round will run
for Championship. Entry Cost: $5.00 per Coach.

King of Pop
One player from each team will get 5 pitches from pitching machine. Most
home runs or farthest hits will qualify for the Championship Round. Top 3
from preliminary round will hit off for Championship. Entry Cost: $5.00
per batter.

Trophy awarded to each 1st place finisher in each skill category.
                         LYBA Tournament Rules
10 & Under General Rules:

6 inning games or 1 hour 45 minutes

60-foot bases (no leading off and stealing allowed)

44- foot pitcher’s mound (balk rule enforced)

Full Pony & MLB , and HS school (as it pertains to balks & sliding only) rules are in effect.

10 run mercy after 4 at bats

All Players must play at least two defensive innings in the field each game

For detailed playing rules, please see attached rules

Pitching Rules:

Pitchers allowed 14 innings maximum for tournament

Pitchers allowed 7 innings maximum per day

Pitchers who pitch more than 4 innings in a game shall not pitch again for 24 hours

All team managers are required to submit daily pitching reports to the tournament director at
the end of each game.


        1.   Best record in pool.
        2.   Runs scored minus runs allowed. (No more than 10 runs for a victory or a loss)
        3.   Least runs allowed.
        4.   Coin flip.

Birth Certificates and rosters required for all players and teams (15-man maximum roster for
tournament). Players turning 11 years of age before 5/01/06 are INELIGIBLE. NO

Please keep in mind that although this is a competitive tournament and we encourage “hard,
fair” baseball, we also would ask that you refrain from any taunting or arguing. Please bring
all complaints to the tournament director or the home plate umpire for your game.

To keep cost low, we will be having concessions during the tournament. We will have full
menus, snacks and drinks. Please support our efforts. THANK YOU!


Please park at the appropriate spaces.

Good luck and play ball!!!
                  Leslie Detailed Tournament Playing Rules
Games are played utilizing four rule sources:
    1.      Mason Pony League Supplementary Rules
    2.      NFHS Rules as they pertain to balks and runner slides only
    3.      Pony Rules
    4.      Major League Baseball Rules

      1.    Game Playing:
                a.    Games are 1 hour and 45 minutes and may only be extended by umpire discretion if the score is tied.
                b.    An inning is three outs or five runs in U10.
                c.    U10 may not lead off or steal home unless played upon.
                d.    The last inning will be announced by the umpire and runs will be unlimited.
                e.    All players on the roster present for the game will bat.
                f.    All players must play at least two defensive innings.
                g.    Free defensive substitution, except for the pitcher.
                h.    A defensive coach who steps into live ball territory will have been considered to have approached the mound.
                i.    Late players will be added to the end of the line-up.
                j.    Injured or ill players who are removed from the game will be skipped in the batting order.
                k.    Courtesy runner for catcher is allowed.
                l.    Balks will be called. NFHS rules in effect.
                m. If there is a play at a base, the runner must slide or make an attempt to avoid a collision. Illegal slides or collisions will result
                      on ejection. NFHS rules in effect.
                n.    Phantom, ghost or fake tags will result in an obstruction call
                o.    Coaches may question calls and appeal to a second umpire (if present, but it is the umpire’s discretion whether the appeal is
                      recognized. Continued argument will result in ejection).

      2.    NFHS Rule 6 Pitching
                a.    A pitcher can pitch from the windup or set position – the pitchers feet position determine the method.
                b.    Pitching rules are in effect once he intentionally steps on the rubber.
                c.    Turning shoulders to check runners while in set position is legal.
                d.    Turning the shoulders after bringing the hands together during or after the stretch is a balk.
                e.    When in windup position, the pitcher must continue with no interruption.
                f.    If the pitcher steps backward with his pivot foot off the rubber he becomes an infielder:
                                 i. Legal to change to set position.
                                ii. Legal to throw to a base.
                              iii. Legal to feint a throw to a base.
                g.    During delivery the pitcher may lift non-pivot foot in a step forward, a step sideways or in a step backwards and a step forward,
                      but shall not other wise lift either foot
                h.    Set Position:
                                 i. Ball in glove or pitching hand.
                                ii. Pitching hand at side or behind back
                              iii. Must go to set position without interruption and shall come to a complete stop with ball in both hands in front of
                                    body below chin.
                               iv. Legal to turn pivot foot or lift it in a jump turn to step with the non-pivot foot toward a base while throwing or see
                                    rule 2f above.
                i.    Balk – while in contact with the rubber and runners on base
                                 i. Any feinting toward batter or first base.
                                ii. Drops the ball and does not cross foul line.
                              iii. Does not step with non-pivot foot first.
                               iv. Making an illegal pitch
                                v. Does not pitch to batter in a continuous motion.
                               vi. Taking a hand off ball while in the set position unless pitching or throwing or feinting.
                              vii. Not pitching to batter when entire non-pivot foot passes behind the plan of the back edge of the rubber, except
                                    when feinting or throwing to second base.
                             viii. Throwing or feinting to unoccupied base.
                               ix. Pitching toward catcher who is not in the catcher’s box.
                j.    Balk – While not in contact with the rubber and runners on base:
                                 i. Makes a fake pitch or motion.
                                ii. Feet astride or on the rubber or within approximately 5 feet of the rubber without the ball.

      3.    MLB Rule 6 The Batter
                a.    The batter shall not leave the batter’s box after the pitcher comes to the set position or starts his windup. Strike or ball may be
                      called as the case may be.
                b.    Umpires will grant a batter’s request for time, but the batter may not leave the box without reason,
                c.    Both feet must be in the batter’s box.
                d.    Batter is out when:
                                i. Fair or foul fly is caught;
                               ii. Third strike is legally caught by catcher;
                             iii. Third strike is not caught by catcher when first base is oacupied before two outs;
                              iv. Bunts foul on third strike;
                               v. An infield fly is declared;
                              vi. Attempts to hit third strike and ball touches him;
                             vii. Fair ball touches him before touching a fielder;
                            viii. Hitting or bunting a fair ball and bat touches a second time in fair territory;
                              ix. An infielder intentionally drops a fair fly ball or line drive, with first, first & second, first & third, or bases loaded
                                    before two are out (dead ball);
                               x. Hits a ball with one or both feet out of the batter’s box;
                              xi. Steps from one box to the other while the pitcher is ready to pitch;
                             xii. Interferes with the catcher fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter’s box or making any other movement
                                    that hinders the catcher’s play (if runner is put out there is no interference);
                e.    Batting out of Turn:
                                i. Proper batter may take his place anytime prior to improper batter hitting or being put out.
                               ii. Must be appealed before next pitch or play or improper batter becomes the proper batter.
                        iii.   Advances by runners, while improper batter is at bat are legal.
                        iv.    If appealed, proper batter is out and improper batter is now the proper batter and all advances or score are nullified.
           f.     Walks:
                          i. Four balls;
                         ii. Touch by a pitch he is not attempting to hit and it is outside the strike zone;
                        iii. Note: No walk if player makes no attempt to be avoid being touched by ball – it is a ball and the ball is dead.
                        iv.  Fair ball touches a runner or umpire in fair territory before touching a fielder
                         v.  Catcher interference: If ball is hit and there is a play, offensive coach may take play as is or take the walk if a
                             runner is put out. If there is a runner on third attempting to steal then the walk will occur and the runner will score.
                        vi. If catcher interferes prior to pitch, no interference is called, time is called and the pitcher and batter start over.
4.   MLB Rule 7 The Runner
         a.    In advancing the runner shall touch bases in order and if forced to return shall retouch bases in order unless the ball is dead.
         b.    If a runner acquires a base and the pitcher assumes his pitching position, the runner may not return to a previously occupied
         c.    Two runners may not be on the same base – the following runner can be tagged out.
         d.    If, with a runner on third base and trying to score by means of a squeeze play or steal, the catcher or any other fielder steps on or
               in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or his bat, the pitcher shall be charged with a balk, the
               batter shall be awarded first base on the interference and the ball is dead.
         e.    A runner is out when:
                          i. He runs more than 3 feet away from the direct line between bases to avoid being tagged unless his action is to
                             avoid interference with a fielder fielding a batted ball.
                         ii. Runner believing he was tagged out at first or third base starts for the dugout and progresses a reasonable distance
                       iii. He intentionally interferes with a thrown ball or hinders a fielder attempting to make a play on a batted ball – a
                             runner is out who is adjudged to have hindered a fielder who is attempting to make a play on a batted ball whether
                             it was intentional or not unless he is on a base and no intentional hindrance was evident.
                        iv. If intentional hindrance is judged, both batter and runner are out.
                         v. If in a run down between third and home and a following runner occupies third, the runner in the run down is out
                             for offensive interference and the runner on third base sent back to second.
                        vi. He is tagged when the ball is alive while off the base.
                       vii. Does not tag up after a legally caught fair or foul ball prior to the next pitch or play.
                      viii. Legally put out on a force play or tagged with no force in effect
                        ix. Touched by a fair ball prior to it passing or being touched by an infielder – dead ball
                         x. Base Coaches – by touching or holding the runner physically assists him in returning to or leaving the base.
                        xi. On a dropped third strike is tagged or put out at first – Runner has the opportunity to advance at anytime prior to
                             crossing the dugout line.
                       xii. Fails to touch a base and is called out on appeal prior to the next pitch or play

5.   NFHS Rule 2-32 Sliding
          a.   A legal slide can be either feet first or head first. If a runner slides feet first, at least one leg and buttock shall be on the ground.
               If a runner slides, he must slide within reach of the base with either a hand or a foot.
          b.   A slide is illegal if:
                         i. Runner uses a rolling, cross-body or pop-up slide into a fielder
                        ii. The runner’s raised leg is higher than the fielders knee while standing.
                       iii. Goes beyond the base and then makes contact with or alters the play of the fielder
                       iv. Runner slashes or kicks the fielder
                        v. Runner tries to injure the fielder
                       vi. The runner on a force play, does not slide on the ground and in direct line between the two bases.
                      vii. Exception: A runner may slide or run in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the
                              play of the fielder.
6.   Misc
          a.   Runners can steal on a caught foul-tip.
          b.   Hand are not part of the bat
          c.   Batter can hit a bounced ball
          d.   Home plate is fair territory
          e.   A player touching a ball in foul territory the ball remains foul.
          f.   An illegal pitch is a quick pitch or a pitch while not in contact with the rubber
          g.   Obstruction is the act of a fielder who while not in possession of the ball and not in the act of fielding the ball, impedes the
               progress of any runner.
          h.   The catcher must be in the catcher’s box when a pitch is thrown or it is a balk.
          i.   Player’s must call time after stealing not coaches.
          j.   Coach must substitute the pitcher upon the second trip to the mound.
          k.   There are no defensive “team” time outs.
          l.   Offensive coaches are allowed one time out per inning.
          m.   Base coaches must stay in the coach box at all times – Umpire may rule interference.
          n.   Suspended games will be reschedule and start again at the exact point of suspension.
          o.   Game may be forfeited when a team is unable or refuses to field a team of nine players on the field within 5 minutes of the
               umpire calling play.
          p.   Batter does not have to pull the bat out of the strike zone for it to be a ball.
          q.   Runners may advance at their own peril when an in-field fly is called.


       This is to certify that as the parent or guardian of (please insert the child’s name)

________________________________________________ a player on the

__________________________________________ team, hereby grant permission to the adult manager, coach, trainer or business manager of the team to
obtain medical care, at my expense, from any licensed physician, hospital or medical clinic for the player named herein at such times as either parent or
legal guardian cannot be contacted in person or by telephone. This authorization shall include all activities, including the period required to travel to and
from those activities; and we hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Leslie Youth Baseball Association, PONY Baseball,
Inc., the organizers, supervisors, participants and persons transporting the player to and from those activities, for any and all claims arising out of an injury
to the player.

SIGNED ______________________________________________

RELATIONSHIP _______________________________________

DATE ________________________________________________

INSURANCE COMPANY _______________________________


       A medical release form, signed by the player’s parent or legal guardian MUST be provided, in advance of any participation, for each player on the
tournament team in order that physicians and hospitals will accept players for treatment in the event of illness or injury, where the parent(s) or legal
guardian are not available.

Abraham Key
PONY Baseball and Softball

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