Experiences of the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), a by hsq14163


									Experiences of the
Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), a project
of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

David Jamieson
Integrated Supply Chain Manager, SCMS
XVIth International AIDS Conference
WHO Skills Building Workshop

Toronto, Canada
August 16, 2006

The author’s views expressed in this presentation do not necessarily reflect the views of the United
States Agency for International Development or the United States Government
The tremendous need to scale up treatment requires a
significant expansion of procurement, delivery, and
information systems
We have observed several trends in country-level

To Date:
• Product Requests Received:
   – Partly or wholly urgent or emergency in nature

• Countries Visited:
   – All have requested supply chain technical assistance
   – Most have asked for help with quantification
   – Half requested assistance with national level planning and
     improvements to logistics information management systems
We have found that there are significant existing
challenges, but also the “will” to find new solutions

• Planning occurs, but is fragmented
• Short-term, irregular funding commitments create
• Current mode of irregular, large shipments (driven by
  funding availability and supply production) cannot
  scale to the necessary level
• New supply chains and new infrastructure are not the
SCMS aims to support increased planning coordination
with partners throughout existing supply chains
Through the use of regional distribution centers, SCMS
will leverage existing infrastructure and use smaller,
more frequent shipments
In addition to supporting coordinated planning and
product supply, SCMS will provide a range of technical
•   Systems assessment and work planning
•   Quantification/forecasting
•   Procurement
•   Quality Assurance
•   Freight forwarding and inventory management
•   Distribution
•   Logistics management information systems
•   Human and organizational capacity
•   Sustainability planning
Thank you

For more information:

Email: scmsinfo@pfscm.org
Main phone: +1.703.341.4999
Main fax: +1.703.310.5270

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