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Proving the Benefits of Study Abroad Research on Assurance by ztn18049


									Proving the Benefits of Study Abroad
      Research on Assurance of Learning
             and other outcomes

                      Bill Clabby
             Director of Research – ISA
            International Studies Abroad

   International Studies Abroad
    AACSB Assurances of Learning
•   Mission specific
•   Career building
•   Maturity and Flexibility
•   Intellectual Development
•   *Financial resources that support mission

     International Studies Abroad
• “the school must develop a list of the
  learning goals for which it will demonstrate
  assurance of learning. This list of learning
  goals derives from, or is consonant with,
  the school's mission.”
• Your university likely includes
  internationalization within its mission

  International Studies Abroad
                Career Building
• Learning expectations build on the
  students' pre-collegiate educations to
  prepare students to enter and sustain
  careers in the business world and to
  contribute positively in the larger society.

  International Studies Abroad
          Maturity & Flexibility
• Students achieve knowledge and skills for
  successful performance in a complex
  environment requiring intellectual ability to
  organize work, make and communicate
  sound decisions, and react successfully
  to unanticipated events.

  International Studies Abroad
    Intellectual Development
• Students develop learning abilities suitable
  to continue higher-level intellectual

  International Studies Abroad
               Proven Outcomes
•   GPA benefit
•   Study Abroad students graduate earlier
•   Employers – study abroad skills
•   Language acquisition
•   Fulfilling academic requirements
•   Cultural Awareness

    International Studies Abroad
                     GPA Benefit
UCSD research (not yet published)
GPA of study abroad participants compared with accepted
  applicants who decided not to participate

2722 data points, 1997-2006
2150 Study Abroad Participants, 572 Non-Participants
All applied for study abroad and were accepted
Most were Juniors or Seniors, so changes in GPA are
   expected to be smaller due to advanced point in their

   International Studies Abroad
       Specific GPA Outcomes
<3.0 GPA before participation, Short Term: +.064 difference
<3.0 GPA before participation, Long Term: +.094 difference

>3.0 GPA before participation, Short Term: +.064 difference
>3.0 GPA before participation, Long Term: +.064 difference

Long Term = Semester abroad or longer
Short Term = Less than a semester abroad

   International Studies Abroad
 Reduced Time to Graduation
• University of Minnesota - 2008
• Study abroad students graduated at a
  faster rate than non study abroad students

  International Studies Abroad
International Studies Abroad
           Value to Employers
Skills gained in study abroad ranked highly
 in desired traits of potential employees

-Scott Research Group, 2005

- Michigan State U, CIER study

  International Studies Abroad
     Desired & Expected Traits
•   Foreign Language ability
•   Internship in a foreign country
•   Will function more independently
•   Will work more effectively with people from
    diverse races/cultures

- Scott Research Group, 2005

    International Studies Abroad
             Conveying Benefits
Michigan State University: "Study Abroad and Employment: Conveying
   the Value to Recruiters”

Workshop helps students convey the most valuable benefits of the
  experience to employers

• Resume-building, portfolio of learning that include study abroad
  skills developed should be a part of every program.
• Students need guidance on articulating their experience abroad

    International Studies Abroad
     Quotes from Employers
“All major hiring companies need
   global citizens. Global sensitivities,
   global perspective, global insight;
   along with maturity and a capacity
   for risk-taking, are exactly the skills
   every major organization is looking
   for – in every industry.”
- Kevin Gill, Global Director of Staffing for

  International Studies Abroad
     Quotes from Employers
"Business, education and political
    leaders are grappling with the
    question of how to produce workers
    and citizens who can remain
    competitive in a world that seems
    to be shrinking before our very
- Vivien Stewart, Vice President of Education,
    Asia Society, December 2005.

  International Studies Abroad
Foreign Language Acquisition
Seeking Level 2 language proficiency,
 linking to study abroad participation.
 Ann Barron, “Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics”, 2003


  International Studies Abroad
 Michigan State Recruiting Trends

"geographic awareness and global
 understanding" as the primary "new
 competencies [for job seekers] critical to
 future success."
… “as businesses become realigned globally,
 having employees with an awareness of
 space…, social and cultural
 geographic movement, as well as
 dominant physical assets of a region
 will be critical to a company’s vitality.”
  International Studies Abroad
          Experiential Benefit

  From “Pathways to International Careers,” William Nolting in “Impact of
  Education Abroad on Career Development

International Studies Abroad
 Fulfilling Academic Requirements

A key to continued support by campus
Increasingly important to parents…
“Programs seen as Integral to the academic
  program of the home university are most
  likely to remain supported by the campus”

- Stephen DePaul, Director of Global Initiatives, University
   of Texas system

   International Studies Abroad
            Cultural Awareness
• Rand Corporation Study, 2003
• Hiring managers asked to rank 19 different
  qualifications in terms of their importance
  for their organization, ranked *cross-
  cultural competence fifth.
• *Defined as an ability to work well in different cultures
  and with people of different origins.

   International Studies Abroad
     What Kind of Programs?
• Managers criticized American Bubble Programs - living
  with Americans, taking courses with U.S. professors,
  socializing among themselves
• Managers valued programs with substantial and
  meaningful “real world experience” with another culture
• “Multidimensional and well-integrated” repertoir of skills
  that includes substantial professional or technical
  knowledge related to the organization’s core business;
  managerial ability that includes effective interpersonal
  and teamwork skills; a strategic understanding of their
  organization and industry in a global context; and, once
  again, cross-cultural experience.

   International Studies Abroad
AACSB Assurance of Learning Standards

University of Minnesota Graduation Rates
Effects of Study Abroad Participation on Student Graduation Rates: A
   Study of Three Incoming Freshman Cohorts at the University of
   Minnesota, Twin Cities. NACADA Journal, v28 n1 p29-42 Spr 2008

Quotes from Employers
NAFSA Global Competency Report, 2005?

    International Studies Abroad
Foreign Language Acquisition
Barron, 2003 “Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics”

Recruiting Trends
"Recruiting Trends 2005-2006”, Michigan State University

Rand Corporation
“What Makes a Successful Career Professional in an
  International Corporation?”, 2003

IES 50-Year Longitudinal Study
Steinberg, “Involve me and I will understand”, 2002

Pathways to International Careers
Nolting in “Impact of Education Abroad on Career Development, 2002

   International Studies Abroad

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