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									**Stained Glass Windows**

crayon shavings
waxed paper
hot iron

Tear a long (about 16") sheet of waxed paper and fold it in half width
wise. Have your kids sprinkle crayon shavings onto the one half of the wax
paper. The more you use, the more colorful it will be. Fold the clean half
of the paper over the arrangement and carefully lay in on the ironing
board. Or on top of a surface covered with a towel. Have an adult gently
press the iron over the entire sheet of paper until the two halves are
stuck together. After they have cooled, hang the pictures in a window
that receives direct sunlight!

**Peppermint Wreath**

tacky glue
peppermint candies

Cut out a circle shape from the cardboard. Then cut out the center to
make a wreath form. If you don't have cardboard, you can use an empty
cereal box. Spread the glue over the wreath form. Then have the children
place the candies all around the wreath. You have the option of leaving
the wrappers on the candies, or taking them off. Make a bow with the
ribbon and glue to the top center. Let dry. Then depending on the size of
the wreath, you can place a magnet on the back to hang on the fridge, or
you can tie a ribbon hanger around the top to put on the tree or display.

**Easy Bell Wreaths**
small jingle bells (any color)
pipe cleaners

This is an easy and cute craft for little ones to make! Take out a pipe
cleaner and start threading the bells onto it. If you are using several
colors - thread the bells on in a pattern. Leave about 1/2 inch on each
end. Take the two ends and twist them together and bend them down.
Form the wreath into a circle. Tie a ribbon hanger on the top and enjoy.
You can hang these on your doorknob, in a window, on the tree, etc.!

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