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									               SOCCER STORM
                   5-A-SIDE FOOTBALL

2. Rules


We need to make sure that once a team enters, they fulfil every fixture. If
teams don't show up for a game, it means a wasted journey for the opposition,
and of course no football, which is after all what everyone is there to do.

In order to stop this happening, an attendance deposit is taken. If you don't
turn up, the deposit is deducted and you lose the game. If you miss more than
three games, you may lose your deposit and be removed from the league.

Now, if you choose to leave the league, you will get your deposit back. However,
to give us a chance to replace you, it is asked that you leave at the end of the

                             Right to Cancel
The organisers reserve the right to cancel, postpone or rearrange any games and
to adjust the pricing scale from time to time. A refund or credit will be allowed
following any such cancellations as appropriate.

                  You must be 16 or over to play in this league.

                       Playing Time and Points
Games last for two 18-minute periods, with a 1minute interval at the referee’s

Three points will be awarded for a win, and one point for a draw, each team will
play each other twice in one season.

In the event of the opposing team not attending the fixture the attending team
will be awarded the 3 points and a 3-0 win.
                                 Start of Play
The referee’s decision is final, please respect these decisions and play to the
whistle. Kick off will be taken by one team for the first half, then the other
team for the second half. Teams must be in their own halves for the kick offs.
Goal keepers must be in their goal areas.

The games are five-a-side and use rolling subs. With the referee’s knowledge a
player may be substituted when the ball is dead (i.e. free kick, drop ball, centre
kick, roll in), or in the possession of a goalkeeper, as many times as needed.

                                Ball Out of Play

If the ball is played over the central barrier a ROLL-IN is taken by the
opposition. An indirect free kick is conceded if the ball is played or controlled
(i.e. headed) above head height (approx 6ft, possibly revised at a later date).
Exceptions are when the ball is deflected or cleared from the goal structure or
goal keeper. Please play to the whistle at all times.

                                  Off Sides
                   There are no off side rules for this league.

                                   Foul Play
A direct free kick is conceded at the point of infringement (or moved so as to
be at least 2 yards from the side panels, and 2 yards outside the goal area) for:
Intentional body contact - charging, pushing, kicking, tripping and hand ball.
Slide tackling is strictly forbidden.

An indirect free kick is conceded for:
Obstruction, including holding the ball. Time wasting, with-holding, throwing or
kicking the ball away at a dead ball situation; not retreating 2 yards at a
conceded free kick. Dissent, including persistent bad language and intimidation.

                        Free Kicks and Penalties
Direct: a goal can be scored.

Indirect: the ball must be played (touched) by 2 players before a goal can be
scored. Players from the conceding team must be 2m from the ball when the
kick is taken,... except for penalties, where no players except the goal keeper
should be in front of the ball, or nearer than 2m behind or to the side.

When facing a penalty the goal keeper must stand on the goal-line and must not
move until kick has been taken. If an infringement results in a saved penalty the
kick shall be re-taken. The penalty taker may only take a 2 step run up and must
not dummy the goal keeper. If an infringement results in a scored penalty the
kick shall be re-taken.

               Special Rules for Goal Keepers and
                           Goal Areas

Only the goal keeper is allowed in the area and cannot leave that area unless a
change of keeper occurs with the referees consent.

Infringement by defender: penalty.

Infringement by attacker: direct free kick.

Infringement by goal keeper: direct free kick if accidental, penalty if
considered intentional. The goal keeper may control or clear the ball above head
height. The goal keeper must not be in possession of the ball for more than 6
seconds; infringement results in a direct free kick 2m outside the area. When in
possession, the keeper must roll the ball out under arm and below waist height.
Infringement will result in a re-roll, or indirect free kick if repeated. The goal
keeper must not directly receive the ball from the same defender as he has
released it to.

                                 Drop Balls
The referee may use a drop-ball to restart the game if no side is responsible for
the stoppage.

                           Play On/Advantage
If the referee considers that stopping the game to award a free kick will
disadvantage the side being offered the free kick he can allow play to continue.

                     Bookings and Sendings Off
A player booked (yellow card) twice during the season will be suspended from
the next match. Bookable offences include dissent, ungentlemanly conduct, time-
wasting and aggressive behaviour.
A sent-off player (red card) will be suspended for the next two matches.
Sending off offences include persistent dissent, violent conduct dangerous play,
and 2 bookings in one game.

Suspensions are valid for the next one (booking) or two (sending off) games in
the fixture sequence, irrespective of fixture changes. A suspension cannot be
fulfilled in a defaulted game.

Violent conduct/threatening behaviour will be seen as a very serious offence and
will be punished as severely as possible through the FA. Abusive language does
not belong in recreational sport where families and especially children may be
present. To avoid injury and discomfort, both violence and swearing will not be
tolerated, it cannot be stressed enough. Bookings (yellow card) will carry a £5
fine and a sending off (straight red card) will be a £15 fine. Two bookings and a
red during a match will result in the player being sent off and only a £10 fine
being given for the two yellow cards.

                            Players Equipment
It is essential that all players have shin guards, any player not wearing a pair
will be asked to leave the field and only to return when wearing some.

No metal studded boots are allowed on the astro-turf at any time, please wear
trainers, astro-turf boots, or (but not advised) moulded boots. No jewellery or
watches may be worn during matches.

A goal scored from outside the area, which results in the attackers’ momentum
carrying him/her into the area will stand. A goal keeper who makes a save inside
his area but momentum carries him outside of the ‘D’ will stand and no action is
to be taken in either incident.

                             Important Note

All participants entering into sporting activities do so entirely at their
own risk and the organisers, their servants or agents do not accept
any liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property
howsoever caused.

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