Awaken your Senses! We proudly serve Starbucks ™ coffee…

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                 Awaken your Senses!
          We proudly serve Starbucks™ coffee….
       Tableside French Press                              Freshly Brewed Coffee
          $5.50 per person                                    $3.00 per person

                   Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos are also available

                   Breakfast Buffet  $13.75*
French Toast                            Breakfast Potatoes
Scrambled Eggs                          Pastries
Sausage / Bacon                         Bagels
Toast                                   Muffins
Fruit Yogurt                            Fresh Fruit
Cold Cereal (Oatmeal upon request)      Granola
               *includes Coffee and Juice

           Continental Breakfast Buffet        $8.95*
Pastries                                   Bagels
Toast                                      Muffins
Fruit Yogurt                               Fresh Fruit
Cold Cereal                                Granola
                  *includes Coffee and Juice
                      Fruits, Cereal and Smoothies
Ruby Red Grapefruit                                                          $ 5.95
With Vanilla and Apricot Jam - Easy to eat and delicious too!

Breakfast Smoothies                                                          $ 4.95
Bananas and Berries, Low Fat Yogurt

Seasonal Fruits and Berries                                                  $ 7.95

Oatmeal                                                                      $4.50
With Raisins and Brown Sugar

                                 Breakfast Classics
Sticky Bun French Toast                                                      $ 10.95
With Pecans, Blueberries and Syrup

Pancakes                                                                     $ 10.95
Topped with Bananas, Raspberries and Syrup – A jazzed up classic!

Belgian Waffles                                                              $ 10.95
With Fruit Compote, Whipped Butter and Warm Maple Syrup

Corned Beef Hash                                                             $ 9.95
With Poached Eggs and Chipotle Sauce

                              Signature Specialties
Poached Eggs in a Pot                                                        $ 11.95
Over Asparagus, Spinach, Ham and Stewed Tomatoes

Smoked Salmon                                                                $ 10.95
Built for you on a toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Onions and Capers

Breakfast in a Basket                                                        $ 9.95
Bacon and Cheddar Fried Egg Sandwich served with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
     All Egg dishes are served with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and our Signature Breakfast Pastries, or your choice of Toast.

“The” Benedict                                                                                             $ 11.95
Traditional with Canadian Bacon, Toasted Muffin and Hollandaise Sauce
                                               Over Lump Crab Cakes                                        $ 13.95

Two Eggs any Style                                                                                         $ 9.95
Served with Bacon, Ham or Sausage - We’ll cook them your favorite way!

Three Egg Omelet                                                                                           $ 10.95
You pick your fillings and we do the rest!

Petite Filet & Eggs                                                                                        $ 17.95
Grilled Tomato Provencal, Roasted Potatoes and Hollandaise Sauce

                                Cuisine Naturelle Breakfast
Huevos Rancheros
Blue Corn Tortillas, Egg Beaters, Black Beans and Tomato Salsa                                             $ 10.75

Egg White Omelette
A light, fluffy Chive Omelette topped with Fruit and Strawberry Coulis                                     $ 9.95

Served cold with Fruit Yogurt and fresh Strawberry Sauce                                                   $ 9.95

Bakery Basket (an assortment of breakfast pastries, including danishes and croissants)                     $ 7.50

Croissant                                                                                                  $ 2.75

Toast (White, Wheat or Rye)                                                                                $ 2.50

Bagel with Cream Cheese                                                                                    $ 3.75

Breakfast Potatoes or Cottage Cheese                                                                       $ 3.25

Toasted English Muffin                                                                                     $ 2.50

Breakfast Muffin                                                                                           $ 2.75

Bacon, Sausage or Ham                                                                                      $ 4.25

Juice: Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Tomato and V-8                                                $ 3.50

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