Mandarin Soccer Glossary Terms

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					Mandarin Soccer Glossary Terms
Glossary of Soccer Terms

Advantage        Rule that lets play continue after a foul, if stopping the action immediately
would be disadvantageous to the tam that was fouled.

Back Pass          A pass made to a trailing player.

Bicycle kick       Overhead kick, also called a scissors kick.

Center              To pass the ball from the side of the field into the middle of the field.

Center Circle      The circle with a 10-yard radius at the middle of the field.

Charge              Legally upsetting an opponent's balance by shoulder-to-shoulder contact.

Chip                To loft a pass by striking the ball at the lowest possible point.

Clear               A throw or kick by the goal keeper or a kick by the defender in an attempt to
get the ball away (clear) from the goal area.

Corner Kick         A direct free kick taken by the attacking team from the 1-yard arc at the corner
of the field after the ball goes over the goal line having last been touched by a defending player

Cover              To take up a position close to an opponent to challenge his efforts. Also, to
take up a position close to a teammate to provide support. See Marking

Cross               A pass from one side of the field to either the center or the other side of the

Dangerous Play An action that could cause injury in the opinion of the referee. The offending
team loses possession of the ball and the opponent is awarded a free kick from the point of the

Direct Free Kick A kick awarded on a personal foul which can score directly from the kicker's

Dribbling          To move the ball along the ground using the feet while keeping the ball under

Drop Ball         A means used by the referee to put the ball back into play after a temporary
suspension of play when neither team is awarded possession of the ball.

End line            Boundary lines marking then ends of the field. Same as goal line.

Far Post            Goal post farthest from the ball.

Formations       4-3-3 for example refers to four defenders, three midfielders and three
forwards. Formations are listed from the goalkeeper out.

Give-and-Go        A player making a short pass to a teammate and then receiving the return
pass. (Also referred to as the "Wall Pass or "One - Two")

Goal Area           The area directly in front of the goal, 6 yards x 12 yards, from which all goal
kicks are taken.
Goal Keeper        The last line of defense. The goal keeper is the only player who can use his
hands within the field of play. Use of hands is limited to within the penalty area.

Goal Kick         An indirect free kick taken by the defensive team after the ball goes out-of-
bounds over the goal line having last been touched by an attacking player. The kick is taken from
anywhere within the half of the goal area closer to where the ball went out of bounds.

Goal Line          The out-of-bounds line at each end of the field - end line.

Halfback          Another name for midfielder.

Half-Volley        Kicking the ball just as it is rebounding off the ground.

Hand Ball          Illegal act of intentionally touching the ball with the hands or arms.

Header             The act of heading a ball.

Heading            Using one's head to score, pass or control the ball.

Indirect Kick     Free kick that cannot result in a goal unless it touches another player first.

Kick-Off           The starting of play from the middle of the field at the beginning of each period
and after a goal has been scored.

Lob                 A high, soft kick which lifts the ball over the heads of the opponents.

Man On              A warning that a defender is approaching.

Marking         To guard an opponent.

Midfielder       Player who functions primarily in the middle of the field, linking play between
forwards and defenders.

Near Post          Side of the goal or goal post closest to the ball.

Obstruction        Preventing an opponent from playing the ball by blocking their path to the ball.
Results in an indirect free kick.

Off-Sides           Infraction in which an offensive player does not have at least two defensive
players between themselves and the goal line when the ball is last played forward by a member
of the attacking team.

One Touch         Striking a ball immediately without first bringing it under control.

Overlap            The method of running behind or around a teammate with the ball in order to
get open for a pass.

Penalty Area       The area, 18 yards by 44 yards, in front of the goal where the goalkeeper is
permitted to use his hands.

Penalty Kick       A free kick awarded the attacking team after a defending player commits a
personal foul within his penalty area. The kick is taken from a spot 12 yards in front of the goal
and no player except the kicker and the goalkeeper, who must be stationary with both feet on the
goal line, may be within the penalty area until the kick is taken.
Penetration        Moving the ball (under control) into the opponents end of the field.

Pressure           Action of a defender to restrict time and space available to the offensive

Pitch               British term for the playing field.

Red Card           Card held aloft by the referee to signify that a player is being ejected from the

Save                The deflection or catching of a ball by the goal keeper to prevent a goal.

Screen         Retaining possession and protecting the ball by keeping your body between the
ball and opponent.

Sliding tackle    Attempting to take the ball away from the opponent by sliding on the ground
and using the feet or legs to block and hold the ball.

Shielding          See Screen

Space               Open area of field.

Square             Same distance from end line, perpendicular to sidelines.

Striker            A central attacking forward.

Support            Open player behind teammates.

Sweeper            A free back behind the last line of defenders.

Tackle             To take the ball away from an opponent by using the feet.

Through-Ball     A pass that splits a group of defenders

Throw-in          Method of returning the ball to play after it has gone over the sideline and was
last touched by an opponent.

Time                An indication from a teammate that no defender is close.

Touchline         The side boundaries of the field.

Trap                To bring the ball under control with any part of the body.

Trapping          Bringing the ball under control and stopping it.

Volley             Kicking the ball in or out of mid-air.

Wall               Group of defenders standing shoulder-to-shoulder to defend a free kick,
usually near the goal.

Wing                A forward who generally positions himself and plays near the side boundaries
of the field.

Yellow Card        Card held aloft by the referee to warn a player that any further misconduct will
cause their ejection from the game.

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