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									                    Bethany Sports 2006 League Rules


      No infield pre-game practice will be allowed.
      Teams will not be allowed pre-game practice or warm up any time within an hour
       of game time.
           o If the game starts at 10:30, you cannot have practice from 9:30 – 10:30.
      Fielders will only be allowed to have a ball on the field for warm up at the
       beginning of the first inning.
           o Player cannot take a ball onto the field when leaving the dugout for the
               second, third, or fourth innings.
      Penalties will include ejection from the game for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and
      If your team is batting, your base coaches are not allowed to verbally speak to any
       one other that the base runner. He will be ejected on First Offense for
       antagonizing the other team.
       There will be a limit of three coaches per team, one head coach and two assistant
       coaches. Both assistant coaches must remain in the dugout while their team is on
       the field. They will only be allowed on the field during batting (as base coaches)
      Profanity will be penalized by ejection from the game on FIRST Offense.


      Legal Pitch
          o Starting position is facing home plate with at least one foot on the rubber.
              Then the batter is ready a legal pitch must be delivered in one continuous
              underhand motion at moderate speed with a perceptible arch of at least one
              foot. Illegal pitches will result in a warning and be automatically called
              BALLS (if the batter does not swing)
          o Any pitch that lands in front of the plate is dead (and a BALL) and may
              not be hit. A ball that slips out of the pitchers hand during the windup is
              “no pitch” and runners may not advance.
          o If any portion of the ball crosses any part of home plate between the
              batters knees and chest, that pitch shall be called a strike. Any pitch swung
              at and missed is a strike, even if the catcher drops the ball. Foul tips count
              as strikes, but must be caught for outs.
                   Foul tips must reach a height of six feet to be caught as an out.
                   Foul tips will not incur an out on strike three
      No intentional walking – If the umpire determines that there was an intentional
       walk the following will be issued as penalties:
          o The fielding coach and pitcher will be warned

            o The player will receive a new count with 0 balls and 0 strikes
            o If the pitcher intentionally walks the batter a second time, the pitcher will
                be removed from the game
      The pitcher must pause with at least on foot contacting the rubber prior to pitching
       the ball. The pitcher’s foot must remain in contact with the rubber throughout the
      The pitcher must deliver the ball in a continuous, underhand motion on the first
       forward swing of the pitching arm past the hip
      If a step is taken it may be forward, backward, or to the side provided the foot
       stays in contact with the rubber and the step is taken simultaneously with the
      Pitchers are allowed a single warm up pitch before each inning. Each pitch past
       one will incur a penalty of one ball count for each pitch for the next batter at the


      If at any time the catcher interferes with the batters swing, he automatically gets
       first base.
      When a defensive player overthrows the ball in an attempt to make a play on any
       base, including a throw to the pitchers mound, the ball is considered out of play.
       Base runners may not take additional bases.
      No team will play with more than one player over the total number of players of
       the other team.
            o Examples:
            o Team A has 10 players Team B has 8 players
                    Team A will sit out 2 players every inning. Both players will sit
                       bat in their designated batting order.
            o Team A has 9 players Team B has 8 players
                    All players from team A and B will play on the field
      No player will sit out more than a single inning per game.
      Player can only be tagged out with the ball or the glove the ball is in. If the player
       has the ball in his left hand, he cannot tag out a player with his right hand.


      It is the responsibility of the runner to avoid contact with any fielding player.
       Any runner called for intentional contact will be called out no matter where the
       ball lies. Fielding players will be warned for guarding bases to stop or slow
            o Players will not be permitted to knock over the catcher with the intent to
                make him drop the ball.
            o Shoulder to shoulder contact between players will not be permitted. The
                runner will be called out no matter where the ball may be on the field.
            o When sliding, runners must always slide for the base and will be ejected
                for purposely sliding into a fielder.

   The batting order must alternate males with females. The remainder will be
    added to the end of the order.
   Any player late for the game will be added to the end of the batting order. No
    players can be added to the game after the team completes the line up and starts
    back at batter number one. No players will be added after the first batter goes up
    to the plate for his second bat.
   Any player not present during his batting rotation will be dropped to the bottom of
    the roster. Please refer to previous rule.
   10 run rules will be in effect. If a team has batted their tenth batter and still has
    not received three outs, this team will take the field. They will be able to put any
    runners back on base into their existing positions during the next batting cycle.
   Each vacant spot on the batting roster below ten batters counts as a single OUT
    each and every inning
   Courtesy runners will be allowed for injured players. All courtesy runners must
    be the last player to have made and out and of the same gender.
   Home plate is in fair territory. Balls hitting bases are fair. Foul lines are fair
   Ground balls that bounce anywhere before first & third and then cross over first &
    third are FAIR – no matter where they land in the outfield
   Fly balls past first & third must land in fair territory in the outfield.
   Batters are out when:
         o A batted fair ball hits him when he is out of the batters box
         o He steps on or across home plate to strike the ball
         o A foul tip is caught when the batter has two strikes
   When more than one runner is on base, the first runner that legally touches the
    bases is entitled to it. The other may be tagged out.
   If a runner passes another running while rounding the bases, the runner is OUT.
   A runner leaving a base before the ball crosses home plate will be warn once.
    The second offense will be result in the runner being called OUT.
   A runner will be called out if they deviated more than three feet from the base
   A runner may over-run first base, turn away from second base direction, and
    return to base w/o liability to be put out.
   Runners who miss bases can be put out by fielders touching the missed base while
    holding the ball. Runners caught missing bases do not affect the fate of other
    runners unless it is the third out.
   Runners must tag up a base after a fly ball is touched by a fielder
   Offensive interference occurs when a runner or batter obstructs or confuses a
    fielder attempting to play a batted ball. If the interference is an obvious attempt to
    prevent a double play, the umpire may call both runners out. If an umpire
    declares a batter or runner out for interference, all other runners shall return to the
    last base that was legally touched at the time the interference occurred.
    A batted ball that strikes an umpire in fair territory is considered a dead ball.
    Runners only advance if forced to.

      A batted ball that strikes a runner in fair territory is a dead ball. The runner is out
       and the batter is awarded a single.


      Seven innings or one hour will constitute an official game
           o If the teams are tied, one additional inning will be played to break the tie.
               If after the additional inning the game is still a tie, the came will be called
               a TIE.
      Scheduled start time is game time, NO Exceptions
           o Players should show up ten minutes early and proceed to the dugout.
      Help the kids to get more playing time by hustling them into position
      No infield practice between innings
      First come has the choice of dugouts
      All batters and base runners and catchers will wear helmets at ALL times
      Ten run rule in effect per inning
      No leading off bases
      No unnecessary roughness from the players or batters
      Each team must have a minimum of seven players to play a game. Six players
       will be deemed as a forfeit
      No new innings will be started after 50 minutes of play have elapsed. The only
       exception will be in the event of a tie game.


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