Weapons Familiarization by maclaren1


									   Weapons Familiarization

M136 (M287) AT4
Rocket Launcher
Ref: FM 3-23.25
     STP 21-1-SMCT

 Lightweight
 Self-contained
 Anti-armor weapon
 Free-flight
 Fin-stabilized
 Rocket-type cartridge
 Man-portable
 Fire from right shoulder
 Employed in limited
                       Technical Data

 Launcher
      Length 40 inches
      Weight 14.8 pounds
 Rocket
      Caliber 84mm
      Length 18 inches
      Weight 4 pounds
 Maximum Range
      2,100m (6,890 ft)
 Maximum Effective Range
      300m (985 ft)

   Fire-through muzzle cover
   Front sight
   Color-coded band
   Forward safety
   Rear sight
   Red trigger button
   Cocking lever
   Shoulder stop
   Transport safety pin
   Rear seal
   Venturi (inside)
   Carrying sling

 Round ammo
 Integral rocket type
 Cartridge consist of:
      Fin assembly with tracer
      Point-initiating
      Base-detonating
      Piezoelectric fuse
      Warhead body with liner
      Precision shaped explosive
             Ammunition cont’

 Excellent penetration    Color-coding:
  ability                      Black with yellow – HE
 Lethal after-armor            anti-armor round
  effects                      Gold or yellow – field
                                handling trainer
 Extremely destructive
                               No band – M287 9mm
 Penetrates more than          tracer bullet trainer
  14 inches of armor

 M136 is issued as a round of ammunition
  rather than as a weapon
 Should be inspected at the time of issue and
  before use
                       Inspection cont’

   Rear seal is in place and undamaged
   Transport safety pin is in place and fully inserted
   Cocking lever is present and in the SAFE position
   Plastic fire-through muzzle cover is in place and undamaged
   Launcher has the correct color-coded band
   Sights function properly
   Forward safety does not move when you depress it
   Red trigger button is not missing
   Launcher body has no cracks, dents, or bulges
   Carrying sling is not frayed and is attached firmly to the launch tube
   Shoulder stop is not broken or damaged, and it unsnaps and folds down
           Operation and Function

 Mechanism is mechanical
 Consist of:
     Red trigger button
     Enclosed firing rod and spring
     Three safety devices
       Transport safety pin
       Cocking lever

       Forward safety
         Operation and Function cont’

 The weapon cannot be
  fired until all three safeties
  have been disengaged
       Transport safety pin –
        blocks the firing pin from
        striking the cartridge
        percussion cap
       Cocking lever – attached to
        the firing rod, is in the SAFE
        position, the firing rod and
        the trigger cannot touch
       Forward safety – blocks the
        firing rod from striking the
        firing pin
       Operation and Function cont’

 Remove AT4 from its carrying position and cradle it in your
  left arm
 Pull and release the transport safety pin
 Unsnap, unfold, and hold the shoulder stop
 Place the launcher on your right shoulder and stabilized it by
  grasping the sling near the launcher’s muzzle
 Open the sights
 Set rear sight for the correct range to the target
 Check back-blast area before cock the launcher, unfold the
  cocking lever
 Hold the forward safety down while you fire
                 Restoration to
             Carrying Configuration
 If the launcher is prepared to fire, but then is not
      Release the forward safety
      Push forward and to left on the cocking lever
      Move the launcher from shoulder, ensuring muzzle is
       pointed in the direction of fire
      With the launcher cradled, replace the transport safety
       pin until it is fully seated in the retainer hole
      Lay down the sights and close their covers
      Snap the shoulder stop into the closed position
      Sling the launcher and move to another location
       AT4 Subcaliber Tracer Trainer

 M287 is used in place on the AT4 in training
 Uses the 9mm (M939) training practice tracer
 The velocity and trajectory match that the AT4’s
  HEAT cartridge
 M287 produces less:
      Noise
      Backblast
      Overpressure

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