Social Media Policy for Nonprofits by esr15791


									                                                    Social Media Policy
                                                         for Nonprofits

                                                                       Paul Clarke
                                                         Nonprofit Resource Center
                                                                     at the Allen County Public Library
                                                                                         April 28, 2010
                                      Today’s Goals
                                                   • What a policy will do

                                                   • Process for creating
                                                     a policy

                                                   • Policy components
                                                     to consider

                                                   • Resources
Social Media Smarties
                                   • Share your
       Social Media Fears
• Name your fears

• Educate yourself

• Be prepared

• Let go, adapt, engage and participate!
Social Media Policy Tweet
Our social media policy in 140

 Be transparent. Be responsible.
 Be Non-Partisan. Be Trained.
 Be Responsive.
                      Tammy Gordon,
                     AARP <@AARP>
      What will a policy do?
• Clarify:


  –What are we doing? Why?

  –Set stage for strategy
           Policy Process
• Use another organization’s policy?
• Create a team?


                                                      • Mission

                                                      • Culture

                                                      • Special Concerns

                                                      • Scenarios
        Our Process
• Staff Day

• Team assembled
  – Early adopters, range of experience
  – Resources gathered
  – Concerns, successes shared
  – Split policy from procedure

• Multiple Town Hall Meetings
            What about the
Our expectations:
   • Encourage
   • Prioritize
   • Consistency
   • Mission-focused
   • Usable platform for the future
      Highlights from
   Policy Tool Generator

  “Do not blog anonymously, using
pseudonyms or false screen names. We
 believe in transparency and honesty.”

          BE YOURSELF!
     More Highlights…
“All uses of social media must follow the
   same ethical standards that PCNRC
     employees must otherwise follow.”
       The Controversies…
“If you see misrepresentations made about PCNRC in
     the media, you may point that out. Always do so
             with respect and with the facts.”


               Quick & Responsive
               Manage vs. Censor
               Accuracy and Facts
     The PCNRC is a Team!
“If in doubt over a post, or if something does not feel right…
               ask someone else to look at it first.”

          The Bottom Line…

   Respect & Trust:
Members of the Community
    Public at Large
              Leave Room on the Plate!

                                                 • “Common” Sense

                                                 • General → Specific Issues

                                                 • Simplicity = Creativity &
• Established policies
  – Employee Code of Conduct
  – Confidentiality
  – Harassment
  – Internet use
  – Use of logo
  – Performance
  – Corrective action process
                                                           • Encouragement

                                                           • “Common sense”
                                                                  – Privacy
                                                                  – Permanence, sharing
                                                                  – Established employee

                                                 • Professional / Personal Split

                                                 • Disclaimer / Disclosure

                                                 • Permission for org accounts

                                                 • Use of work time
                                                          • A Working team
                                                            – Cross training

                                                          • Sharing internally

                                                          • Difficult situations

                                                          • Address doubts:
                                                            – “Discuss with your
                                                            – “Seek guidance”
   Social Media Policy Tools
• WeAreMedia

• Sacha Chua: Corporate Social Networking
  Mind Map

• Social Media Policy Generator
 Local Social Media Resources
Social Media Breakfast:
                               Works Cited
• WeAreMedia:
• Offers examples, links and further resources for nonprofits
• Sacha Chua’s Corporate Social Networking Mind map
• Gives examples of considerations, options to guide your process
• Move the map by dragging, and expand categories for more information
(via Beth’s Blog post, “Social Media in the Nonprofit Workplace: Does Your Organization
    Need a Social Media Policy”)
• Social Media Policy Generator:
Answer 12 questions to generate a generic policy to begin the process
(via Beth’s Blog post, “Got Social Media Policy?”)
• Kanter, Beth. “Got Social Media Policy?” Beth’s Blog. 8 March 2010.
• About using the Social Media Policy Generator
• Links to other Social Media Policy posts and resources from her blog
• Links to various Nonprofit Social Media Policies’
• Links to other resources
Social Media Governance
• Database of Social Media Policies, filtered for Government or Nonprofit
• Download free report analyzing 100 policies:
Human Resources Perspective
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