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									Marketing on a Shoestring:
Guerilla Marketing, PR & Social Media

                       April 2, 2009
Definition of marketing

Everything you do to promote your
 business on a regular basis in order to
 create a desire for your product or
Three secrets of marketing

Know your message
Know your audience
Know how to reach your audience with
 your message
Six Strategic Questions

  1. What is the goal?
  2. Who is the target?
  3. What do they think?
  4. What do you need them to think?
  5. What is most motivational to your customers?
  6. Why should they believe?
Know your message

  People make decisions emotionally,
   justify with logic
  Awareness is good – motivation is better
  Motivate people to agree with you, reinforce
   beliefs and behavior – and cause action
  See through your audience’s eyes
  Make it meaningful, believable and unique
Cut through the clutter

   Create emotional response
   Keep it fresh and different
   Use simple, direct wording
   Use common language
   One message, one thought per communication
   Enthusiasm counts
   Ask for the order – close the deal
Know your prospective

Define your target audience
  By demographics: age, gender, occupation,
   income level, marital status, education,
   interests, hobbies
  By familiarity
  By current attitude
Know your current customers

Talk to them!
  Use questionnaires
  Use a market research firm
  Use focus groups
    Coffee and cookies after hours
Find out what the hot button is for your
Reach your audience

Determine current market position
  Who are your customers?
  Where do they come from?
  How do they find out about you?
  What do they think of your product?
  What do you want them to think?
Now apply it … on the cheap

Guerilla marketing
Public relations
Social media
Definition of Guerrilla Marketing

Recognize and use everyday marketing
 opportunities to create a desire for your
 product or service.
  Get creative!
Guerrilla Tactics

Stamped envelopes - lick stamps for
 mailing rather than using postage meter
Give samples of product/service – pretzels
 in the mall, vacuum demo
Offer gifts for responses
Telephone – quick, personal and cheap
Guerrilla Tactics

Membership club – greeting card clubs,
 coffee clubs, etc
Signs on public bulletin boards – in
 grocery stores, business offices, daycares
One good graphic -- for letterhead,
 business card, ads, etc.
Personal letters
Guerrilla Tactics

Classified ads – inexpensive marketing to
 a large audience
Flyers – use as signs, mailers, brochures
Canvass prospective buyers – contact
 them, do your presentation, close the sale
Solve a problem – show how what you
 offer solves customers’ problems
Guerrilla Tactics

Customer service!
  Follow up – call customers to see if they are satisfied
  Customer recourse – have a plan for turning
   unhappy customers into happy ones
  Phone manners – Be cordial, helpful, polite, sunny
  Enthusiasm – Get it and give it away, it’s contagious
  Get warm – Smile, be positive, use customer’s names
Guerrilla Tactics

Newsletters/Facebook groups – make it
 personal and about the audience
The power of PR

PR is a bank account of goodwill and
 positive perceptions for your business.
It pays off long-term
It’s a guerilla tactic all its own
PR is…

Relationships with local media
A column or LTE in the local paper
Facebook groups!
 Steep Me a Cup of Tea
Team sponsorships
Public speaking gigs
Know your local media

Read your local paper and family
Watch local news broadcasts
Listen to local radio to learn more about
 the style and interests of local journalists.
Get to know the reporters and editors and
 which topics they cover.
Media relations

Be the source for your specialty
The media wants information, help them
 get it
 Relationships with writers, editors
 Speaking engagements with partner
 Sponsoring the team
Social media is…

Not scary!
An old fashioned conversation in a new-
 fangled location: online.
Listen and learn!

People are sharing what they love
And what they hate
Talk to them and learn from them
Social media

Vehicles like Facebook bring people with a
 passion for something together.
Mr. Delicious
 345 people in the know
Steep Me a Cup of Tea
 71 people connected over tea
Social marketing
 Don’t panic, you know how to do this
 Think real-life analogies
  Community
      A group that shares common characteristics or
  Neighborhood/neighborly
      You can borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor
       or ask her to bring in your mail.
  A potluck with a purpose
      Getting to know people. Networking!
Social marketing dos

Make it relevant and actionable
 Introduce intriguing topics that drive
  action and sharing
Make it fun
Make it real
Make it friendly
Social marketing don’ts
 Don’t be the sales guy in the room
     Be cool -- don’t push your product
 Don’t crash the wrong party
       Know the neighborhood and its power
    Don’t   separate business and personal
    Don’t   wait for approval
    Don’t   be so uptight
    Don’t   try to do everything.
     Pick the best, get good, expand.
           Facebook, Flickr & YouTube
Marketing Bridge

Remember! It takes a while to re-educate
Your to do list

Find a friend, and explore Facebook (and ignore
 the other social media talk for now)
  Create a profile
  Join a group/become a fan to learn how that works
     Travel North Dakota
     Steep Me a Cup of Tea
     ND Ambassadors
Help a reporter out with a story idea that will
 benefit you
Call Kim Schmidt at ND Tourism – 701.328.2532

 Publish & Prosper: Blogging for your
 How to Win Customers and Keep Them for
 Guerilla Marketing
 Wizard of Ad
Discussion & Questions

                   Marketing on a Shoestring:
          Guerilla Marketing, PR & Social Media

                           Marnie Piehl, Odney

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