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									Social Media and your business

Using social media can lead to a variety of advantages, including marketing
opportunities, improving customer relationships, you can become the voice of
authority for your market, product or service and your business can become much
more attractive to major search engines. Here are some top tips for using social

     1. Do your research – are your prospects & customers using social media?
     Which ones are they using? The top social media channels for business
     currently include LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Facebook and YouTube but select
     those relevant to your business. Start small and build up.

     2. Understand your overall business objectives and, if appropriate, integrate
     social media into your marketing & PR strategy – aim to identify your objectives
     in using social media.

     3. Avoid overt selling – social media is a long-term strategy focusing on building
     an online reputation, engaging with you ‘followers’ by adding value and working
     to complement your other marketing activity.

     4. Social media is free to do but there is a time investment – diarise your time
     so that your updates are regular but efficient.

     5. Be interactive – get to know your followers and take an active part in other
     people’s social media activity. Signpost, comment and communicate.

     6. Be yourself, maintain an open but professional approach – but don’t let
     emotion rule if you receive a comment you don’t like. Remember, what you say
     online is public.

     7. Become the voice of authority for a market, product or service by posting
     valuable and informative articles that can help others and encourages

     8. Take advantage of shared knowledge, sourcing industry news & information
     and keep an eye on the competition.

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