Agritourism and the Internet Social Media 101 by esr15791


									        Agritourism and the Internet:
                                                               Social Media 101
                                                                              Part 5 of the East Coast
                                                                             Agritourism Webinar Series

                                              How businesses and destinations market and promote themselves is evolving from
                                              traditional strategies (e.g., print, radio, and television advertisements, faxed press re-
                                              leases) to newer strategies incorporating the Internet (e.g., websites, social media).
 This free webinar will provide a presentation and discussion of the role and importance of the Internet including a review of
 social media marketing strategies and opportunities; real-life examples of agritourism farms using the Internet; tips for incor-
 porating social media; and a step-by-step guide to developing your own Facebook page. Dr. Samantha Rozier Rich is an
 Assistant Professor and Tourism Extension Specialist for North Carolina State University. Sue Colucci is an Extension Agent
 for NC State Cooperative Extension.
                                                                 April 6, 2010
                                               12:00-1:00                                  7:00-8:00


This Webinar will use Elluminate. If you 
have not yet participated in an Elluminate 
webinar then please go to for assis‐
tance setting up your computer.  If you 
have any hardware or software issues 
you can call Elluminate Support at 1‐866‐
388‐8674, option 2. You will be prompted      The steps you will complete are as follows:  
to download some software which may           1) Click on the appropriate link for the webinar.  
take anywhere from 2‐20 minutes de‐           2) Check that you have java installed.  
pending upon your Internet connection              If you do not, the screen will tell you how to download the latest version of java.  
speed.                                        3) Make sure your speakers and/or microphone are set up correctly.  
Go to                                              You will need to enter the "configuration room" in order to test your audio setup.         4) Listen to the "recorded introduction" to get an overview of how to use Elluminate as a partici‐
for links to other webinars in the series.            pant.  

     Dr. Samantha Rozier Rich is an Assistant Professor and Tourism Extension Specialist for North Caro-
     lina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina., Sue Colucci, is an Extension Agent for NC State Co-
     operative Extension. E-mail Sue for questions before the webinar,

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