Greenpeace Event Flyer Hands Across the Sands by SupremeLord


Join us in creating what could become the                      JOIN
largest gathering against offshore drilling in history        HAND
                                                                with us
What to do at a                            Tips of
Hands Event                                the Day
STEP 1      Go to the beach at 11          1.   Use only approved beach
            AM in your time zone                accesses and parking.
            for one hour, rain
            or shine.                      2.   Create as long a line or as many
                                                lines as you wish.
STEP 2      Join hands for 15
            minutes at 12:00 forming       3.   Be courteous and respectful to
            lines in the sand against           those who disagree with
            oil drilling in our                 your view.
            coastal waters.
                                           4.   Please steer clear of
STEP 3      Leave only
                                                bird nesting areas.
            your footprints.

                                           5.   …enjoy yourself, it’s the beach!

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