The Role of Social Marketing in National AIDS Control by esr15791


									         The Role of Social Marketing
             in National AIDS Control
           Programs; Examples from
              the China UK HIV AIDS
         Prevention and Care Project.

                              Tim Manchester
                    Condom Social Marketing
China/UK HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project
                    the Futures Group/Europe
What is Social Marketing?
   The use of the commercial marketing
    discipline to promote a product or
    behaviour for the greater public good.
       condom sales for AIDS control
       family planing methods for improved health of
        mother and child
       mosquito nets and insecticide treatment for
        malaria control
       unlimited possibilities!
   Because it works!
What is Social Marketing?
   Product and packaging
       Make undesirable purchases more attractive
   Promotion
       meets buyer‟s needs
       professional
   Place (point of sale)
       easy access, any time without stigma
   Price of good
       not just money but time, distance,
        convenience and perception of value
What is Social Marketing?
   + Product
   + Promotion
   + Place
   = Price
       sale price may
        includes a subsidy
        to reduce cost
   establish that
    benefits > cost
Social Marketing models
   jump start a commercial brand
       2 to 5 year of decreasing investment to
        establish the product
       the commercial brand can continue on its
   why social marketing for public health?
       public health is a greater good that will
        always require public investment
       a social marketing organisation provides an
        efficient public health intervention for as long
        as there is funding
      Example of Commercial Marketing:
               Coke in China
•1970s: No Coke in China
•1980s-1990s: Coke spends money to scale up distribution
(xiao mai bu, restaurants) and advertising (commercials,
celebrities etc.)
•These efforts change the behavior of people in China and
increase the perceived value of Coke

•Today: Coke in China enjoys brand recognition and
distribution and sells 450 million cases per year

RESULT: Coke makes a lot of money
       Example of Social Marketing:
      Handwashing in Central America
   Mid 1990s: Children are dying from diarreha spread by
    poor handwashing practices
   Late 1990s: Social marketers work with soap producers
    to intervene
   Campaign initiates advertising (posters, songs teaching
    technique) and distribution (soap giveaways, education
   Today: More people in targeted areas             buy soap
    and wash their hands
   RESULT: Lives are saved
Like Commercial Marketing, Social
Marketing focuses on:
    access
       Emphasizes distribution and easy access
    promotion
       consumer focused and driven
       tries to make „behaviour change‟

However, it differs as:
    sales = coverage
       a product no one wants (to buy)!
       emphasis on public health impact (where the product
        goes) not profit
    price subsidy
       unacceptable for the „price‟ to be an obstacle to better
What Social Marketing
will not do:
   change behaviour without support
       general climate and political support are
   make money
       social marketing is not profitable!
   leave existing competitors unaffected
       A good communications campaign will
        establish a good product or service, and
        destroy a poor product or service. Is the
        service prepared to be promoted?
Social Marketing Issues in China
   Condom Quality
       enforcing a quality standard
   Access to condoms
       packaging
       point of sale
       „free distribution‟ does not
        necessarily help the people who
        need it most!
   Promotion
       increased access to the public
   Taking Promotional Activities to
       expand coverage
       enlist professional services
China UK HAPAC Project
Social Marketing Objectives
   better understand risk groups (who are our
    target costumers?)
   ensure condoms are WHO standard
   improve access to condoms
      initiate models to reach high-risk groups
      •build consensus and lessons learned on
      •raise public awareness of risk behavior
Better Understanding of Risk
   Research completed
       Literature Review on Condoms in China by
       Focus Groups on Packaging by ISIS
        Research International
       Major KAP Baseline in Yunnan and Sichuan
        by Horizons Research
            Women with multiple partners
            Gatekeepers
            Sample of Men
       Focus Groups on Condom Instructions by
    Improving Condom Distribution in China
                             Condom Factory Manufacturers
                           Work with manufacturers to improve quality

              INN OV ATE                     EXPAND                     SUPPORT

new distribution channels targeting                          government and NGO programs to
high risk populations by actively                            implement and maintain condom
searching out and funding local                              components in existing infrastructu

                                national packager and distributor
                                branding and promotion capacity
                                to turn condoms into a FMCG
Condom Quality - PATH
   Audit of QDBG Production
       audit and work plans
       independent laboratory verification
       regular analysis of production data
   Lessons for the rest of the Industry
   Issue: China makes quality condoms to
    international standards.
       Relevant standards exist
       Consumers deserve a quality product
    Packaging
        Focus Group research
         with ISIS Research Intl.
        product development
         with CHIC
    Designed to appeal to
     young people
        sell lifestyle
        appeal to women
EXPAND Condom Access
   Non traditional Point of
       grocery stores, vending
        machines, small shops,
        and educators.
   1 day AIDS, Condom
    and Sales Training by
   Policy lobby to gain
    support and more
    favorable laws
    regulating advertising
 SUPPORT Existing Government
    and NGO Infrastructure

•Communication and Condom Support for other
•Future Development and Targeted Giveaway of
“Red Ribbon” branded condom
Condom Promotion
                  Coordinated WAD
                   Effort in Yunnan
                      and after
                  Youth Programs
                  Communication and
                   Condom Support for
                   other programs
                  targeted distribution for
                   high risk groups
Thank you.
China UK HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Program
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