Designing a Social Marketing Campaign from Research to Evaluation

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					Designing a Social Marketing Campaign
      from Research to Evaluation

           Ian Roe – BC Centre for Disease Control

    Canadian Immunization Conference – December 2nd, 2008
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          Some Context
• Co-Chair of the BC Immunization Promotion
  Working Group (IPWG)
• Reports to BC Sub-Committee on
  Immunization: provincial body for
  Immunization policy recommendations and
  implementation issues.
• IPWG was one of the manifestations from the
  BC Strategic Framework on Immunization
  that provides a common platform for all
  immunization partners.
    Social marketing in healthcare
• Social marketing:
  applying commercial
  marketing practices           Heal
                                    th Behaviour
  to the development
  and implementation
  of healthcare           A t t it                   s
  programs that
                                     u d es   Belief
                        Awa                                e
                                s                  ow ledg
                                        s     Kn
  Why do a social marketing campaign?
• Result of a 2006 provincial survey where immunizers
  asked for a coordinated provincial promotion
  campaign to help refute some of the questions they
  were getting around immunization
• Needed something to address misinformation
  available on the world wide web.
• Campaign addresses one of the goals of the BC’s
  immunization Strategic Framework: “to promote the
  immunization program to the public and health care
• Target: primarily parents of children from 0-2,
  secondary audience HCP
         What we did: Step 1
• Know your strengths.              And
• Went through RFP process to hire company
  to handle the creative and logistical
  components of the campaign
• Publicis won the bid and started work in
  September 2007 for a launch in early 2008
• From coordinating the efforts of a provincial
  committee, this is where things got
      Campaign Development

• Understanding the “What” and the “How”
• Multiple creative elements and media options
  were involved in putting together campaign
• Three creative approaches for the campaign
  were pitched to provincial working group.
• These were focus tested creative with parents
  to choose approaches that worked best
      ImmunizeBC Campaign

• The “How”: The media mix
• radio, newspaper, magazines, television,
  brochure, poster series, viral video, Google
  ad campaign
• All media cross promoted the public to go to
  new website -

• Qualitative comments
• Web hits – Google ad campaign – easy
  to measure
• Parental Survey – measuring
  awareness, attitudes and beliefs
• Health behaviour- measuring change in
  immunization rates
          Qualitative comments:
        The good, bad and the ugly
•   Asthma trigger
•   Pig slaughter
•   Disturbing and painful but effective
•   Powerful ad
•   Remembering aspects of message
•   Educational opportunity
•   Acts as a reminder
Google Ad campaign
         Google ad campaign
• The Google keyword based campaign
  (AdWords) more than doubled the traffic to the
  ImmunizeBC web site
• Total cost of the campaign was $1,839 – i.e.
  $0.53 per visit
• Visitor engagement appears to tick upwards in
• At least 70,000 searches during campaign
  were related to vaccine components
• AdWords provided counterpoint to high
  ranking anti-vaccine organic search results
            Parental Survey
• objective to measure the impact of the
  campaign on knowledge and behaviour with
  respect to immunization of children 6 years of
  age or under.
• A total of 400 telephone interviews were
  conducted pre and post the campaign.
• Unaided awareness of immunization
  advertising increased
• Overall increase in support for immunization
        Parental Survey con’t

• Greater increase in support from lower
  income households
• Provided parents with new info
• In terms awareness, radio was the big
• Increase in awareness about pertussis
Measuring Immunization Rates

                          Number of DTaP-P-Hib doses administered to children under
                                              two years of age


Number of Doses

                  26000                                                               Q1


                                  2006                2007                2008


                          Number of MMR doses administered to children under two
                                             years of age


Number of Doses

                  13000                                                            Q1


                                2006                 2007               2008

              Lessons Learned

• Opinions and advertising - remember you
  are an “n” of 1
• If it doesn’t cut through – cut it
• Work to support immunizers with
  information and education to help with
  increase in questions from campaign
             The Future

• Stats are not enough. Stories trump
• Definition of “Mass media” changing