Internet and Social Marketing for the Device Manufacturer

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					                 Internet and Social Marketing for the Device
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April 24, 2010
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How Many of
70  % Actively search for health info online

       % Found information that affected a
                          health decision

   56        % Changed overall approach
                                to health

                  % Led them to ask HCP
                           new questions

                  Pew Internet & American Life Project
90 % All U.S. physicians use online resources

        % View Internet as a critical resource
                  for information and options

   79          % In favor of physician portals
                     from biotech companies

                    Average number of hours
                             online per week

                     Pew Internet & American Life Project
Why is Everyone So Afraid?
Fear Factors   Adverse Events
               Time and Effort
               Legal and Regulatory
  APRIL 3, 2009
What Did They   1. For what are we accountable online?

                2. How can we fulfill regulatory requirements?

                3. How should we post corrective information?

                4. When is the use of links appropriate?

                5. Internet adverse event reporting
What Did They   Social marketing is about listening to what they are
Hear?           saying, understanding where they need clarification,
                and providing that information when necessary in an
                effort to ensure patient safety

                We need to provide a clear opportunity… to
                communicate directly with healthcare professionals

                There must be a flexibility… must be constant to
                ensure that we do not fall behind as technology

                                                          David Saggio
What Did They
                We must be visible and relevant in the places
                where patients, physicians, caregivers, and
                payers are looking, where they are searching for,
                obtaining, and sharing information on diseases
                and treatment options. These days, that includes
                the Internet and social media.

                                                        Michelle Sharp
                                                 Eli Lilly and Company
What Did They
                Social media is like the canary in the mine, and if
                we're smart about it, we look at it, and we can
                find out what consumers are saying about it,
                because they're the ones who first decided the
                internet was of such value to them.

                They're the ones who said, I need to find out --
                I've got a problem, and I want a solution for it.

                                                             Jim Sandino
                                               Integrated Media Solutions/
                                    The Sandino Group/Calico Pharma Corp
What Did They   This is not a question of how to better advertise
                drugs, devices, or therapies but rather one of
                how to get the right information to the right
                people and engage health care professionals and
                patients in meaningful exchanges around
                products, treatments, and disease states.

                                                         Tiffany Mura
                                                      Digital Strategist
What Did They
                     Reluctance to fully participate in social
                     media because of lack of clarity from the
      “What we have heard is, it’s a different
                                                Tom Abrams,
                                             Director, DDMAC
                     Industry clearly does not want to be
                     responsible for the entire Internet

                     The overall request was a call to action for
                     the FDA to exercise leadership and issue
Let’s talk about it
              Reluctance to fully participate in
              social media because of lack of
What Do You
              clarity from the FDA

                What one area of clarification
                would free you to engage in
                  interactive marketing?
              Industry clearly does not want to
                be responsible for the entire
What Do You

              Where would you like to see your
               responsibility begin and end?
              The overall request was a call to
               action for the FDA to exercise
What Do You
               leadership and issue guidance

              Do you feel you can effectively
                 work within the current
               guidelines? Why? Why not?
Five takeaways
1   Limit...
    your liability with respect to non-
    sponsored sites, user-generated
    content, and other social destinations
    where you clearly have no connection
    or vested interest
2   Reach...
    the healthcare professional through
    more centralized and open dialogue
    that allows transparent conversation
    without fear

    Give them one trusted place to gather
    that is managed and moderated by the
3   Simplify...
    the language and warnings on
    Internet-based communications so that
    patients and doctors alike can truly
    understand and use them to make
    informed decisions
   “We have existing architecture relating to direct-to-
 consumer television advertising. We have the rules on
adequate provision. Now, what do those rules say? What
                     do they imply?

   What they basically say is that inasmuch as you can't
divulge all of the mandatory risk information in the context
of a 30-second or 60-second television commercial, [FDA]
    are going to allow you to satisfy the risk disclosure
       requirements by making adequate provision.”

                                              Arnold I. Friede, Esq.,
                            Principal, Arnold I. Friede & Associates
4   Apply...
    your process for adverse event
    reporting so that you can quickly and
    easily evaluate and take action
5   Work...
    within the existing safety and efficacy
    architecture, but use innovation and
    technology to solve the problems

Thank you.