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									                                              Lean Master Certificate &
                                              Lean Six Sigma Certifications
                                              Continuing Professional Development

                                              The Workforce & Professional Development Institute
NOTE: Some of these training programs
are Veterans Administration approved for      offers a variety of training in Lean and Lean Six Sigma.
reimbursement of tuition costs.
                                              The Lean Master Certificate provides the foundation
These programs are also eligible for Job
Center funding to qualified applicants.       of Lean Essentials. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and
Call us for more information.                 Green Belt Certifications are ideal for team project
(847) 543-2615
                                              participants or leaders.

WPDI             Workforce and Professional
                 Development Institute              College of Lake County
College of Lake County
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Continuing Professional Development                 information go to wpdi.clcillinois.edu/professional
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Lean Master Certificate & Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Lean Master Certificate                                                Lean Six Sigma
Boost your success with a solid foundation in Lean Essentials!         The Workforce and Professional Development Institute now offers
Competitiveness today demands streamlined operations and a             blended learning in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow and Green Belt
workforce that has abilities to improve processes and perform-         trainings. LSS is a hybrid methodology that combines the Six
ance to deliver bottom-line results. This certificate program,         Sigma DMAIC problem solving process and tools with the effective
based on Toyota’s renowned production system (TPS), is                 waste-reducing tools of Lean, applied in a team or group
designed to prepare you to serve as the Lean expert for your           environment. CLC’s unique approach combines eLearning provided
organization or department. Manufacturing and service organiza-        by MoreSteam along with applied classroom instruction.
tions successfully use Lean and value individuals who have Lean
knowledge and skills. Through Essentials of Lean, The Lean             The instructor, Debra Owens, brings over 30 years of experience
Process, and Lean Organization and Analysis, participants will         in process and performance improvement and is a former Fortune
learn the various tools and skills needed to identify and eliminate    500 Corporate Vice-President, Green belt, Manager of Quality
waste. Obtain new credentials and save by registering for the          Organizational Excellence, Quality Improvement Associate and
Lean Master Certificate.                                               ASQ instructor and senior member.

Register for these three courses by enrolling in the Lean Master       Lean Six Sigma-Yellow Belt Certification
Certificate at the discounted price of $749.00. Or register for        Train for your Yellow Belt using both online and face-to-face
any one or more of the individual courses.                             instruction. You will be introduced to the hybrid methodology
                                                                       that combines the LSS infrastructure, a problem solving process
Essentials of Lean                                                     using the DMAIC model, and the simple and effective waste-
Gain a better understanding of Lean fundamentals including             reducing tools of Lean, applied in a team or group environment.
Lean underlying philosophy planning, method, and tool compo-           You will gain the tools to appropriately apply the principles
nents. Get results right away by learning to improve and sustain       of LSS in the workplace, using the DMAIC problem solving
efficiency at the micro-level. Eliminate searching for tools, wasted   process and understand the requirements necessary to satisfy
steps or long reaches that are ergonomically hazardous. Learn to       the criteria for each phase. Yellow belt certification prepares
analyze and rearrange your own workplace, think about your or          individuals who will participate in team projects. Includes exam
your group’s activities and develop the “Kaizen Mind.”                 for certification.
Cost: $289.00                                                          Cost: $1999.00

The Lean Process                                                       Lean Six Sigma-Green Belt Certification
Gain the skills you need for optimal process management.               Train for your Green Belt using both online and face-to-face
Learn to use process maps to “see” or visualize work and to            instruction. You will combine the LSS infrastructure, a problem
identify wastes that rob your work of value-added activities.          solving process using the DMAIC model, and the simple
Discover the percentage of work that is value added. Apply the         and effective waste-reducing tools of Lean, applied in a team
knowledge as you map one of your processes and discover                or group environment. It is designed to prepare you to gain a
its wastes.                                                            workable knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to lead small
Cost: $289.00                                                          improvement projects or perform as a highly effective team
                                                                       member on projects led by Black Belts. Includes exam
Lean Organization and Analysis                                         for certification.
                                                                       Cost: $3499.00
Learn and apply the technique used to analyze the flow of
materials, work and information currently required to bring a
product or service to a customer. Maximize the benefits of the
other Lean modules as you learn to organize, plan, and conduct
a Kaizen Event or Blitz-a focused, intense method to improve a
process. Discuss the use of Poka Yoke in solutions, and the use
and integration of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) or 5S in a
Kaizen event. Results are immediate, significant, and satisfying.      For more information, visit
Cost: $289.00                                                          wpdi.clcillinois.edu/professional or call (847) 543-2615

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